The Best Sewing Machine for Beginners in Canada

Learning how to sew is quite an important skill to have. Many industries call for competent people who can sew adequately and fast, especially in the fashion and embroidery industry. Sewing refers to joining together two or more pieces of fabric using a thread and needle. Although there are many items you can sew by hand, using a sewing machine makes work neater and faster. Barthelemy Thimonnier, a French tailor, invented the first sewing machine in the 19th century, made of wood and used a barbed needle. He opened a clothing factory that primarily made army uniforms. The mass production of the first sewing machine saw the rise of a riot and destruction of many machines by tailors who felt that the machines would take over their work. The sewing machine provided relief from hand sewing, which could be pretty tiresome. Presently, sewing machines are much more efficient and require little effort to operate.

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Benefits of Using a Sewing Machine

  • Machines offer more stitch patterns than when sewing by hand. This adds a polished look and professionalism to your work. There are also stitches like the straight lock stitch that can only be achieved using a machine.
  • Sewing by machine is much faster and more convenient, making it possible to complete more work than you would have if you were sewing by hand. Using a machine saves you money and time.
  • Sewing is quite therapeutic. It also requires adequate hand-eye coordination, strengthening the brain and preventing mental diseases such as dementia.
  • A good sewing machine can be a defining factor for the quality of work you put out. You should start by researching how different sewing machines work and choose one that fits your needs.

What to Look out for When Purchasing a Sewing Machine

Weight and Size

If you plan to purchase a machine strictly for home use, the weight should not be a concern. However, you would need to get a portable machine for students learning how to sew. There is a machine that can fit into your bag and function just as well as bigger machines. Handheld sewing machines are great for when you need to practice your stitching.

Features and Type

As a beginner, you will probably not need advanced features. The basics of a good machine are a metal hook that goes around, has an open arm, threads effortlessly, and is easy to clean the lint. It would be best to refrain from buying a machine with plastic parts, breaking easily. Purchasing a machine with complex tools may hinder your progress, and you are not even likely to use them. It would help if you had a free arm to make circular stitches, especially for trouser leg hem and sleeves. There are three main types of sewing machines. These are mechanical, electronic, and computerized. Mechanical machines are the most common with basic features such as the pedal to control speed and knobs for selecting stitch specifications. Electronic machines have a display screen, programmed stitches, and automated speed control functions. The computerized machines run on motor functions and are loaded with many amazing features.

Auxiliary Spool Pin

You can wind your bobbin without having to unthread the sewing machine when you have an auxiliary spool pin. This is an important feature for some people as it saves them time.

Electronic or Mechanical

An electronic machine will enable you to work on heavier materials, and you press a button to choose a stitch, but it is a bit on the pricier side. Mechanical machines are more affordable, but you need to manually turn the dials to select the stitch you want to use. Computerized sewing machines have many features, including automatic tensioning, auto threading, presser foot selection, start and stop buttons.


As with most worthwhile investments, you will need a budget to work with. The price of a machine may be determined by all the extra features it has. If you are on a low budget, consider purchasing a used machine that is still in good condition. For beginners, it is better to buy a machine that deals with the basics, then you can upgrade to a more complex one as you get better at sewing. You can window shop and browse through online shops for a while to get the best quality for your budget.

Warranty and Reviews

It is essential to know what the warranty covers and how long it is applicable. Find out from the other sewers which machines they prefer and why. Be sure to inquire whether you can do the repairs locally or need to ship the sewing machine to be fixed.


These are vital factors when choosing a good sewing machine. You can make many stitches, but the basic ones for beginners are the straight stitch, zig-zag stitch, and blind hem. You can purchase a sewing machine that can do the basic stitches and then get a more advanced one as you get better. The number of stitches may also affect the price in that more stitch functions are usually available in more expensive machine models.


Different attachments will depend on what you will sew. If you are sewing a garment, you will look for a buttonhole foot, zipper foot, and overcast stitching foot. When quilting, be sure to look for a walking foot and free-motion foot. A walking foot prevents sliding and shifting as you feed the fabric into the machine. This walking foot feature is quite important when dealing with thick fabrics such as leather.

