Best Trucking Companies in Texas – 2022 Top Picks

| Last Updated: June 17, 2020

Texas is known to be the hub for trucking companies. Given the wide range of choices available, it is any truck driver’s dream. 

If you are looking for the best trucking companies amongst the vast number of standard ones, then do not worry. This article will make the job easier for you. Instead of combing through a sea of trucking companies, you will only have to look at the best ones.

So get your reading glasses on and join us as we review some of the best job opportunities you may have in Texas in this field.

Quick Take – Best Trucking Companies in Texas

Before you go any further, here are the best trucking companies in Texas:

  1. Top Logistics
  2. Summit Trucking
  3. TLO Logistics 

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Texas

We understand all the important aspects that you need to consider before you decide to work at a trucking company. We have focused on all those and picked some of the best trucking companies for you. All you need to do is pick one that meets your needs.

Best Trucking Company in Houston, TX:Top Logistics

  • Address: 7306 S Lake Houston Pkwy, Houston, Tx 77049
  • Phone Number: 281-436-0378
  • Email:

Who is Top Logistics?

Top Logistics was founded in 2010 in Houston, Texas. It was made with the aim to cater to the international commerce trucking market. Today, Top Logistics has proved itself to be a customs-bonded carrier that is extremely committed to not only maintaining its efficiency but also ensuring the reliability of its services using technology and the appropriate staff.

The fleet at Top Logistics is highly equipped with tools like ELD, GPS, and Dashcam, enabling a better monitoring system that is functional anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, the company’s terminals are absolutely safe and secured with surveillance cameras and staff that guards the place overnight.

Top Logistics started in Houston, Texas, but expanded its horizons, now catering to Chicago, IL, and Cleveland, OH markets.  

Jobs Offered 

Top Logistics is open to hiring truck drivers and provides a great disclosure of its requirements for hiring. As a part of the hiring process, it conducts background checks and investigations. Agencies may be hired to provide a consumer report on the individuals applying, consisting of a list of previous employers and criminal records, if any.

You can apply at Top Logistics as a driver and expect nothing less than the best working conditions once you have been hired. All you need is sufficient experience with the skill and a clean record.

Salary and Benefits

While the pay offered by Top Logistics is not a lot more than any other standard trucking company, there are other great numbers of benefits of working here. With flexible work timings and breaks according to your needs, you will find that your working hours at the job pass by easily. 

The work does not place you in a stressful environment and allows you to learn and grow at your own pace with quite a lot of ease. It offers salaries that range from $12 per hour to $15 per hour, which is the average rate that you’d find anywhere else.

Best Trucking Company in Dallas, Texas:Summit Trucking

  • Address: Summit Trucking, Inc., P.O. Box 540547, Dallas, Texas 75354
  • Phone Number: 214-631-3080
  • Email:

Who is Summit Trucking?

Since the early 2000s, when the very foundation of Summit Trucking was laid, the trucking company has strived to offer the best of its services, and make it to the top of the ladder. Today, the company has achieved what it set out to and is known to be amongst the top transportation service providers. 

Summit Trucking has found its own system of functionality and is proud to feature an average tractor age of fewer than 24 months old and allows great relaxation to its over-the-road drivers. The company believes that this combination is what allows it to be the very best on the market.

Jobs Offered 

Summit Trucking offers two types of jobs to drivers. The first type is regional drivers that are assigned tasks, including loads with drop and hook. The job is simple and does not involve any touch freight. Anyone in the region looking to apply may find this to be the perfect job.

The other type is over-the-road drivers. For such drivers, the job is not as consistent as it is for regional drivers. These individuals are required to operate Late-Model Kenworths, and each trip may last anywhere between five to seven days. The job takes longer, averaging to about 2,800 miles per week, but also pays more.

Salary and Benefits

Working with Summit Trucking will prove to be greatly beneficial for you, be it as a regional or over-the-road driver. When you are working at Summit Trucking, mileage is the last thing you need to worry about as they are known to pay better than other trucking companies. Here, mileage starts at $.50 cents per mile and only goes higher.

There are a lot of other benefits as well, such as the stress-free working environment and the off-time that you get from work. For regional drivers, weekends equal home days, and they get to be home over 48 to 72 hours during the week, or even more. And over-the-road drivers get a good week’s rest in between their jobs.

Best Trucking Company in Brownsville, Texas:TLO Logistics

  • Address: 16651 RL Ostos Rd, Brownsville, TX 78521
  • Phone Number: (956) 831 7135

Who is TLO Logistics?

