J.B. Hunt Transport Services

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Sometimes, delivering cargo across the country becomes a necessity for effective business operations. This is where a viable transportation service comes in handy. Yes, we are talking about J.B. Hunt Transport Services.

Operating and delivering transportation services for several decades, J.B Hunt Transport Services is among the best cargo transportation companies

In this guide, we will shed light on some of their achievements and other prospects.

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Who is J.B. Hunt Transport Services?

J.B. Hunt Transport Services is among the largest logistics companies serving North America. It was first found in Arkansas on August 10, 1961; however, the first consignment was completed in 1983. They are quite renowned for delivering safe and reliable transportation services across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The company excels in providing quality to its diverse group of customers using a unified and inter-modal method. It also focuses on providing ultimate customer value and market-leading services. J.B. Hunt Transport Services offers logistics solutions to its customers. These include full truckload containerized cargo via containers and trailers.


J.B. Hunt Transport Services Careers

The company’s effective operations reach as far as Canada and Mexico, which clearly defines its service capability. However, to operate and deliver consignments across the massive terrain, it requires a large workforce.

Job openings at J.B. Hunt Transport Services particularly include truck driver jobs, office jobs as well as maintenance jobs.

Truck Driver Jobs

Drivers are the backbone of any logistics company. This is why all well-reputed organizations value their drivers. After all, it is the driver who ensures the load is delivered safely, timely, and efficiently. There are a number of driver jobs at J.B. Hunt Transport Services. Some of them include local, regional, over the road, straight, veteran, lease purchase, and owner-operators.

Office Jobs

Managing a vast area of operations not only requires a large team but a professional one too. Keeping this in mind, J.B. Hunt Transport Services has a number of job openings for regular office jobs. These include positions in IT, Operation, Administration, Marketing, Sales, and much more!

Maintenance Jobs

Well, you always have a chance to become a part of the maintenance team at J.B. Hunt Transport Services. If you are a mechanic or have the skills to maintain or repair J.B.’s owned vehicles, consider yourself lucky.


J.B. Hunt Transport Services Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

J.B. Hunt Transport Services promises great prospects when it comes to employee salary and benefits. As one of the largest logistics companies in North America, it generates huge revenue and profits. And that does reflect when it comes to their employee pay scales, salary, and benefits.

J.B. Hunt Services has over 20,000 employees employed in 400 different facilities across 48 different states. Being one of the best transportation service providers in North America, it offers market-competitive packages.

Salary and benefits at J.B. Hunt Transport Services differ on the basis of titles. Here is a brief overview of the salaries of different employees.

Driving Jobs

As mentioned earlier, there are various driving job opportunities at J.B. Hunt Transport Services. Each job has a different responsibility and, thus, a different pay scale. For example, the average annual salary for a truck driver at J.B. is $52,075, while it is $79,890 for a local driver. 

Similarly, an owner-operator driver can expect an average annual salary of up to $129,892. Moreover, a delivery driver can expect a $20 hourly wage rate at J.B. Hunt Transport Services.

Office and Maintenance Jobs

Office and maintenance jobs at J.B. Hunt Transport Services are also promising. As a trailer mechanic, you can earn $20.18 per hour and $14.92 hourly as a material handler.

Likewise, for office jobs, a management trainee can earn as much as $52,379 per year.


Minimum Requirements for J.B. Hunt Transport Services Drivers

To join the elite group of drivers at J.B. Hunt Transport Services, there are certain criteria that need to be met. Almost every organization has a set of standards that determines persistent quality over time. These standards or minimum requirements must be met before you can become a part of the team.

The following are the minimum requirements for J.B. Hunt Transport Services drivers.

Driver’s License

A driver’s license is a minimum requirement for any driving job. It is to ensure the safety of the driver as well as other civilians. Having a driving license means possessing the driving skills to move along the road. There are various licenses that determine your driving role at J.B. Hunt Transport Services. It can be either a Class, A, B, C, or a CDL-A license.

Prior Experience

Yes, you need prior driving experience before you can join the professional group of drivers at J.B Hunt Transport Services. Here, you will need three months of CDL-A experience before you can qualify for Class A driving jobs.

Track Record

It is necessary that you have a clean driving record before you can join J.B. Hunt Transport Services. In addition, the company also verifies whether the individual has any previous criminal records or not before hiring.


J.B. Hunt Transport Services Reviews From Employees

J.B. Hunt Transport Services is acknowledged as the most pristine transportation services in North America. With an enormous workforce and sheer dedication of its employees, the company touches its peak success. Their professional employees and well-balanced standards have allowed them to grow even more.

Bringing the quality of services, reliability, and customer satisfaction, and providing nothing less than the best has made J. B Hunt Services a world-renowned logistics company. The good thing about this company is that it values its employees. The employees are paid well with multiple benefits and high pay scales. As a result, employee motivation and monetary benefits reflect in their hard work and commitment.

What do the employees themselves have to say about J.B. Hunt Transport Services? Let’s find out.

“Our management and staff are the best at keeping us ready and on our p’s and q’s. The company’s policies make the team operate safely and effectively.”

“Overall a very good company to work for, the pay is above average, employers really care about employees, trucking wise, top of the line equipment, excellent maintenance, excellent benefits.”

“A good week’s work with weekends off and holidays for local drivers with great benefits healthcare and 401-k also vacation time means time to spend with the family that’s a big plus.”


J.B. Hunt Transport Services Locations

J.B. Hunt Transport Services operates continentally throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They offer industry-leading and capacity-oriented logistics solutions to their diverse group of customers. Being in the moving business since 1961, J.B Hunt Transport Services is a customer-focused transportation service. Their ultimate goal is to provide quality and customer satisfaction with reliable and effective services.

The company offers a number of services in its coverage areas. These include:

  • Full Truckload Transportation Services
  • Container and Trailer Transportation Services
  • Customized Freight Transportation Services
  • Revenue Equipment
  • Customized Labor and System Services

J.B. Hunt Transport Services provide enhanced multiple services, thanks to the effective utilization of their business segments. In addition, the company also delivers efficient logistics services through third parties, which depicts a clear competitive advantage. It is not only able to offer value to its customers but also generates huge revenues and profits.

The company itself started operations by 1983. With its reliable services, J.B. Hunt Transport Services has gained reputation all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It believes in operating through unique business strategies and state-of-the-art equipment, which makes them one of the best logistics companies.


If you are looking for a reliable transportation service, J.B. Hunt Transport Services is simply unmatched. It offers not only reliable logistics solutions but also has wide coverage. At the same time, it offers great future prospects if you wish to start a career here.

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