Nationwide Transport Services

| Last Updated: August 1, 2020

Nationwide Transport is known for providing various freight shipping services to corporations, individuals, military, and large business owners. The company is fairly new and does not have many employees. But this works in its favor as it manages to work with people through its rental and lease purchase program.

Moreover, it also transports shipments from coast to coast and state to state. With its major offices located in Florida, Illinois, and Seattle, you can expect Nationwide Transporters to be a dominating force in the industry. 

The article covers a range of topics, from employment opportunities to benefits associated with it. Moreover, it also includes testimonials from employees, so you have a better picture of the brand. Since there is so much to discuss, let’s get started. 

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Who is Nationwide Transport Services? 

The company specializes in a number of areas concerning motorcycles, automobiles, and other oversized vehicles. The shipping service covers all 50 states and even covers some international locations like Spain, France, and Nigeria. Both auto transport as well as car transport services are available for all customers. 

Unlike many other large companies, Nationwide didn’t enter the marketplace decades ago. It is a privately-owned enterprise that was established in 2009, and in just ten years, it has managed to become a household name in the US. Moreover, honest policies and strong business ethics were used to establish the foundations of Nationwide Transport Services.


Due to its smaller size, the number of employees is also kept to a minimum size. With only 200 employees, Nationwide is still providing transport of cars, boats, heavy equipment, and refrigerated and perishable goods to thousands of customers. It also offers lease-purchase programs to individual drivers, thus providing them with greater autonomy over their businesses.

You will also be surprised to learn about the enormous tractors that the company possesses. Most of these come with high load capacities and can transport the heaviest of goods. Moreover, flatbed services offer a more rapid way of transporting your goods from one state to another.

Nationwide Transport Services Careers

Nationwide Transport takes huge pride in being a multi-dimensional company that offers a range of different jobs. These aren’t limited to those of truck drivers but also include office-based jobs. There is also a fully dedicated HR department that works tirelessly to keep everyone happy. Here is a brief description of all these jobs.

Dispatcher and Quality Control

This is a crucial job in the company because Nationwide Transport places great importance on quality control and testing. Every brand needs experienced specialists that can perform these checks on all transport entering and leaving the warehouses. You will need experience of at least three years to work in this department.

Transportation Claims Specialist

Logistics companies make use of these specialists to minimize fraudulent activities. But most importantly, these people help manage freight and other claims in most countrywide organizations, and it’s no different with Nationwide Transport Services.

Applicants hoping to get selected should possess good knowledge regarding insurance claims and should know effective ways to deal with all customers.


Auto Freight Broker

If you have one-year experience in the required field, you will probably be hired. This job requires you to provide customers with suitable quotes for the services. The quoting system is fully automated, and hence you won’t have to do a lot of calculations. But since the worker deals directly with the customer, it is important to be cordial and respectable.

Nationwide Transport Services Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

A good salary and incentives program is vital not only for attracting employees but also for retaining them. The company doesn’t have many employees, but the small number is still content and satisfied. The salary usually differs with the kind of job you do. However, for all employees, the additional benefits are the same.


On average, a truck driver will earn between $70,000 and $80,000 annually. This amount increases when you have sufficient experience. Freight brokers tend to earn $800 per week, and dispatchers tend to earn around $50,000 in a single year. Brokers earn relatively less. This is because their job doesn’t require much commitment.


Salary is not the only thing worth considering when you apply for a job, and Nationwide Transport Services knows the importance of additional incentives. Working with the company, you will get things like a 401k insurance plan. You will also get medical and dental insurance plans.

Bonuses and Paid Holidays

Nationwide Transport gives employees the option to work or take leave on days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day. Should the employees choose to work, they are well compensated for their efforts. 


Minimum Requirements For Nationwide Transport Services Drivers

Any company that has a strict yet reasonable policy for employment tends to do better in the market. This is because having these requirements enables you to have a good workforce that is both experienced and knowledgeable. You will have to fulfill this criterion if you want to be employed.


People working in offices and dealing with customers need to have a strong grasp of the English language. They should also have a clear and loud speaking voice so that they are able to interact with all their customers. Moreover, having computer skills is another minor requirement for people seeking jobs in the HR or operations department.


You can either work with the company as a full-time employee, or you can work with them on partial timings. If you are a full-time employee, you will be provided with a truck or car to transport goods. If you fall into the latter category, you might have to possess your own vehicle. You will also need to have a CDL. This is a commercial driver’s license that is different for each state. 

Age and Experience

Being of a certain age is important if you want to land a job at this corporation. Most employees, regardless of where they work, need to be at least 21 years of age before they can start. Drivers should also possess experience of one to three years.


Nationwide Transport Services Reviews From Employees

For any company to stand out and succeed in this dominant market, it is important to retain employee satisfaction. This is because the workers tend to be the backbone of any industry, and they not only help it grow but also help it to thrive. 

With the amazing salary packages and other incentives, workers are more than content working here. Moreover, since the company size is small, most employees have developed strong friendships and healthy work relationships with their peers.

But what they love most about working here is the amazing promotional opportunities. If you work hard and are dedicated to your job, then the chances are that you will be promoted to a better position in no time.

About Nationwide Transport Services, one employee says: “Okay, money and very competitive. Learned a lot about dealing with customers on a “not face to face basis” a lot of phone calls and emails and its 1099, so save your money because it takes a long time to get in the groove and learn the ropes.”

Another employee also shared his experience “If you have what it takes to be a good telemarketer and you’re good with computers, this is for you. You are always learning something new, and this job is an adventure behind a desk. You will look forward to this every day. I was not very good at this, but I wish I still did this. Stick with this. Total support from location managers and upper management. Family-owned business with great structure and endless opportunities to earn, This is a fast-paced environment with endless leads supplied by the company. Compensation is unmatched!”


Nationwide Transport Services Locations

Despite being in the market for only ten years, the company has managed to build offices in many major states of the US. These locations have been specially chosen because they offer a plethora of business opportunities. Moreover, these also serve as warehousing facilities where shipments come for quality checks and controls.

But that’s not the only reason for the choice. Places like Florida and Seattle see a huge influx in the construction of industries every year. These areas naturally demand services that are offered by Nationwide Transport Services.

But more importantly, since the company is still at a growing stage, it is important to keep budgeting constraints in mind. All the office spaces are kept small and sustainable. Moreover, only a few employees work at each of these locations to ensure a good profit margin. Here are all the Nationwide Transport Service Locations:

  • Florida 33309
  • West Palm Beach
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Seattle
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix
  • Boca Raton
  • Chicago



Whether you are looking for transporting services or you are seeking a worthwhile job, Nationwide offers amazing incentives. The company that was established in 2009 has built an amazing repute for itself, and thousands of customers rely on its services every day.

Employee satisfaction is also really high, and the diverse job opportunities provide you with ample opportunities to grow in your respective careers. So if you have had bad experiences with transporting companies in the past, associate yourself with Nationwide Transport Services, and you won’t ever be disappointed again. 

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