Garmin dezlCam 785 LMT-S Review

Ideal for a big rig driver, the large touchscreen on the Garmin dēzlCam 785 LMT-S GPS measures seven inches making it a great road companion. This unit offers navigation that is voice-controlled along with advanced connectivity and premium mapping. Plus, it features a dashcam that is built-in so it can record your trip automatically allowing it to save videos of any incidents.

Garmin dezlCam 785 LMT-S

Integrated Camera

This integrated camera offers features that assist any driver by encouraging safe driving. The Garmin also comes with a powered magnetic mount while provides easy removal and secure attachment when you enter and exit the truck cab. It let you always stay on track, connected, and alert for those long trips.

Voice Controlled

Controlled by your voice, the Garmin offers hands-free calling through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi that is built-in allowing for easy software and map updates without using a computer, and smart notifications using the free Smartphone Link app. It works well with the Garmin eLog compliant ELD, which is sold separately, offering subscription-free recording without requiring a tablet or smartphone.

Active Guidance

With Active Lane Guidance, the Garmin provides easy-to-see colored arrows and voice prompts on its display to alert you to the correct lane to use for the next exit or turn. This unit also offers full-color view displays that provide realistic graphics of your upcoming exits to make navigation easier through complicated interchanges. And the Bird’s Eye junction view gives you a detailed overhead view of interchanges as if you were flying overhead.

The Garmin navigation screen conveniently displays the street or highway you are on, the posted speed limit, your speed, and what your expected time of arrival is. It is also smart enough to provide custom routing for the weight, size, and load of your truck that will provide alerts for steep grades upcoming bridge heights. You can also enjoy free live weather and traffic reports with the free smartphone Link app as well as easily plan your breaks with handy notifications along with a Truck & Trailer Services directory that can be searched by amenity or brand.

Video Footage

The eyewitness dash cam not only videos your trip continuously saving footage anytime it detects an incident, but you also have the option of providing an overlay of the time, date, location, and speed of the incident verifying where and when the event occurred.

Easily playback the video on the high-resolution display or share it using the free VIRB Mobile app on your tablet or smartphone. You can also remove it from its mount to take a close-up picture of any vehicle damage using the Snapshot feature. If you add a Garmin backup camera, which is sold separately, the Garmin dēzlCam 785 LMT-S will display transmitted footage on its navigation screen.

Safety Features

This dashcam also offers the driver warning of lane departures and forward collisions, which occur when you are driving too close to the vehicle in front of you. And the lane departure warning happens when you drive across lanes into any oncoming traffic or off-road. This truck navigator is equipped with preloaded maps with detailed route warnings just for trucks including steep grades, bridge heights, and sharp curves for most of the major highways and roads. All you have to do is enter your truck’s profile information to find routes that are better suited for the weight and size of your truck. Plus, the Simple Truck Profile allows you to change the trailer size with just the touch of a button.

Smart App

Using the free Smartphone Link mobile app, you can easily see what’s happening on the road ahead of you using your Android or iPhone smartphone. When they are paired, the Garmin will be able to access real-time information like weather and traffic information.

The Garmin dēzlCam 785 LMT-S allows you to easily stay up to date with maps and route information thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi. When updates become available, the Wi-Fi allows the device to receive automatic on-screen notifications so that you can just push an on-screen button to update the data without having to plug the unit into a computer.

Bluetooth Enabled

If you sync a Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphone to the Garmin, you can enjoy wireless calling using the integrated speaker and microphone. All you need to do is store your phone in the console or your pocket so that you can use the hands-free calling feature without having to divert your attention from the road. Also receive smart notifications that you can customize for app alerts, calls, and texts.

Route Tracking & Planning

This unit is compatible with the Garmin eLog compliant ELD that is sold separately and subscription-free and record and tracks automatically. Easily view your duty status and remaining hours on the navigator’s display without requiring a tablet or smartphone.

This unit also makes planning your route easier with convenient notifications regarding stops and local points of interest that a trucker will appreciate like lodging, showers, rest areas, fuel, and food. The Garmin also comes with truck parking data, which can help find a parking space for an 18-wheeler at rest stops and truck stops. Plus, the directory list on the navigator features more than 30,000 service and repair locations in Canada and the United States, many of which include after-hours road service.

The Garmin comes with a service history log that records the date and type of service that was performed. It also is a handy way to keep track of tire changes, oil changes, tire pressure, and tire mileage as well as a preloaded truck monitoring solution that helps fleet operators track their drivers and keep in communications.

