ADCO Logistics – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: July 24, 2020

There is no shortage of transport companies in Canada, but if you are looking for a transport company that will handle your freight safely and with care, then there is only one option.  

ADCO Logistics is an exemplary transport service that provides logistics services with a difference. No matter what type of freight you want to transport or what size it is, ADCO Logistics will deliver it without any damage.  

If you want to transport your freight safely or are looking for a job in a reputable transport company, then ADCO Logistics is the right company to choose. Read on as we explore the various aspects of this company and explain how they work to meet the expectations of their clients and provide some of the best job prospects.

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Who is ADCO Logistics?

ADCO Logistics started its business activities as a small courier company in 1993 in the Greater Toronto Area. At that time, their specialty was small distance pickups and deliveries.

Since then, the ADCO fleet has grown to more than 100 vehicles. It now consists of flatbeds, cargo vans, tractor-trailers, tandem axle straight trucks, sprinter vans, straight trucks, and cars. Their entire fleet can be tracked via satellite. This ensures that you can easily track the movement of your cargo no matter where you are.  

ADCO logistics is a full-service logistics provider with operations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. ADCO Logistics ensures a safe and reliable movement of your freight from Canada to Mexico and the U.S.    

The continuous growth of ADCO Logistics has resulted in its large customer base, which includes many leading automotive manufacturers such as Chrysler Group, Toyota, General Motors, Ford Motor Company as well as a large number of their suppliers. Moreover, their dedicated service trucks that work for Canada Post help to move the mail efficiently.

Having a state-of-the-art fleet of refrigerated trailers and specified trucks, ADCO Logistics is able to transport a number of goods, including scientific equipment, food & beverages, sensitive chemicals, pharmaceutical products, and other perishable goods. Their highly qualified and experienced drivers ensure the timely delivery of goods. With ADCO Logistics, you can enjoy complete peace of mind as your cargo will reach its destination safe and sound and on time.


ADCO Logistics Careers

ADCO Logistics is dedicated to providing first-class service to its customers. Each of its team members is skilled, trained, and licensed in handling loads of all sizes. They value not only their customers but are also concerned about the physical and mental health and the economic well-being of their employees. If you are looking for a promising career in a logistics company, then ADCO Logistics is a good choice.

The various job opportunities that are available at ADCO include:

  • Owner-operators
  • Drivers
  • Dispatcher


As an owner-operator, you will be required to drive large cargo trucks safely over long distances. You must adhere to all traffic laws and must take good care of your truck and its cargo. You will also be required to log all trucking activities, interact with dispatchers, plan routes, and load and unload cargo.  

In order to work as an owner-operator for ADCO, you need to be at least 21 years of age to drive straight trucks and cargo vans. However, for tractor-trailers, the age limit is 22 years of age. You must have a good work history, a valid SIN, and a verifiable clean Abstract or a current commercial abstract. A U.S. owner-operator must also pass a pre-employment drug test.  


As a driver at ADCO, your job requirements will include transportation of raw materials and goods overland from and to manufacturing plants or distribution and retail centers. ADCO Logistics puts great emphasis on timely delivery; therefore, it will be your duty to meet delivery schedules by planning routes accordingly.

If you are interested in a driver’s job at ADCO and are of 21 years of age, you can fill the form available on their website to apply as a driver for straight trucks and cargo vans. If you want to drive tractor-trailers, then the minimum age limit is 22 years. You must also have a good reputation, a valid SIN, and a verifiable clean Abstract/ (current) commercial abstract.    


The job of a dispatcher at ADCO Logistics needs you to respond promptly to the company’s emergency and non-emergency calls for information and help. The duties of a dispatcher include recording call information, updating call logs, and monitoring routes.


ADCO Logistics Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

The employees at ADCO Logistics are treated with respect and dignity. The work-life balance is great, and the drivers receive a salary which is above the national average. The work environment is friendly and supportive, and the management works hard to maintain a family atmosphere.

The average salary of a truck driver working for ADCO Logistics is $279 per day, which is 35% more than the national average while the average salary of a driver is $23.35 per hour, which is 22% above the national average.

