The Best Semi Truck Dash Camera System

Semi trucks can cause a false security sense due to their typical presence and bigger size? Therefore, a great truck camera system can be significant in avoiding accidents or witnessing worst-case scenarios.  It’s no news that semi-truck camera systems have become popular recently; it has become standard practice. A semi-truck camera system offers invaluable data in road accidents or collisions. In other words, the camera system provides stored footage that can ascertain reckless drivers and features a software technology that detects accidents before it happens. But what are the best semi-truck camera systems? Read on to find out the 5 best camera systems you can use for your semi-trucks. 

First take a look at what makes a great semi-truck camera system.

A semi-truck camera system provides a video camera that records a forward-facing street view. The camera is wireless which permits connection to your tablet or smartphone to download the footage, offering visual evidence if there’s an accident. A best semi-truck camera systemfeatures GPS details to designate the location and speed of drivers. More so, a great semi truck camera system can detect behaviors like swerving or distracted driving in real-time. It perfectly retains data for review and alerts the driver of careless driving before any accident would happen.

5 Best Semi Truck Dash Camera Systems

Before you buy that semi-truck camera system, hold a moment to read the below. Many semi-truck camera systems are there in the market; however, we’ve narrowed the best ones for you after careful evaluation. The best five semi-truck camera systems include:

1. KDLINKS X3 GPS enabled full HD Dashboard Camera

KDLinks X3 dashboard camera is a great option for semi-trucks. It’s a high-quality and easy-to-use camera that can capture excellent top-notch day visions and clear night visions. This camera is lightweight; it weighs just 2.24 ounces and has a dimension of 3.3 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches. The charging port permits you to convert the videos and photos to PC. Also, the camera can be utilized as a webcam if attached to any pc. The camera’s smart and slim design makes it handy for all truck drivers. It has 8GB SD memory, a built-in GPS, and a wireless camera. Significantly, it has dashcam player software that permits you to check a car’s speed, route, and location on Google maps. In addition, the camera has an emergency lock button that locks current video while avoiding loopings to make the current videos not be replaced accidentally with new ones. What’s more, it features accident auto-detection (G-sensor), while the battery has a superior quality of 110mah that can withstand low and high temperature -40f and 170f respectively for over 6 hours. 

  • This camera comes with a 2.24 ounces weight plus a dimension of about 3.3 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches.
  • It has a charging port to transfer data to a PC.
  • It offers a full HD video 1920*1080 featuring a wide angle of 165 degrees.
  • It features a Wide Dynamic Range camera system, while the camera has an audio recording and an 8 GB micro SD card.
  • It has a battery operated by the dashcam.
  • It also has warranty availability and a GPS module.
  • It’s easy to use and set up.
  • It has an 8GB SD card with built-in GPS.
  • There’s the availability of hardware warranty.
  • It features software that detects location and speed from the Google map.
  • It has a fair price.
  • It has a strong lens for perfect night and day captures.
  • It has no Wi-Fi
  • It has no software and replacement warranty.

2. Rexing V1 Wi-Fi Dash Cam with G-Sensor

Rexing v1 dash camera is another perfect choice for semi-trucks.  It has a basic front view camera that’s great for daytime videos and pictures, including nice night captures. It’s an excellent dash camera during hot weather, and it’s easy to use and set up. The camera has an 11.2 ounces weight plus a 2.4 inches big display. So it comes in handy in capturing normal and big-sized things. The design is discreet and contains a six-layered glass lens; the recording lens can move to the preferred height. Moreover, the lens is strong and great for daytime captures but slightly rough for night vision. It has a dashcam and could be seen as the best truck dash camera with GPS.

  • It has a great front and rear camera that’s good for day time.
  • Though SD Card isn’t included, it has an SD card slot.
  • It also has a GPS slot; however, the GPS module can be bought at an additional $30 cost.
  • It comes with a discreet design with its six-layered glass lens.
  • The camera is heat resistant and can sustain heat of about 140 degrees.
  • The camera is user-friendly and can be set up easily.
  • It has loop recording, a large display, and is lightweight.
  • It has a GPS slot and a big storage capacity of about 128GB, plus a high visible button.
  • The camera comes with no SD card. 
  • The rear mirror isn’t included.
  • It can’t capture tiny stuff, and the night vision can be a bit challenging.
  • The built-in GPS isn’t added. 
  • It’s costly.

3. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

This camera is perfect for semi-trucks and pickup trucks. Vantrue N2 has motion sensors, and its attachment process is easy due to the suction mount. It has a front and rear-facing dash cam that offers great quality videos. And it can offer full HD video on interior and front-facing cameras. 

