Best Trucking Companies in Ohio – 2022 Round-up

| Last Updated: October 19, 2020

Looking to avail of transportation services? Well, trucking companies can be most helpful in this case. Small or large, just contact them and let them do the rest!


The state of Ohio hosts some of the best trucking companies in the United States.

To help you find the right transportation services, we have come up with some of the best trucking companies.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Ohio

Trucking companies are a great way to move your freight anywhere in the country. It is even better if you opt for the best trucking services! They are not only reliable but also ensure your package is delivered timely and securely. Consequently, you can enjoy the peace of mind until it arrives.

In this section, we will shed some light on some of the best trucking companies operating in Ohio.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best Ohio trucking companies:

  1. LV Trucking
  2. Z Brothers Trucking
  3. 1st Express

Best Trucking Company in Columbus, Ohio:LV Trucking

  • Address: 2440 Harrison Road Columbus, OH 43204
  • Phone Number: 614-275-4994
  • Email:

Who is LV Trucking?LV Trucking was founded in the early 1970s as a local cartage company. It has been providing dependable services for more than forty years and has grown exponentially into a regional and interstate carrier. This growth is the result of the dedicated efforts of its employees and the trust shown by its loyal customers who have been a part of the LV Trucking family since the beginning.This trucking company is committed to providing excellent service to its customers, which has enabled them to maintain a customer base for more than 30 years. It is also concerned about the welfare of its employees and considers them to be the backbone of this company.Jobs Offered  This is a diverse trucking service that provides service in Ohio and the surrounding areas. They have both refrigerated trucks and dry vans in their fleet and always appreciate competent and hardworking drivers.If you are interested in joining their team of drivers, you can fill out the form on their website and submit the relevant information. You can also print this form and mail it to them.Salary and BenefitsThe drivers at LV Trucking are highly competent and dependable. They are able to return home daily, thus allowing them to enjoy a healthy family life. This low turn-over rate ensures happy and satisfied drivers, as well as exceptional on-time performance levels.The environment here is very friendly and ensures a good work-life balance. The salaries vary according to locations and titles. The average salary of a driver is $16.43 per hour. Additional benefits include vacation and holiday pay. Drivers can also apply for a second shift or weekend work, whichever suits them best.

Best Trucking Company in Cleveland, Ohio:Z Brothers Trucking

  • Address: 7603 Clinton Road Cleveland, Ohio 44144
  • Phone Number: 1-216-916-9850
  • Email:

Who is Z Brothers Trucking?Z Brothers Trucking is one of the best logistics companies operating in the Midwest. They are phenomenal when it comes to reliable freight delivery. They maintain a vast network of operation centers, which allows them to operate throughout the United States. They not only promise the safety of equipment but also ensure fast and timely delivery right at your doorstep.Being part of the logistics industry for quite a while has allowed Z Brothers Trucking with ample experience and knowledge. They maintain a professional team of drivers and management to ensure your cargo reaches you safe and sound.Jobs Offered Truck drivers are the foundation of any logistics company. They are the make-or-break deal for any organization that involves inter-state transportation. This is why Z Brothers Trucking cares a lot about its drivers. Here, drivers are hired on the basis of their skills and professional attitude. Consequently, it reflects in the timely delivery and safety of your equipment.Like most logistics companies, Z Brothers Trucking is always open for skilled and professional team members. The company is looking to expand its services in every corner of the United States. There are a number of job openings at this organization, including Logistics Coordinator, Delivery Driver, and Class A CDL Driver.Salary and BenefitsMonetary benefits and financial rewards are almost always motivating for employees. Successful organizations reward their employees financially on the basis of their performance. The higher the performance, the higher would be the financial rewards. Z Brothers Trucking believes in a similar mantra of financial benefits.Higher pay scales would definitely urge employees to strive for even more. As a result, their dedication also results in satisfied customers all over the country. On average, a Delivery Driver at Z Brothers Trucking earns about $20-25 per hour while a Logistics Coordinator earns $14-25. Similarly, annual pay ranges from $65,000-70,000 for Import-Export Logistics Supervisor and $74,000 for Class A CDL Driver.