With 200 employees, TLO Logistics is a transportation service that has recently risen to fame in Texas due to the outstanding quality of services it provides. TLO is known for designing tailored programs that are ideally suited for all your shipping needs. The programs are designed such that the customers always benefit in terms of time and money. 

Along with its sister company that has been functioning since 2007 in Reynosa, TLO takes great pride in providing its services in over 48 states along with Mexico. 

With a capacity of 100,000 pounds on their flatbeds, TLO transports steel and other heavy materials using high-end heavy-duty equipment to ensure the quality and reliability of services. 

Jobs Offered

With the wide range of services that TLO offers, it always has the place to hire new employees. Along with its sister company, it is always looking to hire more qualified drivers. The applicants must be professionals with sufficient experience or certification to show while applying. 

TLO also seeks to hire experts for the equipment being used. It ensures that its heavy-duty equipment, along with vehicles, are well-maintained and taken care of, and for that, they hire professionals who have considerable expertise in the field and good knowledge of the equipment. 

Salary and Benefits

Being a leading company in the field of transportation services, TLO has set the bar high for its competition, not only in terms of its services but also in terms of the wages it provides. For its professional regional drivers, it provides mileage that starts at $0.5 per mile, going a lot higher, depending upon the vehicle and the nature of the job. 

Furthermore, TLO works with owner-operators to provide them with similar generous wages along with numerous other benefits that it has in store for not some but all of its employees.

Best Trucking Company in El Paso, TX:KMJ Transportation Services

  • Address: 7155 Industrial Ave., El Paso, TX 79915
  • Phone Number: 915-779-3665

Who is KMJ Transportation Services?

KMJ made its first appearance in the trucking company scene back in 2007. Located in El Paso, Texas, KMJ is known to provide not a few but a great range of services for its customers. From heavy hauling to rigging, KMJ provides all sorts of industrial contractor services to a number of known companies. And that too not in a limited area, but all over the United States, Mexico, as well as Canada. 

The company aims to provide services that are the safest and the most reliable ones in the industry in order to help out companies with their industrial needs. With over 11 years of experience, the team has managed to achieve its goal with hard and honest work that is done while following proper guidelines.

Jobs Offered 

KMJ Transportation Services is known for offering a number of job opportunities. From truck drivers to on-site clerks, it offers a wide range of jobs. But these cannot be availed by all. For each job opportunity, you need to have the right set of qualifications along with sufficient knowledge and skill for the job. 

The hiring process is very thorough, and only top-qualified individuals are hired in order to maintain the excellence of their services provided. But while applying for the job, you will be required to have sufficient knowledge of the involved services, such as crane lifting, hydraulic services, cables, and others.

Salary and Benefits

While KMJ hires only the best for its job openings, it also provides its workers with the best. From flexible timings to more than satisfactory wages, it provides everything to keep its employees happy and motivated to work. It ensures that the pay rate it provides is equal to, if not more than, that provided by its competition on the market. 

With mileage that starts only from $0.50 per mile, KMJ leaves behind a great number of standard trucking companies. Furthermore, it ensures that its employees get sufficient rest at home on weekends, so that the weekdays can be full of greater energy.

Best Trucking Company in Laredo, TX:TSI Transportation Services

  • Address: 5002 Riverside DrLaredo, TX 78041, USA
  • Phone Number: 800-833-5908
  • Email:

Who is TSI Transportation Services?TSI Transportation Services is not new in the industry. It came around in 1979 when A.J Pellegrino laid its foundation and gave the company the mission of providing consistently reliable and flexible services to all of its customers. It has been functioning for over three decades and has spread its basis throughout the states. TSI is a distinguished transportation service provider and has the excellence that is earned through the great experience of delivering no less than 40,000 shipments annually. It takes great pride in providing premium services in Mexico, Canada, as well as the USA. The business keeps its focus on the quality of services that it provides and only takes it up from where it is today.Jobs Offered  TSI offers job opportunities to truck drivers, but only those with a certain set of qualifications. The applicant must be over 22 years old and possess a CDL-A driver’s license. The over-the-road experience must be capable of being verified upon need. If they do not have the experience, then they must be a recent graduate of a Trucking School so they can enroll in the Driver training program. The applicants must have a reputable driving record and be able to pass substance tests.Those that have their equipment can also work for TSI transportation services if their record is clean and their vehicles are in well-maintained conditions.Salary and BenefitsIf you choose to work with TSI, you can rest assured that you have made yourself a good deal. They are known to offer pay rates that are highly competitive on the market, along with a lot of other benefits. The base pay offered by the company is generous and on a weekly basis. Furthermore, drivers also get a mileage incentive bonus that is paid every week in order to keep them motivated to work. A quarterly bonus is paid for safe driving, and extra compensation is made for all the flatbed qualified drivers of the company. TSI also provides health insurance and provides 401(k), which is available after working with the company for six months. And if you think that is not enough, you also get life insurance and paid vacations.

