PGT Trucking

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Among famous and frontline transportation service companies in the US, you will always find the name of PGT Trucking. This company, on account of maintaining quality, transparency, and provision of facilities, has established a great reputation and become a center of attraction for employment seekers.

These days, when every person is in search of permanent, opportunistic, and satisfactory jobs, we recommend you all to consider career options provided by PGT Trucking.

Below, we have articulated all the necessary details regarding the company’s caliber, pay scale, designations, demands, and offerings. For your contentment, we also included a brief section that covers the reviews of PGT employees so that you can have a better outlook of the company.

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Who is PGT Trucking?

PGT Trucking is a renowned and well-settled freight company currently working in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Its inception came into being when a man, Patrick A. Gallagher, started transporting hauls of equipment in 1981. The business grew day by day, and soon after its beginning, the company expanded the areas of services and also included several other products in their cargo items.

At first, Mr. Patrick had limited resources; one tractor and two workers only. But as of now, the company works on a large scale having its headquarters in Aliquippa, 1000 power units, 1500+ trailers, and more or less 1000 talented employees. 

The list of items transported by PGT Trucking comprises steel and aluminum equipment, oil, raw materials, machinery, building materials, gas, and automotive parts. The most interesting thing about this firm is it ensures punctuality, commitment, and safety above all.


PGT Trucking Careers

PGT Trucking is a well-off company that earns huge profits every year. Behind its success, it involves remarkable teamwork. From taking orders to delivering them on time, a lot of people from different departments contribute their efforts following their respective responsibilities. 

Thus, a great professional team generally consists of 1000 individuals. Here, we are going to throw light on a few reputed posts it offers and on how important these are.

Business Development Representative

Such an individual incurs some extraordinary duties. He has to form strategies and plans for the progress of the firm. For this, he must execute some outdoor activities like making on-site visits, pointing out the flaws of employees there, and informing them of the needs of the hour. He also has to keep a strict check and balance on the condition and requirements of transportation equipment.

Driver CDL-A

A driver’s job is to transport hauls of the above-mentioned products to and from the industries. 

Director of Insurance

An insurance director basically handles matters related to the legal actions and procedures taking place as a result of the petitions filed by the business or individual opponent. He actively deals with analyzing documentation and regulating settlement negotiations with the plaintiffs.

Moreover, if an accident occurs, he must initiate and supervise investigation proceedings for the event and make arrangements for dealing with physical damages. 


PGT Trucking Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

Each employee working for PGT Trucking receives a handsome salary coupled with additional benefits, though these offerings are different for every post. For a person who is new here, it’s important to acknowledge the basic salary package and the amenities provided alongside the wages. 

Bountiful Salaries

A PGT Trucking employee earns $58,901 annually. It’s an average value because, as we mentioned earlier, the wages are not fixed or equal for every worker and experience level.

The average salary of a business development representative is $59,739 per year. A diesel mechanic earns an average of $46,927 annually.

The directors and CDL-A drivers fall into the category of the highest-paid employees in the firm. The annual pay of a qualified CDL-A driver ranges from $68,963 to $70,000. Meanwhile, the average wages of a director are around $233,569.

Abundant Facilities

Besides decent pay, PGT Trucking introduces a variety of generous amenities to its workers. It offers free medical facilities and insurance, promotions, quarterly bonuses, referral bonuses, life insurance, and flexible work schedules.

Paid Overtime and Paid Vacations

If an employee works overtime, the company values his services and grants him extra wages that he deserves. Not only that, but it also gives paid leaves and holidays to its employees.


Minimum Requirements For PGT Trucking Drivers

The number of PGT Trucking drivers is increasing fast in recent years. Every individual who aspires to join this flatbed company as a driver must meet certain compulsory requirements. To make the jobs easily reachable, it has kept the requirements basic, precise, and convenient. 

Let’s know what criteria you need to follow to get a driving job here.

  • First of all, the candidate must be at the age of 23, at least. People below 23 are not eligible.
  • The applicant must possess three years of experience off-the-road driving. If he had ever been associated with a flatbed driving job, then a two-year experience will be acceptable.
  • His MVR and CSA record must show points more than average. It will indicate that the applicant has no history of driving recklessly and can be relied upon for transporting hauls of valuable equipment.
  • A valid CDL-A license is also essential for acquiring a job. This license is actually the legal permission of transporting industry-related goods and equipment.
  • A DOT physical (Department Of Transportation) and drug screen test will be scheduled, which every applicant must pass. These tests aim at inspecting the presence of health issues or drug intake in the candidate.


PGT Trucking Reviews From Drivers

Where PGT Trucking succeeds in providing quality and timely services to its customers, it also takes care of its employees. From wages to amenities to a peaceful working environment, everything goes in favor of PGT Trucking.

This is the reason why people earnestly join it and also advise others to become a part of its driver community. During the research, we found numerous employees appreciating its pay scale. According to them, its salary package is what fascinated them the most. While giving opinions to other people, an employee said, “Competitive wages. Very professional and nice staff.”

“Good people working here. Excellent health insurance and 401K benefits. Advancement opportunities are available,” stated another employee. These words show that workers are very glad to have quarterly and referral bonuses, health facilities, retirement pensions, paid holidays, a comfortable atmosphere, safety measures, and relaxation in working schedules. 

A driver stated, “Family/home time is a priority. Health benefits for drivers and staff are solid. Trucks are fresh.”

“Kind people, family values, everyone’s safety is a top priority. Just an all-around great company to work for. I felt welcomed and appreciated,” expressed by one of its employees. On asking about the cons, he added, “I can’t think of any.”

In light of all these and other reviews, we can draw the conclusion that PGT Trucking fosters its employees and keeps them in high regard.


PGT Trucking Locations

In the beginning, the company had only two trucks and a few employees. But the restless efforts and witty course of action made this company stand out in the crowd. Today marks the presence of 1000 power units and 1500+ trailers under this company. With that being said, there is no doubt that people far and wide will witness its immense network in the upcoming years.

Its transporting services are available for both national and international cities. The US, Canada, and Mexico are places where it currently offers its services to the public and industries. There are many terminals situated in different cities of the aforementioned countries. In Aliquippa, there is a well-developed headquarter of this company.

Since it’s a US-based company, most of its offices are located in the US states. These states include South Carolina, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, and so on.

In Canada, its terminals are primarily found in Ontario, Quebec, and Western Canada. In short, it is smoothly managing and maintaining its services across the borders too.



Apart from competitive salaries, PGT Trucking gives access to benefits like quarterly bonuses, health insurance, and free medical treatment, paid leaves, good pay for working beyond duty hours, referral bonus, and much more. Moreover, its ever-growing business has extended to multiple cities of the US, Canada, and Mexico. 

We hope this review will be enough for you, and you end up choosing the right and bright career path.

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