Extra Functions

Even though some features may not seem necessary for beginner sewers. Some computerized sewing machines will enable you to send designs from your phone to the machine, making sewing much more effortless. When working with multiple heavy layers, you will need both top and bottom feed dogs to make your sewing experience smooth. An automatic thread cutter is a nice touch and spares you the need always to have a pair of scissors. A feature that you should not overlook as a beginner is a sewing machine that allows you to adjust foot pressure to make a garment. Some functions may be great to have but not strictly necessary, like having a twin needle sewing machine. Adjustable speed control helps you build self-confidence and be more secure as you learn.

Testing out the Machine

Before deciding on the machine you will purchase, make sure you explore all the options at your disposal. You can get in touch with a community of sewers and try out their machines to better understand what different machines have to offer. You will be investing substantial money, so doing proper research will help steer you from making the wrong decision.

Below is a list of some of the best sewing machines for beginners in Canada:

Magicfly Portable Sewing Machine

With this Magicfly machine, you will effortlessly execute 12 different kinds of stitches when working on your projects. These stitch options are great as you advance as a sewer. The machine comes in a beautiful blue color and weighs only 3.4 kg making it easy to carry. The reverse sewing feature guarantees that none of your garments have loose ends. The overlock function can sew blind hems. You need not worry about finishing a garment on time as the machine can be powered by electricity and a battery. It is relatively easy to different thread thicknesses of fabrics using the three-needle sizes the machine has to offer. Thanks to the enlarged expansion table, your materials will remain clean as you work on them all. There is a threading guide printed body of the machine for beginners. The selection button makes it faster to choose the stitch you want. You can sew zippers, make buttonholes, and the three replaceable presser feet make work easier for you.


  • It is easily portable, which is excellent for students and also for kids
  • It is simple enough for beginners to use
  • Great quality and affordable


  • The tension dial may not work as it is supposed to
  • The thread may get caught and jam the machine, which you must restart each time.
  • The machine is made for household use and may not last long.

SINGER | MX231 Sewing Machine

This mechanical machine gives beginners more control and is thus easy to operate. The manual controls are durable as compared to electric knobs. The machine has 97 stitch options, great for primary and decorative sewing. The presser foot can be adjusted by applying different pressure levels for other fabrics. Customizable stitch width and length help you sew more accurately. The free arm function enables you to hem and make buttonholes easily. This machine will last you a long time due to the metal frame. You can easily replace the bobbins from the front, and the needle threader makes for a smooth threading experience. You can ask for assistance via the Singer sewing assistant app. The SINGER MX231 Sewing Machine provides for most of a beginner’s needs.


  • Durable
  • You get less eye strain because of the automatic needle threader
  • A tried and tested brand that offers excellent quality


  • The machine is cumbersome to move from place to place

Amouhom Sewing Machine

This mini sewing machine is excellent for sewing collars which may be hard to do on larger machines. If you are a student, you can comfortably carry the machine as it weighs only 1.6kgs. You can increase the working surface using the expansion table and efficiently replace the bottom bobbins due to the large reel and rewinding device. You can do solid seams with the double thread design and speed control. The built-in LED light helps you work along if you need to sew at night. The pedal switch makes it easier to control the machine as you sew. The Amouhom Sewing Machine is made with environmentally friendly materials and various designs.


  • The LED light protects the eyes
  • Affordable and functional for beginners


  • Too small for complex work
  • Some users found the machine difficult to repair without assistance from a professional

HAITRAL Sewing Machine

This HAITRAL Sewing Machine is small enough to fit in a shoulder bag and is used on the go. It is designed with a transparent safety cover on the needle area and LED lights to see the working space better. The light is also helpful when threading the needle. With the automatic bobbin winder, you can quickly wrap the thread on an empty bobbin. The thread cutter installed on the side of the machine can safely cut the thread without ruining your clothes.


  • The machine has a complete introductory package for beginners
  • They are portable and can be used even in the office
  • Can use a battery when you don’t have a power supply
  • There are videos on how to use the machine


  • The machine is not made to sew thick fabrics
  • Some users complained that the stitches were uneven, and the machine missed some stitches completely.

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

The 5-piece feed dog needle plate makes it convenient to feed in different fabrics. The Janome 2212 Sewing Machine has a 12 stitch chart and a well-labeled stitch selector dial which increases accuracy as you sew. You are afforded the luxury to make many different stitches with the drop feed and free arm features. The machine comes with other useful features like a thread cutter, buttonhole maker, front-loading bobbin, and manual tension control; all made to make your sewing easier.


