Best Truck Driving Gloves of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: April 2, 2022

The struggle of holding a steering wheel for consecutive hours is something every truck driver can relate to. Pair it up with sweaty hands and an unsecured grip on the steering, and you’re likely to get into an accident. Although hand fatigue and constant discomfort are common complaints, they can be easily dealt with. 

Driving gloves are all you need to say goodbye to your driving problems. Whether it’s a better grip you’re aiming for or comfort in different temperatures, hand gloves can be quite handy. They not only enhance your style statement, but they also save your hand from abrasion against the steering wheel. 

We’ve researched and prepared a complete guide about truck driving gloves to brief you about all the important stuff. Not only that, but we’ve also reviewed some top products to help you out! Staying on the road for long hours doesn’t have to be tiring anymore!

Comparison of the Best Gloves For Truck Drivers

How to Choose Truck Driving Gloves 

We know what you’re thinking. It surely is overwhelming and intimidating to shop for a new pair of gloves. With countless options in the markets, you might be wondering – what should you look for? What are some top features? How to make sure you’re investing your money in the right product? Simply put, we’ve answered all your questions in this section. 

Good Material 

The choice of fabric will determine how durable and long-lasting your gloves would turn out to be. It is preferable to opt for leather gloves because they can withstand abrasion hence saving you from cuts, scrapes, bruises, and blisters. Whatever material you choose, make sure that it is tough and rugged but not too stiff to cause hurdles during work. 

Comfort and Lining

Along with the fabric, you’ll also need to consider the lining of your gloves. Soft lining such as wool or cashmere gives gloves a comfortable and fuzzy feel, especially in winters.

However, if you work in the summer heat, unlined gloves are a better option to avoid sweaty hands. 

An Appropriate Size

This might actually be the most overlooked feature when purchasing gloves. Make sure to buy a pair that suits your hand size. 

OLSON DEEPAK Cowhide Gloves

Follow the measurement chart to buy a perfect fit because the glove shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. It is necessary that the glove gives enough room to your hand without restricting movements. Wrist straps are also a great addition, allowing adjustable and secure fitting.

Design and Features

You’ll need to consider every aspect to make your purchase count. Look for the style, color, and design that matches your taste because there are all kinds of gloves out there, from fingerless to knuckle-out ones. 

Moreover, different brands have incorporated several features in their gloves. Many truck drivers have a habit of using the touchscreen GPS fitted into the car systems. Whether it’s navigation or playing the radio, traditional gloves might not be detectable on the touchscreen. Hence, you’ll need to make sure to buy gloves that are compatible with this kind of feature. 

Pricing and Cost

Always buy something that lies in a decent price range. Don’t go over the top and buy expensive products because there are many top-quality gloves at affordable prices. Do your research and find a product that doesn’t exceed your set budget. 

Review of the Best Gloves for Truck Drivers 

It can get quite overwhelming to invest your money into something lasting and top-quality, especially if you’re new to truck driving gloves. Through this section, we’ve shared some of our best picks with you for a valued purchase.

Dive in and familiarize yourself with each product’s basic features to assist you in making a choice. 

Best Overall: OLSON DEEPAK Cowhide Gloves


  • Soft and durable for heavy-duty tasks with tactile sensations
  • Elastic wrist design tightens up the glove and makes it easy to wear 
  • Fabric is breathable, sweat-absorbent, and puncture and cut-resistant
  • Freedom of movement, owing to the keystone thumb and Gunn cut seams
  • Grain cowhide leather features unparalleled thickness, durability, and flexibility


  • Sizing can be a bit of an issue for some buyers

What Recent Buyers Report

Customer reviews compelled us to rate this product number one on our list. The material exceeds expectations in terms of thickness, durability, insulation, comfort, and abrasion-resistance. With the cowskin grain, you’ll be surprised to see how soft and flexible these are to give your hands a snug fit while not being too tight.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Leather gloves like these offer a unique combination of comfort and strength to be the perfect companion while driving. Truck drivers can boast these trendy gloves that are ideal for all kinds of weather. The soft fabric offers subtle heat retention in winters to keep your hands cozy, while the sweat-absorbent and breathable fabric comes in handy for the summer season. 

