Trucking Companies Hiring Drivers With Bad Records – 2022 Round-up

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Sometimes, a driver can lose their good record due to an accident or a health issue. When something like this happens, it goes on the record, and most companies become reluctant to hire such drivers for commercial work due to liability issues.

The reason for disqualification might have been temporary for some people, and it might not hinder their performance in the future, but they will still face difficulties getting back in the field. 

However, some trucking companies are willing to give such people a chance. So, if you also have a bad record and are looking for work, here’s a list of companies that will be open to hiring you!

What Constitutes a Bad Record in Truck Driving? 

Before getting into the hiring companies, you should know what will make you have a bad record. Knowing such issues will also help you stay alert and avoid them.

A driver can be disqualified due to a number of reasons, including health issues, criminal records, or a bad driving record. Legally, there are five types of disqualifications, i.e., 60 days, 120 days, one year, three years, and a lifetime.


A 60-day disqualification means having two serious traffic violations within three years. It also applies to one violation of vehicle operation at a railroad grade crossing. The 120-day disqualification is the same as the first one but with three traffic violations and two violations of laws that regulate vehicle operation at a railroad grade crossing.

The one-year disqualification includes three violations of motor vehicle operation at a railroad grade crossing in three years. It also involves driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, and using a motor vehicle in the commission of a non-drug related felony. Other reasons include causing death due to negligence or criminal driving, driving a commercial motor vehicle while not having the legal permit, and refusing a sobriety test. 

All of the reasons for one-year disqualification would apply to the three-year exclusion as well if the driver were driving a commercial vehicle containing hazardous material. If you repeat the terms of one-year disqualification two or more times, you will get a lifetime ban from driving commercial vehicles. It will also happen if you use a vehicle in the commission of drug felony and transportation, concealment, or harboring of an alien.

What is a DAC in Trucking? 

DAC stands for Drive-a-Check. It is like a driving history record. It contains information about the driver and all related data about their driving since the issuance of a CDL (commercial driving license).

The document includes the driver’s personal information like the social security number for identification along with information related to driving like violations and accidents. It also lists criminal offenses and drug-testing history. 

Sample DAC Report (Source)

Since it is a very detailed document, it also includes details of work accidents that could have been avoided and those that were not avoidable. Information about the type of commercial vehicle the driver drives and the qualifications he/she has in that particular field is also given. Any information about leaving previous jobs and work habits are provided as well in the DAC report.

Some, but not all, companies keep a DAC record of their employees. It is a very comprehensive report, and the companies that use them are very vigilant about it. It is a way for them to get information about the drivers. Potential employers can also review the files. 

Review of the Best Trucking Companies Hiring Drivers With Bad Records

If you, unfortunately, have a bad record and want to get back in the field, this article can help you get started. These are the best trucking companies that hire drivers with bad records and all their details.

1. Koch Trucking

  • Address:  4200 Dahlberg Dr, Minneapolis, MN 55422
  • Phone Number: 800-625-5292

Who is Koch Trucking?

The Koch family founded Koch Trucking in the 1950s. The current owners and CEOs are Randy Koch and Dave Koch. They started off with ropes, cables, chains, and other such products and have since evolved into a reputable transportation company. The transportation part of the company started in the late 1970s and has now become the main focus. Currently, 11 companies form bigger Koch Companies.

They offer a dedicated fleet in which a custom plan is made for each customer. They also offer over-the-road or OTR services that are meant for long-distance transportation. Other services include flatbeds, marine fleet (for boats), and transportation of sensitive material.

Jobs Offered 

The company has five big divisions, including dedicated, OTR, specialized, marine, and flatbed. In the dedicated fleet, they are currently hiring in the Indianapolis to Chicago region. The driver can either work on Lane 1, Lane 2, or both. This dedicated fleet is for medical supplies.

The OTR fleet driver covers large distances. It mostly covers the Midwest, South, and South East. Recruiters provide specific routes and point-to-point lanes. The specialized transportation department covers California, Arizona, and Nevada. This team is responsible for transporting recreational vehicles and has better pay for drivers due to special clients.

The marine fleet covers 17 states, out of which some are partially covered. This job involves transporting boats in the US and Canada. It involves training by the company as well. 

