The Best Waterproof Tents in Canada

If you are an avid camper, hiker, or backpacker, then the importance of a tent cannot be overstated. Most people will tell you that a good tent is one of the essential pieces of gear for any outdoor adventure. The problem with tents is that not all tents are created equal, and choosing the right tent can feel like a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time shopping around. Here, we have summarized ten of our favorite waterproof tents to help make your decision easier so you can get back outside sooner and what to look for when buying them.

AsterOutdoor Camping Dome Family Tent

AsterOutdoor camping dome family tent is very easy to assemble, and it’s excellent for both family camping and solo adventurers. The tent can be set up in ten minutes by one person. It includes aluminum poles, stakes, ropes, etc. The inner layer of the tents has a high density 210T pongee waterproof fabric, while the bottom cover uses 150D oxford cloth. This combination helps the tent have better waterproof performance. The top cover is breathable 210T polyester mesh, which improves air circulation. This tent has a floor area of 56 square feet and a height of 39 inches, so it fits three queen-sized air mattresses with room to spare.

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There is also a door on each side for easy access. The six-sided roof design of this tent provides maximum headroom, so you don’t have to crouch down when you sit up. This is a great family or group camping tent for weekend getaway/hiking, backpacking, beach trips, etc. It also can be used as a hunting tent, fishing tent, or even an emergency survival shelter. Overall, the Aster Outdoor camping tents are solidly built and very sturdy. It’s hard to go wrong with this awesome tent. Before buying it, consider whether it has enough room for your family or friends. The number of person/s that can sleep inside the tent should be noted in the product description.

Pop Up Beach Tent

Pop up beach shade tent is one of the most practical tents for outdoor activities. Pop up tents are easy to transport and set up, so they are quite popular among campers, backpackers, and other outdoorsmen. This pop up beach shade tent is lightweight with only 3 lbs in weight. It measures 33 inches wide by 66 inches long when you open it up. This tent is also functioned as a beach tent, a camping tent, and a backyard sun shelter due to its versatile design.

You can choose between red or yellow color, which has a better UV protection rate for you. It comes with adjustable air vents at the top of the pop-up canopy to ensure maximum ventilation while keeping off humidity and heat. The sturdy steel frame of the tent is lightweight but strong enough to carry up to 150 pounds. It also has corner sandbags and tie-down ropes at the bottom to keep it firmly in place on windy days and avoid any accidents like tipping over. This pop-up beach shade tent can be used at the beach and the park, backyard, tailgating, etc. This sturdy tent is an excellent choice for outdoor family activities and events.

Wintent 4 Season Waterproof Teepee Tent

This tent is a versatile 4 season shelter that allows you to enjoy camping in any outdoor environment, such as winter camping, fishing trips, hunting, and much more. Instead of the traditional fiberglass poles, wintent 4 season waterproof teepee has 7mm thick shock-corded fiberglass poles that can be assembled in minutes without any tools. The poles are designed to lock at 90-degree angles, so they won’t collapse when you step on them. It has a full-coverage rainfly with a waterproof rating of 3000mm and a breathable rating of 5000mvp. The fly can be rolled up from either end for ventilation on nice days or rolled down in inclement weather.

There are three hook-and-loop supported windows so you can monitor the weather outside. This tent is designed with a foot area of approximately 188 square inches and has a height of 62 inches in the center so you can stand up inside without bumping your head. It also comes with two doors, each with zippered mesh panels for increased ventilation. The ventilation system of this tent is one of the best features.

Having good ventilation helps eliminate condensation build-up inside your tent, which can be very uncomfortable when sleeping or resting inside. The waterproof floor area of 40 square feet provides more than enough room for two people to sleep comfortably. If only one person is staying in the tent, you can arrange some gear inside to make it look like a queen-sized bed. It’s easy to set up and take down, which makes this tent a great choice if you are camping for more than one day, as you can comfortably pack your belongings inside the tent.