Best Trucking Company in Toledo, Ohio:1st Express

  • Address: 227 Mat zinger Road, Toledo, Ohio 43612  
  • Phone Number: 800-521-8989
  • Email:

Who is 1st Express?1st Express is basically a family-owned business that was first founded in 1984. It has been a regional truckload service that has been serving its customers in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. Operating in the business for more than 30 years, 1st Express has achieved great excellence and competency to fulfill modern requirements.The company provides a wide range of services to its customers with its professional team of drivers. They provide services like shipping, cross-docking, and repacking at cost-effective rates. Moreover, achieving a quality standard certainly reflects the quality of its employees. A highly skilled, trained, and dedicated staff ensures you get your shipment right on time.Jobs Offered  There is no doubt that drivers are the backbone of the moving industry. However, it is not just the drivers but the whole team that ensures your shipment reaches you safely and securely. 1st Express is a client-focused trucking company that values its customers. Delivering services adequately and on-time are some of the foundations on which this company is laid.Although there are quite a few job openings in almost every trucking company, 1st Express is currently looking for drivers. Specifically, it is looking to hire Class A CDL drivers with strong driving skills and experience. There are certain age limitations as well, but they only ensure the satisfaction of the customer.Salary and BenefitsMost prestigious organizations reward their employees based on their performance. The prime goal here is to motivate the employees to achieve more and more. As a result, customers can enjoy a safe and on-time delivery service without any hassle. 1st Express believes in creating a client-focused working environment to ensure top-notch delivery services.This is why they offer more than just monetary benefits to its drivers. Their drivers have the luxury of being home daily, along with spending weekends at home. They are paid weekly, and also given paid holidays and vacations. Moreover, there are certain safety bonuses with various insurance plans and certain programs to increase their competency.

Best Trucking Company in Cincinnati, Ohio:Ohio Freight Solutions

  • Address: 445 W North Bend Rd Cincinnati, OH 45216
  • Phone Number: 513-761-5100
  • Email:

Who is Ohio Freight Solutions?Ohio Freight Solutions is a trucking company based in Ohio. They promise long-haul trucking services in 48 states. The company itself is based on values like dedication, commitment, and safety of their client’s equipment. Their great success is due to the team of professional staff who deliver quality services at every possible moment.They also promise a cost-effective solution to anyone looking to benefit from their trucking services. It is particularly due to their reach in so many different states that allow them to minimize costs in transportation. The company has a policy of safety first for both customers as well as employees.Jobs OfferedThe company believes in the quality of work. Well, quality can only be achieved through professionalism and a positive mindset. These are some of the qualities they look for in their employees. The company focuses on building a positive relationship with all its customers by bringing quality services.Ohio Freight Solutions maintains a high standard of professionalism for their employees. They have outstanding customer service and feedback systems to improve their services. Being a trucking company, they always welcome drivers with professionalism and a positive attitude. This is why they are considered one of the best trucking services in Ohio.Salary and BenefitsBeing one of the leading trucking services, Ohio Freight Solutions cares about employees just as it does for its customers. They believe in bringing the best out of their employees through their well-maintained reward system. Professionalism and quality of work are always appraised here, making them one of the most pristine trucking services in Ohio.On average, a Customer Service Representative can earn about $14.17 per hour. The figures go as high as $16.40 hourly for Shift Manager.All in all, it is a great trucking service that brings peace of mind to its customers with the quality of work.

Best Trucking Company in Akron, Ohio:RMX Freight Systems

  • Address: 4550 Roseville Rd, Roseville, OH 43777
  • Phone Number: 740-849-2374
  • Email:

Who is RMX Freight Systems?RMX Freight Systems is a family-owned trucking company that offers the best quality LTL services in Ohio. They promise next-day LTL delivery service while also delivering in some parts of Kentucky and West Virginia. The company initially served a pottery industry as a route carrier back in 1917. With the passage of time, RMX Freight Systems became a highly competent LTL service to date.It was because of the sheer dedication of the staff and more than 100 years of service that enabled them to excel in this moving industry. Now, RMX Freight Systems is recognized as one of the most reliable and efficient next day LTL service providers in Ohio.Jobs Offered For more than 100 years, RMX Freight Systems has been serving its customers with the utmost reliability. The company has decades of experience regarding the moving industry, which makes it highly competent even today. It also maintains a team of professional staff and drivers that ensure freight services are carried out effectively.Currently, RMX Freight Systems is open for professional and skilled drivers to carry on their legacy. Time is of huge importance as they promise next day LTL services to their customers. They not only create a relationship of trust, but they also have won the hearts of many people.Salary and BenefitsThe company aims to provide consistent and quality services to its customers. Its committed and dedicated team of professionals ensures your shipment reaches you the next day. This is why RMX Freight Systems is the number one choice for residents of Ohio. The company also promises on-time services with free pick-up and delivery services at cost-effective rates.At the same time, the company also strives to serve its employees as well. Their professional staff is their asset, which they take care of at every instant. That definitely reflects in most of the benefits and pay scales that their employees enjoy.