Then comes the flatbed fleet that transports things like generators. They require their drivers to have a minimum of one-year experience in the last ten years, with half of that in the last six months.

Other than driving, the company also offers corporate jobs in departments like administration, accounting, warehouse, shop (mechanic), and operations. 

Salary and Benefits

Every department has a different workload and a different pay setup. OTR drivers are supposed to drive 2500 miles per week at $.50 per mile. The first six weeks on the job when the driver is still learning the routes is compensated for by a stray paycheck. These drivers are paid weekly, including stop, detention, layover, and vacation pay. After some experience with the company, the drivers are offered a 0.01 longevity pay increase in their per mile pay. 

Dedicated drivers make $0.50 per mile with a $30 stop pay. Flatbed drivers have pre-specified and consistent routes; therefore, they make around $65k or more per year. The marine fleet is paid $60k per year or more with fuel incentives and stop pays. The pay starts with $0.44 to $0.46 per mile plus $0.07 per mile for oversized fleets. 

Specialized fleet drivers make the most. They earn around $80k to 90k a year. Some other incentives that are offered to all drivers include the option of taking your pet or a relative with you on the drive. New drivers also get a $2000 sign-on bonus. There is a $1000 bonus if you refer a friend to the company. 

2. Covenant Transport Services

  • Address:  400 Birmingham Hwy, Chattanooga, TN 37419, United States
  • Phone Number: 888-259-6206

Who is Covenant Transport Services? 

David and Jacquiline Parker started Covenant Transport in 1986. Their services cover all 50 states, which include expedited, temperature-controlled, dedicated, and managed transportation services.

The expedited services team includes just-in-time freight, long-haul freight, hazmat-endorsed teams, high-value services, and expedited refrigerated. 

The temperature-controlled department includes solo and team drivers, network engineered lanes, intermodal services, and hazmat-tanker endorsed drivers.

The dedicated contract carriage includes committed equipment and drivers, specialized equipment, fleet routing and optimization, high-value security, and customized metrics, and reporting.

The company is a part of five other companies, which are Southern Refrigerated Transportation, Star Transportation, Landair, Transport Enterprise Leasing, and Covenant Solutions.

Jobs Offered

As a part of the company, you can work in any of the departments, as mentioned earlier. A lot of their work also includes sensitive and hazmat-related work. Other than driving, there are also management positions that include network design, bill audit and pay, order management, warehouse management, cross-docking, and more.

You can either be a team driver or a company driver. The job types are OTR, regional, and dedicated. Their jobs are all for CDL-A license holders and usually require minimum experience of six months. They also have special offers for military veterans.

Salary and Benefits

The team driving job with the company has pay of $0.52 to $0.56 per mile and a $40k team bonus. The team has to complete an average of 5000 to 6000 miles a week, and they get two days off for every 12 days in the field.

Dedicated fleet drivers reach their homes every day and have a weekly pay guarantee of $1200. They also get paid $20 per stop and have to cover 1600 to 2200 miles a week.

Dedicated drivers in a team have a weekly pay guarantee of $1200 to $1300 and a $4000 team bonus. These drivers also get a safety bonus and return home every week. 

Temperature-controlled freight teams get $74k per year for each of the drivers plus a safety bonus. Some dedicated driver jobs also include loading and unloading. Such drivers make an average of $81k a year. They get paid $150 per load and $25 per stop. They also have a $1500 quarterly bonus.   

3. Barr-Nunn Transportation

  • Address:  Barr-Nunn Transportation, 1803 Burr Oak Blvd, Granger, IA 50109
  • Phone Number: 888-999-7576
  • Email:

Who is Barr-Nunn Transportation?

Barr-Nunn Transportation was established in 1982 as a dry van truckload carrier company. Currently, they have 550 tractors and 1860 trailers in their fleet. It is a subsidiary of Knight Transportation, which is the largest trucking company in the US.

They transport a number of items, including food, paper, building material, hardware and machinery, animal feeds, appliances, and rubber, etc. Their services are all for dry products.

The company is part of the SmartWay Transport Partnership program. The program focuses on reducing fuel consumption and making transportation more efficient and, as a result, having a reduced carbon footprint. This is done by investing in technologies like fuel-efficient engines.

