Sun Express

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Reliable and quality transportation services are a need nowadays. This is why dependable transportation services like Sun Express operate in the United States. 

To ensure the quality of services and customer satisfaction, Sun Express has been providing transportation services for nearly five decades.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the details and future prospects regarding the company.

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Who is Sun Express?

Sun Express is a transportation service provider for businesses and has been operating since 1954. It is basically a family-owned business that was built on the vision set by Hank Bachar, the founder. Operating in three major states, California, Nevada, and Arizona, Sun Express promises efficient, reliable, and high-quality transportation services.

With a fleet of 50 tractors and 150 trailers, Sun Express is fully equipped to cater to all your transportation needs. The company offers a number of services like LTL Loads, truckloads, Lift Gate Service, and much more! The team of professionals at Sun Express ensures timely, consistent, and competent services right at your doorstep!


Sun Express Careers

Sun Express has been in the moving industry for decades. This is why they excel in almost every regard. The company promises cost-effective, reliable, and quality services to its customers whenever required. But how do they do so? Well, every successful organization has a bunch of professional staff or employees who keep everything in check.

Let us have a look at some of the career opportunities available at Sun Express.


Being a transportation service provider, the drivers are the most valuable asset of the company. They lay the foundation of transportation services in various coverage areas. Professional and skilled drivers are what all transportation service providers look for. At Sun Express, there is always a great opportunity to become a part of the team as a competent driver.

Customer Service Representatives

Nearly all successful logistics services maintain a customer service center. These centers are spread all over the country to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your equipment. Moreover, customer service representatives are also responsible for providing you with adequate information when required. They tend to the customers and attend to the queries they might have.

Logistics Coordinator

Well, to ensure everything is going according to plan, there is always the need of a supervisor. This is where a logistics coordinator comes in handy. Keeping an eye on the whole process, the Logistics Coordinator is the mastermind behind all transportation services. Some companies maintain a single or a few to ensure the smoothness of the operations.


Sun Express Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

Sun Express promises great future prospects when it comes to salary and benefits. Being one of the best transportation services hints of a solid internal mechanism. That includes high pay scales, benefits, and other bonuses. However, these depend on your designation and role in the company.

Here are some of the factors that affect pay scales, salary, and benefits at Sun Express.

Job Description

Managerial positions offer more benefits and increased salary as compared to other staff like drivers. Obviously, your salary and benefits are greatly reflected by your duties and responsibilities. Being at a managerial position like a Logistics Coordinator depicts a greater responsibility. At the same time, it also requires quick assessment and problem-solving skills. Therefore, supervisors and managers have higher pay scales and benefits than drivers or other similar roles. 


Pay scales and benefits also vary depending upon the location. Busy coverage areas might pay more and vice versa. In addition, different states have different regulations when it comes to pay scales and benefits. Some offer more than others. For example, a truck driver at Sun Express earns $17.44 per hour on an average. However, it might differ from one state to another.

Minimum Requirements For Sun Express Drivers

Becoming a part of a successful moving organization is not an easy task by any means. You definitely have to prove yourself before you can work with the best in business. Most organizations that are successful maintain a specific standard to perform consistently over time. These standards are designed particularly to assess new candidates for various job roles. Also, they ensure whether the newly recruited staff is capable of effectively delivering the task or not.

The following are the minimum requirements for Sun Express drivers.

Driving License

As a driver, your first requirement to become a part of an organization is having a genuine driving license. In fact, it is a requirement that is compulsory for all drivers driving in the country. A driving license is a green light for drivers that informs the employer that the driver has the skills to drive. It is a must for any driver’s job.

Prior Experience

Most organizations have various standards for different job roles. Drivers being the backbone of the moving industry, must have prior experience. This might vary from organization to organization; however, it is a compulsion in most quality transportation services.


Clean Slate

A large number of transportation service providers, including Sun Express, require drivers with a positive attitude. At the same time, they want individuals that have a clean track record and have no prior traffic violation record.

Sun Express Reviews From Employees

Sun Express is one of the most prestigious transportation services providers in California, Nevada, and Arizona, thanks to the team of qualified and dedicated staff members that make it a reality. For organizations like Sun Express, employees are their most valuable asset. Whether the employee is a driver, cashier, or a manager, they all work for a similar goal; quality transportation services.

It is necessary to align your employee goals with that of the organization to become successful. This is where Sun Express leads as compared to most conventional transportation services. 

Let’s have a look at what a former employee has to say about Sun Express.

“My day at Sun Express was challenging. Long drive time and heavy traffic was very challenging, but you get through with HAPPY thoughts. I learned a lot of patience. Being away from my family was the hardest, so if you are a single parent, be prepared to be away from your family for long periods of time.”

Of course, being a driver at a logistics company is not easy. It requires dedication, commitment, and patience. You might miss your loved ones at home; however, every job task is a step closer to a bright future.


Sun Express Locations

Sun Express is currently operating in three major states; California, Nevada, and Arizona. These states are quite popular for transportation services as most businesses flourish here. Transportation services are required by almost every business. However, quality transportation services are what most businesses seek.

Sun Express is an example of such transportation services. They offer competent, consistent, and reliable transportation services in these states. As a result, they have become quite popular in these areas. There are a number of services Sun Express offers in these states. These include:

  • Crated
  • LTL Loads
  • Truckloads
  • Cargo Insured
  • Lift Gate Service
  • C.O.D Bonded

All of these services come with timely delivery at cost-effective rates for their customers. Headquartered in Fontana, Sun Express covers most of California while offering services in certain parts of Nevada and Arizona. Their reliability and efficiency of services have made them one of the best.

Sun Express has been in the moving industry since 1954. This is quite an achievement for a transportation service provider. They believe in sheer commitment, dedication, and hard work, which has allowed them to win the hearts of many. Their motto of going the extra mile is their road to success, even today.


Sun Express is one of the leading transportation service providers that offer pristine services. They excel in almost every regard when compared with traditional services. They are reliable and trustworthy, which has made them quite popular in California, Nevada, and Arizona. If you are seeking transportation services in these areas, don’t forget to contact Sun Express!

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