Best Trucking Company in Youngstown, Ohio:SDS Logistics

  • Address: 19 Colonial Dr #27, Youngstown, OH 44505  
  • Phone Number: 888-826-3278

Who is SDS Logistics?SDS Logistics is one of the leading third-party logistics company operating in the United States. Based in Ohio, the company offers a wide range of transportation services to its customers. It is reliable and is a safe and secure means of transportation. Their services mainly include truckload, pack and ship, container drayage, and custom logistics operations.All of the services offered are highly efficient and on-time. SDS Logistics is one of those trucking companies that believe in the consistent quality of services. Thanks to its professional staff and drivers, it is able to build positive relationships with its customers.Jobs Offered The biggest asset of a logistics company is its efficient customer service and feedback system. This is exactly what you get from SDS Logistics. They have a well-maintained system of customer care centers that update you regarding your queries. Likewise, they also maintain a team of highly skilled and professional drivers that ensure safe and timely delivery of services.Like most trucking companies, SDS Logistics also heavily rely on their drivers. They believe in hiring the best individuals that meet their requirements as a driver. If you get a chance to work here, it might be your first step towards a successful career.Salary and BenefitsPrestigious organizations always care about their customers. What they care more about is their team of employees who dedicate themselves to the cause. SDS Logistics acknowledges the services of its employees while introducing a reward system for everyone. The rewards are mostly based on the performance of individuals. Highly performing employees have a chance to gain more financial benefits here.SDS Logistics has maintained a work-life balance for their employees. Whether you work as a driver or a supervisor, they ensure that you can spend some time on your own. This is why they always promise an attractive salary and benefits for their employee services.

7. Chieftain Trucking & Excavating

  • Address: 3926 Valley Rd. Cleveland OH 44109
  • Phone Number: 216-485-8034
  • Email:

Who is Chieftain Trucking & Excavating?Chieftain Trucking was first founded in 1958 by John A. Joseph. With his efforts and dedication, the company became successful at that time. However, after his death, the company was left with no vision and was forced to close operations in 1980. But it doesn’t end here.In 1992, Eileen and Betty Martin started a new company by the name Chieftain Trucking and Excavating to pay tribute to their grandfather. Now, the company is booming and enrolls in a number of activities like site development, demolition, and trucking. In fact, it is now considered as one of the leaders in site development.Jobs Offered Chieftain Trucking and Excavating offers outstanding services to its customers. Whether it is site development, demolition, or trucking, they carry out every task quite effectively. The company also ensures 100% safety of their customers as well as their employees. As a result, they have a great record when it comes to their services.The company offers a number of job opportunities for competent individuals. People who have a positive attitude and the ability to compete in a professional environment are welcome here. Some of the major job prospects include truck drivers, laborers, project managers, mechanics, and heavy equipment operators.Salary and BenefitsLike all other successful trucking companies, Chieftain Trucking and Excavating also believes in a quality reward system. It has a system devised to benefit their employees with increased pay and benefits according to their performance. The company believes in professionalism and quality of work of their employees. This is why they invest more and more in them to extract maximum performance.Being one of the leading trucking companies takes a whole lot of dedication, commitment, and experience. But at the same time, it also means motivating your employees to achieve higher standards. Chieftain Trucking and Excavating has been successful in deploying attractive pay scales and benefits for their employees to ensure greater success.

