Karaoke Microphones – Buyers Guide 2020

Are you looking for a high quality handheld Karaoke microphone that you can depend on for exceptional sound quality, or maybe you need to consider one that can stand up to hours and hours of use at a time, and maybe some rough shenanigans while in use?
There are some very dependable types of microphones with the features you want and an affordable price range that won`t break the bank, and most importantly, without sacrificing quality.

Wired or Wireless?

You can opt for the traditional wired handheld microphone like the ones that performers typically use for live performance. Quality is built-in. These are workhorse types of microphones that performers depend on for years and years of high-quality sound. These can be pricey for the highest quality of sound. However, there are also many to choose from at affordable prices.
Nevertheless, many people prefer wireless for the freedom of movement while performing with no wires to get tangled up in or that take time to set up properly.
Karaoke performers may prefer the wireless type of microphone for its ease of set up, and it’s simple to use, compact feel. Many people opt to buy two affordable wireless mics instead of one pricey version because many people are probably going to be using the microphone, and some may be rougher than others. More and more people and companies are moving to wireless mics in today`s fast-moving world of technology.

Rechargeable Batteries and Bluetooth

There are a few Bluetooth mics available; more appearing on the market than ever before. But these models can tend to be lower in sound range and quality than other types of microphones.
The wireless karaoke mic seems to be the preferred model, will usually be battery operated, and you will find many come equipped with rechargeable batteries. The last thing you want is for your battery to run out before the last song of the evening!
A whole karaoke system will consist of the microphone, battery, and receiver that is going to receive the sound and connect to your PA or amplification device. You will want to consider the size of your venue, the distance you need the sound to travel, and the quality that you need. These are the building blocks that you can choose from to tailor your whole system to work well for your needs.

Multiple Performers

You can also opt for a system that offers multiple mics for two, four, or more performers who are going to be on stage simultaneously. There are systems that include multiple mics for this exact purpose.
Many people consider recording their karaoke performances and this is another plus point with multiple mics going into the receiver, especially if you want to tone down one of the lesser vocal experts and have the brightest stars really shine.
Let’s first take a look at a top karaoke machine that comes with two wireless microphones.

SingMasters Magic Sing Indian Karaoke Machine

SingMasters Magic Sing Indian Karaoke Machine
This is the product you have been waiting for! With over 5,500 Indian songs all ready to go and in multiple languages.
There are over 400 songs in Hindi, over 400 in Tamil, over 500 in Malayalam, over 500 in Bengali, over 143 songs in Punjabi, and many more in Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, and Bhajan. There is something for everyone!

Simple to Use

Simply plug and play, and with the digital picture and song recording set up, so you`ll be up and running in no time. You can even add more songs by downloading them onto your SD card and add them to the mix.

Fully Compatible Formats

The unit is fully compatible with many formats including mp3+G, mp4, AVI video, files from SD cards, and many more. You can even connect this unit to any TV with the supplied HDMI cable. The unit is fully YouTube compatible with the file playback feature. How exciting is that?
Audio playback is compatible with many different formats including WAV files, MP3, OGG, and AAC compatible.


The unit is easy to set up and comes complete with the user manual in case there are any questions that come up on how to operate all the various features of the machine.

Money-Back Guarantee

This unit features a full 30-day no reason money-back guarantee to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. More details on the guarantee, what it covers, and how to contact the company are available at the company website.



  • The unit comes with live scoring.
  • The unit comes with two wireless microphones.
  • The unit comes with a full one-year warranty for service and repairs.
  • Features multiplex vocal on and off for control while recording.
  • The company offers 24-hour customer support.



  • Only comes with 2 microphones.
  • The guarantee for the product return is only for 30 days.
  • Price point is a bit higher than some other models.

Affordable High Quality

This is a high-quality karaoke device that will satisfy even the most discerning of ears, with super-quality sound reproduction and ease of operation in many different settings. Quality of sound is an important point for recording enthusiasts. You will not be disappointed with the SingMasters Indian Karaoke machine. This is the next generation of karaoke.

ATOPDREAM TOPTOY Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

ATOPDREAM TOPTOY Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone
Do you want to feel like the superstar of a party? Is karaoke one of your favorite party pastimes? Then the ATOPDREAM TOPTOY Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone is the perfect addition for your party.
This great wireless microphone looks the part, with a sleek, vibrant design and ergonomic feeling – you can easily control your karaoke experience using the buttons and sliders on the microphone. You can connect to Bluetooth devices with ease, or connect via USB to charge too.

Customize Your Karaoke Experience

The microphone comes with several sound customization options to control the karaoke experience when singing your favorite songs. There are the options to control mic volume, switch to different songs, adjust the music volume, adjust or create an echo effect – all to create an immersive karaoke party.
The microphone comes in multiple different colors, including black, pink, yellow, rose-gold, and light blue, with a shiny metallic finish. It’ll be the centerpiece to your party, no matter what it’s used for!

Excellent Quality and Connection

There are multiple different ports, including a TF card slot, USB interface, headphone connector, and aux interface, meaning that whatever option you choose outside of Bluetooth you’ll be able to connect your devices.
The microphone has noise-canceling technology, giving the singers or speakers a crisp, high-quality recording of just their voice. The Bluetooth technology has a decent range and rarely interrupts as it uses the best Bluetooth technology available. Plus, with two high-quality inner-magnet loudspeakers, the microphone kicks out a brilliant loud sound all by itself.



  • Amazing quality of design, simple enough for adults and kids 4+ to use, but also sleek, pretty, and modern. It is also not too large, which again makes it ideal for children.
  • Lightweight aluminum materials make the microphone feel lightweight, despite it being wireless and holding a battery pack.
  • There is a multitude of connection options, and you can easily connect the microphone to your device, including your iOS or Android smartphone.
  • The control interface on the mic is simple, functional and easy to use, giving you control over the karaoke experience.
  • Battery life doesn’t drain quickly, meaning you could have hours of karaoke fun at any event.



  • The mic isn’t waterproof, so you’ll have to spare the mic from any settings where it could encounter water or other liquids. (foam parties, outdoor rain, etc.)
  • The user interface could have more sound adjustment options, like some karaoke mic options on the market.