The Best Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine in Canada

The desire to lose weight is not just a popular choice for Canadians but a healthy one. Shedding off excess weight lowers the blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, making it easier for the heart to work. Maintaining weight loss also reduces the stress on the bones and joints.

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Many people use traditional dieting methods and rigorous physical exercises for weight loss. Whereas these methods can help you lose and maintain the desired weight, they are easier said than done. Moreover, relying on these approaches can lead to frustrations of gaining back the weight you have tried so hard to lose.

The body system can counteract your efforts to lose weight, making the process even harder. After losing a few pounds, your body metabolism will reduce. The body metabolism is how your body converts food into energy. The leptin hormones drop when you lose weight, making you feel hungry, leading to overeating. A combination of these body functionalities makes weight loss difficult. More exercise and fewer calories on your plate can help reduce weight, but the process can take too long. With such difficulties in weight reduction, people have turned to alternative treatments to help in the weight loss journey. One such method is the use of ultrasonic cavitation.

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

The ultrasonic cavitation method is a non-invasive technique that applies low-frequency sound waves to help break down fat cells. Typically, the ultrasonic vibrations exert pressure on the fat cells making them burst. The process makes it easy to shed the fat cells through excretion.

How Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Work?

During the session, your provider will glide the hand-held cavitation machine on the skin of the desired body area. The appliance transmits ultrasonic waves to the fat cells below the skin. The vibrations lead to compression and expansion impulses creating micro-bubbles on the fat cells. The bubbles enlarge, collide and collapse, producing a shock wave that changes the fat deposits into glycerol and fatty acids. The body absorbs the glycerol while the fatty acids go to the liver for excretion through sweat, urine, and digestive eliminations.

Advantages of Using Ultrasonic Cavitation

  • Versatility: You can apply ultrasound cavitation on any part of the body. The most common treatment areas include buttocks, back, thighs, and abdomen. However, it is also possible to use the equipment for the face and below the chin.
  • Natural Method of Fat Elimination: The cavitation therapy takes advantage of standard body elimination procedures. For this reason, it aims to disintegrate the fat cells into components that are quickly eliminated from the body using a natural process.
  • It is not Painful: The procedure is free from cuts, bruises, or swellings and entails a gentle warm sensation without any discomfort.
  • It is Quick: The therapy sessions usually take about 20 minutes to an hour. However, you need to drink a lot of water to avoid downtime. In addition, the procedure allows you to work on particular muscle tones and groups without the need for excessive training to attain the desired body shape.
  • Improves the Blood Flow: The removal of cellulite helps to improve blood circulation, which is essential in eliminating metabolic wastes.
  • The Results are Immediate: It is easy to see significant differences after the first session for many people. However, it is dependent on body composition, and some people may need several treatments before achieving desired results.
  • Safety: Ultrasonic fat cavitation therapy is safer than other medical and therapeutic procedures. Unlike liposuction that requires surgery, this technique is non-invasive. There is virtually no risk in applying this technique for bodyweight reduction.
  • It is Effective: This technique is a good alternative when dieting and exercise have failed. You will quickly reach your body shape ambitions since it is a practical solution.
  • The Method is not Stressful: You do not need to have any worries for maximum benefits of the procedure. It only takes healthy eating, moderate exercising, and more water intake.
  • Flexibility: Unlike exercises where you have to wait for ideal weather conditions, the fat cavitation procedure is a viable option irrespective of the time of the year.

What to Look for When Buying an Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

The ultrasonic cavitation machine is an expensive investment, and you must make the right choice. We have compiled a list of integral aspects that you must beware of before committing funds to this incredible machine.

The Radio Frequency

The radiofrequency (RF) is an essential feature to check in a piece of cavitation equipment. The right RF enables the machine to vibrate and collapse the fat cells. A higher radio frequency implies a greater penetration and intensity of treatment leading to quicker results.