Jobs Offered

The company offers two options to their drivers, i.e., be part of a team or be a solo driver. The positions are either regional or over the road. They also have an owner-operator program where people or small companies lease the trailers from them.

Their corporate jobs include positions in HR, IT, logistics, payroll, operations, recruiting, accounting, safety, and management. 

Salary and Benefits

Corporate employees get health insurance, dental plan, vision plan, paid holidays, paid time off, life insurance, a 401(k), and quarterly bonus programs. The pay for every corporate job will vary widely, depending on the position, qualification, and experience level. 

The drivers also get 401(k)s and life insurance. Other than solo drivers, everyone gets consistent weekly pays and paid time off. On top of basic pay, they also offer band pay, which is paid on loaded miles. The detention pay is given after one hour only. They also get detention bonus, sign-on bonus, and transition pay. The safety pay is increased every 20,000 to 40,000 miles.

The team drivers have the same incentives with an additional one CPM increase in pay every year for three years. 

4. Western Express 

  • Address:  Western Express, Inc, 7135 Centennial Place Nashville, TN 37209
  • Phone Number: 877-986-8855

Who is Western Express?

Western Express was founded in 1991 by Wayne and Donna Wise as a truckload carrier company. Their fleet consists of 3000 power units and 7500 trailers, which are all GPS-enabled. In recent years, the company’s ownership was transferred from the Wise family to the Company Management Group.

They have seven main services, namely truckload van, flatbed transportation, freight management and logistics, dedicated logistics, feet augmentation, shuttle yard maintenance, and private fleet conversions.

Long and short-haul freight is a part of the truckload van service. They provide their service on the East of Mississippi and the West of the Rocky Mountains. Their flatbed service runs in all of North America with some dedicated services as well. 

The dedicated logistics and freight management work on providing lower costs, efficient solutions, and management for unexpected traffic. They also offer companies with private fleets to manage them and offer leasing and outsourcing options without them losing full control.

Jobs Offered

The drivers work on either of the teams, as mentioned above. There is an option for working in a team, leasing their fleet, or being an owner-operator. The drivers need to be CDL-A license holders to work in this company.

The drivers are either regional or OTR, each having different routes and areas covered. They also have a paid student training program. If you have a CDL-A license but no experience, you can enroll in this start and earn regular pay in 90 days. 

Salary and Benefits

Flatbed drivers with the company get $85k or more a year. The pay is calculated according to practical miles and whether they are loaded or unloaded. Drivers also get paid vacation, medical, dental, vision, and a 401(k). On top of that, there is a stop, layover, and oversize pay. 

These benefits are provided for all drivers while the pay differs. Teams make $130k and more every year, which is split among the drivers. 

5. PAM Transport Inc.

  • Address:  297 West Henri de Tonti Blvd, Tontitown, AR 72770
  • Phone Number: 800-879-7261

Who is PAM Transport Inc.?

PAM Transport Inc was established in 1980 by Paul Allen Maestri. They started with five Freightliner tractors and 15 trailers, and as of 2018, their fleet consists of 2000 tractors and 6000 trailers.

They provide their services throughout the country, which include dry vans, dedicated, expedited, international, logistics, and power-only. Their services are focused on the automotive, retail, and manufacturing industries. Their international services are limited to a few areas of Canada and Mexico.

Jobs Offered

The career options in the driving sector include owner-operators, company drivers, and recent graduates. Drivers that have recently earned their CDL license and don’t have any experience can apply for the graduate program. Students get an experienced mentor to train them, and after some time, they start earning regular pay.

Company drivers work in OTR, dedicated, and team setups. Each has a separate pay and bonus. The company’s mentor program is for both experienced and non-experienced drivers. Mentors also earn extra for teaching.

Salary and Benefits

PAM company mentors earn ten cents per mile while they are on the road training a student. Teams in PAM get a $10,000 teaming bonus and earn 50 cents per mile. They also offer health and dental insurance, along with a retirement plan. Military veterans are given a $1900 housing allowance as well.

6. Combined Transport

  • Address:  5656 Crater Lake Ave., Central Point, OR 97502
  • Phone Number: 541-727-3500
  • Email:

Who is Combined Transport? 

