Best Trucking Companies in Utah – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Trucking companies transport goods and other items via truck, just like shipping companies that do it by sea. There are several such companies in Utah that offer various levels of services from transporting small goods to big commercial products.

If you are looking to enter into this industry, there are different levels of jobs that you can apply for, all the way from a driver to a manager, depending on your qualification.

Here, we will focus on some of the best trucking companies in Utah according to their jobs and salary benefits, etc. So, without any more beating about the bush, let’s get to it.      

Quick Take – Best Trucking Companies in Utah

Before you go any further, here are the best trucking companies in Utah:

  1. Handy Truck Line
  2. Cox Trucking
  3. Pride Transport

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Utah

The following are our top picks for the best trucking companies in Utah. All their information and contact details, along with some history, are given below.

Best Trucking Company in Salt Lake City, Utah:Handy Truck Line

  • Address: 30 S 5100 W #30, Salt Lake City, UT 84104
  • Phone Number: 800 433-1172 ext.51
  • Email:

Who is Handy Truck Line?Handy Truck Line provides trucking services in the Western US. They have been around since 1929 and therefore have years of experience in trucking as a family-owned business. They expanded since then to five warehouses, four in Utah and one in Idaho.Their main business comes from transporting agricultural and dry goods. For safe food transport, they have a certified food-grade truck wash system. They offer six main services, i.e., Bulk Pneumatic trucking, Flatbed Trucking, Liquid Tank Trucking, Trucks Trailers & Equipment Sales, Truck Wash, and Van.They have more than 30 liquid trailers for liquid tank trucking and offer van services (53 feet) around 300 miles of every location. Jobs Offered The jobs they are currently offering are driver, dispatch, mechanic, and warehouse/shop. For a driver position, you will need to have some experience in either of the following:

  • Straight Truck
  • Tractor and Semi-trailer
  • Tractor-two/Three trailers

You will also require three references and some previous employment history if any. For the safety of their trucks, transporting material, and their employees, they ask permission to check your records from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regarding driving and safety of the last five years.Salary and BenefitsHandy Truck Line offers its employees several important benefits required for a safe and comfortable living like a 410k, health insurance, profit sharing options, wellness program, bonuses, vacations, and personal pay.Profit-sharing refers to the direct or indirect payment of the company’s profits to its employees on top of the base salary. This incentive drives people to work better because the more the company makes, the more you make.Wellness programs could include a variety of different things from exercise areas to health-related seminars, changing from company to company. Handy Truck Line seems to offer everything you would want from a good employer by giving many health and monetary incentives.

Best Trucking Company in St. George, Utah:Cox Trucking

  • Address: 420 South River Road St. George, Utah 84790
  • Phone Number: 435-628-0886

Who is Cox Trucking?The development of this company has an interesting story behind it. It was founded by a husband and wife, i.e., Parke and Emily Cox. After World War II, they traveled to Ohio and bought a military surplus truck, which they had to put back together themselves.Their apparent knack for trucks (driving them and building them) gave birth to Cox Trucking, which has now been active for more than 70 years. They have also been featured in a TV show called “it’s how you get there.”They offer six services, namely:

  • Dry Van Services
  • Flatbed Trailer Services
  • Regional/ LTL Services
  • Truck Wash Services
  • Warehousing and Dock Services
  • Truck and Trailer Repairs and Maintenance Services

Their flat and dry van services span across 11 western US states with their specially designed 50’ and 53’ vehicles. For cleaning, they use acid activator and 350 psi hot detergent to get rid of oil, bugs, and any other unwanted things.Jobs Offered They are currently offering day and night driver positions in Ontario and Barstow for local positions. There are also other openings for regional driving in all 11 Western States that they cover and a night shift that covers the California Area.For the local positions, you have to be living within a 30 miles distance from the office. To qualify for the basic screening for the job, you have to be at least 21 years old, have a class A CDL, a minimum two-year commercial driving experience, and a clean driving record. Salary and BenefitsThe company’s best drivers make about $75k a year. Your payment is not fixed; it is dependent upon how many miles you drive. After the 10,000-mile mark, you start to get bonuses. This is why you can start earning a lot of money even if you have just joined the company; you only need to keep up your performance.There are also fuel and idle bonuses per mile every month, safe driver bonus, layover detention, drops & unloading, and picks. They also offer 100% paid medical leave, dental & vision. There is a 401k plan, a raise every six months, and a transferrable tenure. So you don’t have to start over but transfer your experience from your previous job over to Cox.