Professional 1 Person Single Front Door Canopy 4 Season Mountain Tent

Professional 1 person single front door canopy 4 season mountain tent is a proper mountaineering-style single-person 4 season shelter that provides complete protection from strong winds in winter and heavy rain. It has a double layer design with an inner layer to protect you from cold, insects, and other bad weather conditions without being too hot in summer. The outer layer is a waterproof fabric that can keep out wind, snow, and rain. All the seams of this tent are well stitched together to maximize waterproofing performance. Moreover, it has an adjustable vent at the top to help regulate the temperature inside the tent.

The ventilation is excellent as there are mesh panels on both sides for windows or additional vents if needed. One thing that separates this tent from other single-door tents is the presence of a large door which provides excellent convenience for getting in and out. It has a single vent at the top with a mesh panel below it to keep insects, bats, and other creepy crawlers from entering your tent through the opening. This prevents condensation from getting inside during overnight camping trips or resting on humid days. You can set it up in just a few minutes without the need for any additional tools. This tent is designed to accommodate one person but comfortably fits some gear if you don’t mind packing light.

Moon Lence Instant Pop Up Tent Family Camping Tent 4-5 Person Portable Tent

Moon lence instant pop up tent is an excellent choice for car camping or family outings since you can fit up to 5 people inside. This four-season tent has two doors on opposite sides, which allows you to get in and out without disturbing other campers. The large front door of the tent comes with an easy-to-use zipper system that makes it simple to get in and out of the tent. It’s a free-standing dome-style design with a large vent at the top for ventilation and prevention of condensation build-up inside.

The floor area is 82 square feet, enough space for five people to sleep comfortably, or two adults and three children if everyone isn’t too fussy about personal space. The shock cord frame construction makes the tent easy to set up and takedown. It has heavy-duty stakes that firmly hold the tent in place during windy days or while it’s raining heavily. You can also choose not to use all of them if you need to pitch your tent on solid ground, like on rocky surfaces where stakes would be useless. This tent is perfect for multi-day camping trips since you can keep your gear inside and close to you at night.

Gonex Camping Tent

Gonex camping tent is a free-standing dome-style tent that has a large front door and features an extra-large design with more than enough space inside for two people to sleep comfortably. The floor area is 88 square feet, providing ample room for two adults and plenty of gear storage space for one adult and some kids without feeling too cramped. The poles are made from lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy and come with a shock cord construction that helps the tent set up easily. It features three mesh windows on opposite sides of the tent for excellent ventilation during hot summer camping trips.

The back mesh window can be zipped up to prevent insects from entering your tent, while the two front ones have their solid fabric panels. These panels can be rolled up during hot days or completely removed if you open the full mesh surface for better ventilation. It also has mosquito netting at the entrance door for added protection from bugs and other creepy crawlers who might want to get inside at night. The large front door of this tent comes with an easy zipper system that makes it great for getting in and out of the tent on your own. It sets up rather quickly and can be taken down just as easily.

Couple 2 Person Outdoor Portable Camping Tent

Couple 2 person outdoor portable camping tent is an affordable option that should be great for car camping or short overnight trips. It can accommodate two people inside with some gear stored in the storage pockets found at both sides of the tent. The floor area is 83 square feet, providing enough room so you won’t feel too cramped during your camping trip. This tent has a simple design that makes it incredibly easy to set up. All the poles are shock-corded together, so you don’t have to waste too much time putting them in place before pitching your tent.

Each pole section telescopes out automatically, so you need to extend the sections and attach them one by one without fiddling with clips or other pieces. This design is excellent for pitching your tent in places where hooking the poles together isn’t possible. The only downside of this design is that you can’t adjust the pole height, so it takes some time to find the perfect position for optimal wind resistance during rain or strong winds. This tent has one door on the front side and comes with a mosquito netting panel at the entrance. The good news is that it’s large enough to allow you to enter and exit without crawling too much.

