Kaplan Trucking Company

| Last Updated: August 1, 2020

Trucking is a job that consists of moving goods by road. It seems simple, but a whole industry has been built on this, consisting of companies that provide shipping content, using tractor-trailers, etc. 

The most important economic contribution of this industry is through the delivery of raw materials to various manufacturers. The rise in the industry in recent years also hints at the job opportunities available.

One of the best trucking companies operating today is Kaplan Trucking. With numerous locations and benefits, let’s say if it makes for a great place to work. 

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Who is Kaplan?

Kaplan was founded in 1934, and since then, it has been a leader in steel hauling. Upon its inception, it became one of the first few companies to receive the first-ever operating authorities (ICC MC-2304), which are still in use today. 

It has had a great record over the years as one of the oldest and most experienced flatbed trucking companies, which has continually provided services and met the transportation needs of different companies and contractors, such as steel processors, steel mills, aluminum, pipe, building products, etc. 

It operates more than 700 trucks, with 70 different terminals all across the eastern United States and Texas, with representatives present in every major area to help with the orders and to handle your transportation requirements.


Kaplan Careers

Since this is a trucking company, the main jobs offered are Owner Operator and Drivers for their trucks.


As an owner/operator, the main job is to help with and manage the loading and working of your truck. It seems pretty simple enough, but it is not just a job anyone can do. 

Kaplan moves and transports heavy machinery, steel, and other industrial-grade materials, which are quite expensive and need to be transported carefully. If you are experienced as an Owner Operator and want to increase your revenue, consider applying to them.


As a driver, the main job is to drive the truck to its required location or terminal. It is simple enough if you are an expert at driving freight trucks or trucks with large trailers. The material being moved in these trucks is large-scale and will be required to make goods as most of it is raw materials in bulk. If you are an experienced truck driver, consider applying to them.


This can include working at their terminal locations or main offices, with responsibilities such as managing, accounting, etc. 


Kaplan Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

Kaplan values its employees and is known for helping them build rewarding careers. The pay scale is market competitive, with differences when compared to different companies. 

The average yearly salary of an Owner Operator/Driver at Kaplan is $158,185, which comes with benefits such as fuel discounts, paid toll fees, employee discounts, as well as the overall benefits of insurance, vacations and holidays. 

With the base salary of an Owner Operator/Driver being $189,361, it is not all that great for a senior, but pretty good for an entry-level or mid-level employee. As for Staff Jobs, they offer benefits consisting of insurance, a 401k plan, employee benefits, vacations and holidays, etc. 

Minimum Requirements for Kaplan Drivers

The minimum requirements for an Owner/Operator/Driver at Kaplan are as follows:

  • Be 23 years old or more
  • A valid Class-A Commercial Driver’s License.
  • Two years of tractor-trailer operating experience.
  • A minimum experience of six months of hauling steel.
  • No greater than three moving violations in the course of the last three years.
  • Zero preventable accidents, which resulted in fatalities.
  • No previous drug or alcohol violations.
  • No previous DUIs, in any vehicle, in the course of the last five years.
  • A driving record clean of any sort of pattern of moving violations.
  • A clean background check with no drug charges.
  • No transportation or commercial-vehicle related felonies.


Kaplan Reviews From Employees

Kaplan offers an easy, friendly working environment for all of its employees. People have said that it is a great place to work, with a terminal employee stating that it has an overall supportive staff, a challenging career path and that if you have something unique to offer, you will be able to build your own position, in a way. They look at your strengths and put you where you will flourish. 

Another employee who works in management states that the workplace has a family vibe, and mostly everyone is helpful, as it is family-owned with an old school environment. There are holiday celebrations and food provided by management. But a small issue is that there is no diversity in management, which is really needed. 

Another employee, a former owner-operator, states that he greatly enjoyed working with Kaplan, as the staff was very helpful and accommodating, and he would recommend working for them if you have a truck to lease.

Kaplan Locations

Kaplan has locations and terminals all along the eastern US and in Texas. The details are as follows.

Corporate Headquarters

  • Cleveland, Ohio



  • Texas – Dallas, Houston, Lone Star, and San Antonio.
  • Louisiana – LA Place
  • Mississippi – Jackson
  • Alabama – Birmingham, and Decatur
  • Georgia – Atlanta, Gainesville, Madison and Thomasville
  • Florida – Orlando
  • South Carolina – Charleston
  • North Carolina – Charlotte and Oxford
  • Virginia – Richmond
  • Kentucky – Ghent, and Owensboro
  • Tennessee – Memphis
  • Arkansas – Blytheville, Little Rock, and Sparkman
  • Missouri – Rolla, and Sedalia
  • Minnesota – Minneapolis
  • Michigan – Detroit, Jackson, Lansing, and Melvindale
  • Ohio – Cleveland, Columbus, Steubenville, Toledo, and Zanesville
  • Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh and Philadelphia
  • Indiana – Indianapolis, Butler, and Gary
  • Illinois – Granite City, Peru, and Princeton
  • Kansas – Kansas City


Overall, Kaplan is a great company to work at, with a friendly and supportive environment as well as a good pay and benefits package. People who have worked here have loved it and recommend it for others. It is a good place to start if you are just beginning in the truck driving business.

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