Best Trucking Company in San Antonio, TX:Bee Trucking

  • Address: 9540 Ball Street San Antonio, TX 78217
  • Phone Number: 210-646-7211

Who is Bee Trucking?

Based in San Antonio, Texas, this trucking company is one that is known for the extended range of services that it provides for its customers. Bee Trucking is just one of the many asset-based trucking companies that Alisam Transport owns and operates. Alisam Transport places its focus on a variety of transportation niches that include but are not limited to refrigerated produce, meat, and dry van products.

The transportation service runs on the 3PLs that are owned completely by the company. It uses vertical integration for an efficient flow of work within its different services. The wide range of services offered by Alisam Transportation includes freight management, cross-docking, domestic and international freight forwarding, warehouse and storage, and many others.

Jobs Offered  

Bee Transportation is a very large transportation service that always has a vacancy to hire. It is always open to applicants for the position of owner-operators and company drivers. But the job offer comes with strict criteria that need to be met by all applicants alike. 

The applicants are required to have at least two years of interstate driving experience. This experience should be recent and be capable of verification if needed. They must also have a valid CDL. When it comes to their driving record, they must not have any more than four minors, or two minors and one accident in the past 36 months.

Salary and Benefits

Though employment at Bee Transportation comes with strict criteria, it pays off equally well. Alisam is known to pay its employees with a generous wage and a great number of benefits. Both owner-operators and company drivers are provided with a set of benefits that puts this job above all others. 

Owner-operators get excellent miles that average to more than 2,800 per week and are paid weekly through direct deposit. They get to be at home from seven to fourteen days in between jobs and are charged nothing for using Bee trucking trailers. 

Company drivers, on the other hand, get paid by mileage as well, be it empty or loaded. Every driver gets assigned tractors, so there are no cautions associated with slip seating. They also get a fuel card supplied by the company along with free scales, lumpers, and DOT physicals.

Best Trucking Company in Fort Worth, TX:J. Munoz Trucking

  • Address: 3509 N Grove St, Fort Worth, TX 76106
  • Phone Number: 817-916-8053

Who is Munoz Trucking?

Munoz trucking began operating in the early 90s under the foundership of J. Munoz. It is a transportation service that is owned locally and operated similarly. This family-owned transportation service provides trucking and hauling services to its customers in the area of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Munoz Trucking may not be a large business, but it gives a great competition to any other transportation service in the area. It does so by maintaining the quality of services and keeping up with the standards. Munoz trucking is not only certified by DBE/Hub but has also managed to maintain A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.

Jobs Offered 

Munoz is open to hiring drivers that are certified and experienced and also looking to work with owner-operators. In either case, the company ensures that the applicant is not only qualified and certified for the job, but also has a clean record and sufficient experience in order to keep up the standard of their services. 

Munoz also ensures regular inspections for which it is open to hiring experts that are knowledgeable and have experience with the different vehicles as inspectors. Again, these inspectors are expected to be qualified enough for the position and possess good knowledge in the field.

Salary and Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, Munoz Trucking is not a huge transportation service provider like most other trucking companies on this list. For this reason, the pay rates are not as high and competitive as the others, but the benefits that it has to offer to make the job worth considering. 

Along with the standard wage, you get timely bonuses and enough time at home. The working environment is extremely friendly so you can work without any stress, and allows you to learn and grow, gaining good experience in the field.

Best Trucking Company in Austin, TX:Sutton Transport

  • Address: 11300 S IH-35 Suite C, Austin, TX, 78748
  • Phone Number: 512-444-0577
  • Email:

Who is Sutton Transport?

In 1999, Sutton Transport came into being, and back then, it was just an intrastate Texas trucking company. What was once a small family-owned transportation service has taken its time and put in efforts to grow into a large trucking company that operates in and serves 48 different states. With 20 years of experience, Sutton Transport has managed to enhance its services and provide reliable transportation and hauling services. 

Sutton has grown into the big company that it is today solely with the help of the efficient services that it provides. It ensures that its trucks and trailers are well kept and maintained, as well as those of the owner-operators that they hire to work with them.

Jobs Offered 

Sutton Transportation is one of the few trucking companies that take great pride in featuring the lowest employee turnover rate that you will see on the market. This means once you have associated with Sutton Transportation, you will be working with them for a long time. 