The front camera can record 1920x1080P at 60fps or 2560x1440P at 30fps. At the same time, the rear camera features a great wide angle of about 140 degrees. More so, the rear-facing camera has 4 IR LED lights beneficial for some nighttime recordings. It features a timestamp that prints time on the video or picture to utilize as evidence in need. In addition, it has a time-lapse feature that clicks photos quickly and combines them in a video
form that’s considered quicker than real-time. This camera has a great recording quality in parking mode. 

  • It has a motion sensor that can capture any slightest movement.
  • It’s easy to attach because of the suction mount feature. 
  • It comes with a rear and front cam. In addition, the rear-facing camera has 4 IR LED lights for some nighttime recordings.
  • It has an infrared option and can record in the parking mode.
  • It comes with built-in G-sensors.
  • It has loop recording, built-in G sensors, and 64 GB of data storage.
  • A great benefit of this camera is its time-lapse and LCD lights auto ON/OFF features.
  • Infrared Lights, GPS slots, and SD card slots are included.
  • The camera has no SD card and GPS module.
  • It takes high power consumption for parking mode and long videos.
  • It’s expensive.

4. VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam

VIOFO A129 Pro is another great camera system for semi-trucks. With its compact design, it permits recording super quality full HD and 4K videos. It features the Sony 8MP sensor on the rear and front. The camera image sensor offers higher clarity to videos and provides quality night captures. 

The lens has a Wide Dynamic Range system that balances lights automatically and offers high image quality. What’s more, the Buffered Parking mode detects motions and events easily with about 15 seconds before plus 30 seconds after the incident. 

Significantly, the built-in Wi-Fi has a 5GHz dual-band that avoids network interference while offering a higher strong Wi-Fi connection. In addition, the GPS sensor operates to offer perfect time and date with a timestamp on every recording. 

  • This camera features loop recording, time-lapse, and motion detection.
  • It isn’t expensive and can be user-friendly.
  • Its network is stable.
  • Its front camera can record at 3840×2160 P while the rear can record 1920×1080 P at 30 FPX.
  • It has a motion-detecting sensor and a GPS sensor for exact timestamps. 
  • It has an auto-recording feature using buffered parking mode.
  • The availability of a Wide Dynamic Range system.
  • It comes with a sony 8MP image sensor on the rear and front.
  • It can conduct 4K Video Recording.
  • It can be easy to use and set up.
  • It has a fair price.
  • The camera has a motion-detecting sensor and the GPS sensor for exact timestamps. 
  • It has no SD card and GPS module.

5. THINKWARE U1000 Dual Dashcam

THINKWARE camera allows you to capture videos and pictures in semi-trucks at super quality 4K Ultra HD resolution and a 2k QHD resolution for 60FPS. In addition, it permits you to switch between some settings, including the crisp and clear information for your recording.  Also, the 8MP Sony image sensor helps to stabilize the exposure and lighting to offer an excellent recording. In particular, the 150 degrees wide-angle offers a great capture while
recording coverage. The camera system helps to reduce image noise and enhances bad lighting conditions quality at night. The camera’s Anti-File Corruption Technology helps to avoid any storage loss. And it ensures reliability and durability. 

More so, the Thinkware Cloud availability helps to sync all data to the cloud. With the Remote Live View feature, you can see the Geo-Fencing and receive notifications on your PC or device. At the same time, the Safety Camera Alert gives a signal at speed cams and red lights. The dashcam has three diverse parking modes; time-lapse, energy-saving, and impact detection.

  • It has a Safety Camera alerts feature for speed cams and red lights.
  • The camera comes with a cloud feature and three diverse parking modes. 
  • It has Anti file Corruption Technology feature. 
  • It has Auto image stabilization and enhancement with Image Sensor
  • Another great feature of this camera is its amazing  Night Vision camera and 150 Degree wide-angle.
  • It records high quality, including the street signs and number plates, even if the drive is high speed. 
  • It’s easy to use and install.
  • It comes with an Anti file Corruption Technology feature. 
  • The camera is amazing with its Night Vision camera and 150 Degree wide-angle.
  • It’s expensive
  • It has no SD card and GPS module.

Factors to Consider when Buying Best Semi Truck Camera Systems

Your semi-truck camera system's robustness depends on your fleet size and needs. We’ve outlined some key factors to consider when buying that perfect camera system you want for your semi-trucks. They include:

Perfect Image Quality
The main feature of an excellent truck’s camera system is the image quality. You want a camera system to capture and record videos; thus, it's vital to have a dashcam that provides top-notch video quality. Buy a camera system that can aptly capture number plates and street signs. You can consider a semi-truck camera system that provides ultra HD recording capable of light stabilization. Practically, a great camera system should have a dual-facing Full HD 1080p Smart Dash Cam. 