KingCamp Shower Shelter Giant Portable Outdoor Pop Up Camping Tent

KingCamp shower shelter is an affordable yet large and well-built camping tent that will offer you excellent protection against various weather conditions. It has a simple dome design with plenty of room inside for two people to sleep comfortably. The floor area is 86 square feet, providing enough room so two adults won’t feel too cramped during their camping trip. This tent has a height of around 6.3 feet, so you will have plenty of room inside to sit up or even stand up if you need to change clothes. It is large enough to store gear in the side pockets and comes with two doors for easy access.

The front door includes a mesh window that can be closed if it’s too cold outside or you want better privacy. The rear door has a solid fabric panel and comes with a mesh window that can be zipped up during cold weather or left open to improve air ventilation. This lightweight tent is easy to assemble and take down but offers excellent protection from wind, rain, and sun. It is made from waterproof 190T double coated fabric with fully taped seams for improved waterproof performance. The tent comes with a carry bag and includes a set of aluminum tent pegs and guy ropes for enhanced stability in windy weather. It doesn’t come with any additional features (e.g., windows), but it’s still one of the best tents if you’re looking for something large and well-built that will last for years to come.

Luxury New Oxford Fabric Bell Tent 4 Seasons Shading Camping Tent

Luxury new oxford fabric bell tent is one of the favorite tents out there. It’s excellent for 4-season camping and can be used in any weather conditions without worrying about its performance. It’s large, roomy, and offers plenty of strong winds or heavy rain protection. The floor area is 100 square feet, providing enough room so you won’t feel too cramped during your camping trip. This tent is made from durable Oxford fabric with fully taped seams for improved water resistance. The floor area is 100 square feet, providing enough room so you won’t feel too cramped during your trip.

It has a height of around 6.3 feet, so you will have plenty of room inside to sit up or even stand up if you need to change clothes. It is large enough for two adults to easily fit inside, though I think it can fit 3-4 people without any problems. The tent has one door on the right side and comes with a zipper window above the door, so you can see what’s going on outside without opening the shelter. This tent also includes a mesh panel in the entrance, which provides good ventilation inside and can be closed if you need better privacy.

It also comes with two side vents for improved air circulation, which is great if you live in a hot area. The tent is pretty easy to set up and take down in terms of assembly. You will have no trouble pitching it on your own. The poles are color-coded, so you can easily determine which end fits where. The tent comes with eight steel pegs, guy ropes, and a portable carry bag.

Gymax Fishing Tent

If you’re a fan of fishing and love spending time outdoors, gymax fishing tent is the perfect camping tent for you. It’s one of the largest tents I’ve seen so far and offers plenty of space inside to keep your gear as well as relax after a long day of fishing or hunting. This high-quality shelter is made from durable 210T diamond ripstop fabric designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. It’s waterproof, resistant to UV damage, mold, and mildew, and provides good protection from insects and rodents.

The tent has a length of 10 feet, a width of 7 feet, and a height of 4.3 feet at the center. This makes it large enough for 2-3 people to sleep in without feeling too cramped. It also includes plenty of storage pockets inside so you can keep your gear organized and off the ground. The tent comes with one door on the front made from high-quality YKK zippers, so it won’t break even after repeated use. There’s also a solid panel at the rear that can keep your gear, weapons, or fishing equipment dry.

This high-quality tent also has two mesh pockets on either side of the entrance for improved ventilation. It’s great if you live in a hot area and need good air circulation inside the shelter without worrying about bugs. The tent is very easy to set up even though it’s a little heavy. In terms of size, the weight is around 14 pounds, making it a great option if you need something large and spacious that will work in all weather conditions. We would consider this one of the best tents for fishing or hunting out there.


Camping Shelters range from cheap and straightforward to complex and expensive. Having a good shelter is essential if you’re camping in areas with strong winds, heavy rains, or lots of bugs. However, you must choose the best camping tent for your needs so you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about finding proper shelter each night. The shelters mentioned in this list are some of the best out there, and you can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

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