The Best Beard Trimmers in Canada

Beard trimmers are awesome. They allow you to easily maintain your beard, or to change styles with ease. You can even take it all off if you want. However, the quality of your trimmer plays a big part when it comes to keeping your beard looking good. A shoddy beard trimmer of low quality can lead to problems such as over trimming, under trimming, and even painful situations if the blades yank on your beard more than they cut it.

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Also keep in mind that since this is a decision that will last you several years, or maybe even decades if you get a really good one, you shouldn’t make it lightly. This being the case, we’ll also be going over several of the best beard trimmers on the market today. This will give you a good idea of what your options are, and help you to make a smart purchasing decision. First, let’s take a look at seven factors you should be looking for when it comes to buying the best beard trimmer.

Durability and Longevity

As previously mentioned, buying a beard trimmer is a big decision because of how long it will last or should last, in any case. This being the case, you want to make a purchase that is going to last. This is because the sooner your beard trimmer wears out, the sooner you have to purchase a new one so buying a durable trimmer can be more cost-effective than buying a cheaper one in many cases. Do more expensive trimmers last longer? Not necessarily.

Reading user reviews is the best way to get an idea of the durability and longevity of a beard trimmer aside from actually having used it yourself. If you see a lot of reviews talking about the trimmer breaking down, going dull, or simply wearing out quickly, then you may want to consider looking at another model. On the other hand, reviews that praise the trimmer’s durability and longevity are a great indicator that it’s a model worth considering.

Be aware that some beard trimmers come with specific features that can increase their longevity such as self-sharpening stainless steel blades. However, keep in mind that while this will extend the life of the product, it won’t last forever. That’s simply not how the laws of physics work. Regardless, the longer your trimmer lasts, the better so features like this are a pretty big factor when it comes to making a purchasing decision.


For some people, bread trimming is a relatively easy affair because they have simplistic beard styles. However, complex beard styles require much greater precision to accurately trim without causing a mishap that could ruin your beard. This means that buying a beard trimmer that has the precision to trim a complex beard is a big deal in these situations.

In most cases how precise a beard trimmer can shave is determined by special head attachments that use a narrower blade. Many trimmers come with this option, some do not. Regardless, it’s up to you to make sure that the beard trimmer has the type of blade you need to perform the kind of precision cutting that your beard requires. Thinking ahead can make a big difference and help you to make sure you get the beard trimmer you need.

Attachments and Special Features

Speaking of alternate heads, it’s a good idea to take a close look at all the special features and attachments a beard trimmer comes with. This includes trimmer comb length adjusters, LED displays, and smaller or larger blade attachments. Many beard trimmers come with other accessories as well such as:

  • Combs
  • Brushes
  • USB cords
  • Charging stations
  • Lubricant for the blade

In many cases, a beard trimmer can be considered an all-in-one grooming kit if it has enough accessories. This means you could use your beard trimmer to also cut your hair, or shave other areas if you feel the need to do so. While some people might enjoy this level of versatility, others may feel that it is unnecessary. It’s important to understand your needs before making a purchase or you could end up paying for a lot of options and accessories that you won’t ever use.

Extended Warranty

Many beard trimmers come with extended warranties, but is it worth it? This depends on several factors. Firstly, warranties aren’t worth it in most cases simply due to how basic economics work. The thing is, a company wouldn’t be offering you a warranty if it wasn’t profitable for them, so they’re going to get the better deal most of the time.

The flip side of this is that if money is no object and you want to get an immediate replacement if your beard trimmer breaks down, then getting an extended warranty is not a bad idea. The main drawback here is that if you purchase a beard trimmer and it breaks down so that you need that extended warranty, is it really a brand you want to use again? That can be a difficult decision, and it may turn out that you’ll want to switch to another brand. You could of course use your extended warranty to get a replacement and sell it to help cover the cost of purchasing a different beard trimmer.

Speaking of warranties, make sure you check the beard trimmers you’re looking at for regular warranties in addition to the extended versions. Many come with a standard one-year warranty or something similar. A lot of times this is more than enough to make you feel comfortable with your purchase and cover the off chance that your bear trimmer turns out to be a faulty product.