Given the widely operating company that Sutton Transportation is, it is always open to hiring regional drivers. These drivers are required to be qualified and certified for the job, even if there isn’t a lot of experience to vouch for them. 

They also work with owner-operators. If you are an owner-operator that ensures the maintenance of your vehicle and has a good record to show for, then you might be in the perfect place to join the Sutton family and work with them.

Salary and Benefits

The company makes sure that its employees are never at a loss by choosing to work with them. While the wages that they offer for their drivers and the mileage offered to owner-operators may not be a lot higher than what’s standard on the market, they make sure to make up for it with bonuses and benefits. 

Hard-working employees of the company are rewarded with well-deserved timely bonuses. They are also rewarded with a good time off at home on weekends and a little more time in between weekdays. Over-the-road drivers are made sure to be given sufficient rest in between jobs and are given a friendly environment to work and grow in.

Best Trucking Company in Amarillo, TX:Jax Transportation

  • Address: 7600 FM 1541 Amarillo, TX, 79118
  • Phone Number: 806-683-9071

Who is Jax Transportation?

Jax Transportation came into being about seven years ago when Shane Redline laid its foundation in Amarillo, Texas. Back then, the transport company worked to deliver different rental equipment in nothing but an old dodge pickup. But we all know that passion and a leap of faith can take us all places. And the same happened with Jax Transportation.

Shane invested in a rig along with a reefer trailer, and fast forward to today, he has managed to multiply that into 300 trucks and 400 trailers. And his vehicles are no longer restricted to Amarillo but deliver all over the country.

Jobs Offered 

Jax Transportation takes great pride in providing its employees with ideal wages and satisfying working conditions. Be it contract drivers or owner-operators; it provides job opportunities for all. 

For drivers, applicants need to have sufficient experience with a verifiable source that can vouch for their safe and reliable driving skills. They also look at your past record to see how many accidents you have been in the previous year and how many violations you have been cited for. 

If you are an owner-operator, then along with these details, you will need to provide details for the maintenance of your vehicle to show that it is in good condition and not too old. 

Salary and Benefits

Jax Transportation is a trucking company that rose to greatness from nothing. Here, the employers know what it is like to be the employee and therefore make sure not to exploit those who work for them. They offer pay rates that are ideal given the job description and also ensure to top it off with a number of bonuses and benefits. 

Those who work with Jax Transportation sign up not only for a quality experience that would count wherever they go but also a generous wage that is considerably higher than what the standard market offers. Their bonuses serve as an advantage that makes drivers and owner-operators choose to work with Jax Transportation over any other trucking service.

Best Trucking Company in Lubbock, TX:XPO Logistics

  • Address: XPO Logistics, Inc., Five American Lane, Greenwich, CT 06831
  • Phone Number: 844-742-5976
  • Email:

Who is XPO Logistics?

XPO Logistics is a very wide network of transportation services that serve to function at its very best, at any given time. From efficiency to the reliability, this transportation service offers everything that one would look for before engaging with a trucking company. XPO Logistics keeps itself at the top of its game by ensuring that it sticks to its core values and maintains its standard of services.

From investors to carriers, XPO remembers its responsibilities towards all the involved stakeholders and ensures that all these relationships are kept alive and healthy with the help of the concept of ‘service-driven culture’ that they have developed.

Jobs Offered 

Given the fact that XPO Logistics itself is not a small company but a network of large companies, it always has a vacancy. It is open for hiring a great number of individuals in a great number of fields. From drivers to veterans, they have a place for everyone.

XPO Logistics is always looking for professional drivers that can benefit from competitive pay and other benefits. It also hires individuals for distribution teams, technology careers, sales careers, as well as university careers. Both experienced workers, as well as fresh graduates looking for experience, can apply. And in order to maintain discipline and a keen work ethic, the company is open to hiring military veterans as well.

Salary and Benefits

Since XPO is one of the largest transportation companies in Texas, it has to maintain its position in the market. And it does so not only by maintaining their top quality services but also ensuring top-quality wages and benefits for its own employees. It makes sure to set exemplary pay rates and mileages for experienced as well as inexperienced individuals alike.

At XPO, everyone gets the complete benefit of working at a top-class trucking company. It provides health and life insurance along with paid vacations for its permanent employees and ensures that their experience with the company is worth their time.


Texas, with the great number of trucking companies that it is home to, is a land of opportunities. Whether you are a customer looking for trucking and transportation services, or an individual looking for a job with experience in the transportation services, you will be sure to find something in Texas. These are just some of the top-end companies that are based in Texas. With enough research, you will find one that is perfect for you.

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