On the other hand, the average salary of a local driver is $19.07 per hour. A van driver, like all the other employees at ADCO logistics, receives a handsome salary, which is $4,000 per month. The employees in Logistics support i.e., the dispatcher, have an average salary of $19.44 per hour while the Transport Supervisor receives $50,000 per annum.

Working at ADCO will help you acquire rich work experience while enjoying a good salary and many other benefits. Drivers are given proper time to rest in between deliveries, particularly when these deliveries are from Canada to the U.S. or Mexico or vice versa.  

Minimum Requirements for ADCO Logistics Driver

ADCO Logistics has a modern and well-maintained fleet of vehicles, including reefers, trucks, tractor-trailer, cars, and many more. Their drivers are highly experienced professionals who always deliver the cargo safely and on time. Moreover, customers can track their cargo anytime during its transportation as the location of all the vehicles of ADCO logistics can be tracked via satellite.

If you want to work as a driver with this prestigious company, you can apply online by filling out the application form available on their website. You will be required to enter your personal information such as name, e-mail address, and phone number and submit your CV and other documents, including:

  • A valid SIN
  • Criminal Record Search
  • Copy of CVOR
  • Copy of Abstract/ commercial abstract
  • Social Insurance card
  • Copy of license with a recent photo
  • Proof of Canadian Citizenship/ Visa / Landed Immigrant / Valid Passport

The age requirements to work as a driver in this company are quite strict. You must be:

  • At least 21 years old to apply for the position of a driver of cargo vans and straight trucks
  • At least 22 years old to drive tractor-trailers


ADCO Logistics Reviews From Employees

ADCO Logistics has received raving reviews from both former and current employees. They all testify that the work environment in this company is great, and working in this company has been really beneficial for them. According to a current employee

If you’re a really good driver and you don’t mind being on the road for extended periods of time, this job is perfect. The dispatch team gets stuff done. The equipment is new. This is the best job I have ever had!

A former employee who worked as a dispatcher has summed up his work experience in the following words:

Very busy field. Management was exceptionally welcoming and friendly. They provided thorough training and clarification of company expectations. It was a great learning experience.

Another current employee who works as a driver with ADCO has the following comments:

  • Strong Teamwork
  • Time literally flies in there due to a lot of activity
  • Plenty of hours and flexibility in choosing hours
  • Always issued a cheque and never had a bounced cheque
  • Professional work environment- Business Casual is Mandatory
  • Recognition for strong work performance
  • Plenty of independence but still some micromanagement

The following work experience shared by a former truck driver clearly shows that he found his term of employment a pleasant experience:

  • Easy border crossings
  • Learned how to expedite loads in a timely manner.
  • Load pickups and deliveries were well scheduled by management.
  • Coworkers were friendly and accommodating.
  • Sometimes long working hours were required.
  • Good long runs to Indiana and Kentucky.

ADCO Logistics

ADCO Logistics Locations

ADCO Logistics provides a safe and quick solution to all your freight transportation problems. Their dedicated team takes care of everything from load monitoring, billing, delivering the cargo to its destination, and anything else that comes in between. Their transport services are available in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.  

  • With the air freight service provided by ADCO, you can forget about the conventional ways to send your cargo. This service you can send your cargo by air to not only in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., but also to air freight points located throughout Asia and Europe.
  • ADCO Logistics provides a cross-docking service locally in the Greater Toronto Area. This service helps to consolidate the shipments received by their clients from various suppliers, thus reducing the number of deliveries. As a result, you can be sure of a cheaper and highly efficient transport process.   
  • The large and modern fleet of ADCO logistics is highly capable of delivering cargo that is time-sensitive. With five-ton straight trucks, cargo vans, sprinter vans, and cars, this company is able to handle all your freight needs with complete ease. Their fleet covers Ontario, Mexico, and most U.S. states. In addition, they also have partnerships with reputable U.S. freight companies to take care of more difficult locations.  


When you want to move your freight with complete peace of mind, ADCO logistics is your go-to choice. With years of experience, a wide range of quality services, and highly skilled drivers, ADCO has become a leading company in the Logistics industry. Their dedication to quality service has enabled them to earn a stellar reputation at the forefront of the industry. They provide state-of-the-art tracking and delivery anywhere in Mexico, the U.S., or Canada, which ensures timely and safe delivery of the cargo.     

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