3. Pride Transport

  • Address: 5499 W 2455 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84120  
  • Phone Number: 800-927-7743
  • Email:

Who is Pride Transport?Pride Transport is a family-owned business that was started about 40 years ago by a driver. This has put them in a position to understand the needs and problems that their drivers might face every day.The company also owns a shop that sells company merchandise (hats and T-shirts, etc.) for both men and women. There are also some safety wear, gloves, and bags available.Their truckload service runs across the country with a network of high volume lanes. Their specialization is in items that require specific temperatures like meat and ice cream, etc.Because of their around-the-clock tracking system, they can carry high-value as well as aerospace commodities. They also do store deliveries and maintain a specific regional fleet. Jobs Offered Pride Transport has both solo and team driving options. They also offer six months of training programs for any employee that needs it. The programs are divided into a small Eval course and a full program.Other than the driver positions, there are also maintenance, planning, and logistics teams as well. The maintenance team is responsible for keeping the fleet in top condition.You can also opt for accounting, administrative, customer service, dispatch, HR, IT, recruiting, and safety and technician positions. All these are vital in a successful trucking company that runs all across the country. The Class A driver positions include driver trainee, a local truck driver, dedicated truck driver, team OTR truck driver, and OTR truck driver. Salary and BenefitsThe company offers a wide range of compensations and incentives for its workers to keep up the morale and a work-life balance. They have incident assistance, 401k, life insurance (employee and family), and health & dental (70%). They also offer additional disability, accident, and critical care insurance. For health and dental, the individual coverage for full-time employees is 95%.They keep a family-oriented environment by hosting BBQs, golf tournaments, and appreciating weeks, and give small gifts throughout the year.

4. Tramcor Corporation

  • Address: 98 North 2000 West Far West, UT 84404
  • Phone Number: 800 443-7476

Who is Tramcor Corporation?Tramcor Corporation was founded by Wayne H. Braegger in 1974. Starting from humble beginnings of one truck, the company now owns more than 100 vehicles and offers its services in 48 US states and Canada. It is a family-owned business that is now in the hands of its third generation.They focus more on civil goods transport like lumber, bricks, steel products, precast concrete, etc. For this purpose, they mainly have flatbeds. Their different types of flatbeds include a Maxi trailer, stretch trailer, and step decks.Their fleet also contains trucks for pneumatic bulk transportation for material like rock dust, hydrated lime, etc. Other trucks they own include belly dumps, gooseneck trailers, Conestoga trailers, and forklifts.They can carry all sorts of things like road gravel, packaged products, and construction equipment.Jobs Offered There are three positions for which you can apply, i.e., company driver, owner-operator, and maintenance technician. The owner-operator is a special discount offered to company owners whose job involves transporting goods. This allows them to focus on their core business requirement while leaving the transportation worries to Tramcor. This is specially opted by small and growing companies.Then there are, of course, drivers. The technician’s job is to keep the fleet in top condition, which can stop many accidents and losses.Salary and BenefitsThe basic pay of a truck driver is around 40 cents, and Tamcor offers a competitive industry salary so you can expect nothing less. Depending on your prior work history and how well you do your job, you can get higher rates and bonuses as well.

5. Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage

  • Address: 650 West 4100 South Murray, UT 84123
  • Phone Number: 800- 266-1240

Who is Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage?Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage has been active and providing services for about 50 years in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are not a huge business and run only in Utah.One of the services they offer is storage for businesses. If you own a business and want to store extra equipment in a safe place, they have various options for that. You can either choose one of their trailers and keep it on your company site, or you can put your goods in one of their storage lockers in their office. They also offer mobile storage for when you temporarily need to move your stuff for renovating, etc.Their trailer service includes cargo containers, delivery service, commercial services, leasing, pick-up service, refrigerated units (food items, etc.), and residential service (moving furniture, etc.).Jobs Offered Since it is not just a trucking company but also provides storage facilities, the company hires drivers as well as office workers.You will need to have a CDL license and prior experience to work with them as they handle temperature-sensitive items as well. You can start from residential service and move up to commercial. Their range of services and variety in their fleet give you more options.You can manage the storage units or opt for flatbed driving, depending on your resume.Salary and BenefitsIt is not a huge company, but you can expect to earn a common pay of about 40 cents per mile. Like other businesses in the industry, they also offer a few benefits to their employees. They try to maintain a friendly and professional environment for their workers so they can thrive in their job and feel safe.

6. Tuf Transport Service

  • Address: 1560 E Commerce Dr, St. George, UT 84790
  • Phone Number: 435-628-3819

Who is Tuf Transport?Tuf Transport is a flatbed-oriented trucking company. It was founded by Daniel Duston in 1988 and currently consists of 30 trucks and 30 trailers. They also have a service shop for maintaining their fleet but also take outside work like repairing someone else’s truck.The goods they handle include granite, marble, paper, rebar, and other building materials. Other than truck maintenance and transport services, they also offer customized truck painting.They are not a big company and are focused in one area only since they had only started operations about 30 years ago, but they are rapidly growing.Jobs Offered The jobs you can apply for here are truck drives and owner-operators. For a driver position, you will need a Class A CDL, two years of prior experience, the ability to lift at least 75 pounds of weight (so be in good shape), and have a good driving record.Before hiring, they will also conduct some tests that include a road test, drug & alcohol screening, paperwork, and some safety instructions.Salary and BenefitsTuf maintains a company of well-equipped and experienced employees. A good employee improves business and gives them a chance to expand. So the better you work, the better your pay will be.Companies often offer incentives like safety bonuses, miles covered, etc. to improve performance and outcome. If you maintain a clean record, you will get a competitive market pay.

7. Godfrey Trucking

  • Address: 6173 West. 2100 South West Valley City, Utah, 84128  
  • Phone Number: 800- 444-7669 
  • Email:

Who is Godfrey Trucking?Godfrey Trucking is a privately-owned company that started its business in 1965 and currently has its headquarters in South West Valley City, Utah. They specialize in medium to long haul truckload and less-than-truckload.The goods they transport include general commodities, blanket wrap, store fixtures, trade show displays, and flatbed freight. Although the services are not vastly diverse, the company is expanding its business and constructing new warehouses, creating opportunities for more diverse services and logistics.They offer services in 48 US states and Canada.Jobs Offered Godfrey offers two jobs, like most trucking companies, namely driver and owner-operator. So, you can start a career with job security as a driver or expand your growing company by delegating the transport jobs to Godfrey.If you want to be an owner-operator, you can either have your own truck, let Godfrey manage it, or lease one of their trucks. Their ever-growing business means the need for more and more competent drivers. So if you are on the lookout for this job, they are currently hiring. Salary and BenefitsAs a starter package, they offer their driver 40 cents per mile. The more years you work with them, the better your pay gets. They provide end-of-the-year bonuses, an increase in pay after each year, bonuses for idle, and safety bonuses.On top of this, you also have 401k, health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and paid vacation days if you work at Godfrey. With flexible working hours, their drivers can visit home as much as once a week.Their website contains a salary calculator. You can add your mileage and experience there to get the exact amount you will get.