Cord Length

This may seem like a minor detail, but it is actually a bigger deal than you might think. When browsing for a new beard trimmer, always keep in mind where you’re going to put it, and how far away the power outlet is. Some beard trimmers come with deceptively short power cords, and you don’t want to have to go through the trouble of buying an extension cord unless you just really happen to like that model of a beard trimmer.

Most listings contain info on how long the cord is, however some don’t. If a listing doesn’t have this info, check the reviews to see if there are any complaints about the cord length. This will give you a good idea of what to expect from your purchase.

Easy to Maintain

If you want your beard trimmer to last, then you need to clean it as needed. This can be a chore, or it can be very easy depending on the model. Some only require you to run the device underwater a bit to get it clean, while others may require a bit more care. Just remember to unplug the device before cleaning to avoid any accidents.

Another thing to consider is how you care for the blades. Keeping them clean is one thing, keeping them sharp is another. As mentioned before, some models have self-sharpening blades, but if you purchase a model that doesn’t have this feature, you will have to do it yourself. This can be tedious, and in many cases, you’ll have to purchase additional products to do it. Alternately, you could just buy another beard trimmer when the blades get dull if you would like. It’s not the most cost-effective strategy, but it is the easiest.

The Reviews

We’ve mentioned reviews a few times in regards to specific features, but reviews are important when assessing a beard trimmer as a whole as well. Bad reviews typically mean a bad product, and good reviews typically mean a good product. Of course the more reviews there are, the more accurate the overall score will be.

That said, there will almost always be outliers, such as people who give a one-star review because something went wrong with the shipping, or because their product was defective from the start. In situations like this, these reviews are not an accurate reflection of the actual product, though they do give some insight into other factors surrounding the product.

Also, be aware that there are outliers when it comes to positive reviews for beard trimmers as well. Some people get the product, use it once, then write an amazing review for it. This would of course mean that if the product breaks down or if they find a flaw with it later it won’t get reported.

Despite these outliers, reviews are a very important factor when buying a beard trimmer. Try to limit your options to models that have received mostly positive reviews, while avoiding ones that have a lot of negative reviews. Also remember that just because a beard trimmer has a high overall score, doesn’t mean that it is the best product for your specific needs.

The Best Beard Trimmers in Canada:

Now that you understand the factors you should be looking at to buy the best beard trimmer, let’s get into some actual product reviews. These products are available on Amazon Canada, and we will be providing links so that you can take a look for yourself if you want.

Remington HC5855

First up is the Remington HC5855. The Amazon listing describes this product as being “virtually indestructible,” so you know that durability and longevity are a priority for this model. In addition to being a beard trimmer, it can also be used to cut hair as well thanks to the trimmer combs that it comes with to buffer the blade.

Here is a complete list of accessories that come with this 15 piece beard trimming kit:

  • Electric trimmer
  • Styling comb
  • Beard brush
  • Blade oil
  • Storage pouch
  • 9 length adjusting combs
  • Blade guard

As you can see, one of the biggest drawbacks here is that this product doesn’t come with any precision beard trimming attachments. This means that if you have a beard that requires very specific cuts, this model likely won’t be for you. However, if you have a more regular styled beard, this kit has all the bases covered, and you could even cut your hair with it if you really wanted to thanks to its durable nature and high-performance super magnet motor.

Braun Styler BT5265 Beard Trimmer

This beard trimmer comes with fewer accessories than most but might have just enough to get the job done depending on what you need. Of note is the precision trimming head which is about half as wide as the normal blade. This will serve you well if you need to do some precision trimming, but it isn’t as narrow as similar heads on some other models.

While the Braun Styler BT5265 Beard Trimmer doesn’t come with a lot of attachments, it doesn’t really need them as the length adjusting combs can be set to 39 different length settings, giving you plenty of options.

Here is a list of all of the accessories included with this product:

  • Electric beard trimmer
  • 2 Length adjusting combs
  • Cleaning brush
  • Precision head
  • Smart Plug charger

Gillette Fusion5 razor

Most notable here is the Gillette Fusion5 razor. This will allow you to get an extra close shave where you need it, such as your neck or sideburns. The charger provides 100 hours of cordless trimming on a 1-hour charge, and the blade is described as “lifetime sharp,” so it’s likely to be quite durable.