Installation Ease
Installing or setting up your camera system shouldn't be hard. When buying the camera, check out the mounting ease and the camera wiring. Would it need professional installation, or is it the installation you can do by yourself using manuals?  Also, if you want to add cameras to the entire fleet, consider if you would need professional installation and the cost. 

Wide Angle
Check out the camera's wide-angle before buying. Note; the wider the camera's angle, the more area it can capture. Getting a wider camera system for your semi-truck can help in covering more things or incidents.  In other words, the more, the better. A 130-degree wide-angle recording is great for a semi-truck dashcam. 

Another vital factor to consider is the camera system accessibility. The camera system often has a free app that can be installed on the phone. The app is essential to access all recordings and edits.  You can download them and change the dashcam's settings. It can be easier to operate your dashcam if all its data are available on the phone. 

Battery Durability
The best camera system for semi-trucks is the one with long-lasting battery life. Thus, choose a camera system with a great battery. In addition, buy a dashcam with nice temperature resistance.  A dashcam can often overheat in long recordings, and it could affect the hardware and make you lose all your data. Therefore, ensure to check the battery's durability and select the dashcam with temperature resistance and an overheat preventing capacitor. 

Collision warnings
Some dash camera systems have driver assistance controls. It helps to prevent collisions or accidents before they can happen. The collision warnings can be a radar to alert truck drivers of a pedestrian, paused vehicle, or other road obstructions.  Thus, ensure to check the availability of collision warnings before buying your semi-truck
camera system.

Consider the GPS
Consider getting camera systems with GPS sensors. It offers an edge and is often useful. It can help with Live Tracking and can access travel logs. Buying a GPS G-sensor helps with the perfect timestamp on the videos.

Motion Sensors
You will see many dash cams for semi-trucks in the market that provide low motion detections. Ensure to buy one with higher motion-detecting sensors. The sensors start the recording automatically on events or motions. It's significant in any incident.  Further, consider the parking mode feature. It helps to avoid any collision when parking. Generally, before buying your Dash Cams, consider how long the camera's video storage would allow, the mounting ease, the frame width/resolution of the video and lens, the night vision, and the app's simplicity. 

Benefits of the Camera System of Semi-trucks

Some of the major advantages of a truck's camera system include:

Capturing of events
The camera system is invaluable if unfortunate accidents occur. When triggered by impacts with a G-sensor, a dash camera can capture information of people involved in the incident that won't have been remembered or noticed. 
The video recording of the camera serves as an event recorder in the incident's aftermath. Some camera systems operate in low-light situations with infrared or night vision technology. Moreover, you can capture even smaller information, such as the license plate. 

Enhances driver awareness
A great advantage of the semi-truck camera system is that it enhances driver awareness when trucking. It's often challenging when driving a larger vehicle because of its blind spots.  In particular, a dashcam acts as an eye second pair and offers advanced features such as alerts and blindspot monitoring. 

Parking mode and security
The camera system offers some level of security, especially at the parking space. For instance, Dual-lens dash cameras offer a degree of safety and comfort as they record incidents or events when trucks are parked.  The camera system might not stop a thief from stealing, but it can give a record for security apparatus on how to catch thieves. It's vital to add that you can speed up your insurance claims with the camera system; simultaneously, drivers can be protected and exonerated if they aren't at fault.

FAQs of Semi Truck Camera Systems

Who Wants a Semi Truck Camera System?
Anyone can own a semi-truck camera system. Specifically, it can be used by a commercial transport firm or a self-employed driver.  It's used to exonerate truck drivers from traffic accidents and identify perpetrators in vandalism or robbery. More complex camera systems offer driver help to prevent the occurrence of accidents. 

What is a Truck Dash Camera?
It's a camera attached to the truck's rear-view mirror or windshield to offer coverage on the rear and front of the truck and provide truck drivers greater control over their road safety while driving, especially at risky events and accidents.

Are Dash Cams Required for Semi Trucks? 
The use of Dash Cams is necessary and required by some firms, but any United States law or mandate does not mandate it. 

What's a Wireless Camera System?
The wireless camera system has become popular recently and is now standard practice in trucking. It helps to connect your device to help you control features. Though a battery can power dash cams, commercial drivers prefer the reliability and durability of hardwired power.

The Difference Between A Forward-Facing, Dual-Facing, Or 360-Degree Multi-Cam Truck Dash Cam
A forward-facing dashcam watches the road ahead, the dual-facing dash camera watches the road ahead plus the driver, while the 360-degree camera watches the road ahead and both vehicle sides, plus the driver.


Semi-truck drivers are now maximizing the benefits of the truck's camera system. It's safe to say that even the simple single and forward-facing dash cameras have lessened the insurance costs and offer truck drivers a level of peace of mind. Complex or additional cameras has further enhanced security and safety via backup, parking assistance, and lane changing.

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