Trimac Transportation

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Bulk transportation is a complex business. It involves dealing with all kinds, sizes, and shapes of loads to be transported to various locations. Extra care needs to be taken to deliver the goods securely and on time. 

The business also involves special care for transporting materials like oil due to explosion hazard. Hence, only the most trusted and capable can make a mark in this industry. Trimac Transportation is one such example that has gained its place based on efficiency and reliability. 

In this article, we will talk about Trimac Transportation. The careers at Trimac will be looked into with detail, along with the pay scale and benefits provided. 

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Who is Trimac Transportation? 

Established by J.W. McCaig and his partner Al Cameron as Macam Transport in 1945, the company soon became Trimac Transport in 1960. Since then, the company has been achieving regular milestones to not only strengthen themselves by buying businesses in various states but also by providing great customer services.

The company operates in the United States and Canada, with over 100 branches in North America. They provide services that are equipped to transport a wide range of products from food and dry bulk to chemicals, oil, and petroleum. In addition, they also specialize in commercial services, such as tank cleaning, trans-loading, logistics, and maintenance. 

They have corporate alliances throughout North America, especially with smaller businesses. Northern Resource Trucking is one such alliance under the flag of Tumeric that combines 12 First Nations, Métis, Dene, and Cree, with Trimac Transportation as the southern member.


Trimac Transportation Careers

Careers at Trimac are not limited only to driving or maintenance; rather, they recruit individuals for driving, maintenance, office, and industrial careers.

Driving Careers

Trimac hires professional drivers that can deal with the transport of a variety of materials, including dry bulk and oil and gas. A driver might be hired as a fleet member or might also work as owner-operated. 

The company invests in its drivers by reimbursing their tuition fee from driving school and provides them with sufficient equipment to not only make their job easy but also safe. Before the hired drivers can start their job, they attend a detailed orientation to make them familiar with the whole operation and help them settle in.


Trimac also supports smaller businesses by providing them a platform where they can combine their startup with Trimac. This reduces their starting costs while still giving them control over their business. 

These startups can then operate in their region and capacity in affiliation with Trimac. After partnering, business owners undergo training and orientation before they start.

Maintenance and Industrial Careers

With such a large business to run, the company has multiple maintenances and industrial positions to offer. They hire the best candidates for the job and offer training programs for them. 

The hired employees work with the latest technology for maximum efficiency and ensure safety. This line of work at Trimac includes internalized promotions to Safety Managers, Traffic Supervisors, Shop and Washrack Managers, Branch Managers, and Head Office Support, after which the individual may even end up at an executive post.

Office Careers

The business is highly dependent upon effective communication, quality training programs, and a smooth flowing work environment. None of this is possible without the work of a dedicated office crew. 

Hence, at Trimac, office careers are amongst the most important and employ the best candidate available. The office crew helps establish a safe, comfortable, and smooth working environment. They are hired based on their capabilities.


Trimac Transportation Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

At Trimac, the salaries are paid according to the position and experience level. Different types of drivers are paid according to their job requirements. Owner-operator drivers can make around $196,180 per year, while truck drivers may make an average of $103,527. 

Company drivers, on the other hand, have less to do and hence make around $84,197 per year. Local drivers that transport goods and material within the city or community may make around $79,844. However, these salaries are subjected to change with the change in demand for a particular job.

Mechanics are also paid on the basis of their workload and job requirements. A trailer mechanic may earn up to $25.27 per hour while diesel mechanics earn around $22.45 per hour on average. Technicians have an average salary of $18.26. With an increase in experience, the salary may also increase.

For office jobs, a receptionist may make $21.25 per hour while a clerk may make $19.00 per hour. Loaders have an average salary of $16.00 per hour.

The fair salaries at Trimac are backed by wide benefits. Health, dental, and vision plans are provided to the staff, along with flexible spending accounts. A 401K saving plan is also available as well as a pension plan. 

Military leaves and jury duty are accounted for. Life insurance, both short and long term, are available. The working hours are flexible with vacation times for the staff as well. The company provides reimbursement for educational expenditure and has scholarship programs as well.  


Minimum Requirements For Trimac Transportation Drivers

The following are requirements that applying drivers must fulfill in order to secure a position at Trimac.

  • The applicant must be 21 years of age at the time of application. Younger applicants are not entertained.
  • The drivers must have one year of driving experience. The experience should be verifiable.
  • A driving license from the state of residence.
  • The applicant should be a graduate from a Trimac-approved driving institution. The military driving experience is also acceptable.
  • Passport and TWIC are required for On-the-Road drivers who need to travel across states.
  • A good driving record with no incidences of DUI or DWI for the past ten years is crucial.

Trimac Transportation Reviews From Employees

Employees at Trimac enjoy their work in a friendly environment and think that they are paid fairly. According to some drivers, the pay rate is higher compared to most other companies. The clients that the employees have to deal with are understanding and easy to work with. The hired staff enjoys flexible working hours and full entitlement to the benefits. 

All departments report that the assignments are usually easy, and even if something difficult comes up, the management is always there to guide. In addition, the company pays for hotels and layovers during long-distance drives. The pay is provided on time. Schedules are well planned and conveyed in time. 

However, there were some concerns regarding home time, which is not frequently available due to the heavy workload. If that could be managed efficiently, then Trimac would increase its employee satisfaction to great degrees.


Trimac Transportation Locations

Trimac operates in more than 100 locations across North America. It has setups throughout Canada and the United States as well as strategic partners in Mexico. It is widely popular in Alberta, Canada, where it has the most locations set up. 

Alberta has a variety of trades and produces an array of goods for both local and long-distance transport. With Trimac, the customers get a satisfactory experience in transporting everything from dry bulk and food to liquid chemicals and petroleum products. Trimac serves as the one-stop-shop for all their transportation needs.

In the US, Texas is a hotspot for Trimac’s services. The state hosts the most number of Trimac locations than anywhere in the US. Being a busy and well-populated state, Texas to has a lot to offer, and hence transport is needed. 

Agriculture is diverse and grows a huge variety of both fruits and vegetables. The state fulfills around 20% of the nation’s meat needs and contributes a huge share of dairy products as well. All these trades require a robust transport system to prevent spoilage and ensure timely delivery. Hence, the business blooms for Trimac in Texas.


In the transport industry, only the best can survive. A company with reliable services, fast delivery, great customer services, efficient communications, and high employee satisfaction would thrive in the competitive market. 

Trimqc is a company that provides just that. It has the ability to transport all sorts of goods and materials. It has earned great appreciation from customers and employees. As a result, it is emerging as one of the forerunners of the transport industry in North America. 

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