Pride Transport

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Another name for Pride Transport is “The Pride Way.”

A 40-year old strong trucking company, Pride Transport maintains the highest quality of transportation in the United States and remains committed to offering its employees a challenging yet rewarding opportunity all the time. 

The company is flexible with drivers and considers them the greatest assets of the company. If you want to know more about the company, then don’t stop here. There is more to it!

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Who is Pride Transport?

Located in Salt Lake City, UT, Pride Transport was established on December 1, 1979. With a passion for trucks, Jeff England decided to found his own trucking company and left CR, England, after working for 20 years in the family business. 

Pride Transport has been providing outstanding services on the road for almost 40 years now. The company has a total of 420 employees and aims to prioritize the necessities of its workers.

In 2002, Pride Transport’s logistics division was founded. This was followed by the establishment of another division in 2006 that goes by the name of Pride Dedicated Services. The new domain specially entertains the customers’ specialized requirements. Jeff handed over the management of the company to his son, Jay, in 2012, who is equally committed to fundamental values. 


Pride Transport Careers

Pride Transport has always been committed to its driving force. It’s been a culture in the company to meet the demands and necessities of their employees. This means anyone from a driver to a mechanic can approach higher authority in the company to get an issue resolved. 

The company is not only about trucks and transport management. Once you get into the company, you’ll see that they have recruited people from various fields to get things in place. Read on to know the various types of careers offered by Pride Transport.

Truck Drivers

The company’s motto is “Our Drivers, Our Pride.”

Pride Transport is well-known for providing the best driving jobs in the state. At the company, the drivers are provided with all the amenities and an exceptional support team. From safety to multiple benefits, the company covers everything for you. 

Office Job

While the company takes pride in its drivers, it equally respects its non-driving force. The office staff and maintenance team members are considered extremely crucial to the success of the company.

All the employees work hard in assisting drivers, managing safety, truck management as well as equipment maintenance to take the company’s name to the next level. 

Diesel Mechanic

What’s a truck without a skilled mechanic? The company hires experienced mechanics to take care of their trucks. They are known for their skills in problem diagnosis and troubleshooting. Any mechanic has to work four days a week to keep things moving. 


Pride Transport Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

Since the employees keep the company in the business, Pride Transport is also dedicated to keeping them safe and happy. Whether we talk about salary or a range of benefits, an employee gets the maximum to keep a balance in his life. 

Let’s give an insight into facts and figures.

Pay Scale

An entry-level driver has a starting base pay from about 0.34 to 0.385 cents per mile. Similarly, a heavy truck or trailer driver is paid from $34k to $77k annually. When it comes to commercial truck drivers, they have the best salary packages. Their pay ranges from $52k to $136k per year, which is quite overwhelming.

One of the best things about Pride Transport is a $5000 sign-on bonus and paid orientation for the driver at the start. Likewise, a diesel mechanic gets a $1000 sign-on bonus. 


Almost all the employees earn a good living. The average salary of any company driver ranges around $45,659 per year. Similarly, a truck driver can make as much as $55k per year. When we talk about the hourly pay rate, the range is $16.27 per hour for a technician and almost $20.00 per hour for a local driver. 


The benefits package in Pride Transport is probably one of the best in the business. Listed below are some of the many benefits:

Life Insurance

Full-time employees of the company enjoy a life insurance policy. It covers $15k for the employee, $2k for a dependent child, and $5k for the spouse. 

Health and Dental

Pride Transport takes care of its employees very well and pays at least 70% of the health insurance plan for full-time employees. 

Supplemental Life Insurance

The company tends to offer supplemental life insurance at very low rates to help employees. 

Supplemental Financial Protection

In case of any health problem, the company offers supplemental financial protection in collaboration with Colonial Life. The insurance covers disability, accident, and other critical insurance. 

Paid Vacation

The employee gets to enjoy a paid vacation every year. Similarly, he gets six paid holidays around the year as well. 


Minimum Requirements For Pride Transport Drivers

While care, dedication, respect, and truth have helped Pride Transport mark its position on the market, you can’t deny the capabilities of their trained drivers. The company recruits only skilled and professional drivers to meet the standards.  

Just to name a few perks, a driver gets to travel in a good-looking truck with amenities such as a refrigerator and a radio satellite. However, it’s not that easy to work as an employee in the company. You have to fulfill certain requirements in order to be called a part of the family.

Whenever you intend to apply for a driver job in the company, the following criteria should be met.

  • A valid class A CDL (Commercial Driving License). 
  • Pass the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical.
  • Go through the hair follicle drug screening and pass it.
  • No DUI in the past ten years.
  • No record of more than two accidents as well as two moving violations in the last three years.

All the background decisions might differ from one case to another. If the applicant satisfies the above-mentioned criteria, he is most likely to qualify and join the Pride family of drivers. 


Pride Transport Reviews From Employees

Pride Transport is recognized across the country for providing a professional yet friendly environment where the drivers are the central focus. From paid training and refresher courses to a number of benefits, the company does almost everything to keep its employees satisfied. 

Whether you talk to a truck driver or a technician, almost everyone seems to be delighted working in the company. What they really like about it is the friendly atmosphere and open-door policy of the company. Anyone can approach the heads and talk his heart out regarding any issue. One of the current driver reviews:

“Family company. They make time to have fun. Open-door policies and great atmosphere.”

Furthermore, drivers really love the staff. According to them, the team members are extremely cooperative and do their best to facilitate the driver. The company puts the employees first and, of course, pays them well. 

Another good thing the drivers really enjoy is the flexible schedule. You can always manage the work according to your busy schedule. Moreover, the company arranges multiple workshops and training so you can constantly learn new things in a family-like atmosphere. 

The CEO is a really nice person and never takes your opinions for granted. Plus, monthly incentives act as a cherry on the top. 

Another current employee reviews, “Work-life with a refreshing balance!”


Pride Transport Locations

The headquarters of Pride Transport is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This company has almost 500 trucks that operate nationwide. With a great team of drivers, the company provides the utmost services to the community by moving goods to all parts of the United States. 

They constantly seek determined and reliable drivers to set the bar higher and higher every single day. It is currently operative in various parts of the United States and promises to deliver a great experience to its customers. 

Whether you live in Alabama or Ohio, Arizona or Washington, Maryland or Virginia, Pride Transport covers everything for you. The company also recruits new drivers at regular intervals to remain committed to its mission. Therefore, no matter what corner of the country you live in, it’s always possible for you to find a lucrative driving job in the company across the country. 

The company offers a great salary package in combination with an exceptional set of benefits to maintain its position as an innovator in the transportation industry. Moreover, the employees really enjoy a friendly and respectful working environment. Apart from attractive salaries and monthly incentives, the number one priority at Pride Transport is the safety of the driver. 


Owned by a family of truckers, Pride Transport believes in facilitating its employees. It is currently operative in various states of the country and provides great salary packages, plus the benefits offered to drivers can’t be matched. Hopefully, this article has helped you know enough about the management policy and culture of Pride Transport.

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