Highway Transport

| Last Updated: August 1, 2020

If you live in the USA, the chances are that you have heard or even used the services of Highway Transport. The company’s mission is simple; it focuses on providing the best and the most reliable bulk transportation services to thousands of residents. 

The employees are also given a home-like environment where they learn to respect and obey their superior officers and hence build a relationship of trusted commitment. Moreover, the salary package, as well as other incentives for the workers, is immense, but more on that later.

The article focuses on the company’s history, its locations, and the many services that it offers. There is also a separate section containing testimonials from the employees. This will provide you with first-hand knowledge of how it is to be a Highway Transport driver.

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Who is Highway Transport? 

Established in 1948, Highway Transport has seen its fair amount of highs and lows. It is a tanker and trucking company that specializes in chemical transport services. Although its headquarters are in Tennessee, Highway Transport has its offices located in a lot of major states of the US. 

The Watkins family is the original owner of the motor line and started the business with a single truck. Then, in between 1948 and 1992, the company increased in both size and grandeur. Later that year, Highway Transport began its business in Canada, thus further expanding its routes.

In the last decade alone, the enterprise has received two major awards. These are the Dow Chemical award and the Responsible Care Partner of the year award. The latter one hints at the company’s dedicated environmental policies. This award is also specifically given to brands that showcase superb performance and amazing safety records in the transportation of chemicals.

With over 500 employees, Highway Transport has also been hailed for its excellent homely office environment. This privately-held enterprise now enjoys an unparalleled reputation in the market. All logistical demands are given separate attention, and customers are always given priority in all matters financial. 

As for the services, Highway Transport deals with logistics, trucking, liquid transporting, and bulk liquid transportation. You can also get services in all major states of the USA.


Highway Transport Careers

An amazing thing about Highway Transport is the amazing diversity it offers. For applicants, there are loads of job offerings. You won’t only have opportunities in the driving sector, but you can also get an equally good job opportunity in the logistics and office sector. Here are all the career options available for aspirants.

Chemical Tanker Driver

This is the most sought-after position in the company and is regarded highly because of the many benefits that come with it. Highway Transport is constantly on the lookout for a group of people who are not only exceptional at their job but also deliver on the promise of integrity and dedication. Drivers should also be aware of the high weight of a chemical tanker and hence be aware of the great responsibility of carrying such a truck.

System OTR Drivers

These are over-the-road or long-haul drivers that have to cover a large distance to transport all the equipment. They are also required to spend days or even weeks on the road and hence must be fine with staying away from home for longer durations. Such employees also need to have a good experience to get the job.

Regional Drivers and Transport Tanker

As the name suggests, these drivers will be responsible for transporting goods from one place to another. These are usually short distances that need to be covered for regional services. These are often perishable goods that require special care and attention.


This is one of the most famous office jobs that the company offers. Owner-operators usually run day-to-day operations of the company whilst remaining in their offices.

They are also required to maintain a professional attitude with all customers. Most customer service jobs also come under this category.


Highway Transport Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

Employees who work at Highway Transport are more than content with their jobs. This is because the company offers some amazing incentives, and its pay scale, as well as its additional bonuses, is really large. Here are some reasons why employees choose to work here.


On average, people working in the truck driving sector earn up to $70,000 annually. This amount is much higher than what most other companies offer. Moreover, all the employees get a sign-on bonus of up to $3000. The bonus also increases if you are employed in a high-demand region. Moreover, since Highway Transport had brought a plethora of new tractors in 2018, drivers also get to enjoy their jobs.

Standard Benefits

This is also a never-ending list that includes the non-monetary benefits that all employees enjoy. The workplace environment is enriched with family values and ethics. All employees are treated with respect and dignity, and only healthy competition is promoted amongst them. There is also no-slip seating, which is another added benefit for workers.

Paid Holidays

You will also be glad to know that Highway Transport offers a load of paid leaves and holidays. Unlike other companies, it doesn’t force you to work on these special occasions, but should you choose to do it, you will get additional pay for New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Eve. 


Minimum Requirements For Highway Transport Drivers

The requirements differ according to the jobs at Highway Transport. If you work in the logistics department, you might be evaluated on the basis of your age and experience. On the other hand, if you work in the warehousing department, strong work ethics might be the key to your selection. But here is a gist of the basic requirements

Age and Experience

Most drivers need to be above 23 years of age if they want to work here. This is because they are required to travel for long hours and cover long distances. This demands a certain responsible attitude that only comes with age. Minimum one-year experience is important, but the company prefers employees who are a bit older and have spent ample time in related services.

Tanker & Hazmat Endorsements Required

This endorsement is required because it gives most drivers the ability to deliver and transport hazardous materials with care and attention. It is also applicable to certain states and specific routes. To get such an endorsement, drivers will have to complete an application and have to go through a background check.

TWIC Card Required

This is a specialized card that is required by most employees when they apply for a job at Highway Transport. This not only provides additional documentation as well as fingerprints, but it also allows the company to get an accurate facial photo. People who don’t have a driver’s license or a US passport will not be given this card.


Highway Transport Reviews From Employees

Employees are more than content with their job experience at Highway Transport. The sheer number of incentives and the impressive salary package are up to their standards, and the yearly bonus acts as another means for satisfaction.

Among the things employees have praised the most is the homely environment. Each worker is treated with respect and admiration, and there are great chances for promotion. Moreover, the company discourages office disputes between workers, and the presence of a dedicated HR department helps people resolve any minor and major issues that they might have.

One employee says that “The Watkins family is a solid trucking family with a lifelong commitment to the trucking industry. Trucking and logistics will always be at our core.” 

There are other testimonials available from a number of different employees who have spent their life working in this privately-held company. 


Highway Transport Locations

Highway Transport has, over the years, expanded and built its offices in a number of different locations. These have been strategically chosen to give both the employees and the shareholders the maximum profits. These have also proven to be more fruitful in the company’s vision for 2030.

  • Tennessee – The state is known as the music state of the US and is hence home to a lot of music enthusiasts. A lot of tourists visit it to enjoy a rich heritage. The cities with Highway Transport offices include Chattanooga, Corporate HQ, and Knoxville.
  • Texas – The company has offices in Freeport, Garland, and La Porte. The state is known for harboring a lot of people, which obviously translates into more business.
  • Kentucky has only one office, which is based in Florence, the city with one of the richest histories. 
  • Pennsylvania – The area is home to one of the largest manufacturing steel industries in all of the US. This provides a load of logistical business.
  • Illinois – Joliet is the only place with an existing office
  • Michigan also has only one office. The relatively lower population of the state might be one reason for that.



With such a well-established repute, it’s no wonder that people trust Highway Transport to deliver their goods from one place to another. Their services are not limited to only trucking but also include warehousing as well as chemical transport. 

With over 500 employees, the company boasts having offices in all major states of the US. It also has an office in Canada which means that you can get international deliveries made too. So if you are looking to get employed at one of the best companies in the country, then this must be the first place you look at. 

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