Tennessee Steel Haulers

| Last Updated: August 1, 2020

It can be pretty hard finding employment with a decent paying salary and at a respectable and reputable company. Transportation and trucking is a large industry that offers many great opportunities one needs to be on the lookout for. Tennessee Steel Haulers is a prominent name in the business.

Thus, we decided to gather all the important information on them so you can have a good understanding of how they operate and what they offer. 

To find out more about it, keep on reading!

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Who is Tennessee Steel Haulers? 

The company was founded back in 1930, but, at the time, it was known as the Tennessee Motor Truck Association. The purpose behind the creation of this esteemed organization was the understanding of how effective and profitable a powerful and unified industry can be in the future. 

Their mission is to be excellent service to motor carriers respectfully and in an honorable manner as well as to enhance and advance highway safety. It is one of the nation’s oldest state trucking associations. TTA (Tennessee Trucking Association) purchased its current headquarters in 1998, which is strategically located minutes from downtown Nashville and the state capital. 


Tennessee Steel Haulers Careers

A company is made by the combined efforts of many people. Thus, it is important to acknowledge and understand the requirements of all the career pathways of Tennessee Steel Haulers careers so you can decide which one you want to opt for yourself. The various careers offered are:

Account Manager

An account manager, as the name suggests, is responsible for the relationships and sales of a company with the clients. It isn’t as simple and straightforward as it seems as they play the complex part of building a bridge between the clients and the sales department. Account managers need to have excellent communication skills, great negotiation skills, as well as a certain amount of diplomacy. 

Administrative Coordinator

Administrative coordinators serve a crucial role in the operation of a company. They are the bridge between the employees, all the departments as well as the customers. They play a key role in improving the office processes by analyzing all the activities and ensure that the company operates smoothly. 

Communications Coordinator

This is one of the most important administrative roles in a company. Communications coordinators are a part of the marketing department and work to improve, execute, and imply communication strategies. Depending on the organization, their roles may also include PR and media relations.  


System Administrators, Interns, and Forklift Operators

A big part of any company’s operation is computer systems. The job of a system administrator is to keep them running and well managed. It can include a wide range of duties relating to the IT infrastructure of the organization. 

Furthermore, forklift operators essentially work with trucks and manage the loading and unloading of materials. Interns also are an important part of any organization. The roles assigned to an intern depend upon which department they are in. 

Tennessee Steel Haulers Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

While considering an employment opportunity, the salary and benefits it comes along with are a major concern for the employee. Therefore, it is important to understand how working at Tennessee Steel Haulers pays and whether or not it comes along with any bonuses or benefits. 

Salary and Pay Scale

The salaries differ according to the nature of the job and the number of hours one works. Salaries for part-time and full-time employers differ as well. However, they are incredibly competitive in the market. The company is applauded for having a good pay scale, which is even considered better than many of its counterparts.


One of the major benefits of working at Tennessee Steel Haulers is the work environment. The people are incredibly professional yet helpful and kind. The entire experience really aids a lot in learning more about the trucking and transportation industry. 

The job may be fast-paced and keep you on your toes; however, the fun and innovative workspace balances it out and aids in helping you gain experience and knowledge. 


Minimum Requirements for Tennessee Steel Haulers Drivers

Working as a driver at Tennessee steel Haulers is a very rewarding job. It comes with many benefits and has great pay as well. The working environment is great too. However, there are certain requirements that need to be met in order to work for the company. Let’s take a look at them:

For the Employee

  • One-year commercial vehicle experience that can be verified
  • A record of no DUI in the previous five years, only one in the previous ten years while none while operating a CMV
  • At least be of 23 years of age
  • Complete TSH orientation, etc. 

For Equipment

  • A tractor model of 2000 or newer will be considered for leash after going through proper inspection
  • Tractors and trailers are also expected to go under and pass a very comprehensive DOT inspection
  • To be re-inspected every three months
  • Contractor-owned trailer must have 48-inch tandem Axle, be less than ten years old and have no holes in the flooring

A lease-purchase option is also available for which the recruiting department needs to be contacted for further guidance and information.


Tennessee Steel Haulers Reviews From Employees

Who would better know the company than the employers? It is important to understand what the experience has been like for the people working with Tennessee Steel Haulers for years so that you have a good understanding of what to expect in case you plan to apply:

Tennessee Steel Haulers is applauded by many of its employees for having an excellent working environment. A previous employee said, “I have learned a lot about the transportation and trucking industry. It is a fun environment and a very professional workspace.”

Where for some, it provided great learning opportunities; for others, it proved to be near and dear like home. A current employee said, “I veered off a few times, tried some other options, but always came back home. This home to me.” 


Tennessee Steel Haulers Locations

Tennessee Steel Haulers aren’t just a national but also an international enterprise. Their network is spread beyond the 50 states of the US and spread over to all the provinces of Canada and works in Mexico as well. 

In Mexico, it primarily serves in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. They work incredibly hard to maintain the standards of their service; thus, they have hired several qualified motor carriers to avoid any delays or additional costs. 


Transportation and trucking is a vast industry that offers many excellent earning opportunities for people. Tennessee Steel Hauler is a prominent name in the business; thus, it is incredibly important to learn about the opportunities they offer and how they work. 

This post was aimed at helping you find out all the important details about Tennessee Steel Haulers as a company and what they offer to their employers. Hopefully, it proved to be useful to you. 

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