When checking the radio frequency, it is also advisable you confirm its polar rating. The monopolar RF helps in fat disintegration and skin tightening by using a single electrode. The bipolar RF uses two active electrode poles, making it easier to distribute energy than monopolar RF. A bipolar device is appropriate for face-lifting and reducing wrinkles or saggy skin. On the other hand, multipolar RF has multiple active poles leading to more excellent uniformity of treatment. However, multipolar RF does not have deeper penetration compared to bipolar and monopolar.

A tripolar RF cavitation machine is ideal for treating delicate skin around the eyes, while hexapolar RF devices treat thicker skin and remove cellulite. It is a good idea to opt for a low RF machine if you are only seeking slight body changes. However, if you consider having dramatic improvements in your body, higher RF ratings will be more helpful.

Size and Weight

The bigger your ultrasonic cavitation machine gets, the more challenging mobility becomes. The more features the device has, for example, LED laser panel, vacuum RF, and skin tightening functions, the bigger and heavier it gets.

The portable cavitation equipment includes the 4-in-1 and 5-in-1. On the other hand, the 7-in-1 and 9-in-1 machines are more complex, extensive, and heavier. When scouting for ultrasound cavitation equipment, it is crucial to know how much room you have for it and where you want to use it. If you want something mobile for your home, opt for the small and medium-sized machine. However, giant machines will be more suitable if you own a spa or dermal clinic.

Your Budget

Everything worth having will cost you some money. It is no different for cavitation machines, and more functionalities translate into more expenses. An affordable device will be enough if you are looking for something to help you lose only a few pounds. On the flip side, if you are interested in more than fat reduction and skin tightening, you will have to spend more. Set your budget according to the type of features you are seeking.

Gel Application

Many ultrasound products use gel for easy and steady movements upon the skin. However, not all cavitation devices require the application of ultrasound gel while in use. Some of the equipment allows aloe Vera instead of the gel. These kinds of machines can only produce accurate results upon the application of gel with every treatment. Nevertheless, you may find more convenient gadgets that do not require any application of gel to function.

The Screen Size

The screen helps the practitioner set appropriate settings and observe the progress of the therapy session. Typically, small and portable devices have one tiny LCD screen fitting. On the other hand, large machines have larger and easier-to-read screens.

Duration of Treatment

Time is a critical factor in all aspects of life. Indeed, the treatment time is another aspect you must check when buying a cavitation device. Some machines have treatment periods lasting ten minutes, while others take up to 30 minutes.
It is noteworthy that there are recommendations for the number of times the device can be used within a week. Most cavitation machines have suggestions for use only twice or thrice a week. Nevertheless, you can still find devices that allow everyday use.

Infrared (IR) Lighting

Prior exposure to IR is helpful for deeper vibration of the ultrasound vibrations in the skin. A combination of IR and RF vibrations promotes collagen deposition and cellular metabolism, causing skin laxity. In addition, tissue manipulation on the skin surface increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, promoting healthy skin structure.

The Top Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

Now that we know what we shall be looking for in our next purchase, the best ultrasonic cavitation machines are here.


The EMSLIM Neo device is a product of Bilixun, a high-tech organization that specializes in beauty and health care equipment. The EM Neo applies High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HI-EMT) technology to induce 24000 muscle contractions over 30 minutes. These powerful muscle contractions cause improvement in muscle density, reduced volume, better tone, and clear definition.

The machine combines magnetic field and RF for muscle building, fat reduction, and skin tightening using its four handles.
Clinical reports indicate the machine helps to reduce fat up to 30% and improve muscle mass by 25% with treatments of 4 to 6 sessions, at intervals of 2 to 3 days. The treatment areas for the device include buttocks, arms, thighs, and abdomen.

The EMSLIM Neo prides itself as the first world’s non-invasive buttock procedure to combine electromagnetic fields and RF. It uses supramaximal contractions to force muscle tissues to adapt to such high conditions. IT implies that the device has sufficient power to affect your body muscles in a way that you cannot do voluntarily. The gadget causes deep muscle building, toning, tightening, and burning fat.