8. Norm Howard Tucking

  • Address: 412 W Industrial Dr, St. George, UT 84790  
  • Phone Number: 435-216-7979

Who is Norm Howard Trucking?Norm Howard Trucking started business in 1972 and provides its services in the Western US. They specialize in flatbeds, Dry boxes, Reefers, Hazmat, and Tankers.Flatbeds can carry your construction material, wood, steel, etc. Dry boxes allow you to transport material that needs to be covered and protected. The Reefer container is a type of refrigerated container that is used to transport temperature-sensitive material like food, etc. and hazmat containers are used for the transportation of sensitive chemicals. They currently own 23 power units and 25 drivers.Jobs Offered  Since the company runs flatbeds, tankers, and reefers, they need drivers with relevant experience. However, you can also apply for a mechanic or an office staff position as no vehicle company is complete without its own mechanics and workshop.Office workers are required to manage all the logistics and keep the business running. For a driver position, you will need a clean record and previous job references as well. They maintain a highly professional and safe working environment for both their customers and their employees, so they need to meet their standards. Salary and BenefitsTruck drivers are mostly paid by the mile, i.e., the more you drive and provide business for the company, the more you will get paid. Your salary will depend on your experience and years of working for the company. The common starting pay is 40 cents per mile for businesses in this industry.

9. D.P. Curtis Trucking

  • Address: 1450 South Highway 118, Richfield, Utah 84701
  • Phone Number: 800- 257-9151

Who is D.P. Curtis Trucking?Starting their business in 1982 by founder Dent P. Curtis and family, they have expanded and grown over the years. At the start, the company worked for two gypsum plants in Southern Utah and transported sheetrock. Now, they have expanded throughout the US and cover a variety of products.The company works with flatbeds, pneumatic, and drop down trailers. Given the nature of their fleet, they carry gypsum, cement, coal, lime, grain, cinders, and other such goods. Their fleet also contains 115 tractors. All their vehicles are updated every couple of years to keep up to date with current advances and to keep the employees safe.Jobs Offered  They are currently hiring CDL drivers for freight transport. The job will include safety inspection of assigned equipment, hooking and unhooking tractors, securing loads, unloading and loading freight, and following safety procedures for entering and exiting the tractor.You will also need to have a clean driving history and a history of following safety and driving regulations. They also require at least three years of prior experience.Salary and BenefitsThe basic pay of a driver at D.P. Curtis is $.42 per mile on a weekly basis. After having worked with them for 90 days, you will get a raise of $.44 per mile. Their benefits include 401k, paid vacation, and insurance. These incentives are offered depending on your performance because the driver is the backbone of the trucking company, and they are what make its reputation. The company intends to grow and hence requires professional workers that follow all regulations.

10. ShipEx

  • Address: 1560 Wallace Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84104  
  • Phone Number: 385- 213-6944 
  • Email:

Who is ShipEx?ShipEx is a relatively new company as it was founded in 2007. They currently own 350 power units and 500+ 53-feet refrigerator trailers. Since they themselves are new, all their fleet is up to date and modern.Given their huge fleet of refrigerated trucks, they mainly handle temperature-sensitive material like medicine and food. There are only five states in which they offer no service while all the rest get some level of service i.e., inbound, outbound, regional, heavy, etc.They offer full truckload, multi-stop truckloads, long haul, local, dedicated, dry loads, owner-operator, and more.Jobs Offered If you want to work at ShipEx, they are always on the lookout for competent truck drivers with relevant experience in the field. You will need to fulfill their criteria as they need to maintain a high-quality service.You should own a Class A CDL, 1.5 years of experience, verifiable work history, good driving record, no DUIs in the past five years, and be at least 23 years old.Since they mostly deal with refrigerated goods, you should be able to handle them and follow proper safety regulations of driving a refrigerated truck. Salary and BenefitsThey pay their drivers on a weekly basis. Every Friday is payday ($1154) with a safety and production bonus on every second week of the month. Instead of paying by the mile, they offer a consistent paycheck to all their employees each week. As your stay with them increases, so do your bonus options.For a good work-life balance, they offer paid time off. You don’t have to be on the road at all times to earn a decent living. A consistent salary also means that slow days, traffic issues, and detention will not affect your pay.


As you might have seen, there are more than enough driver positions in the trucking world as companies are always looking to improve and expand their fleet. People will always need to move their furniture or to move their equipment from one location to another. Thus, such services are here to stick around. 

Depending on where you live and what your previous experience is, any one of these companies can be a good starting point for you.

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