Richard Card founded combined Transport in 1980. The company not only survived but became a multi-million dollar company even in the years of recession. It is a family-owned and operated company.

Their family of companies includes the Combined Transport Logistics Inc. Buckwell Consolidation LLCis is also a part of the bigger company and operates in Canada. Their services include flatbed, heavy haul, and wind components.

Jobs Offered

The job options are either OTR or Western Regional. Both flatbed and refrigerated trucks have this option. Heavy-haul trucks include step decks, RGN (lowboy), and Multi Axle. Meanwhile, wind transportation drivers drive the Double Schnabel.

Their corporate positions include freight broker and sales support. The responsibilities include tracking, scheduling, and organizing, etc. 

Salary and Benefits

Flatbed OTR drivers earn 60 cents per mile. The base pay is 54 cents per mile with a four-cent bonus. Transport in Canada includes a $75 border crossing bonus. They also give medical, dental, vision, and 401(k). There is an additional $35 trap pay, $25 for rack set up, and $20 for rack takedown.

All bonuses are the same except for the base pay. A regional flatbed driver earns 57 cents per mile. Refrigerated OTR drivers make 52 cents per mile while regional ones make 49 cents per mile.

Heavy-haul drivers that drive step decks make 44 cents per mile, and RGN drivers make 46 cents per mile with an additional performance bonus. Heavy-haul Multi-axle drivers earn a monthly payment rather than weekly. 

Wind transport drivers make $7000 monthly and get a $2000 monthly safety bonus.

7. Salmon Companies

  • Address:  PO Box 15070, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72231, United States
  • Phone Number: 501-280-0700 Ext. 1
  • Email:

Who is Salmon Companies?

Salmon Companies was founded in 1946 by Pat Salmon. The company’s focus is on mail transport. They are the supplier of USPS and have a fleet of 1500 trucks in almost all states across the country.

Their only service is transporting mail on time for the USPS. 

Jobs Offered

Since this is a mail transport company, all drivers need to be cleared of the United States Postal Services requirements. It also requires drivers to pass the federal guidelines for motor carrier transportation. There are other requirements, but the most important one is that applicants should provide their criminal background history or traffic violations. 

Salary and Benefits

The drivers get ten paid leave days, hourly pays, and benefits. They also get two days off each week, and the hourly wage ranges from $22 to $30.

Why Do Some Companies Hire Drivers With Bad Records? 

We have discussed the disqualification terms before in the article. While the driver is currently disqualified, no company can hire him or her for commercial driving. Drivers that have been disqualified for a lifetime can never be employed in this field.

Only those whose disqualification period is over can be considered for re-employment, although big companies rarely hire such drivers due to insurance and liability issues. 

Small offenses like old DUIs and one or two moving violations can be accepted. The following are some reasons why a few companies hire individuals with bad records. 

Previous Employee

A company might hire a driver with a bad record because he or she was a previous employee and had only one offense, and their experience with him or she had been good otherwise. 

To Save Money

Smaller companies might hire such drivers to save some money and pay them less than drivers with clean records.



Keeping a driving record clean is very important in the commercial sector because no client wants a risky driver transporting their precious goods. Some trucking companies handle hazardous materials and recreational vehicles, which are very expensive, and handling them correctly is highly relevant. However, not all hope is lost. Even if you have a bad record, you can still find employment opportunities at the companies mentioned above. 

People Also Ask

If you want more information on trucking companies and their jobs, we have a list of some frequently asked questions below.

Do All Trucking Companies Report to DAC?

DAC is a voluntary service. It is not mandatory, and it is up to the company if it wants to report it. 

Can You Be a Truck Driver With a Bad Driving Record?

Yes, you can be a truck driver with a bad driving record, but if you only have a minor offense that took place at least a few years ago. Having a lot of offenses does not help the case.

How Far Back Do Trucking Companies Check Driving Records?

Most trucking companies check driving records for up to five years.

What Disqualifies You From Being a Truck Driver?

You are disqualified from being a truck driver for life if you have used a vehicle commissioned for illegal drug transportation. Some other reasons that lead to disqualification include driving under the influence, having an accident, and running away from the scene of an accident.

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