Alden Logistics

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Trucking and transportation is an important part of any industry. 

It is one of the main ways to transport mass amounts of goods across large distances or from place to place. This is economical as well as a smart way to transport heavy goods. 

In this article, we will be talking about Alden Logistics, which is a transportation company, and its specifics.

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Who is Alden Logistics?

Alden Logistics was created right at the end of the 20th century, in 1999, and has been working since. It is a transportation company and a division of Evan Distribution. It is based in Melvindale, Michigan, and it hauls cargo, including beverages, intermodal, and general freight. 

They own a total of 96 trucks and 29 trailers, which they use for cargo transport, with over a hundred drivers. Their carrier operation runs at the interstate level, and they have both warehousing and cross-docking facilities, as well as equipment such as Dry Vans, Vans, Flatbed, Refrigerated Carriers, Refrigerated Intermodal, Container Trailers, Container Chassis, Step Decks, etc.

Alden Logistics Careers

As Alden Logistics is mainly a transportation company, it hires people who know how to take care of equipment and cargo, load it, and drive it to its required location. So mainly, owner-operators and drivers are what they look for.

Owner Operators

As an owner-operator, you are mainly in charge of loading and managing the goods, and making sure they are secured and placed correctly so that during transport, no damage may occur to the cargo. It is an easy enough job if you have enough experience, which is required for most jobs.



As a driver, your main job is to drive the cargo-filled truck to the terminal or location required. It doesn’t require much other than the ability to be able to handle a large truck with possibly an attached trailer, which can only be handled by someone with a lot of experience.


Staff positions include managers, warehouse workers, etc., which are wanted by any company as they are the backbone.

Alden Logistics Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

With the base salary of an Owner Operator/Driver being $189,361, it is no wonder their jobs can be in demand as their annual pay is much better than a lot of other jobs. There are also benefits provided, such as food provided by the company, fuel discounts, paid toll fees for trucks, etc. as well as other company-provided benefits such as insurance, vacations, etc. 

All of these are related to the company’s own given packages and benefits as the pay for an owner-operator/driver may be slightly more or less than the number stated above, depending on whether it’s an entry-level, mid-level, or senior-level job. 

The company itself offers benefits, such as medical, prescription, holiday pay, vacation pay, direct deposits, dental, life insurance, 401K package, etc. to its employees, including staff position holders.


Minimum Requirements For Alden Logistics Drivers

The minimum requirements for Alden Logistics Drivers are as follows:

  • No felonies that were not expunged, sealed, or annulled by the court in the last seven years.
  • Available as soon as possible.
  • Not been denied a license to operate a vehicle.
  • Never had a license/permit suspended or revoked.
  • Not been convicted of possession and distribution of drugs.
  • No DUIs.
  • Not been denied insurance.
  • Never been disqualified from driving a vehicle under DOT regulations.
  • A valid driver’s license in some states for ten years.
  • Operated a commercial vehicle for at least three years.
  • TSA and TWIC certified.
  • Willing to drive to Canada.
  • FAST-CAN approved.

Alden Logistics Reviews From Employees

People who have worked at Alden Logistics have liked it a lot. They offer an easy-going and friendly work environment, which is accommodating to everyone. An employee has stated that they had worked there for quite some time and found it to be easy and good, with good staff that is understanding and supportive of any issues you might face. 

Another said that they know where to place you and what is going to be perfect for you based on your qualifications. Yet another states that they enjoyed their time there and recommend others to give it a shot. So overall, there are good responses from people.


Alden Logistics Locations

Alden Logistics provides services in every state across the US. Along with services in all 50 states, they also offer them in 5 provinces of Canada, which are:

  • Quebec
  • Alberta
  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba 


It is a company that is responsible for the transportation of goods between different states and has a good and friendly work environment with people urging others to give it a shot as it could lead to better career opportunities.

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