  • The brand is known for their durable and high-quality machines
  • Reviewed highly by sewers who have used it
  • Has excellent warranty


  • The four-button hole maker reduces the speed at which you make buttons and delay work.
  • The machines are made for use in the US only, meaning when you would need to ship the machine back to the US for repairs covered by the warranty in Canada.

Brother CS5055 Computerized Sewing Machine

The Brother CS5055 Computerized Sewing Machine has 60 built-in stitches perfect for making heirloom, utility, and decorative stitches. The LCD shows all the stitches making it convenient to choose the one you want. It is made with a metal frame which makes it durable, and the automatic needle threader reduces the hassle of replacing the thread. You can take on large projects with the help of the increased large needle-to-arm work area. The machine comes with many accessories, including a needle set, sewing feet, and a multilingual user manual.


  • The machine produces relatively low noise as you work
  • The user manual provides instructions that make it easy to use


  • Some users are concerned with the number of plastic used in making the machine
  • It may not be ideal for weighty materials like mink blankets
  • It does not have quilting accessories

Janome HD1000 Sewing Machine

This is an industrial-grade machine with an aluminum interior and outer body that enables you to work with different materials. The Janome HD1000 helps get creative with the 14 stitch functions and 4 step buttonhole maker. The storage compartment is removable, making the machine great for hemming and sewing small openings. You can quilt with the machine and stitch buttonholes by lowering the feed dogs. The machine can be protected from damage using the hard-sided cover.


  • The heavy-duty aluminum body protects the machine from wear and tear and makes it last longer.
  • The machine has a 25-year warranty giving more peace of mind after the purchase.
  • The machine is great for beginners and seasoned sewers


  • The machine is on the pricier side, so it may not be ideal if you are working with a limited budget

KPCB Mini Sewing Machine

This machine has only one straight stitch mode making it ideal for people learning how to sew. The KPCB Mini Sewing Machine contains an instruction manual and tutorial videos that are easy to use. The machine is equipped with a metal bobbin that keeps the thread in place as you are sewing. The sewing kit has many accessories, including a seam ripper, a threader, a pair of scissors, five needles, and 32 bobbins. It comes with an extension table that you can attach to the machine to get a wider working space. You can mend any torn clothes fast with the foot adapter. The machine is ideal for fabrics that are not too thick.


  • Simple design, easy to use for beginners and kids
  • Reasonably priced


  • The machine is not meant for medium or heavy thickness materials
  • It only offers one type of stitch, which is rather inconvenient when you want to add designs
  • The sewing machine has many plastic parts that may come off and get easily damaged.

SINGER 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine

If you are looking for a machine that gives you variety, try the SINGER 7258 Sewing Machine. You get 100 built-in stitches that enable you to create unique decorative designs on your garments with ease. Using this machine will never worry about skipped stitches because the heavy-duty metal body keeps the machine stable while you work. As a beginner, controlling the speed is quite important, and the speed control lever helps you get more precise stitches. You can easily remove your garment when the needle is at the highest, and quilting is much better when the needle is at the lowest point. The clear bobbin cover enables you to track the thread and replace it from the top. The machine has automated buttonholes styles that aid in making buttonholes evenly and fast.


  • The machine is quite popular. You will have an easier time finding solutions for most issues with the machine.


  • The machine does not come with a user manual. You will need to download and print one.
  • Users have complained about untimely repairs and lack of good after-sale services.
  • The machine is not ideal for heavy and medium materials.

Janome 2030QDC Sewing Machine

The Janome 2030QDC machine gives you quality features usually reserved for more expensive models. The top-loading bobbin function reduces the chances of the thread jamming into the machine. Some notable features include an LCD, 7mm stitch width, seven-piece drop feed dogs, and 3 one-step buttonholes. The machine can reverse stitch with the memorized needle. As a bonus, you get a quilting kit and an extension table. The machine uses a corded power source and uses a computerized sewing system.


  • The metal body makes it durable and weighs 10kgs making it quite portable
  • The machine has 30 built-in stitches you can choose from


  • It does not have a power backup, so you can only use it when powered


You can use the information detailed above to make a more informed decision. As we have seen, there are many options you can choose from when buying a sewing machine. The most important features are to keep in mind are those that make work easier for you and enable you to produce the best garments you can. Checking on the warranty terms and conditions may save you money since you will be clear on what can be fixed by the company and what repairs will require out-of-pocket costs. Access to after-sale services is an important factor to consider as they will help you figure out how to best use the machine.

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