If there are any drawbacks to be had with this model, it might be the somewhat limited kit. Still, with the 39 length settings, it doesn’t seem like much of an issue. This, combined with the trimmer’s ergonomic design and reasonable price make it a really good pick if you’re looking for a good deal.


This model of the beard trimmer is a big boy in both size and price, but if you have heavy-duty beard trimming needs, then this might just be the product for you. This Japanese crafted trimmer features a 3-blade inner/outer foil shaver for close shaves and a built-in smart sensor for detecting hair. It also has 2 comb attachments with 7 trim-length settings for beards and mustaches.

This high-tech beard trimmer doesn’t come with much but makes up for it with built-in features. Here’s a list of what this kit includes:

  • Electric shaver
  • 2 beard/mustache trimmer heads

It should also be noted that this beard trimmer features a high-performance motor that, along with the built-in sensor, will adjust the blade speed as necessary to give you the best cut possible. The product is also waterproof for easy cleaning, or shaving in the shower if that’s your thing. Overall the major drawbacks here are the lack of precision beard trimming options, and the price. Aside from that, this is a cutting-edge product that has a lot of really amazing features to offer.

Abbicen Multi-functional, 5 in 1, Men's Grooming Kit

If you’re on a budget, the Abbicen Multi-functional Rechargeable Beard Trimmer might be your pick. This grooming kit comes with plenty of accessories for beard trimming, shaving, and hair cutting. Best of all, it also comes with a neat little stand that stores the trimmer and all the attachments in one tidy location. This dock also keeps the trimmer charged as well.

Here is a list of what this beard trimming kit comes with:

  • Electric trimmer
  • 4 Haircut limit combs
  • Hair comb
  • Vertical trimmer
  • Nose/ear trimmer
  • Precision trimmer
  • Micro shaver
  • Clean brush
  • Adapter
  • Charge base
  • Beard shaping/styling tool

It should also be noted that this beard trimmer is waterproof, but it is recommended that you don’t completely dunk it in water. This makes for easy cleaning, and use in the shower. The trimmer can be charged by either putting it on the dock or by inserting the plug into the device itself. Overall this model has a lot to offer and at a very good price. If you’re looking for an affordable beard trimmer, this product gets the job done.

Conair Men's Beard & Mustache Trimmer

Another budget option is the Conair Men’s Beard & Mustache Trimmer. This model is very simplistic but has everything you need for good beard trimming as long as you don’t require anything fancy. Unlike most of the other beard trimmers on this list, this model is purely battery-powered, so that is a cost factor you’ll need to consider. However, it does come with your first two AAA Lithium batteries to get you started.

Truly a budget option, this kit only comes with the essentials. Here’s the list:

  • Electric trimmer
  • 3 jawline combs
  • Nose/ear trimmer head
  • 6 position attachment comb
  • 2 AAA lithium batteries

Even though this product costs less than most other beard trimmers, it does feature self-sharpening stainless steel blades. This gives it an advantage in the durability department. It also has an ergonomic design for enhanced comfort. If you’re looking for a cheap trimmer that can still give your beard a good trim, then you’ll want to check this one out.

Let’s wrap things up by taking a look at another very affordable, yet versatile beard trimmer. The SUPRENTâ„¢ Beard Trimmers for Men comes with many features such as an adjustable precision dial with 19 length settings, LED charging, a high-capacity battery, and a powerful 3.6V DC motor.

While this beard trimmer comes with very few accessories, that’s actually a selling point. The adjustable precision dial allows the one-length adjusting comb to give you the cut you want without the hassle of multiple attachments.

That said, here is a list of what is included in this kit:

  • Electric trimmer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Blade oil
  • Length adjusting comb
  • USB power cord

The one major drawback of this trimmer is that it does not include a charger. This means you’ll need something to plug the USB power cord into. This makes it a great option for travel if you have a device with a USB port, but it may be inconvenient at home. Even with this limitation, the price for the SUPRENTâ„¢ Beard Trimmers for Men is very reasonable, and it comes with a 12-month warranty.

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