We’d like to place special emphasis on the top-quality cowhide leather that is commendable to stand up to any kind of rough work, tears, scrapes, and abrasion. Driving often demands a free range of motions, and the ergonomic Gunn cut design combined with the elastic wrist strap makes the fitting just perfect. It’ll be an absolute delight to use these gloves, and you’re surely in for a treat.

Bottom Line

Olson Deepak cowhide leather gloves are a wise investment for protecting your hands while driving. They minimize contact to avoid contamination but also yield a firm grip on the wheel. A single purchase will last a long time, so do yourself a favor and buy a nice pair of these all-purpose gloves.

Runner-up: Wells Lamont 1132L Men's Leather Work Gloves


  • Reinforced leather palm boosts the grip power and friction
  • Striking saddle tan color adds a flair of style and is easy to spot 
  • Cowhide grain leather lends the glove high strength and puncture-resistance
  • Sizing is really good, and the adjustable wrist hugs the gloves on to the hands
  • Ergonomic and comfortable, owing to the Gunn cut pattern and keystone thumb


  • Do not feature water resistance
  • Few people were displeased with the fuzzy yellow pieces that rub off quickly

What Recent Buyers Report

The quality of the gloves is pretty reliable and satisfactory for many consumers. The tightening strap is really beneficial to size the glove appropriately and keep your hands free of debris and dirt. The Gunn cut pattern is also a commendable addition that enhances the user-friendliness of these gloves, making them a suitable choice for driving. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Wells Lamont has outdone itself with this pair of gloves. The gloves excel in user-friendliness, versatility, and practicality, making them a must-buy for truck drivers. Crafted with cowhide grain, you don’t need to worry about durability and strength because they are resistant to tear and abrasion. 

They are a prime choice for driving, owing to the ergonomic design. With the reinforced leather palm, Gunn cut patterns, and a keystone thumb, they surely give your hand a better hold on the wheel by reducing fatigue. 

The inner side is quite comfortable and soft, with superior insulating properties to battle cold mornings and frozen hands. As far as summers are concerned, the fabric is breathable for subtle ventilation and wicks off moisture. 

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, buying these gloves will surely be a gamechanger for your driving style. Along with minimizing hand fatigue, their features gravitate to provide your hands a firm grip, better feel with no concession on hand sensitivity, and deftness. With all the amazing features and revised ergonomic design, you’re bound to have a satisfactory experience.

Best for the Money: CLC Custom Leathercraft Work Gloves


  • Wrist strap allows for a perfect fit, so the glove doesn’t slip off
  • Padded knuckles and thumb prevent wear and tear of the fabric
  • Exceptional insulating medium to give your hands a cozy environment
  • Guaranteed toughness and shrink-resistance, owing to the synthetic leather 
  • Lycra side panels give the gloves a stretch to avoid restricting hand movements


  • Stitching could be improved for better quality
  • Tend to get wet and uncomfortable because they aren’t waterproof

What Recent Buyers Report

Designed with exquisite craftsmanship, paired with many features, these gloves have definitely left most buyers impressed. They are really cost-friendly and feel fit and secure on wearing. Truck drivers can greatly benefit from these in the winters because they keep your hands snug and cozy at all times. People praised how these gloves are highly practical since they are touchscreen-compatible.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The CLC gloves are a winner when it comes to a worthy purchase on a budget restriction. Manufacturers have chosen synthetic leather for a more robust and rugged feel. This also eliminates the chances of the gloves shrinking or hardening, owing to the innovative engineering. 

We are also impressed by the stretchable spandex and Lycra panels that lend flexibility for easier hand movements. You can size these gloves by the wrist straps to avoid them from slipping off. At the same time, the fabric won’t snag on wood or metal to keep your steering wheel brand new as ever. 

Its thoroughly calculated design gives extra padding on the knuckles and finger region, which combats abrasion to make gloves last longer. 

Bottom Line

Offering a remarkable precise and comfortable fit, these gloves are one of the best on the market. They are highly economical and provide a variety of features. They are touchscreen-compatible, so you can operate the GPS or radio settings without having to remove your driving gloves each time. The cushioned fabric gives your hands a comfortable feel without compromising on the gripping power.

