Arnold Transportation Services

| Last Updated: August 1, 2020

Manufactured products, multiple deliverables, construction equipment, and multiple other goods get transported every day from one part of a country to another part of the country. 

People prefer to rely on reliable, flexible, premium, and cost-friendly transportation services. Well-reputed transportation services companies take care of their customers as well as their employees.

One such company is Arnold Transportation Services and can be a great place to work. Here’s what you need to know!

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Who is Arnold Transportation Services? 

Arnold Transportation Services dates back to the 1930s, and it has a rich history. This company was established in the United States of America when LebArnold was established in Lebanon, PA. The majority of people choose Arnold Transportation Services for the fulfillment of their regional transportation needs.

The giant transportation services company has experts onboard that are dedicated to designing agile, seamless, and flexible transportation solutions. It provides its services through Truckload Operations, Dedicated Solutions, and Logistics Support. The team at Arnold Transportation Services believes that through providing safe and scalable services, they will increase customer satisfaction and grow their business.


Arnold Transportation Services Careers

Whenever there is talk about transportation services, there is some mention of Arnold Transportation Services. This company has provided multiple consistent career opportunities in the transportation business since its birth. Currently, approximately 572 employees work at Arnold Transportation Services.

Multiple jobs are available at this company. Usually, they revolve around safety, professional driving, sales, customer service, maintenance, and administration. If you go to their official website, you will see two different job categories:


These non-driver jobs are for people who are looking to be employed in the administration, customer service, and maintenance department. If you are skilled in the administration or safety department, then you should apply for this job. These come with a long list of benefits, such as legal resources, employee assistance programs, long-term/short-term disability terms, health insurance, and a couple of others.


If you think you have what it takes to drive wheels, then you should apply for a professional driver job. For these jobs, you have to fill out a form, and there are some criteria set by Arnold Transportation Services that you are required to complete. Not only will you grow in this company, but you will have enough opportunities to learn.

Arnold Transportation Services Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

If there is a transportation company that will never let you down, it is Arnold Transportation Services. Both as an employee and customer, it aims to offer the best services. Most of the people working at this company enjoy a handsome salary with a couple of perks.

Most regional drivers at Arnold Transportation Services earn around $300 per week, approximately. On the other hand, local drivers can make up to $1,000 a week. The average pay of a recruiter in Human Resources is $38K, a fleet manager in the operations department is $41K, an accountant in the finance and accounting department is $39K, and the account manager in the sales department is $59K. This salary and pay scale are not fixed, and with experience, they only keep on increasing.

Arnold Transportation Services makes sure that its hardworking, dedicated employees are awarded benefits such as life planning, access to legal resources, FSA account, and employee assistance program. 

In addition to this, health, dental, and vision visits are also compensated. The company also offers some relief in case of long-term and short-term disability. It has a policy that pays benefits to the beneficiary in case of the accidental death of the employee.


Minimum Requirements for Arnold Transportation Services Drivers

No one will allow you to sit behind a big steering wheel without any test, especially the transportation service sector. Trucks are a big deal in this industry, and the entire business is dependent on them. Arnold Transportation Services has set some minimum requirements that are mandatory to meet for all aspiring professional drivers:

We have mentioned some of those requirements below:

  • The potential driver must have graduated from a driving school that is accredited by Arnold Transportation Services.
  • If the candidate’s age is less than 21 years, they are not eligible for this job.
  • Aspiring drivers must have a Class A CDL issued from the state they live in. A CDL from a state that is irrelevant to them will be discarded.
  • Passing all mandatory physical and knowledge tests is mandatory. So candidates applying for a professional driver position must possess the required ability.
  • If the candidate has an employment record, it must be clean and stable.
  • Potential candidates must not have faced issues such as a license suspension in the last five years.
  • Must not have a record of hit and run DUI, DWI, careless or reckless driving, theft, auto theft, and homicide, illegal possession of drugs, substance abuse record, and drag racing in the previous six years.
  • The driver applying for this position must not have major felony convictions.


Arnold Transportation Services Reviews From Employees

Due to their outstanding employee care policies, most of the employees at Arnold Transportation Services have something positive to say about this company. They have said that this place offers plenty of opportunities to develop, grow, and maintain customer relationships. 

Here, employees have constant support from managers. “Moving freight from state to state in a safe but timely manner to supply the customers with the product they need to keep their business and company up to their standards,” reported one of the truck drivers.

Employees have said that it is a great place to work; the pay is decent, and the environment is not stressful at all. Facilities offered to the driver are remarkable. Calling this one of the best companies he has ever worked in, one satisfied employee has shared his views: “I had so much room for advancement with this company.”

The location of this company is great, and its headquarters is spacious enough for parking huge trucks. Apart from that, employees have reported that there is enough room to accommodate every employee so that they can socialize with ease. 

Most of the employees have reported something positive about this company, which confirms that Arnold Transportation Services is a nice place to work at.

Arnold Transportation Services Locations

Because of its dedicated employees and extraordinary customer services, Arnold Transportation Services keeps on expanding its footprint. The company’s terminal locations include:

  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Paris, TX
  • Grand Prairie, TX
  • Austell, GA
  • Camp Hill, PA
  • Dayton, OH
  • Muskogee, OK
  • Baldwinville, NY


With more business coming from these regions, this company decided to operate from all the above-mentioned regions.

Currently, Arnold Transportation Services offers three different types of services:

  • Regional services
  • Dedicated services
  • Brokerage services

The company’s regional services consist of transporting freight in any quantity. Usually, it is throughout the South Central and Midwest states.


Whether you are exploring the transportation market as a potential employee or a customer, Arnold Transportation Services is a nice and rewarding place to start a career in transportation services, and it does its very best to offer outstanding services to customers. Career opportunities are always blooming here. Plus, the company offers market-competitive salary and benefits.

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