The standard weight of the machine is a net weight of 34Kg and a gross weight of 85 kg. Its size is 37cm x 61cm x 57cm and comes in the package size of 72cm x 69cm x 73cm. It uses AC 220V/50Hz or AC 110V/60Hz with a maximum power output of 2800W. The device is suitable for both males and females.


  • It is safe with no downtime, which implies you can continue with daily routines immediately after a session
  • Immediate results but can get better after two weeks to one month of treatment
  • You require four sessions spaced between 2 to 3 days apart
  • The session takes an average of 30 minutes
  • It is suitable for everyone since it is non-invasive and needs no anesthesia
  • Total package for muscle building and fat loss simultaneously
  • 30.8% average fat loss
  • 26.1 % average gain in muscle mass
  • You can apply automatic or manual operations
  • Has an 18.5-inch colour touch screen
  • Produces frequency range of 1-100 Hz
  • Air cooling

During physical exercises, your brain sends information to the motor neurons to stimulate your muscle fibers. However, only 20-30 % of muscle fibers become active. The HIEMT machine uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HIEMT) to stimulate nearly 100% muscle fibers. The result is the breakdown of fat cells and improvements in muscle thickness and density. HIEMT also increases the protein chains allowing men to get perfect abs and mermaid lines.

The technology applies supramaximal muscle contractions that cause fat to burn through lipolysis and muscle growth. Consequently, muscle development improves the epinephrine hormones, causing further fat cells rupture. The electromagnetic waves stimulate the lymphatic and blood circulations, which aid in the natural excretion of the dead fat cells. The machine uses 7 Tesla high-intensity magnetic energy with the full potential of covering the entire skeletal body muscles.

The equipment is suitable for both genders and will help with body slimming, body shaping, buttock lifting, development of vest lines, and fat reduction. You can apply the machine to the arms, buttocks, calves, abdomen, and thighs. The machine uses 110-220V AC or 50/60Hz with a maximum energy consumption of 2300W. The average package size is 74cm x 71cm x 117cm with a weight of 85kgs.


  • High performance with equivalents of 20000 squats or crunches in 30 minutes.
  • Dual sculpting in fat reduction and muscle building concurrently.
  • It can use manual or smart mode in operations
  • Has a 10.1-inch colour touch screen
  • Contains four working head pads allowing multiple sculpting of desired body parts
  • Improves muscles mass by 16% while reducing fat up to 19%
  • Treatment sessions take 30 minutes
  • Has teslaculpt coolant to avoid overheating after prolonged usage
  • It is equipped with five training modes: HIIT, Hypertrophy, Strength, Combo 1 HIIT+ Hypertrophy, and Combo 2Hypertrophy + Strength

The Portable Teslasculpt EMS Sculpting Machine

Teslasculpt Electromagnetic Muscle Machine comes with four applicators allowing concurrent treatments for the arm, buttocks, thigh, and abdomen. Two of the applicators use High-Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Technology (HIPEM) to induce supramaximal muscle contraction. Like HIEMT Pro, it produces contractions equal to 20000 squats with zero sweat and hard work in only 30 minutes.

Seven independent studies show the device has effectiveness averaging 19% in fat reduction and 16% increase in muscle mass during treatment of 4-6 sessions, 2-3 days apart. The device is suitable for men and women who want leaner bodies. The device has dimensions of 39cm x 52cm x 34 and box packaging of 46cm x 64cm x 79cm. The gross weight is 52 Kg. The applicable body parts include the face, buttocks, stomach, calves, and arms.


  • Multi-applicable positions
  • Helps in fat reduction and muscle building concurrently.
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Has four handles
  • Effectively increases muscles mass by 16% while reducing fat up to 19%
  • Treatment sessions average 30 minutes
  • Has cooling solid system to avoid overheating after prolonged usage
  • Has five modes with each having 12 frequencies

DEHOAD 40K Slimming Cavitation Machine

The device emits 40000Hz sound waves to the human body, furiously knocks the fat cells leading to friction and disintegration. The technique is an effective treatment for stubborn cellulite fat. The Dehoad 40K slimming device is suitable for the acceleration of blood circulation, tightening saggy skin, lymphatic detoxification, and fat reduction. The machine can also help you if you want to improve your body shape. Despite the high frequency, the ultrasound cavitation generator ensures the ideal resonance of the pressure waves for safe and targeted procedures.

