Best Trucking Companies in Oregon – 2022 Round-up

| Last Updated: October 19, 2020

Whether shifting a house or buying new furniture for your office, the trucking industry is going to be always important for all people. Many people are now adapting to smart technology, such as making online applications for hiring trucks, and so on.

If you too are looking to start your own trucking company, or work in one, here is a list of some of the best trucking companies you will find interest in.

All of these are best in their own way and might be the right place for you to start work.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Oregon

The following is a list of some of the best trucking companies in Oregon. We have provided the essential details and a quick look at what the companies have to offer.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best Oregon trucking companies:

  1. Pro Truck Lines
  2. Express Transport
  3. Central Transport

Best Trucking Company in Portland, Oregon:Pro Truck Lines

  • Address: PO BOX 31040, Portland, OR 97231
  • Phone Number: 503-224-2580
  • Email:

Who is Pro Truck Lines?The company started in 1984 and now has a range of services to offer to its customers. It has been working in the trucking industry for years and has been hired by major manufacturers in the US for logistic tasks.It uses liftgate trailers for heavy haul transportation and other purposes. An exclusive service by this company is the refer services, where you can deliver your packages within a set temperature of the trailer. This ensures extra safety for your goods.Furthermore, the company has employees working for them for over a decade. The reason for such employee loyalty is their preference and top prioritization of employees.Jobs Offered If you are looking for a job in the industry, Pro Truck Lines can be a good place to start from. This company has a lot of experience in this field and has a lot of loyal employees, making it a good place to work. Some jobs that the company might offer to you include driver jobs.A lot of the openings that this company has are for drivers for different services, such as TL drivers, LTL drivers, and OTR drivers. Nightline haul driver’s position and shuttle driver positions are also easily available at the company.If you are a more technical person, then there are mechanical job openings as well. You can find jobs as a mechanic and as a facilitator for maintenance of the equipment too.Salary and BenefitsThe company takes a lot of pride in its employee treatment. They also have numerous benefits for their employees, such as a fair number of leaves and overtime payments. The benefit of working here also includes greater responsibility on an individual basis, so you have better learning and more chances for growth.A truck driver at this company can make up to $72,000 a year, while a tanker driver can make up to $22.36 per hour. They offer both full and part-time jobs. The salary hugely varies between job titles and locations as well.

Best Trucking Company in Medford, Oregon:Express Transport

  • Address: 1335 Poplar Dr. Medford OR 97504289 E Ellendale Ave #402 Dallas, OR 97338
  • Phone Number: 800-638-9193
  • Email:

Who is Express Transport?The company is known for bringing smooth functionality and coordination between logistics matters. It was started in 2006 and is now home to well-trained staff and employees. The biggest benefit of working with or for this company is its ethics. They are known for their honesty and ethical operations.They cater to supply chain needs and also offer customizability in their logistic services. So, they are pretty adaptive. They have a helpful and responsive customer service that can allow you to hire a suitable truck and driver for yourself over the phone only. Temperature-controlled shipments are also one of their best.Jobs Offered They have an in-house team of customer support, which means that they have a need for well-spoken individuals who can respond and cater to the problems of their clients. The in-house team will be a good place to start your learning from.The application procedure for this company is also very easy. You only have to upload your updated resume through their website and wait for them to contact you!Salary and BenefitsOn average, a truck driver working at Express Transport company can make up to $49,000 a year. The reviews from people who worked here seem very satisfying, as they report the jobs to be challenging and therefore enable them to learn more and grow better.However, the benefits are relatively limited at this company. Also, they take a screening interview from potential candidates, which is reported to be easy-going and flexible as well. So, if you are a newbie, this can be a good start.

Best Trucking Company in Eugene, Oregon:Central Transport

  • Address: 2120 West 7th Place Eugene, OR 97402  
  • Phone Number: 586-467-1900

Who is Central Transport?Central Transport is one of the fastest-growing LTL companies in the industry. The company is multinational, operating in numerous countries at once. They work with several kinds of companies and clients, which include retail companies, manufacturers, and even large corporations.A remarkable thing about Central Transport is an efficient and well-planned customer service design. They have an outstanding spread of 200 customer service centers, making themselves easier to access and approach for their customers.They keep their trailers and trucks updated so that there is maximum protection for their drivers as well as their customer’s belongings. Recently only, they bought over 1500 new trucks and trailers.Jobs Offered  The company offers jobs to experienced professionals as well as fresh college graduates! The incredible thing they offer is the immediate driver’s position. However, there are certain requirements, such as an age limit of a minimum of 21 years, as well as Hazardous Materials endorsement and successful drug tests.The driver’s sector of the company has openings for Dock and road combination drivers, Local pick-ups and deliveries, and road drivers to drive up to 3000 miles per week.With so many of their customer support centers, there is also a job opening for customer services every now and then.Salary and BenefitsThis is one of the best companies in terms of the benefits they offer to their employees. For all the above-mentioned positions and job titles, the benefits include dental coverage, 401K benefits, health insurance, paid vacations and paid leaves, sick leaves, and tuition assistance as well.The advantage of working here is that you can have opportunities of being promoted within the company as well. They also offer competitive salaries to their employees. A local truck driver at Central can get paid up to $25 per hour.

