Best CDL Trucking Schools in New Hampshire – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: November 22, 2021

The transportation of goods around the country is a time-honored profession, and truck drivers are the people who carry out this task. 

Driving an 18-wheeler takes professional training, so if you’re looking to make a career on the road, read on to find the best schools in New Hampshire.

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Data on Trucking Schools in New Hampshire

  • Total Schools: 2
  • Number of Undergraduate Programs: 2
  • Number of Graduate Programs: 2
  • Average Tuition Cost: $5,000
  • Average Loan Amount: 100% (dependent on financial means test)
  • Average Classroom Size: 1 instructor to 3 students (driving)
  • Average Length of Program: 7-12 weeks

How Do I Get My CDL in NH?

Getting a CDL in New Hampshire requires these steps. This assumes that the applicant has a valid driver’s license and is 18 years of age.

  1. Apply for a CLP (commercial learner’s permit) at any DMV office with:
  • Medical certificate

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