Best Trucking Companies in Wisconsin – 2022 Round-up

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Trucking companies have taken the world by storm, and almost all industries, large and small, are dependent on their services in one way or another. These companies ensure the safe pickup and delivery of your equipment. This could include large and bulky products such as automobile parts, or it could include things like sand, gravel, and soft clay.

Many food and beverage companies also make use of these services to transport perishable items such as milk and fruits. The trailers hence offered come with large and durable refrigerators that are able to retain the texture.

The article discusses some of the best companies out there, but it doesn’t stop there. Apart from mentioning their services, a detailed analysis of the employment opportunities has also been discussed. This is to help you apply to the best areas.

Quick Take – Best Trucking Companies in Wisconsin

Before you go any further, here are the best trucking companies in Wisconsin:

  1. Contract Transport Services 
  2. Sparhawk Trucking
  3. Polyak Trucking

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Wisconsin

With so many trailers and trucking companies, it can be hard to pick one, either for delivery or as a place of employment. But don’t worry, because we have got you covered. Here are the best options available in Wisconsin for you to consider.

Best Trucking Company in Green Bay, WI:Contract Transport Services

  • Address: Contract Transport Services, LLC, 1634 Cofrin Drive, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54302  
  • Phone Number: 920-436-7910 
  • Email:

Who is Contract Transport Services?Ever since its inception in 1985, the company has improved more and more. It began as a small entity with only a single truck operating at the time. It was mostly involved in cartage work for some paper mills, that too, in a specific area. So it comes as a surprise that in such a short duration of time, the company has become one of the most famous ones in the Midwest region. Now, Contract Transporter Services has more than 150 trucks that carry all sorts of equipment to and from your place of choice. It has a trustable reputation in Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.Services Offered  With its large fleet of differently sized trucks, it is no wonder that the company offers a range of services, but one thing that makes it stand out is its focus on environmentally sound policies. These are well incorporated in its day-to-day functions. Contract Transporters has partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency and thus uses smart tracking apps to ensure time and fuel efficiency. The December ELD mandate also has had little impact on the company because they have extremely large trailer trucks that allow for safe delivery. These also allow maximum drop and hook businesses at consignees and shippers. Salary and BenefitsIt is important for companies to treat their employees with care, and that is exactly what Contractor Transporters is known for. The pay is pretty handsome, and employee satisfaction is also pretty high. All employees, apart from their basic salaries, get an additional payment each month for their performance. Each month, they can earn specific points that are later translated into money. Additionally, best performers are selected each month, and their chances of promotions increase. Moreover, these people also get an additional bonus of $1500 each month in their respective categories. But for new applicants, that’s not all. Each year, one driver gets the ‘driver of the year award’ and prize money of $10,000.

2. Sparhawk Trucking

  • Address: 421 25th Ave N Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495
  • Phone Number: 715-423-0380
  • Email:

Who is Sparhawk Trucking?Many companies lose their importance and grandeur as they age, but then there are some that exceed all expectations and emerge truly victorious. Sparhawk Trucking definitely falls in the latter category. It was formed in 1979 and has been a popular name in the trucking industry. It is now home to more than 175 trucks and more than 400 trailers. These are all made especially durable to assist in the transportation of heavier equipment. Moreover, the company is privately owned and has had the same owners ever since its formation. It is available at all times, whether it is day or night; you can get your things transported all across the US.Services Offered Trucking is one of the most cost-effective ways of shipping your heavy equipment from one place to another, and Sparhawk makes the whole thing even less expensive with its amazing discount deals. For each service, you will be provided with a separate trailer or truck. This is to avoid any confusion between customers. This also saves time and fuel and ensures there are no delays in your delivery. Moreover, the company places high importance on safety. The employees working in the warehousing department take care of your equipment and keep it safe until the time of delivery.Salary and BenefitsSalary and benefits are usually the first things new employees look for when they apply for a job. Sparhawk sees an influx of applicants every year. This is mainly because they offer huge incentives to their employers. Everyone gets to work in their own leisure time, and the option of flexible hours ensures you can work as much as you want. Moreover, employees have assistance from the customer service department 24/7. Each worker’s issues and problems are specifically catered to by the department. All this makes Sparhawk a safe and friendly place to grow and prosper in your career.

