Estes Express Lines

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Online shopping has helped freight transportation develop its roots more securely than ever. 

There are many small and large businesses that need the shipping of their products. And companies like Estes Express Lines are working round the clock to meet their needs. 

Read on to see what makes Estes Express Lines the right choice for transportation of your good. Along with that, see why it makes for a great place to work. 

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Who is Estes Express Lines?

Estes Express Lines is a big name in the transportation business in the United States. W.W. Estes established the company in 1931, and it is still owned by the Estes family. The company has gained a reputation with the devotion of the family to flourish it. The customer care service and prompt delivery of products have helped them distinguish themselves further. 

At present, they have more than 30,000 trailers and over 6,700 tractors. The well working network of 200 terminals helps in making nationwide as well as cross-border deliveries. Another important detail about the company is that it currently has 19,000 employees. 


Estes Express Lines Careers

Estes Express Lines has employed thousands of people and still needs more onboard. No wonder such a huge network has to have versatile career opportunities. So, let’s have a look at some of the jobs offered there. 

Dock Workers

There have to be many dock workers to load and unload the trucks. So, they need to be able to handle heavyweights. They also have to deal with the cleanliness and maintenance of the docks. 


Drivers are required to deliver shipments nationwide, so they need to be alert and active. The driver needs to procure the CDL while applying for the job.

Customer Care Workers

With the rapid increase in shipment orders, more customer care workers will be helpful for the company. They need both home-based and office-based workers for this job. 

Terminal Clerk

There is a job for a terminal clerk who will be responsible for taking calls and dealing with people promptly. The terminal clerk has to enter data about shipments in the dispatch system along with checking in with the drivers. 

Benefits Administrator

Estes Express Lines needs benefits administrators who communicate between insurance vendors and employees. They have to make several calls and provide medical certificates to employees. 

Estes Express Lines Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

The workers at Estes Express Lines get handsome salaries for their work. They are even rewarded for their hard work and dedication at the end of the year. Let’s see the salary and benefits that the employees there enjoy. 

Pay Scale and Salary

The pay scale is different for all the job descriptions. The company has fixed it after careful analysis of the work that each person has to do. They have even considered the pay scale of rival companies as well. A team driver there has a pay scale of $84,707 per year, while for customer care representatives, it is $26,638 per year. 

Employees get their salaries on a weekly or monthly basis, based on their work hours. Dockworkers make about $19.43 per hour, whereas drivers get up to $61,911 per year. 


Estes Express Lines offers many benefits to its employees as they consider them to be an asset to the company. There is dental insurance as well as disability and health insurance. Workers enjoy the vision and life insurance by the company as well. 


Minimum Requirements for Estes Express Lines Drivers

Estes Express Lines drivers need to be dutiful and responsible. The company is very particular about the requirements for a driver. Here are the minimum requirements that you have to meet to drive for Estes Express Lines.


The applicant needs to have at least a high school diploma or General Educational Degree (GED). Any other equivalent of these is welcome, too, which can provide a better background to drivers. 

Work Experience

Keeping in view the FMCSA regulations, Estes Express Lines requires the drivers to be at least 21 years of age. They should have prior working experience of at least one year. They should be able to verify their job experience and have a credible work history. 


The applicants should possess Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). They need to clear the FMCSA drug and alcohol test as well.

Other Requirements

The drivers are required to have a clean work record of over five to ten years. Any past felonies can seriously lower your chances of getting employed. They should be physically fit enough to forklift a minimum of 7,500 lbs vehicle. They should also be able to pull or push 75 lbs on their own.


Estes Express Lines Reviews From Employees

The employees at Estes Express Lines have been very happy with the work conditions and salary. They also love the employee awards at the end of each year. The workers believe that these awards help them feel appreciated and acknowledged. 

The employees find the work here quite simple as the instructions are clear. A Class A truck driver there says, “A typical day at work would involve coming to work, finding the truck, preforming a pre-trip inspection and picking up paperwork from dispatch, verifying trailers, hooking up and preceding to my destination. Drop trailers, pick up another set, and return home.” This shows how the workers stick to the plan and have a smooth work experience. 

The employees here have better growth opportunities and work conditions. According to a former fork lifter at Estes Express Lines, “All around a good company to work for and has career opportunities to work for. Management and employees are mostly great to work with. Hours are also reasonable.” 

Estes Express Lines Locations

Estes Express Lines is a leading name in the freight transportation industry. They have over 200 terminals all over the United States. They have state headquarters in all 50 States to ensure effective communication with all units. They have over 18 terminals in California alone as there is a greater shipment delivery demand there.

Florida and Georgia have a high density of terminals in their cities as well. Ohio has eight while Pennsylvania has nine terminals. So, Estes Express Lines has truly covered each state based on the need for transportation there.



Considering all this, Estes Express Lines can be a great choice for you to get a head start in your career. They have adequate payments as well as bonuses and insurances. The workload is compensated with extra payment, so you should apply there for a job that you are fit for. 

People Also Ask

Well, we have tried to bring all the information about Estes Express Lines that a potential employee might need. But, there are some additional questions that people ask about it. So, here are the answers to those queries to help clear all your confusion.

Is Estes Express a Union Company?

No, Estes Express Lines is a non-union company. It is a family-owned business, and the owners care about smooth working conditions. They are directly involved in all the matters, so there is no need to turn Estes Express Lines into a union company.

How Many Terminals Does Estes Express Lines Have?

Estes Express Lines is a rapidly expanding transportation company. They have more than 200 terminals that deliver goods in all the states. They even deal with shipments to neighboring countries. And the 200 plus terminals are more than enough to cover all these areas efficiently. 


Is Estes Express a Good Company to Work For?

Yes, Estes Express Lines is an amazing company to work for. This is a family-owned business, and the owners deal with all of the employees’ plights diligently. The salary and benefits make it worth all the work that you do for them. 

What Do Estes Tracking Numbers Look Like?

The tracking numbers for Estes Express Lines shipments have ten digits. This enables them to allocate a functional tracking number to all the orders nationwide. Their tracking facility is both precise and thorough, so there are hardly any issues with it.

How Many Employees Does Estes Express Lines Have?

Estes Express Lines is the largest LTL company in the United States, so it needs a multitude of employees. At present, they have more than 19,000 workers who are working in different departments for the company. They have more vacancies as they are continuously expanding their business. 

Does Estes Express Hire Felons?

The administration at Estes Express Lines hires responsible workers as they are accountable for their service. But, there is leniency if the felony was committed over five to ten years. The nature of felony affects the chances of being given a job. 

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