Sterling Transportation

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

You must have heard about Sterling Transportation. Well, it is one of the best transportation service providers in a number of states.

Headquartered in LA, Sterling Transportation promises reliable three-day FTL and LTL services to Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa.

In this article, we will provide you with useful information regarding this amazing transportation service.

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Who is Sterling Transportation?

Sterling Transportation is a logistics company that offers FTL and LTL services to different states in the US. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company offers its services to Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Sterling Transportation CEO and Co-founder, Keith Davis, has based the company on values like consistency, reliability, and flexibility.

There are a number of services that Sterling Transportation offers. These include trucking services as well as some additional services. Specifically, these include warehouse services like de-van, transload, drayage, and local deliveries. In addition, the company also promises full and partial truckload alongside specialized equipment logistics.


Sterling Transportation Careers

Sterling Transportation has made it all the way to the top with its quality of services. However, it isn’t only the services that they excel in but also in employment opportunities. The company maintains a professional staff that is dedicated and committed to delivering customer value and satisfaction. 

Being a customer-centric organization, Sterling Transportation strives to provide persistent, dependable, and versatile services to its customers. But there is always a need for professional employees at the organization. This is good news for anyone looking to pursue a career with a logistics company.

If you are looking to find a quality workplace, then Sterling Transportation might be the one for you. Here are some of the job opportunities you can expect in this organization.

Driver Jobs

Drivers are the fundamental assets of the moving industry. This is why a logistics company is always dependent on its team of drivers. Acquiring a professional team of drivers having a positive attitude is a dream-come-true for many organizations. At Sterling Transportation, you always have this opportunity if you possess the right driving skills.

Office Jobs

It is not just the drivers that run a logistics company but also the management staff. It not only manages various operations but also ensures they are carried out effectively. Like any other logistics company, Sterling Transportation is open for office jobs in different departments. These might include vacancies in sales, marketing, customer support, and much more!


Sterling Transportation Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

The biggest perk of working at a successful logistics company is the benefits you get for your services. Whether it is pay scale, salary, or other compensations, they are always motivating for employees. These monetary benefits not only motivate employees but also enables them to go the extra mile. As a result, the organization’s productivity and efficiency of services grow collectively.

Sterling Transportation is one of those organizations that care about their employees. Since employees are its most valuable asset, they are well taken care of. Obviously, the pay scale, salary, and benefits vary from title to title, yet they are available for everyone.

If we look at the salary package for a truck driver at Sterling Transportation, it seems quite attractive. A truck driver at this organization can earn as much as $71,946 on average per year. These figures are quite impressive and motivating already.

Keep in mind that salary is just compensation you achieve for your services. There are other perks as well while working at Sterling Transportation. These perks include paid holidays, insurance policies, as well as other benefits that most logistics companies offer.


Minimum Requirements For Sterling Transportation Drivers

Becoming a part of the elite drivers at Sterling Transportation is a dream for many drivers. There are certain prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before you can start your services onboard. Almost every organization has certain requirements for various employment prospects. These are present to ensure the consistency, reliability, and efficiency of the delivered services.

Being a logistics company, drivers have a huge role to play in their success journey. This is why most logistics companies focus on hiring the best possible candidates for driving titles. The same is the case with Sterling Transportation.

Here are some of the prerequisites for getting registered as a driver at Sterling Transportation.

Driving License

Having a valid commercial driver’s license is the first requirement at almost every logistics company. Being a driver, it is a necessity to move along the road without any hindrance.

Positive Attitude

Sterling Transportation emphasizes the grooming of their employees, including drivers. After all, it is the driver who is responsible for delivering the load safely and effectively. Therefore, the company demands individuals with a positive mindset and body language alongside professional dressing for drivers.

Previous Driving Record

Most moving companies, including Sterling Transportation, are very sensitive about a driver’s personal track record. This includes prior experience, commitment to safety, and no criminal record.


Sterling Transportation Reviews From Employees

Recognized as one of the best, Sterling Transportation holds a great reputation in the moving industry. The company has been successful in providing reliable, consistent, and flexible transportation services to its customers. This is why most people prefer Sterling Transportation when it comes to logistics solutions.

But how does the company deliver those services with such perfection? Well, the answer is simple; the employees. The professional staff at Sterling Transportation is responsible for providing adequate and timely services to its customers. 

The company, in return, makes sure that the employees are compensated accordingly to create a win-win situation. Sterling Transportation has been successful in doing so; thus, it rules the hearts of the many.

Here are some of the views of the employees working at Sterling Transportation.

“Coordinating customers and truck drivers to ensure timely delivery of goods. Management doesn’t micromanage, which allows employees the freedom to complete tasks on their own.

“A typical workday included always having something to work on, which was cool; my days were never boring. Management was always understanding, motivating, and uplifting.”

“Great company to work for and grow in. Fast-paced environment with a positive vibe and great, hard-working, knowledgeable team.”


Sterling Transportation Locations

Serving as a logistics company for nearly 25 years, Sterling Transportation needs no introduction. With their quality of services, they are renowned all over the United States. The company is basically headquartered in Los Angeles, which acts as a corporate body to overlook various operations. 

Sterling Transportation provides a number of different services to four major states. These include Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa.

There are a number of services provided by the company:

Trucking Services

The trucking services offered by this organization are second to none. With its dedicated team of staff members and professional drivers, Sterling Transportation promises reliable transportation services. Some of the major services in this category are:

  • Expedited Service
  • Dry-Van
  • Oversized/ Heavy Haul
  • Flatbed
  • Refrigerated


Additional Services

With the passage of time, Sterling Transportation has grown not only as a company but also in services. Here is a list of some additional services that the company offers to its customers.

  • US Custom Bonded
  • Trans-Load
  • CFS Station
  • TSA Delivery
  • Full Security Tracking Service

All these services collectively make Sterling Transportation a reliable and promising logistics company. If you are in need of transportation services, contacting Sterling Transportation services is the way forward.


Inter-state transportation services are quite common in the United States. However, there are very few services that are reliable and trustworthy. Sterling Transportation is one of them. Whether its trucking services or employment opportunities, this company is the way to go for a bright future. What are you waiting for?

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