3. Polyak Trucking

  • Address: Polyak Trucking, 5431 N 131 Street, Butler WI 53007
  • Phone Number: 262- 754-0613
  • Email:

Who is Polyak Trucking?There are very few people living in Wisconsin who aren’t aware of Polyak Trucking, a family-owned company that provides reliable services to the entire Midwest region. It came into being in 1964, and over the years, it has developed a long and trusting relationship with its thousands of clients. The company, although a small one, has garnered respect from both workers and customers. It owns more than 30 trucks and has 40 employees. Moreover, unlike many other large corporations, Polyak stays true to its family values, and all operations are specifically looked at by the CEO and the president. A lot of focus is also placed on cost-effectiveness, which is why clients get a free cost quote on demand.Services Offered  Among its many services, the ones Polyak is most known for is its dedicated trucking service. This is available throughout the day and caters to the specific needs of each client. This means that whether you want your perishable goods transported or your dry goods, you can get both safety and care with Polyak. Apart from this, the company also provides refrigerated deliveries of both milk and ice-creams. The timely shipment of these items helps ensure that you get the utmost freshness. The staff is highly trained and can hence provide the right packaging needed to secure your things. Another amazing aspect is the option of power-only deliveries. If someone possesses a trailer and needs help with deliveries, Polyak makes it possible.Salary and BenefitsEmployees are given a number of benefits when they opt for this job. There is an option for a full-time driver, a part-time carrier, or an operation manager. As employees, you can get a fixed maternity and paternity leave along with paid leave. Moreover, there is help provided if you want family and adoption assistance. Other benefits include a well-planned 401 K retirement package. This isn’t inclusive of the pension payments that employees get monthly. Moreover, monthly bonuses, as well as yearly prizes, are also incentives for you to apply here. In short, if you want to earn more but still be able to live your life the way you want, this is the place to be.

4. JHT Holdings Inc

  • Address: JHT Holdings, Inc.,10801 Corporate Drive, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
  • Phone Number: 800-558-3271

Who is JHT Holdings?Among all the companies in this review, JHT certainly has the most interesting history. It was known as Kenosha Auto Transport in 1933. In 1944, however, the company was purchased in a special management-led buyout. JHT is one of the four companies that were formed as the result of this split. It now has its headquarters in a lot of states, mainly Wisconsin, Ohio, West Virginia, and Oregon. Moreover, it also has an international presence in both Mexico and Canada, thus making shipping to and from these areas very affordable. Since its split, special focus has been placed on the commodities division, which has increased the company’s worth in the marketplace.Services Offered JHT operates mainly in North America, providing transportation facilities in all major states in the regions. The Unimark also operates around 100 lowboy units on average. These are only used in the transportation of medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks. Moreover, large chassis can also be transported easily. This comes in handy when the ordinary saddle mount option cannot work. JHT also provides services to many major companies, including the OEM, fleet institutions, and some large corporations in North America. Moreover, things like car parts can also be delivered on large trailers.Salary and BenefitsIt will be hard to mention the numerous salary benefits in a single paragraph, but we will try to do justice to the grandeur of JHT. The company provides a range of insurances that covers basic medical as well as dental needs of you and your employees. Moreover, it also provides you with life insurance and the 401K retirement plan. This is an extensive plan that can care for you once you are too old to work. But what really sets the company apart is its focus on providing adequate mental health facilities. The workplace is made very friendly and homely, but still, if some employee complains of a mental health issue, he is given paid leaves and a proper insurance plan.

5. Kreilkamp Trucking Inc

  • Address:  900 W Lake St., Horicon, WI 53032
  • Phone Number: 262-629-5000 x 3052
  • Email:

Who is Kreilkamp?Four generations of family trucking; that’s hard to imagine, but it’s quite wonderful when you think about it. Kreilkamp is now one of the best known Northeast Companies in all of Wisconsin. It has stood the test of time and has evolved to cater to the needs of modern customers. All their trucks and trailers are fuel-efficient, thus holding true to their promise of environmentally friendly policies. It also comes with a large storage house that allows for safekeeping of your important equipment. You will also find a very approachable customer service that makes the brand stand out to clients.Services Offered  Safety is the top priority of the folks at Kreilkamp. From picking up your equipment to packing it and delivering it, the company does everything systematically and with the utmost care and precision. The employees are given proper training in the handling of both dry and perishable items. These are monthly sessions to ensure workplace hazards and accidents are kept to a minimum. Moreover, customer service is available 24/7 and is operated by a set of diligent people. You can ask as many queries as you want regarding the delivery time and route of your package, but by the time you can ask a couple of questions, the drivers will be outside delivering your package. Salary and BenefitsA family run business such as this realizes the importance of treating people with respect and admiration, and that is one reason employers love getting a job at Kreilkamp. You won’t be considered a mere number, but everyone will work on a first-name basis, thus improving the workplace environment of the place. The salary is pretty amazing, too, and each driver earns on an hourly rate. However, for new employees, there is a greater incentive. The overall salary, as well as the already impressive bonus, increases every three years. There are also insurance plans to cover the medical and dental needs of employees.

