| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

Road trips are fun but tiring at the same time. Why not consider skipping the interstate highway tour and let someone else deliver the goods for you?

With a professional team of drivers, AHC boasts establishing high-end transportation in the United States. The diverse range of freight services makes the company stand out from its rivals in the industry. 

Well, if you are interested in knowing much more about AHC, this article could be really useful. Keep reading!

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Who is AHC?

Operative in various states, AHC, is providing its best services across the country. The headquarters is established in Illinois, plus the company has been quite dedicated for a long time. It has almost 461 trucks that are all in good condition. The regular maintenance and care of these trucks make them as good as new.

AHC respects and really admires its drivers. The company has recruited almost 535 drivers to run their trucks. All of them are experienced and totally committed to the company. Overall, AHC aims to prioritize the necessities of its drivers to have things running in a smooth fashion. 


AHC Careers

AHC is another name of safe transport. It has developed its reputation in the country for offering high-end services. Meanwhile, the company takes care of its employees as well. The collaborative interaction between the staff and drivers is the reason why AHC has marked its position on the market.

When we talk about a trucking company, the only things that emerge in our minds are either trucks or drivers. Well, there is more to it. Read on to known career opportunities available in the company.

Truck Driver

AHC is ideally recognized in the country for providing one of the finest driving jobs that, too, with many opportunities to excel. The drivers are provided with all essential amenities in addition to safety checks and various benefits.


Nobody knows trucks better than a mechanic. AHC also recruits some experienced mechanics for regular maintenance of the trucks. 

Office Team

The company is nothing without a transport management team. No doubt, the company takes pride in its drivers, but it equally respects its office team. AHC has got one of the finest office staff that works really hard in assisting drivers, managing trucks, and its safety in living up to the expectations of the clients.


AHC Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

While employees put their best efforts in keeping the company in the business, AHC has its own ways of satisfying them. The company does almost everything in order to keep the employees happy and safe. Moving forward, we have discussed the salary and a range of benefits that come with the job in the company. 

Pay Scale

The pay of any employee is set according to its scale. A truck driver, for example, would be in a better position than the mechanic. Similarly, commercial truck drivers get one of the best salary packages in the region.


Almost all the employees of the AHC trucking company earn a good living. You can either go for a full-time job or work on an hourly basis. In both cases, the company is ready to pay you quite well, which is enough to keep balance in your life.


Like any good company, AHC offers a number of additional benefits to its employees. Full-time employees of the company get to enjoy certain benefits like life insurance and health & dental insurance, making the package one of the best in the business.  


Minimum Requirements For AHC Drivers

The success of any trucking company greatly depends on the capabilities of its drivers. If you have recruited some of the best drivers in town, there is no way your competitors would get a chance to win. Not to forget, AHC has made it to this point because of the effort put in by the drivers.

The company recruits only trained and professional drivers to meet the expectations of the customers. While the drivers offer their best services, the company provides them with all the necessary amenities like a good-looking truck equipped with essentials and safety measurements. 

Well, in case you are preparing your mind to get a job in AHC as a driver, it’s better to look at the criteria once. You need to fulfill a couple of requirements in order to grab the position. 

  • Applicants must hold a valid class A Commercial Driving License (CDL).
  • The individual needs to pass a physical test.
  • The applicant needs to pass the drug screening.
  • There must not be any record of unsafe driving violations. 

An applicant who falls on the criteria is most likely to get the job and become a member of the trucking company. 


AHC Reviews From Employees

AHC trucking company has been in the business for a long time now. They have a certain reputation for maintaining a professional yet cooperative environment in the company. Whether we talk about the salary packages or multiple benefits, the company is always eager to prioritize the satisfaction of its employees.

Well, this is the reason why people love to work here. From a technician to a truck driver, everyone is happy to be part of the company. The current employees really admire the friendly environment and cooperative staff of the company. All of them help each other to make the most of the opportunity.

The drivers are totally facilitated by the staff. They are provided with all the necessary amenities, and the company always looks for their safety. Furthermore, you can’t deny the fact that all drivers are paid quite well to have a good life.

According to some employees, what they really like is that the company continuously generates various opportunities to help them excel in their fields. Overall, the family-like environment, plus tons of facilities, have made AHC a reliable place for drivers. 


AHC Locations

The headquarters of AHC is located in Illinois, USA. However, it is currently operative across the country and providing its utmost services to the community. The company has a total of almost 461 trucks that move goods in various parts of the United States. 

The company always recruits professional drivers with expertise in diagnosis and troubleshooting. With a great team of drivers, the company promises to provide top-notch transport facilities to its clients. From Illinois to California, the company hires the most experienced drivers to remain committed to its mission.

The company works both intrastate and interstate to transport cargo. Whether it’s about transporting metal sheets or motor vehicles, building materials or machinery objects, livestock or passengers, refrigerated food or water well, coal or agricultural supplies, the company takes care of it all. All you need is a talented driver and a high-powered truck.


This brings us to the end of the article. AHC believes in its drivers and facilitates them in every way possible. The company transports goods nationwide and offers driving jobs with some attractive salary packages that can’t be matched. Hopefully, by now, you have got enough information about AHC and its management policy.

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