System Transport

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Flatbed carriers are a huge part of the transportation system. They are used to carry large objects of unusual shapes. Characterized by a flat carrying surface, they come in various shapes and sizes. 

Agriculture, dumping, and towing are some of the few industries where flatbeds are absolutely crucial. 

In this article, we will be talking in detail about one of the most renowned names in the flatbed carrier industry, System Transport.

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Who is System Transport?

Systems Transport started with a single truck in 1972. Since then, they have grown to now a total of 800 trucks utilized by a wide clientele for transporting goods and material. They are now the largest flatbed carriers based on the West Coast. 

The company has strengthened its position as one of the best transporters by continuously investing to maximize customer experience. They hire well-trained and professional drivers who are dedicated to the task. 

Customers benefit from efficient services, cutting edge technologies, modern solutions, and updated equipment. The 25 years of customer relationships are built on trust, good experience, and a wide variety of transporting options to choose from.  


System Transport Careers

System Transport has a lot to offer in terms of a career. They have numerous services and cover long distances for load transport. As a result, they need to hire professional drivers to meet customer needs. Careers at the company are discussed below.

Regional Drivers

The company hires regional drivers to transport goods to a certain distance. These drivers usually are more frequent duty callings. The regions covered by Systems Transport include the California region, Colorado Region, Northwest Region, Kansas City Region, and Texas.

Local drivers may work all week and get to spend the weekend at home. Salary depends upon the driver’s experience and upon the region. Each region has a different rate per mile covered. 

  • In California, less than a year of experience lands a rate of $0.42-0.66 per mile, while with an experience exceeding five years, the rate may go up to $0.44-0.68 per mile. 
  • In the region of Colorado, the rates range from $0.44-0.68 per mile for one year experience to $0.47- 0.71 for an experience exceeding five years. 
  • For Northwest, the rates go from $0.40-0.64 per mile for an experience of less than a year to $0.42-0.66 per mile for a driver with more than five years of experience. 
  • In Kansas, the rates per mile start from $.44-0.68 per mile and go up to $0.48-0.72 per mile. 
  • For Texas, a driver with a flatbed experience of less than a year makes $0.445-0.685 per mile to $0.475-0.715 per mile for five and more years of experience. For each route, assessorial pays are provided separately. 

On the Road (OTR) Drivers

On-the-road drivers are trusted with long-distance transportation. They might be on the road for three to four weeks before returning home. OTR drivers usually cover the longest miles, which are then converted into the salary as per the current rate per mile. 

For OTRs, the per-mile rate starts at $.43 per mile for an experience of less than one year and increases with the increase in experience. For an experience exceeding five years, the rates go up to $.47 per mile. For OTRs, too additional assessorial pays are provided separately and are not included in the per-mile rate.


Team Drivers

Fleet or team drivers are hired by the company and work from route to route on trucks owned by the company. Their salary, too, depends upon the region and experience. 

In the Pacific Northwest, the 8-Axle fleet makes $.54 per mile for less than a year of experience and $.58 per mile for experience exceeding five years. Similarly, for the Southwest fleet, the rates are $.43 per mile and $.47 per mile, respectively. 

For transport with less than 100 miles, a minimum of $75 is paid to the drivers, whether they are part of the Southwest fleet or the Pacific Northwest. 

Owner/Operator Drivers

Jobs are also available for those who want to use their own truck for trade. These drivers can register themselves and their trucks with the company.

After that, they can drive the miles and get paid for both loaded and empty miles. They enjoy the same benefits as other drivers.

System Transport Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

The benefits offered by the company for its workers are numerous and guarantee a satisfactory experience. The staff is paid weekly or hourly. Package includes paid orientation and a $300 per quarter safety bonus. A $1500 sign-on bonus is provided to experienced and limited drivers with $500 paid at the first dispatch. For team drivers, the bonus equals $3000, with the first $500 paid at the first dispatch. Paid pick and drop and tarp pay are also provided. 

Paid six weeks vacations and a medical plan, including dental, are also included in the package. System Transport gives full-time tuition reimbursement for driving schools and schedules home time for the workers as well. All miles, loaded or empty, are paid. Short-term disability and critical health insurance, as well as life insurance plans, are also available for those who want to avail. 


Minimum Requirements For System Transport Drivers

  • System Transport’s selection criteria do not require much from the applicants. It has basic requirements that ensure that the applicant is a qualified, serious, and responsible individual. 
  • To start, the applicant must be 21 years of age at the date of application. Any applicant younger than that will not be entertained.
  •  The applicants must have access to a telephone that could be reached at any time. They should have stable cellular service and should be willing to receive calls at all hours. 
  • They should further have a class A Commercial Driver’s License from the region of their residence. 
  • And finally, they should not have any history of Driving under Influence and/or Driving While Intoxicated for the last five years.

System Transport Reviews From Employees

Employees report that System Transport did have a few problems, but now they are being resolved. The overall attitude of all the workers is improving, and issues are being resolved. The managers are professional and well trained. Miles that the drivers get are sufficient to turn into a suitable pay. 

Moreover, the rates are much better than what many other companies have to offer. They also said that the orientation was very informative and helped a lot of them. A current employee who returned to System Transport after nine months had this to say about the company, “Lots of miles, shop is very improved, fair pay. My manager is excellent.” 

However, concerns are being conveyed regarding the home time and off days. Schedules keep on changing the last minute, requiring the drivers to change plans in the eleventh hour.

Another concern raised is that not all drivers take good care of the trailer and work on its maintenance. As a result, the problems that might appear during one route, if not communicated by the driver, can turn the route for the next driver using the same trailer very difficult. 

Benefits are good, and the salary is paid on time. With a little improvement in deciding schedules so that everyone gets sufficient home time, employee satisfaction would be even higher. 


System Transport Locations

System Transport has locations in 12 places throughout the United States. These quarters make a strong network that transports loads across many regions. The quarters are set in Bloomington, Denver, Gary, Kansas City, Longview, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Stockton, Fresno, Rock hill, and Caldwell. These 11 locations have a total of around 800 company-owned and owner-operated trucks. 

The headquarters is located in Cheney, Washington, and is the most popular location too. All long-haul services are provided here, with customer-tailored fleets available as well. The company takes into consideration the business needs of its customers and utilizes technology, specialized equipment, and capacity to meet all of them.  

California and Texas regional fleets are quite popular too. With these regions included among the busiest in all sorts of trade in the United States, the requirements for transportation companies is high and on the rise. 

Hence, a company like System Transport that provides not only regional but also long haul transport is contacted frequently. As a result, it is quite popular in these regions as well. 


Reliable means of transportation are a widespread need nowadays. People and trades look for companies that provide secure, timely, and efficient transportation services. To keep up with the standards, System Transport has a vast network of quarters operating in 12 locations across the United States. 

The wide network not only provides immense customer satisfaction but also employs a lot of individuals as well. It offers multiple vacancies for all sorts of drivers with suitable pay and additional benefits. 

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