Rand McNally TND 750 Truck GPS Review

The TND 750 is one of Rand McNally’s next-generation truck GPS devices. According to the manufacturer, this sleek interface is built with professional truck drivers in mind. We set out to find out exactly what the TND 750 has to offer. Will this GPS exceed or quash our expectations? Read along to learn more about each of the 750’s specs, or skip ahead to see our opinion of this state-of-the-art navigation system. Be sure to check out Rand McNally’s product page to get a preview of this GPS system.

Rand McNally TND 750


At first glance, the TND 750 looks like just about any other GPS systems. It has a 7-inch, high-resolution touch screen that is set into a hard plastic shell. Keep in mind that the system measures 7-by-4.5-by-1.5 inches. As such, you will need to designate a large area for it on your dashboard.

Powerful magnetic mounts keep the device securely rooted to your dashboard. The TND 750 is also equipped with enhanced thermal resistance. As such, you do not need to worry about it baking in the sun.

The mapping images are crystal-clear and bright. The high-contrast colors make it easy to register details at a glance. The screen has a resolution of 800-by-1280 pixels. As such, there is no obvious pixelization.

The display brightness maxes out at 250 LUX. Of course, you always have the option to dim the screen brightness within the GPS’s setting application. It can also be set to dim automatically. This feature helps prevent the battery from dying prematurely. Plus, you don’t have to fiddle with the settings as night changes to day and vice versa.

The TND 750’s tools are blocked out into a simplified virtual dashboard. We found it easy to navigate from one screen to the next. There is a back arrow in the top left corner of open screens. The “X” in the top right corner of the screen will close out the current window and return you to the home screen.

The home screen features “Truck Tools,” “Rand Navigation,” and “DriverConnect” applications. There are also five on-screen indicators, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, volume, brightness, and system update icons.

The GPS also has an app section that includes an internet browser. It is a nice feature, as it allows you to browse the internet and play music without having to handle a separate device or phone.

Some users have taken issue with the size of the icons and text. While we didn’t have any issues with the display, it would be nice to have various icon size options.


The TND 750 is Rand McNally’s sixth-generation truck GPS that runs on Rand Navigation 2.0. The device is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. Over-the-air updates come in at a rapid and uninterrupted pace.

The TND 750 also has built-in speakers as well as an AUX out. This enables you to receive audible directions in addition to real-time dashboard updates. As far as we can tell, there is only one speech option. The pronunciation is mostly clear and accurate. However, we did come across reports of occasionally mispronounced place names.

We appreciate the fact that any GPS purchase comes with a lifetime of map updates. It seems that Rand McNally is constantly adding these sorts of updates. We’re confident that the system will become more seamless as more periodic updates become available. Of course, patience isn’t something that most truck drivers are able to offer.

Battery Life

The TND 750 offers decent battery life. It can run continuously for 4 to 7 hours on a single charge. This is only average when compared to similar truck GPS systems, such as the Garmin. Unfortunately, the unit struggles to charge when it is in use.

The device connects to a magnetic “slice.” The charging port must be connected to the 12-volt auxiliary power outlet in your truck cab. The port attaches to a windshield-mounted stand. According to Rand McNally, the GPS is meant to be plugged in at all times.

General Navigation

One of the GPS features that allows the TND 750 to soar above the competition is its truck-specific rooting tools. Each route is calculated on your exact truck and load type. Every detail of a route can be monitored on the virtual dashboard.

The navigation software covers all of the United States and Canada. For the most part, 2.0 is free from glitches. While we didn’t run into any problems, we noticed a few online complaints regarding recalculations and route selection.

The TNF 750’s real-time traffic and construction updates are lifesavers. You can use these to gauge your ETA and avoid delays. The app also enables users to view traffic patterns by the time and day of the week. This feature works well everywhere, including most major cities and rural areas.

If you add a stop along your route, you can no longer view the ETA of your final destination. As with any navigation tool, there is always the possibility of minor inconsistencies.

The TND 750 does a good job of keeping users on truck routes. However, we do wish that the GPS was more reliable regarding traffic and accident updates. This information can be a bit spotty and unreliable at times.

Truck Routing

The GPS shows three-dimensional renderings of buildings and landmarks. It makes it easier for drivers to tow a large load through unfamiliar areas. On-screen alerts help keep drivers in check. Users receive pop-up notifications every time the speed limit changes, a sharp curve is coming up, the road conditions are becoming dangerous, and more.

You can customize the details of your truck and routing preferences within the settings app. This blogger does an excellent job of highlighting the GPS’s adjustable setting features. The TND 750’s history settings are particularly helpful, as you can easily recall the details of any truck route that you take frequently.


The TND 750 can be paired with any Rand McNally ELD. The preloaded DriverConnect app is compliant with HOS (hours of service) logging.

We found this regulatory system to be fairly hands-off and issue-free. It will help you time your trip and stops based on your permitted driving time. You can sync your rest periods with in-app fuel and parking pins for a more flawless route.

DriverConnect lets you manage your electronic logs, track your vehicle metrics, manage your HOS times, and more.

Rand McNally TND 750

Mileage and Fuel Logs and other Tools

You can also use the Rand McNally GPS to track your fuel purchases, mileage, and fuel economy. Other available tools include “Truck Info,” “Quick Planner, “Status, Mileage, & Fuel,” “Motor Carriers’ Road Info,” “Calendar,” and “Calculator.”


So long as your GPS is connected to the interest, you should be able to display the current forecast for the entire span of your route. The overlays include information on forecasted precipitation, temperature, and wind speed.

Fuel Prices

Another cool feature within the app is the fuel price tool. You can toggle the map to display gas stations and current fuel prices along your route. This particular feature is ideal for professional drivers who do their own budgeting.

You can also use this feature to find suitable parking lots, rest stops, and pullover locations. For the most part, the TND 750’s notifications are all accurate and current. They make professional driving a much more predictable and comfortable experience.


If there’s anything we can recommend to new TND 750 users, it’s that they should be updating their GPS as soon as they take it out of the box. The update should keep the GPS from sharing misinformation that could potentially lead to driving setbacks.

Users who are experiencing issues should also check what routing preferences are selected within the GPS’s preference section. Whenever “avoid small roads” or “avoid U-turns” is selected, the app struggles to generating accurate routing information.

What are Customers Saying?

We found it helpful to check out other professional drivers’ reviews of the TND 750. Here’s one unboxing video with an ultimately positive review. Here’s another comprehension video review that we found helpful.

There’s no question that the TND 750 is well-received throughout the industry. Rand McNally has demonstrated excellent customer service by reaching out to customers with concerns. However, we do wish that they offered more consistent and comprehensive tech support.

The Consensus

Overall, we were very happy with Rand McNally’s TND 750. This state-of-the-art GPS makes truck driving easier and safer. While the navigation system isn’t 100% accurate, it is reliable and trust-worthy. The real-time weather and road condition updates proved to be incredibly helpful. We love that this product is compatible with most ELD and HOS systems. The screen is large and easy to see. The in-app tools are plentiful yet easy to navigate. Plus, we love that each purchase comes with a lifetime of map updates. There are certainly a few annoying kinks that need ironing. Still, we’re confident that Rand McNally will eliminate these issues in future updates. For now, the TND 750 does a great job of getting drivers to their final destinations.

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