Best Trucking Company in Salem, Oregon: May Trucking

  • Address: 4185 Brooklake Rd NE, Salem, OR 97303, United States
  • Phone Number: 503-393-7030

Who is May Trucking?What makes one company stand out from the rest is its years of experience and excellence. For this reason, this trucking company has made it to our list. May Trucking has been in business for 75 years now!They operate throughout 48 states and offer a versatile range of services. The company lets its own drivers choose their own routes and divisions that meet their convenience the best. This is one of the many reasons why it’s known for its happy employees.A remarkable thing about this company is that they have an advanced, future-friendly approach where they have switched to green alternatives that are safer for the environment. They have also achieved the certified green idle badge. Also, they are a member of SmartWay Transport.Jobs Offered You can easily apply for a job at this company. They have an “apply now” option on their website. Also, a phone number is provided, which can get you linked up to a person associated with all the hiring.Some requirements that they have for their driver jobs is that you must be 21 years old or more, not have an accident history in the past five years, and have a driver’s license. You also can apply for their driver’s job openings if you have a Class A commercial driving license or are enrolled in a school for CDL qualifications.Salary and BenefitsOne major benefit of working here as a driver is that you will be assigned to your own driver managers and have a reporting line to individual managers and not regions, which makes coordination and job satisfaction better.They also have high-quality, updated, and modern trucks and trailers that do not put the driver’s life in danger.

5. Leavitt’s Freight Service

  • Address: 3855 Marcola Road, Springfield, OR 97477 
  • Phone Number: 541-204-1902

Who is Leavitt’s Freight Service?Leavitt’s Freight Service company is mainly focused on providing service for hauling wide items with extremely heavyweight. They were established in 1958. Their main clients and customers come from warehouse owners and manufacturers of heavy-duty items.The company takes pride in its modern, well-equipped, and advanced trucks, such as their self-loading trucks that ensure efficient functionality. These save time and increase security for both their employees and customers.As a customer, the benefit of using this company is that they give instant quotes for their services online. This ensures that the wait time is minimal, and you can choose their services easily.Jobs Offered The company has an online application system that makes applying for truck driving jobs very easy. They have incredible flatbed services, which makes them look for experienced or qualified applicants.They have an opportunity-for-all approach, where they hire people solely based on their qualifications and their fulfillment of the legal requirements such as age and documentation. Their job openings are mainly for truck drivers and are vacant frequently.Salary and BenefitsReports show that the company is generous and competitive when it comes to salaries. Meanwhile, workers who have worked there or continue to do so also report that the work environment is very warm and positive, where lots of focus is on training and new learning.While working with flatbed technology, workers also gain a lot of experience and qualifications. The benefit of working here is that it welcomes inexperienced workers as well.

6. Tradewinds Transportation

  • Address: 6404 Old Salem Road NE, Albany, OR 97321
  • Phone Number: 1-866-926-6020
  • Email:

Who is Tradewinds Transportation?Tradewinds Transportation is an old company in the industry that has been working for over 30 years now. The company is award-winning and renowned for its on-time delivery benefit and safety programs as well.A benefit of availing services from this company is that they are available for seasonal deliveries. If there is a seasonal spark in demand, then Tradewinds is a reliable place to find seasonal truckload services.The company was established in the 1980s and has been a family business since.Jobs Offered  The open-door policy at Tradewinds makes them stand out from others. This means that you can apply for a driver’s job at any time, and they will be welcoming you. Some jobs you will find at Tradewinds include truck drivers for the company and owner-operators as well.The owner-operators are for the longer hauls, and the department is filled with employees working since 2004. Their employee loyalty is incredible and, therefore, will be a good opportunity for you to learn from them.A lease purchase department is also there at Tradewinds.Salary and BenefitsThe owner-operator’s job has benefits such as competitive salaries, physical damage insurance, and discount programs. They also have bi-monthly settlements.Meanwhile, truck drivers have the benefit of flexible home times, meaning that they have an easy-going schedule. They get weekly payments, along with complete facilities on-campus, including showers, beds, and kitchens.Some workers at the company report that the payments are made on time, the managers are kind and nice, while the equipment used is also safe and well-maintained.