The included maps feature is equipped with TripAdvisor ratings for attractions, restaurants, and hotels along your route or a specific destination. The big screen and detailed maps are easily seen across a truck’s cab while the extremely powerful speakers providing spoken turn-by-turn directions that you can hear clearly and loudly, even over any road noise.

Garmin dezlCam 785 LMT-S

What Reviewers Are Saying

Reviewers love the Garmin dēzlCam’s services like Apple and Google Maps, which are certainly not found on most standalone GPS cameras and navigators. The most noticeable advantages of this unit are the built-in camera, the seven-inch touchscreen, as well as a navigation system that is voice-controlled. Typically, just a dash camera will cost several hundred dollars, so it’s a good value to be able to buy a dash camera that also comes with built-in GPS along with a large touchscreen.

While Garmin doesn’t list information on their website regarding video quality, you do get an overlay option that can be added to footage taken as well as a large screen that makes playback easier. You can also detach the unit from its mount, so taking pictures of an accident is pretty easy, plus the camera offers features only found in new cars like lane-departure and forward-collision warnings.

The Garmin also includes a Smartphone link allowing you to upload videos and share them through the app as well as give you real-time traffic and weather updates. Bluetooth connectivity lets you make hands-free calling while the built-in WiFi connection provides automatic updates and any smartphone notifications will appear on the unit’s screen.

The GPS offers hotel and restaurant TripAdvisor ratings along with turning directions for each location. You can also purchase a backup camera separately that will connect with the dēzlCam allowing you to see footage that was taken on the back up camera on the touchscreen.

What We Liked

The Garmin is designed to be used by professional truckers. Although an average person can use it, it has tons of features that really only benefit a truck driver. For instance, GPS features include truck routing that can optimize a truck driver’s route based on the vehicle he is driving. Once a truck’s storage details and size are entered, the Garmin will show all the relevant route warnings needed like steep grades, bridge heights, and sharp curves for most of the major United States roads.

For anyone that has several trailers, this unit has a profile system that allows you to save the size of several trucks for convenience. While this GPS and camera are typically used by truckers, it does have a standard car mode that can be used by a regular car. Other features include notifications of points of interest like shower areas, rest stops, fuel, and food as well as parking areas for any of these stops.

With the service facility locator feature, you can access a built-in directory filled with service stations in Canada and the United States, plus it allows you to log in when your truck has undergone maintenance or when it has had a tire or oil change. Plus, fleet operators can appreciate the capability of tracking where their drive is and send addresses through texts.

Like any camera, the Garmin dēzlCam has its pros and cons. This convenient unit also offers live traffic updates, TripAdvisor reviews, built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connections, as well as features that are trucker-friendly like hour logging and fleet tracking. A fully functioning dash camera is also a handy feature while the GPS device provides you with reviews for all the places you are passing by as you travel. This is a sturdy camera that works well if you are in a larger vehicle that travels on bumpy roads occasionally.

What We Didn’t Like

Customer complaints have consisted of the camera’s size and its equipment. There is a five-inch model that is better suited for a small vehicle while the seven-inch model was really designed for a truck. Plus, unlike other cameras that operate by moving on a ball joint, the whole camera needs to be moved to change its angle. This isn’t a big deal in a truck, which it was designed for, but drivers of smaller vehicles have had an issue with this.

Also, the mount for the camera is shorter than other GPS units on the market. And the included suction cups have been found to be too small and fall easily off the windshield.

Some truckers have had issues with the mapping features and have had a hard time finding parking and fuel stops. The GPS has also been reported to take drivers to weird roads that are way out of their route, some roads are just not in the GPS at all, making finding delivery locations difficult, and it also sometimes doesn’t show the speed limits of certain roads. It is also hard to customize the map page, and it includes annoying icons that you cannot move.

Others have complained that the Android interface system is slow with the Garmin, particularly when used at the same time as the camera. The camera itself offers lower quality footage, which could be due to the extra functions that the camera offers. You also need to be careful with where you place the camera so that the videos aren’t usable.

Other complaints include a slow download speed, frequent reboots, lack of information on weighing stations, and lack of SD cards. Also, the camera can sometimes interfere with the line of sight of the driver.


When considering the unit overall, the benefits of this device outweigh its issues. Primarily a GPS device, this unit includes a camera with many features that offers great flexibility and good image quality. It has similar ratings with other GPS devices and is capable of updating date locations automatically. The Garmin dēzlCam also includes unique trucking features that appeal to many truckers on the road.

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