6. V&S Midwest Carriers Corp

  • Address: 2001 Hyland Ave, Kaukauna, WI 54130
  • Phone Number: 800-876-4330

Who is V&S Midwest Carriers?With its headquarters in Kaukauna, V&S hasn’t had a hard time extending its influence in the rest of the region. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest companies to have existed. It was founded in 1986, and it has survived a lot of hurdles. It operates in 48 states of the US and offers time-efficient services to all its clients. With its ICC license authority, it is also considered as one of the most reliable companies out there. The owners have shifted over the decades, but the company has always stayed true to its core values of integrity and discipline. So if there is any company that has passed the test of time, it is certainly V&S, a company that has existed for more than 30 years.Services Offered  Diversity is one thing that can be seen clearly in the kind of services V&S provides. Whether it is transport refrigeration you need for your perishable items, or you need transportation of dry goods, you can always trust this enterprise to deliver your equipment safely. Other services include warehousing and storage options. V&S also takes pride in training all its employees for safe packaging. They are also taught to maintain hygienic practices to ensure the protection of things like frozen meet or meet. Moreover, since they have a large storage house, you can also rest assured that your automobiles and other large equipment will be well protected.Salary and BenefitsDrivers and operators rush to apply at V&S mainly because of the company’s impressive salary package. The carriers can earn more than $1200 per week on average, and the drivers can earn up to $1300. This rate increases when the driver gets some experience with the company.Moreover, there are great promotional options available, and the opportunity knocks every two years. Moreover, drivers can opt for the hours they want to work. The option of flexible work hours ensures that you can work full-time or part-time. Also, employees can make use of several free-of-cost programs offered. This instills new values and trains people to get even better jobs in the future.

7. Herlache Truck Lines

  • Address:  76 Western Ave, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935, USA 
  • Phone Number: 920-471-1178

Who is Herlache Truck Lines?It is amazing how a company as small as this has found a place on this list. This fame is a testament to its great service. It was founded by Tom Herlache, a dedicated person who always wanted his company to be small yet successful. Instead of focusing on quantity, he put all his efforts into ensuring his brand is relied upon by all of the customers. It is because of this that Herlache has retained all its employees and clients for a long time. There are only 1-10 total permanent employees, and the company covers a radius of 500 miles within Wisconsin. It is also a relatively new entity that was developed in 2013.Services Offered  In only five years, Herlache has formulated an undeniable reputation in Wisconsin. It is trusted by many large and small corporations for the safe transport of their goods, but what really sets the brand apart is its non-compromising attitude regarding time delays. Since the drivers only have to cover a small radius, each delivery is expected to reach the destination on time. Right now, the company deals with things like perishable and dry goods. It also transports furniture and other heavyweight equipment. However, the last year has seen Herlache make a shift in their policy. It is also trying to diversify its services by including large trailers and high-quality drivers. Salary and BenefitsAny company that is still small and looking to grow is the perfect place for ambitious people to seek out. Herlache still has less than ten employees, but this number is expected to grow exponentially once they start adding more trucks and trailers to their name. Therefore, this paves a great way for interested candidates to make their mark in the industry. The initial pay rate is similar to other large companies, but what sets Herlache apart is the numerous opportunities for promotion. Any employee who works slightly better than their co-workers is likely to be promoted, that too, in a relatively short time.

8. Wel Companies

  • Address: 1625 S. Broadway, P.O. Box 5610, De Pere, WI 54115-5610
  • Phone Number: 800-333-4415