Best Leather Truck Driving Gloves: Youngstown Glove 12-3265-60-L Work Gloves


  • 3D engineered patterns massively bolster grip and comfort
  • Ergonomic design ensures a secure hand fit with flexibility and deftness
  • Provides good insulation in cold weather due to the extra leather covering
  • Highly durable, pliable, comfortable, and wear-resistant goatskin grain leather
  • Additional leather layering around the fingers, knuckles, and palm to prevent abrasion


  • Leather material is thinner than expected

What Recent Buyers Report

Constructed with good-quality goat grain leather, these gloves have received praise from many buyers due to their durability and resistance. They are reinforced in the right places with extra layering and provide the right size to fit the driver’s hands. Another plus point is that the ergonomic design and 3D patterns retain a considerable amount of finger dexterity for better grip and accurate movements while driving. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

These gloves are surely worth their price and last a really long time due to the good-quality fabric employed in their manufacturing. The fingers and wrist fit quite well to give a snug feel for more control on the steering wheel. Besides, they also offer a powerful grip, owing to the 3D textures and patterns for quick maneuvering. 

Although they are made out of goatskin that is pliable, soft, and comfortable, the leather is not as thick. This can prove to be useful for better sensitivity while driving but might compromise a bit on the insulating properties. When it comes to protection, they excel in their job and save your hands from lacerations, scraps, and bruises to suit the rough working routine of truck drivers. 

Last but not least, an extra layering of leather provides double efficiency and prevents wear and tear from the fingers and knuckles area, to tremendously increase their lifespan. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the use of thin yet durable leather offers better tactile sensitivity and proves that these gloves will make a good choice for truck driving. They will safeguard your hands against abrasion from the wheel and protect the steering wheel’s material from oils and sweat. It will be a delight to use these firmly-fit gloves with optimal comfort and softness.

Editor's Pick: Mechanix Wear Gloves


  • Form-fitting Trek Dry material to get rid of sweaty hands
  • High-quality sturdiness and resilience, owing to reinforced panels
  • Synthetic leather gives the gloves flexibility, durability and lasts longer
  • Adjustable thermoplastic rubber with hook and loop ensures a tight fit
  • Suited for heavy-duty tasks because of the enhanced abrasion-resistant palm 


  • Sizing can be a bit of an issue, leading to sloppy hands
  • Few buyers complained that the gloves developed holes during rough work

What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers appreciated how the material holds up even after a long time and provides a tough protective covering. They are washable in a machine, making them highly practical for use again and again. Lastly, the Velcro closure gives them a good sizing to fit into the hands of the driver. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Synthetic leather used in the construction of these gloves definitely gives them an edge over normal leather because it boosts the longevity and durability of the fabric. The back of the gloves is breathable hence preventing the hands from sweating in hotter climates. Also, the form-fitting Trek Dry material is really beneficial to keep hands cool and comfortable while driving. 

Owing to the reinforced panels, these gloves guarantee abrasion-resistance without limiting the tactile feel. The palm of the gloves is also designed thoughtfully for providing superior grip and stability on the wheel. With a stylistic and classic appearance, this pair of gloves is bound to withstand even the wettest conditions.

Bottom Line

Along with being a protective and warm covering for your hands, these driving gloves allow a stronger grasping power. They don’t restrict hand movements or dexterity in any way; rather, they can also be used to carry out heavy-duty performance tasks. You’ll find these highly versatile and practical for daily use, owing to their easy-to-wash properties.

Are Gloves Important While Truck Driving?

Wearing gloves isn’t all about style. Although many people don’t think it necessary to wear driving gloves, having the right gear is crucial, particularly when driving a truck. Holding the steering for extended hours and maintaining control over a large vehicle ultimately leads to hand fatigue. Nonetheless, once you incorporate gloves in your driving routine, you’ll realize how there’s so much more to this equipment.

Improved Grip and Control 

Truck drivers require a strong command of the steering wheel to control their large vehicles. For this purpose, driving gloves offer a maximized level of friction and grip by keeping hands glued onto the wheel. One can better stabilize the steering, and carry out accurate and quick movements, thus keeping their vehicle safe from any slip. 


Combating Hand Fatigue

Staying on the road for consecutive five to six hours on a regular basis is the main source of hand tiredness. In addition, blisters are also a blatant complaint due to gripping the steering wheel for such long times. This is why we call out the importance of gloves during truck driving – because they serve as a cushioned barrier to reduce abrasion from the wheel. Moreover, leather dampens out the vibrations, ultimately lessening fatigue.  

