Ergon Trucking

| Last Updated: August 1, 2020

If you’re looking for a great company for a head start for your trucking career, then you’ve arrived at the right place.

In this article, you will learn all about Ergon Trucking and the opportunities that you can avail of here.

So, without any delay, let’s take a look at a bright future with Ergon Trucking.

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Who is Ergon Trucking?

Ergon Trucking is a world-leading transport company that specializes in delivering fragile products with sensitive requirements safely. From crude oils to different chemicals, Ergon Trucking handles all sorts of materials in a safe and efficient manner.

The company has its headquarters nestled in Jackson, Mississippi, and functions in 48 states as well as Canada. It is a family-operated company founded by Leslie Lampton back in 1954, with successful operations running ever since.

The trucking brand also has a sub-company by the name of Ergon, which refines and distributes petroleum-based products. They are known for their reliable, impressive, and safe services.

Ergon Trucking Careers

Ergon offers various positions to apply for in their company. They offer training and growth opportunities to all their employees, whether it be an engineer or an operator. Let’s take a look at some of the careers offered by Ergon:

Ergon Inc. Accountant

The accountant is in charge of handling all the financial records, including costing and analysis of the statements for the company. They have to make wise judgments about the position of the company and adhere to the budgets provided. The job itself requires a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and prior experience of at least two years.

Ergon Inc. Senior Process Engineer

This job offers the opportunity to improve manufacturing methods and keep an eye on the operations. The quality of the products is in the hands of the process engineer, who should adhere to costs and environmental guidelines. The person assigned the job will be in charge of designing and managing the product and conduct research on how to improve its quality.

A bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and three years of prior refinery experience is mandatory for this job. The candidate should also have cleared the Functional Job Capacity Evaluation (FCE).

Ergon Inc. Utility Operator

A utility operator here would be in charge of packaging the product as well as making sure it is well prepared for shipment. The candidate must also handle heavy items without any problem, and a high school diploma for this job is preferred.

Ergon Trucking Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

Ergon Trucking is basically an Equal Opportunity Employer, which means that it aims to provide the same treatment to all employees regardless of their age, gender, race, etc. They offer good benefits and salaries to their workers and center their work around employee motivation and morale.

Company Driver

The company driver gets an attractive salary as well as other fringe benefits. The local truck driver’s salaries range from $23-$25 per hour, along with a $1000 sign-on bonus, 401k plan, bonus sharing, health, and dental care, paid leaves, uniforms, and safety bonus of up to $2000 a year.

Transportation Department

The Transportation Department at Ergon is in charge of the maintenance, construction, and planning of the transport infrastructure. They are paid $53k on average annually as their salary, along with other benefits listed above.

Distribution Department

The distribution department is in charge of controlling what goes in and out of the warehouse, and are responsible for handling the inventory carefully. The employees get an average salary of $55k, along with other compensation benefits and bonuses. They also get a 401k plan, profit sharing, and health insurance as well as dental care.

Minimum Requirements for Ergon Trucking Drivers

In order to be a part of Ergon Trucking and working as their driver, you need to go over some of the key requirements that need to be met. The prerequisites of becoming a truck driver for Ergon includes:

  • Being at least 23 years of age
  • Having at least one year of tractor-trailer driving experience
  • Must be examined and physically qualified to drive a commercial vehicle
  • Should have a CDL with HAZMAT to handle chemicals and other fragile shipments
  • The applicant must have/be able to get a TWIC at the time of application
  • Should not have a moving violations history of more than twice in the last 36 months of their work
  • Should not be convicted for drug or alcohol abuse in the last ten years
  • Should not have a criminal record or any felonies in the past

If you have tanker experience, then it’s a plus! If you want a job as a trucking driver, Ergon offers many benefits as well as a good salary package. However, make sure that you tick off all these requirements before considering applying for the job.

Ergon Trucking Reviews From Employees

If you want to get to know more about the company and its employees, you can read up the reviews of different workers at Ergon. Their testimonials can give you a better insight of the company policies and the work environment as well.

Ergon is an equal opportunity employer and does not engage in any discrimination between its employees. Every single employee at Ergon is treated equally, and with kindness and respect. The workers are also provided with the best safety measures to ensure their health at all times. They are provided with safe uniforms and equipment to deal with hazardous chemicals and are physically evaluated before they are given a job.

The employees are also well-versed with each other and have a positive, engaging, and communicative environment. Everyone knows and has fun with each other, and that makes the work more enjoyable and motivating.

Loyal employees are also recognized and given their due credits, and each member of the Ergon team is treated like a family. The clan culture at Ergon is very much intact, and in the words of their trusted driver, “Ergon Trucking gives me a good day’s wages for a good day’s work. It’s a great company to drive for.”

Ergon Trucking Locations

Ergon functions in different terminal locations and is equipped to manage hazardous or fragile materials. The terminals are each staffed with a trained manager, dispatcher, and efficient riders. Some of the places where these trucking terminals are located include:

  • Ergon Trucking, Inc. -8700 Industrial Dr. Houston, TX 77029
  • Shreveport, LA -5913 Highway 157 Haughton, LA 71037

The main dispatching and distribution that takes place here include products such as base oils, petroleum products, lube oils, and lube oil additives. 

  • Baton Rouge, LA -7088 Greenwell Springs Rd. Building #B Baton Rouge, LA 70805
  • Vicksburg, MS -697 Haining Road Vicksburg, MS 39183-9069

This area is popular for the distribution and transportation of asphalt, transformer oils, emulsions, and other petroleum-based products.

  • Petal, MS -929 US Highway 11 North Petal MS 39465

Petal is famous for distributing asphalt, chemicals, lube oils, and propane.

  • Jackson, AL -205 Clolinger Road Jackson AL 36545

Emulsions, lube oils, asphalt, and other chemicals are distributed in Jackson.

  • Marietta, OH- 35020 State Rt. 7 Newport, OH. 45768-5236

Crude oil, resins, waxes, lube oils, and bright stocks are the most popular items that are transported and delivered  in Marietta, Ohio.

  • Mercer, PA -944 New Castle-Mercer Road Mercer, PA. 16137

Lube oils, waxes, bright stocks, and other petroleum-based products are handled and shipped in Mercer.


Hopefully, this article was helpful in guiding you about your career at Ergon. The company is very positive and supportive of its stakeholders and ensures that all workers are well taken care of. They also provide a healthy work environment for their drivers and put their safety first.

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