Smoke/Fog Machines Review Guide

Fog machines are perfect for a variety of applications. Whether you need one for a party, added ambiance for celebrations or events, or for theatrical performances, smoke machines can perform a vital part adding to the atmosphere.

But what are the options out there, and how do you choose? Here’s a brief overview of the different foggers and how they work, and which ones might be best suited for the application you need.

Types of Smoke/Fog Machines

They come in many different shapes and sizes, but some utilize different methods to produce the chilling effect of fog and mist.

  • Regular Smoke/Fog Machines – These utilize a special liquid or juice – not just plain water – to create a fog or misty effect that reaches high throughout the environment. This is because the heat of the fog causes it to rise, so you can expect clouds of fog a few feet high at least. Unlike the other two, the particles are more of smoke than liquid droplets.
  • Low/Cold Fog Machines – These types of machines create a thick fog that clings close to the ground around your ankles. Contrary to regular fog machines, this is cooled liquid or water, which is why it sinks low within the environment. This is great for spooky settings or theatrical plays, and the clouds tend to last quite a while too. Some inputs include dry ice and cryogenic (CO2) gas as the cooling agents.
  • Haze Machine – Otherwise known as hazers, they’re water or oil-based and create a finer “haze”effect that hangs in the air for a long time. The fog is much thinner than standard fog machines so they’re normally used to enhance lighting and create a unique ambiance. They operate similarly to regular Smoke Machines and create a misty theme.

How to Choose One for You

Besides some great deals out there, you pay for what you get when it comes to fog/smoke machines. A good fog machine won’t just produce superb fog/smoke; it’ll have a long lifetime and extra features, such as remote control operation and various modes of operation (timer functions).

If you’re looking to have a small event or a disco party, then regular smoke machines are your best bet. They’re not too expensive and they produce the big and fun fog effects, and often even come with lighting or sound systems to help pump up the disco floor! Just be sure you buy enough of the special juice for these.

For filming, slow dances, theaters, and Halloween parties, a low fog machine might be your best bet. The low fog is easily disturbed and creates a more spooky or dramatic appearance than from regular smoke/fog machines.

For professional plays, you absolutely need a haze machine to complement the lighting. These aren’t ideal for parties or other events because they’re specifically designed not to produce thick fog but instead to enhance effects such as light beams.

Chauvet DJ Nimbus Pro Plug/Play Dry Ice Fog Machine

Chauvet DJ Nimbus Pro PlugPlay Dry Ice Fog Machine

Professional Grade Lighting and Fog

Chauvet DJ Nimbus provides a cost-effective solution for producing beautiful fog with built-in LEDs for your parties and other social events at more than half of the price than its competitors. Equipped with 360-degree rotating panels, each panel can be easily positioned to your liking. It’s trusted by thousands of people around the globe.

Plug ‘N’ Play & Wireless

One of the main advantages of this piece of equipment is it comes with plug-n-play feature. This means that there’s no need for a technical expert to get this setup and ready to go. This also means no more dangling wires to play with. The machine also comes with a wireless remote.

No Toxic Fumes

The Chauvet DJ Nimbus comes with Rockville RGFJ Gallon fog/smoke juice fluid that is completely safe for humans (and animals) to inhale. This means that the fog is toxic-free and totally free from harmful chemicals. It is water-based fluid with a very attractive smell.

Easily Portable and Lighter Than Others

The Chauvet DJ Nimbus Pro is considerably lighter than its competitors are. The entire package weighs just 7 pounds. That means you do not need a whole brigade of people to carry it around.

Smart Operation

The Chauvet DJ Nimbus heats the water substantially quicker than its competitors do by utilizing a second heating element. It’s equipped with safety sensors that shut off heaters once the water level is low.



  • The speed at which the fog is produced is extremely quick so it does not take much time to fill spaces with fog.

  • Considerably cheaper than its competitors.

  • Produces thick clouds that just settle on the floor rather than smoking the entire place. The fog is also very long lasting.

  • Very light and manageable. Could be adjusted in the trunk of the car and be lifted by a single person. Folds easily for breakdown and travel. No permanent hinges or bolts to play with.

  • A very long-lasting and solid piece of equipment. The manufacturing of this equipment is of high quality.

  • Built-in LEDs are easily controlled with the help of a remote.

  • Comes with a fire-retardant trim.



  • The unit is not waterproof;therefore, it needs special care to be set up in a place that is completely dry.

  • The party lights are not waterproof, so be careful when manipulating them in damp places.

Rockville R720L LED Fog/Smoke Machine

Rockville R720L LED FogSmoke Machine

If you want to throw amazing parties, you might choose the R720 LED Fog/Smoke Machine. This smoke machine comes with a remote and a mini strobe light that will raise the energy level at the party by 10 notches. This is perfect for DJs, bars, and if you want to have fun and throw a party. This device is strong and sturdy enough for outdoor usage.

Easy to Use

You don’t have to worry about a complicated setup process, and you don’t have to have a technical background. Using this machine is as easy as opening the box, reading a couple of instructions, and setting it up to do whatever you need it to do.Just hit one buttonand 30 seconds of fog will come out.

The machine is small and portable enough to carry to multiple locations. You won’t need a truck to carry this around, which improves the ease of use.

The strobe rate is manually adjustable, so you won’t need an experienced technician to help you. It comes with built-in LED lights, so you don’t have to worry about installing lights or anything complex.

To make it even more userfriendly, a wireless remote allows you to control the LED strobe lights out of the box.

Smooth Style and Design

The Rockville R720 LED Fog/Smoke Machine has a modern style. It comes ready with bright RGB LED lights that are sure to mesmerize anyone who attends your bar, party, or club. Each LED is 3 watts, and this will give you the brightness that you are looking for to blow the crowd away.

This machine produces a thick and smooth fog that will stay in the air long after you press the button.

Little in, a Lot Out

This powerful machine has an output capacity of 3,000cfm, but only consumes 10 fluid ounces per hour. For such little consumption, you get the bang for your buck. This smoke machine outputs more than twice as much as other smoke machines on the market.

This small machine only has a 3.5-minute start-time due to its unbelievable speed and power. Considering the small amount of liquid you need to put into this machine, you get a lot out.



  • Fast startup. It only takes 3.5 minutes to start this powerful machine. Your party can get started faster thanks to the ultra-fast startup.

  • It is ready to go out of the box. You just need to add fluid and plug it in. You can focus more on partying than on setting this machine up.

  • This machine is durable. It is sturdy enough for indoor or outdoor use. Take your party inside or outside with the Rockville R720.

  • This machine is portable. You can take this machine anywhere you’d like because it only weighs 5.94 pounds. The compact design of this machine will enable you to take it anywhere you’d like to party.



  • You must clean this machine regularly. Failure to do so could lead to costly damages. You must clean this machine after every 40 hours of operation, or after it has been idle for an extended period.

  • There are no serviceable parts. If something goes wrong, it must be sent back to Rockville. Attempting to fix the machine can also lead to electric shock.