Weather Protection

Whether it’s the winters or the summers, driving with bare hands, have their own drawbacks. Sweaty hands in the scorching heat often lead to slippery hands and enhanced moisture. This results in a poorer grip on the wheel, hence giving way to accidents. 

For this, gloves appear as an attractive solution to minimize moisture contact on the steering and other parts of your car. They also prevent sunburn by giving you better control. 

The dropping temperatures in colder seasons freeze the hands and affect finger dexterity. They may also restrict blood flow to your extremities, which might make you realize the importance of a protective layer on the hands. 

Gloves will supply your hands with insulation to maintain a comfortable temperature on chilly mornings or cold night commutes. You also won’t have to touch the freezing parts of your car’s interior anymore.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Truck Driving Gloves 

Let’s dig a little deeper into truck driving gloves. In addition to making your life so much easier, truck driving gloves have a lot more to offer. However, they don’t come without their drawbacks. 


Let’s begin by taking a look at the positive side of the picture. We cannot stress more on the importance of how important gloves are to ease discomfort while driving for continuous hours. A few other advantages are:

Lesser Fatigue

Gloves significantly lessen the impact of vibration and reduce the stress placed on your hands while driving. By offering a better grip, they minimize the effort you have to put in while driving. Moreover, they serve as protective gear by avoiding blister formation.

Better Driving Control

Being an additional barrier between your hands and the wheel, driving gloves add to friction by providing a secure grip. Holding the wheel for long hours can tire out your hand muscles, so gloves are an attractive proposition to control the steering. It gives you a great margin to respond timely in case the wheel slips out of control. 

Avoid Bacteria and Dirt

Many people concerned about hygiene would be surprised to know that gloves are just what they need. Sweaty hands can moisten the steering wheel on direct contact, leading to widespread germs and bacteria. Thus, we recommend using a pair of gloves, and you’ll never have to worry about grime, dirt, and such factors. 


Warming Up Your Hands

Wool or cashmere lining in the gloves feels like heaven while driving. Gone are the days when you’d have to fear touching freezing car parts and warming up frosty fingers before grabbing the steering wheel. All you need is a pair of gloves to insulate your fingers and joints, ensuring quicker movements and hand deftness.  

Keep the Steering Wheel New

Reading all about bacteria and sweaty moisture, you might be wondering how this can affect the steering wheel. Often enough, the oils, germs, and sweat on our hands can wreak damage on the material of the steering or other car parts. 

Hence, putting on gloves will keep them in good shape and maximize the overall aesthetics and look. Luxury car owners should definitely use gloves to preserve the integrity of the steering wheel.


As with every product, there’s always a catch. Come to think of it, driving gloves might have a few drawbacks, but they’re not really significant. However, you should be familiar with these disadvantages to come to a final conclusion. 

Reduced Sensitivity

Although gloves offer an additional barrier between the skin and the wheel, this might tend to become impractical for some people. It can be difficult to feel car parts or operate different controls. Gloves slightly impair hand sensitivity and detection to sense the controls properly. 

Contamination and Skin Irritation

Some truck drivers might face irritation, maceration, or allergy on their skin. Polymeric gloves can cause skin allergies or dermatitis. Also, profuse sweating can damage and macerate the skin over your hands, making them prone to infections and contamination. Unfortunately, frequent usage of gloves without cleaning them regularly makes them a great hideout for germs and bacteria. 


Types of Gloves for Truck Drivers 

Gloves greatly vary in their designs. Different companies and brands have put a lot of thought into producing a line of different gloves, each of them suited to adapt to the driver’s taste and preference. Listed down are a few major types of gloves for truck drivers.

Lined Gloves

These kinds of gloves are optimal for colder regions where drivers need insulation to keep their hands warm. Wool, cashmere, or polyester line the inner side to trap heat and ensure proper blood circulation. For drivers who need to battle chilly mornings and windy nights – these gloves are just what you need to keep your hands going.

Unlined Gloves

For better grip and feel on the steering wheel, unlined gloves are another popular choice. They are mostly made out of plain leather and might be perforated for better ventilation. Such gloves are ideal for summers to prevent stuffy and sweaty hands. 