Who is Wel Companies?Wel Companies was the result of a dream; a dream seen by Wally Tielens and his two sons. The family envisioned a trucking company that people could trust completely, and that guaranteed a healthy client-operator relationship. They fulfilled their dream in 1975, and over the years, the company has grown in its role and now operates in a number of logistical provisions. Moreover, it is important to note that the company was purchased in 1988 by Randy and Bruce, who changed the name to Wels. They included a large warehousing service to the portfolio. This diversified the company’s image and ensured a greater number of clients. The company, as we see today, is run by the owner’s son, who has retained the most crucial values of his predecessors. Services Offered Now, the company possesses more than 150 trucks and provides transportation to some of the largest dairy, food, and beverage industries. With the addition of a warehousing facility, Wel Companies now also provides a number of logistical services that include packaging, storing, and transportation of your important goods. Moreover, it is important to note that the trailers the company possesses aren’t too large and hence not actively involved in the delivery of large equipment. This includes automobiles, heavier bulk equipment like steel rods and holders, etc. so Wels can mostly be used for both dry and perishable items in the food and beverage industry. Salary and BenefitsIf you don’t want to be someone’s puppet and work on your own terms, then this is the place for you to be. Here, you can be your own boss. The lease program is a wonderful opportunity that new applicants can avail. This allows you to reap the numerous benefits that Wel offers whilst also retaining your own business. If you are a driver, you can make use of the trailer and earn huge revenue. Other benefits include a perfect insurance plan that covers medical as well as dental plans. You will also get a chance to earn paid leaves. On average, the drivers earn up to $1200-$1400 weekly. The exact amount varies on the number of hours the driver works.

9. Action Express Inc

  • Address: 6023 South Howell Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53207  
  • Phone Number: 800-888-3397  
  • Email:

Who is Action Express Inc.?Established in 1973, Action Express Inc has taken a significant amount to grow into the household name that it is today. It now stands tall with a 200+ fleet that provides exceptional services to all of the US. The company has always followed a customer-centric approach, thus making it a really popular brand among residential customers. It is also one of the most reliable privately-owned corporations that have more than 200 associates. The magnanimity of the company thus allows them to cater to all the clients individually and provide exceptional services anywhere in the US. Services Offered This leading messenger and expedited freight service in the Midwest are known for its affordable and timely service. It indulges in simple yet effective mechanisms to ensure all your deliveries are made on time. There are three main kinds of services provided by the corporation. Customers can opt for one or a combination of two services. The exclusive service delivers your equipment within one and a half hours. It costs more than the PROD service that takes around 2-3 hours. The last one is the regular delivery option that takes more than three hours. All these time options gradually increase or decrease, depending upon the localities and distance.Salary and BenefitsEmployee contentment and satisfaction is a top priority at Action Express. Drivers and carriers usually earn on an hourly basis, and this amount varies from $23-$25. This amount is relatively more than what most companies offer. Moreover, the amount increases when you are a full-time worker or when you travel for long distances. The drivers are also divided into classes, so a Class A driver would earn the most. This also implies that the company provides numerous options for promotion and growth. The working hours are also flexible, which means that drivers can pick and choose the most suitable time for operations.

10. Chizek Transport

  • Address: 147 Cleveland, WI, 53015.
  • Phone Number: 1-800- 477-7565

Who is Chizek Transport?Chizek Transport entered the industry in 1963 at a time when not many similar companies existed. It took Chizek some time to establish its reputation and get people to trust it. Over the years, under the leadership of Carmen Chizek, the company has grown by the acquisition of warehouses, offices, and loads of other commodities. It is now a 48-state carrier entity that mainly operates in Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Midwest, Texas, and especially Wisconsin. It also works on a mixed principle where the company owns most of its equipment and leases other equipment as they deem necessary. This guarantees that no matter your demands, Chizek will be able to come through.Services OfferedChizek combines the latest technology with modern, fuel-efficient trailers to provide you with extraordinary services. It comes with a 100 power unit and more than 500 dry vans with refrigeration capacity. The main policy of Chizek hasn’t changed much over the years, and this high consistency has helped them retain most of its customers. Most clients don’t have to come to the store to ask queries. They can simply call their dedicated customers department and get all the information they need. Moreover, customers can also get a free quote. This allows them to better access their servicing options so they can make a more wise decision.Salary and BenefitsMost companies treat respectable employees as mere drivers and carriers, and that is often unacceptable to the applicants. Here, at Chizek, the employees have a chance to be treated like a real person and not merely another truck number. They also have a chance to opt for their own timings, which ensures they can either work full-time or part-time. On an average basis, drivers get the referral bonuses. This is 40+ CPM when you start the job and the rest once you complete six months. Moreover, you will also get a bonus of $500 for your appointment.


Wisconsin is home to a plethora of trucking companies, and they are all good, but in the midst of all these ordinary shops lay some truly extraordinary ones. If you are looking to get your important equipment delivered safely from your residential or commercial area, you can contact one of the many options available here.

Moreover, the article also thoroughly discusses the many employment opportunities that exist. Each company offers a range of incentives such as paid leaves, retirement plans, bonuses, and yearly insurance plans. You can compare these benefits against each other to see which one suits you most. 

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