7. George Van Dyke Trucking

  • Address: 33885 Highway 99E, Tangent, OR  
  • Phone Number: 541-926-6412
  • Email:

Who is George Van Dyke Trucking?Since 1969, George Van Dyke Trucking has been operating in the industry. It is located in central Oregon, making it a good choice for everyone due to the locality. In addition to this, the company is also family-run, ensuring that integrity and honesty are an important part of its functionality.The company also operates and provides its services in multiple states. Most of their focus is laid upon the transportation of construction and building materials, which are heavy and wide items.Jobs Offered  The company owns a total of 20 trucks, along with 20 tractors and 35 trailers. They have a need for trucking drivers every now and then; therefore, they have multiple job openings. If you are looking for a truck driving job in Oregon or any other state, this company can be a good start.Their truck driving will be interstate, which means that distances will be long, and the load will be heavy with construction materials.Salary and BenefitsBecause the company is family-owned and has been operating for a long time, their salary falls into the average bracket with some benefits as well. The good part about working here is that you will be under senior workers, meaning that there will be a lot to learn from.

8. Bridgetown Trucking

  • Address: 14135 NE Airport Way Portland, OR 97230 
  • Phone Number: 503-528-9705  

Who is Bridgetown Trucking?When it comes to a versatile range of services, Bridgetown Trucking surely makes it to the list. The company has several services to offer, which include flatbed trucking, air freights, warehousing services, and ocean transportation as well!The company operates in three states and has been providing services to big corporates and small businesses for over 20 years now. Their years of experience, along with excellent services, make them stand out.A good thing about using their service is that they offer customizable transportation. You can make on-time deliveries or let the company handle other logistics tasks as per your requirements.Jobs Offered  The hierarchy at Bridgetown includes warehousing staff, managers, truck drivers, and so on. They particularly look for motivated individuals for all job openings to ensure good functionality.A local truck driving job opening is always there on their website, where you can apply within minutes online. The job will add you to their team of experienced drivers and managers transporting goods between states and cities.Salary and BenefitsThe biggest benefit of working at Bridgetown is its financial benefits. They have a generous and flexible over-time payment, along with competitive salaries and paid vacation leaves. You will also get health and dental insurance and 401k perks too.As a truck driver, you will need life insurance as well, which is fully provided by this company to its drivers. You can get paid up to $24 to $26 per hour.

9. Advanced Transportation

  • Address: 687 Brian Way, Medford, OR 97501, United States  
  • Phone Number: 1-888-857-1811
  • Email:

Who is Advanced Transportation?Advanced Transportation is widespread across all 50 states, along with operations in Canada and Mexico as well! It is a remarkable company with a remarkable range of services. Their range of services includes flatbed transportation, double and single drops, plant liquidation, and dry vans.With highly well-maintained and updated trucks and trailers, the company sure knows how to provide quality services. You can easily get a quote for yourself on their website too!Jobs Offered  While the company owns multiple trucks and trailers, they will be open to new driver recruits every now and then. However, currently, they have openings for agents. The requirements they have for agents is that they should have the right qualifications, a customer base, and professionalism in public dealing.This job is more suitable for experienced individuals.Salary and BenefitsThe agents that might get hired for this position will receive some benefits. These include good growth opportunities, long term security, and quick pays.Their employees and ex-employees also review that the company has a good managerial system, with minimal alienation for the employees. Many people were also able to get part-time work, which is great for students or people who need extra income.

10. F.V. Martin Trucking

  • Address: 2325 Merry Lane White City OR, 97503-1923
  • Phone Number: 541-826-6014

Who is F.V. Martin Trucking?The founder of this company has an interesting story, as he started the company in South Oregon with a few trailers with him. Since 1976, the company has flourished and is one of the best ones today.There is also a sister company called American Freight Inc., which is basically a brokerage service provider.Their four main services are long haul transportation, flatbed trucking, highway hauling, and local/regional hauling. They own numerous trucks that work on the I-5 corridor of South Oregon. There are also some operations that they hold in Washington and Seattle.Jobs Offered  You will find versatile job openings at F.V. Martin’s. A job opening is there for highway truck drivers that might require some experience and qualification.A fleet mechanic job opening is also there at the company. This can be good for those who are tech enthusiasts and have good knowledge of it. Swing shift openings are also there for flatbed trucking.To apply for these jobs, there is an online application, and a background check will also be done by recruiters. Some other requirements for the jobs are age limit, Class A license, employment history, and any reliable references as well.Salary and BenefitsF.V. Martin is one of the few companies that have good benefits to offer for their employees.For the jobs mentioned above, some benefits and perks include medical and dental insurances. You also get paid vacation leaves, along with vision insurance and 401K coverage. These benefits are applicable once you have worked for the company for 60 days! This is an incredible opportunity, especially if you are a freshie.


Summing up the article, we can say that the best trucking company to work at should offer your some professional and personal value. A good job opening is the one that encourages learning and ensures future growth.

The companies listed here originated, are located, or operate in Oregon, with some having operations inter-state and inter-country as well.

Make sure to check for all the requirements of the company before applying.  

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