Fingerless Gloves

Undoubtedly, these gloves definitely have a stylish and sporty feel to them. Like their name, they only cover the palm of your hand and give your fingers free space to breathe. In this way, such gloves have maximized function by allowing finger dexterity. Furthermore, bare fingers offer better sensitivity to car parts and touchscreens, along with protecting the palm and wrist. 

Fingered Gloves

Unlike the fingerless version of hand gloves, these are more adaptable to cold weather. Being a traditional favorite among truck drivers, the full-finger coverage aims to provide an insulated environment for the hand. Frosty fingers make it hard to control the steering wheel due to limited movements, but choosing fingered gloves will prevent this from happening.  

Knuckle-Cut Out Gloves 

Fewer companies also produce gloves featuring cuts on the knuckles for more flexibility. This will provide not only better sizing on your hand but also ventilation to your sweaty hands. Since the gloves’ knuckle region is the most commonly worn out and abrased, this is actually an innovative design to preserve your gloves for longer time spans. 

Polyester Knit vs Leather Truck Driving Gloves – Comparison Overview

Based on the fabric, there’s a diverse range of driving gloves at your disposal. However, polyester knit and leather are the most sought-after materials. Here’s how gloves made out of the two compare:


Polyester Knit Gloves

Knitted gloves prove to be ideal for colder temperatures because they pack in a great amount of heat. Polyester is quite flexible and stretchy hence turning out as a great option for working, handling objects, and driving. 

It allows free hand movements along with being durable for mechanical work. Moreover, since polyester gloves are less thick than leather, they don’t compromise on sensitivity and appear as excellent gear for small-scale tasks.

Leather Gloves 

Boasting superior toughness, flexibility, and comfort, you can’t go wrong with leather gloves for driving and heavy-duty industrial or maintenance tasks. This is a strong material that can survive wear and tear by reinforcing your grip. Leather is a very attractive fabric, and such gloves excel in their quality, integrity, and longevity. 

Cowskin leather is more durable, whereas goatskin tends to be softer and pliable if you desire flexibility. Deerskin is one of the toughest materials in the market and surely goes a long way, owing to its unparalleled abrasion-resistance and thickness. Synthetic leather has many added features to make it a superior choice with regards to dexterity, durability, and waterproof abilities.


Having the right gear while driving is equally important to keep your focus on the road and prevent accidents. You might now realize how important it is to wear gloves and keep your hands secure for long hours. Although truck driving is a tedious job, you can ease it by choosing the right pair of gloves for yourself. 

All the products on our list stand out in their quality and performance, but you should choose something based on the budget, material type, weather demands, and functionality. Keeping in mind your needs, make a choice, and you’ll see how promising gloves turn out to be. Be ready to give your hands the comfort they deserve on your next road trip!


People Also Ask

The importance of wearing the right gear while driving and carrying out heavy-duty jobs cannot be denied. However, some common questions that confuse many buyers are listed below, along with their answers. 

Why Do Truck Drivers Wear Gloves While Driving?

Truck drivers have to grip the steering wheel for long hours along with carrying out various heavy-duty tasks during their job. For this purpose, gloves feel like a necessity to combat weather conditions, provide a secure grip on the wheel, and reduce fatigue on the hand. By greatly lowering friction, gloves make maneuvering much easier.

How to Clean Truck Driving Gloves

Gloves often get stained with grease or soot during work, but a regular cleaning process will wipe out any kind of dirt or filth. Using a damp cloth dipped in lukewarm water, apply a few mild soap flakes to create lather and foam. Now, gently rub off your gloves with this cloth being cautious not to damage the leather. 

Once the stains are removed, use another clean cloth and wipe off the soap and water. Always air-dry your gloves because heat exposure can damage the fabric. It is recommended to apply leather cream to preserve the integrity of the gloves for a longer time. 

Do You Need Different Types of Gloves When Truck Driving?

It all comes down to your personal preference. Normally, you can choose to wear canvas gloves that are stiffer and rougher to work with metal parts, heavy machinery, or tools. However, leather gloves are a more popular choice because of their toughness, better grip, and waterproof properties. 

Some drivers may change to polyester gloves that are softer and provide better insulation in winters. If you don’t want to change your gloves, it’s better to stick to leather ones since they are more versatile and efficient than the rest.

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