8. Excel Trucking

  • Address: 808 Frank Rd, Columbus, OH 43223
  • Phone Number: 614-826-1988  

Who is Excel Trucking?Excel Trucking is a renowned trucking company that started its services back in 2011. They started with a single trailer and driver. However, with their sheer dedication, commitment, and punctuality, they rose to success. Now, the company maintains more than 40 trailers with 120 professionally trained drivers.The main aim of the company is to provide transportation services to customers without any delays. Punctuality and customer satisfaction have been the key aspects of Excel Trucking’s hard-fought success. Now, the company strives even harder to achieve new heights of success by deploying technology and modern infrastructure.Jobs Offered Excel Trucking has been leading the moving industry for nearly ten years. Its team of professional employees works hard to achieve success regardless of any constraints. Some trucking companies do not value their employees. It is one of the major reasons why companies are able to progress in the modern era.Excel Trucking is one of those few trucking companies that value their employees as much as their customers. They offer equal job opportunities for all individuals who possess the skills and experience to work with them. Most of them are drivers as they lay the foundation of any trucking company.Salary and BenefitsThe amazing fact about Excel Trucking is that it offers various job prospects for competent individuals. They offer non-driver jobs, which include being a part of dispatchers, customer representatives, or even a fleet manager. At the same time, they also welcome you with job openings like being an Owner Operator.Excel Trucking promises a handsome salary and benefits to their hard-working employees. Employees who perform better are provided with increased financial as well as other benefits. This is why most of the employees here are quite satisfied with their role and income.

9. Bridges Bros. Trucking

  • Address: 1120 Rarig Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43219  
  • Phone Number:1-614-253-7332

Who is Bridges Bros. Trucking?Bridges Bros. Trucking first came into being in 2004. Michael Bridges is the founder of this company. Initially, it dealt with hauling soil, lime, gravel, and various others as a full-service trucking company. It was due to his hard work and commitment that Michael was able to further expand the enterprise.Today, the company offers sheer quality to Ohio’s construction contractors. Timely services, top-quality equipment, professional drivers, and experienced staff are the main reasons for their success. As of today, Bridges Bros. Trucking has become the largest broker in Ohio.Jobs Offered  With more than 24 years of experience, Bridges Bros. Trucking is a reliable trucking company. It is only the dedicated staff members and skilled truck drivers that made this achievement a possibility. The company believes in the quality of work and satisfaction of their customers. This is why they use quality and modern equipment paired with a professional team of employees to get the job done.Primarily, Bridges Bros. Trucking is open to all skilled individuals who meet their requirements, whether as a driver or a non-driver. Truck drivers are the main asset of a trucking company, which is why the company welcomes professionals.Salary and BenefitsThe best part of a family-owned business is that they treat you like family. The same is the case at Bridges Bros. Trucking. At this trucking company, you are more of a family rather than just an employee. Here, employee needs and requirements are catered to carefully, and safety is made a compulsion. Employees are paid good wages, while various other benefits are also available.All in all, Bridges Bros. Trucking is a legit trucking service that is one of the best in Ohio. With such a reputable history and a large customer base, you can’t go wrong.

10. Dick Lavy Trucking

  • Address: 8848 State Route 121 Bradford, OH 45308
  • Phone Number: 1-800-345-5289
  • Email:

Who is Dick Lavy Trucking?Dick Lavy was the founder of Dick Lavy Trucking. He initially started this company with his 10-year old Mack truck. In just a few years, his business boomed as he delivered hay to Florida. By 1994, the company outgrew his home and was then publicly recognized as Dick Lavy Trucking.Dick Lavy Trucking is a reputable name in the trucking industry. With more than 200 Freightliners and Volvo Tractors and over 500 trailers, the company is quite well established. The prime motto of the company is the satisfaction of the customers, which it delivers every time. Now, the company is among some of the best when it comes to trucking services.Jobs Offered  Trucking companies are always in need of professional truck drivers. Dick Lavy Trucking is a company that welcomes professional and dedicated team members, including truck drivers. They promise a good working environment, work-life balance, and other employment benefits. The company also promotes a family-like culture to make sure you feel at home even when you are away.Truck drivers here start earning as early as their orientation commences. This is a huge motivating factor for most drivers looking for a suitable employer. The good thing is that you have a chance to earn more, including benefits and bonuses.Salary and BenefitsDick Lavy Trucking provides a good salary and benefits to its hard-working employees. Even if you refer a driver to join their team, you can earn up to $1200. Unlike most trucking companies, Dick Lavy Trucking allows you to earn as early as your orientation. They provide travel compensation up to $250 along with an E-Z Pass to help you through tolls.In addition, the company also offers two medical plans in addition to the company-paid $250,00 for life insurance. Dental, vision and other insurance plans are also available. After a year of employment, you also become eligible for the 401k program. Moreover, the company also promises paid vacations.


Transporting goods miles across the country can be a risky task. That is not the case if you contact a professional trucking service. With modern equipment, professional drivers, and years of experience, they ensure your shipment’s safety and security. The article displays some of the best trucking services you can opt for in Ohio.

These companies are also the best options for those looking for a job in the trucking industry.

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