The Dehoad ultrasonic cavitation machine uses a voltage input of 100-240V with a power output of 50W. The average weight of the gadget is about 960g. The display screen shows the timer, intensity, mode selection, and 40K fat explosion probe. The device is suitable for removing facial wrinkles, reducing freckles, removing dark circles on the face and double chin.


  • It has seven-level adjustable intensities
  • It has three modes for user selection
  • It has an adjustable timer
  • Tightens saggy skin and facial wrinkles
  • One ultrasonic working frequency of 40KHz
  • Feather-weight for easy portability


The Yuyte 5-in-1 radiofrequency is a multifunctional cavitation device for eliminating facial wrinkles, diluting freckles, reducing excess fat cellulite, dark circles, skin pores, softening the skin, tightening the eye area, and lubricating the skin. The machine uses 40000 Hz wave frequency to heat and rupture the fat cells.

The machine comes with five beauty heads for application on various parts during a massage. The applicators have various frequency ratings for desired body areas. For example, the RF head ranges from 1- 5 MHz. The body slimming device uses 110V input with a power consumption of 100W. The average weight of the device is about 8kg with dimensions of 26cm x 23.5cm x 33cm. The packaged weight is about 9.75 kg with box measurements of 43cm x 42cm x 38 cm.

Applicable body parts include the face, neck, stomach, waist, thigh, calf, and buttocks. Each part of the applicator head performs a meticulous role in the beauty and shape of the body.


  • It has a screen size of about 7 inches
  • The negative pressure ciliary head contains up to 100Kpa
  • Helps to improve the skin luminosity and tightens loose skin
  • Adjustable RF to meet your desired requirements

Body Slim Vacuum Shaping Massager

The 6-in-1 slim shaping machine uses low light to target and collapse fat cells in the human body. The device is ideal for wrinkle removal, skin lifting, and body shape management. The device is safe for use and does not interfere with your daily life and work immediately after treatment. It uses 40KHz radiofrequency to cause rapid motion of fat cells under the skin, stimulating the lymphatic system and blood circulation. The constant vibrations cause a significant breakdown of the fat cells. This equipment is ideal for buttocks, breasts, abdomen, thighs, back, knees, and arms. The equipment size is 29.8cm X 31cm X 38cm.


  • five handles and eight laser pads
  • Air cooling capabilities
  • Continuous operations
  • Zero side-effects

HI-EMT Device

The portable Emslim Body EMS device is another product of Bilixun, Similar to the EM Neo this gadget uses High-Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic (HIPEM) technology to build muscle mass and burn fat simultaneously. The HIPEM produces 20000 muscle contractions over 30 minutes causing lipolysis. The Teslasculpt Electromagnetic Muscle Machine has 2 applicators, allowing treatments for the abdomen, buttocks, back, arms, and thighs.

No incision or anesthesia is needed during therapy making the machine safe for use. Moreover, you will have no discomforts as the gadget eliminates fat by 19% and increase muscles by 16%. The device has stable hardware devices making it more durable and resistant to wear and tear. The Hi-EMT machine is lightweight making transportation fast. The gross weight for the item is 50 kg while the net weight of the gadget is 28kg. The device is 47cm x 55cm x 35cm with a packaging box of size 63cm x 60cm x 57cm.


  • Fast frequency with an adjustment range of 1-150Hz
  • 30 minutes treatment per session
  • 5 modes of operation with an additional 1 option
  • High-intensity and effective workout
  • Large 18-inch touchable operation screen
  • Direct muscle stimulation
  • Good for body shaping for men and women


Ultrasonic cavitation is an effective method for weight loss with no side-effects. Everyone in perfect health can use the machine with exception of pregnant and nursing mothers. There are no limitations to what time or season you can use this fat reduction procedure and its results are spectacular. If you are looking forward to purchasing an ultrasound cavitation machine, consider the mentioned devices above.

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