Campbell Express

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Many times, when it comes to trusting a company with their precious shipments, people struggle in finding the right choice. But no more!

Campbell Express is a trusted name in the trucking and transportation business. It is a company that has been built over many decades and promises consistency, efficiency, and reliability. For many, they are the first choice when it comes to their transportation needs. Resultantly, the company makes for a good place to be employed at.

Let’s take a look at why it is special and what it offers as a company to its employees!

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Who is Campbell Express? 

Campbell Express was founded back in 1900 and, since then, has been a promising name in the transportation industry. Mr. Campbell, the founder of the company, used to walk around in Philadelphia to pick up the orders he had received from local merchants of Pittman and Glassboro, New Jersey.After numerous efforts, struggles, and hard work, he was able to purchase his first truck in 1918 and started using the name Campbell’s Auto Express to make people aware of how he was using an Auto where many others were still using a horse or buggy. The company was sold to Mr. Randall Worthington in 1923 and continued operation with just a couple of trucks.

Campbell Express Careers

If you plan on joining Campbell as an employee, it would be greatly beneficial to learn the different career pathways offered by the company. They have many working positions, each of which requires a different set of skills. Let’s take a look at them in detail to better understand:

Operations Manager 

This is a very important role in the company’s management. An operations manager is concerned with designing and controlling the business operation. A person looking to apply for this position should have the skillset and innovation to handle that kind of responsibility and help take the organization to the next level while keeping it running smoothly.


Safety Director

The safety director position is also of great importance. They are required by the company to make the employees and work conducive to a safe working environment. As the name suggests, they don’t just comply with the health safety and sanitary programs but also the legal and official side of the business.

Customer Service

Campbell Express is renowned for its impeccable customer service. The company has built a brand of itself by providing quality services that comply with the needs of the consumers. Thus, this position is of great importance to this company. It requires people skills and a sharp, innovative mind capable of handling and providing all that consumers need.

Campbell Express Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

One of the most inquired aspects of working at Campbell Express is the pay scale and the salary they offer. It is important to understand the salary, pay scale, and benefits that come along with working at Campbell Express. Let’s take a more detailed look at this so you can have a basic understanding of what to expect in this regard.

Pay Scale and Salary

The pay scale and salary offered by the company are highly competitive in the market standard. In fact, it is more than what most companies offer. They differ with the position one has in the company.The pay scale is greatly affected by age, experience, and expertise. Thus, anyone starting with the company can expect to be offered a fair wage, which is better than many of the competing companies.


The working environment is a crucial aspect of any company you work for. One of the major benefits that Campbell Express offers is that of an incredibly courteous and friendly working environment, which is reflected in the customers as well. Along with this, the company is applauded for holding safety standards in high regard.


Minimum Requirements for Campbell Express Drivers

Campbell Express is one of the best transportation companies in the states and is highly regarded by its loyal consumer base. Working as a driver at Campbell is a fruitful and desired experience for many due to these reasons. But it is important to understand what exactly is required while working as a driver here. Thus, let’s take a look at the minimum requirements for Campbell express drivers:

The number one requirement for working as a Campbell Express driver is that of having a driver’s license with a good record. There needs to be an understanding of responsibilities and duties that come with the job, such as loading and unloading shipments carefully, time management, maintenance of equipment, etc. The driver must be of legal age.

There might be other responsibilities that are given to the driver by the manager or authorities relating to the shipment that might require further qualifications; however, these are the basic ones.

Campbell Express Reviews from Employees

Campbell Express is many things and one of which is a well-reviewed company that is held in high regard by employers and consumers. Let’s take a look at what employees say about the organization:

A former employee who claims to have worked full time for ten years said:

“Great pay with overtime after 8 hours (uncommon in trucking) Good benefits and home every night…”

Another former full-time employee said:

“Long hours and hard work but good pay. Very tiring but organized and easy.”

There were many glowing reviews for the company by ex-employees who found the management incredibly courteous, and the equipment used to be up to date. Furthermore, some employees also found that safety and health were of great concern to the company, which is great.


Campbell Express Locations

Campbell Express is a highly regarded transportation company in many cities of the states. They are known to deliver the shipment in excellent condition without any damage. However, their services differ in terms of work throughout the locations they operate in due to the distance. Let’s take a look at how many locations they offer their services and how these differ.

  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • New York City and surrounding Boroughs
  • Long Island, NY
  • Washington, DC

Campbell Express offers overnight privileges to these cities. Points located within a 150-mile radius of Pitman get overnight shipping due to the one terminal operation.

Other locations include:

  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • New York

As far as these locations are concerned, they have selected points where the company operates. One can easily call and get information on whether or not there is a point of the company in their particular zip code area.

The company operates with 78 trucks and has over 145 employees that work in their trucking and warehousing operation. They have a variety of trucks available, and the truck delivering your shipment will be dependent upon the nature of the delivery. The company is known to provide excellent warehousing services as well, which further adds to its services.



Campbell Express has been around since 1900. Over the decades, the company has built a strong and trusting relationship with customers, which is why it is one of the best transportation companies. This post was aimed at providing you with all the necessary information you need to know about Campbell Express, and whether it is a good company to work for. Hopefully, you have found the information you came searching for.

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