Best Trucking Companies in New York – 2022 Round-up Review

| Last Updated: February 10, 2021

Whether you’re an experienced truck driver or a new one, you would always want to work at one of the best trucking companies!

Hence, in this article, we will do a complete round-up of all the best trucking companies in New York.


So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the article and fish out the details.

Quick Take – Best Trucking Companies in New York

Here’s a quick rundown of the best New York trucking companies:

  1. RDU Inc
  2. Escro Transport
  3. Bossong’s Commercial Delivery Inc

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in New York

In this portion, we will review some of the best trucking companies operating in New York so you can have a better idea of each of them:

Best Trucking Company in Rochester, NY:RDU Inc

  • Address: 970 Driving Park Avenue, Rochester, NY, 14606
  • Phone Number: 585-458-0750 or 888-519-3806
  • Email:

Who is RDU?RDU is a leading truckload and freight transportation company that was founded 30 years ago. Their main purpose is to pick up freight and provide delivery services for small and large shipments. They have worked tirelessly in order to gain a good reputation in the market of being an efficient transport provider.It offers many services, such as freight brokerage, cross-docking, truckload, LTL (less-than-truckload), flatbed, and small packages. Their training system is very thorough, and they only hire the best professionals for trucking jobs. If you have a safe driving record and a positive attitude, you’ll be the perfect candidate for a driving job at RDU!Services Offered RDU offers several services, as mentioned before. The main goal of the company is to deliver all the packages to the respective destinations on time. Moreover, the company aims to provide market-competitive pricing to its customers and treat them with kindness and respect.The company offers truckload services upstate and in western New York, where you can order items in bulk and have them delivered. For smaller packages, RDU also has the option of availing the LTL option where less-than-truckload items can be delivered at your doorstep.Cargo vans, air-ride dry van trailers, tractors, and straight trucks are the various types of vehicles used, depending on the type of service.Salary and BenefitsTo keep up its exceptional services, the company hires only the best, most punctual, and professional drivers for transportation. They are trained to act as the first line person of contact with the customers and suppliers, and they are also trained to provide useful feedback.A Class A driver at RDU receives a base pay ranging from $56000-$81000, depending on the level of experience he or she has. Along with that, additional pay is also given based on the overtime work that the driver does, which ranges between $247 and $267. Truck drivers are also given health insurance and paid vacations and leaves during the holidays.

Best Trucking Company in Buffalo, NY:Escro Transport

  • Address: 275 Mayville Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14217
  • Phone Number: 706-874-6155 or 518-861-5724
  • Email:

Who is Escro Transport?Escro Transport is a family-owned business that aims to provide efficient delivery service from coast to coast. They have been in the trucking industry for 50 years, and have the full know-how of the roads and how to get items shipped. If you’re looking for truckload, LTL, or refrigerated hauling, Escro is the best company for those services.The company also has an online portal where the users can check the live status of their parcels of shipment. Along with these services, Escro Transport also launched Esposito Transport, which is a full-service brokerage company in 2004. The well-known company also has 14 partner channels spread across the United States.Services Offered There are many services which are offered by Escro Transport. You can count on the company to deliver fresh, frozen, chilled, dried, or any sort of shipment in temperature-controlled trucks.Whether it is order picking, pool distributing, cross-docking, or GPS load tracking, Escro does it all. They are also popular for their custom shipping reporting, EDI services, scanning, dry truck loading, brokerage services, and temperature-controlled dock facilities.The facilities are secured with CCTV cameras as well, so you can be sure that your shipment will be safe. You can also contact the customer representative helpline on the website to know more about the services or get personalized services by Escro.Salary and BenefitsEscro honors its employees by giving them market-competitive salaries and impressive compensation packages. They hire Class A truck drivers, and their salaries range between $50000 and $70000 based on how many years they’ve worked for them, and their level of experience.The standard benefits apply to all truck drivers, where they get a customized 401K plan, health and medical insurance, paid vacation leaves during Christmas and other annual holidays, and sick leaves as well. They also get paid extra for any overtime work, and receive good tips during holidays too! So, if you’re looking for a company that takes good care of their workers, Escro is the way to go.

Best Trucking Company in Syracuse, NY:Bossong’s Commercial Delivery Inc

  • Address:  6713 Pickard Drive, P.O. Box 536, Syracuse, NY 13211
  • Phone Number: 315-455-7431
  • Email:

Who is Bossong’s Commercial Delivery Inc.?This trucking company was founded in 1943 and has always been a family-owned business from the start. Every year brings new possibilities and new eras of training and development for Bossong’s Commercial Inc. They are known for their high professionalism, excellent customer service, and attractive prices – all of which have built a solid loyal customer base for them.The company hires a dedicated and committed team of drivers, dispatchers, and office personnel to make sure that your parcel always gets to you in time. They also offer their trucking drivers and other employees great benefits to keep them motivated and productive.Services Offered Bossong’s offers an extensive range of services to all its customers. Most of the services can also be customized according to customer needs so that the company can meet their trucking needs. These services include local pick-up and delivery, retail, sorting, packing, residential transportation, LTL, commercial, air freight, specials, and airline drop and recovery.Along with these standard services, Bossong’s also offers extra services such as liftgate, extra man, inside, military base, and sorting different types of freight. They also provide packing services and trailer loading. So, if you’re looking for a company in New York that is professional at any of these services, do consider Bossong’s.Salary and BenefitsAll drivers hired for the job are professionals with a photo identification badge. They should all also possess a certification to transport hazardous materials from one place to another. Bossong’s cares about its employees and offers them one of the most attractive salary and benefits package. The base pay at Bossong’s for their truck drivers is about $60-65k per annum.Along with that, Bossong’s also provides several benefits, such as medical, dental, and vision care insurance. You also get paid holidays, paid vacations, life insurance, a 401k plan, Hazmat Training Courses, and reimbursement for proper footwear for the job. Company uniforms are also provided, with laundry services included as well!

Best Trucking Company in Albany, NY:Burkins & Foley Trucking and Storage Inc.

  • Address:  33-37 North Lansing St, Albany, NY 12207
  • Phone Number: 518-436-1951
  • Email:

Who is Burkins & Foley Trucking and Storage Inc.?Burkis & Foley Trucking Inc. is a rigging and moving specialist in New York that provides many kinds of transportation services to different customers. If you’re looking for truck rental, home moving, or freight services, then do not hesitate to try out their brand.The company has been in the trucking business since 1949, which means they have quite the experience in this industry. They aim to provide timely delivery of your shipment and handle each item with intensive care. They also take care of their employees well and train them so that they are super professional in their tasks.Services Offered Burkins & Foley specializes in several facilities. Whether you are looking for commercial, industrial moving, or residential rigging, this company will provide you with timely and precise shipments. Crane services, household and commercial storage facilities, piano and organ moving, trucking, safe and vault moving, and other unique requirements are also considered at Burkins.The company also engages in equipment installation such as ATMs, night depositories, safe deposit boxes, and Pneumatic Tube Systems. You can also call them up for heavy equipment moving, such as sculptures, paintings, medical equipment, and dry cleaning equipment. Every item that is picked up will be safely delivered to your destination.Salary and BenefitsBeing a commercial and moving specialist in New York, Burkins & Foley Trucking hires only the most professional truck drivers for the job. The moving and rigging job is quite delicate and fragile, so the workers have to be well trained in carrying heavy items.For this purpose, they are paid a very impressive salary and get good compensation and benefits from the company. Commercial truck drivers are paid about $75,000-$81,000 per annum, depending on their experience and professionalism. Since they also pick up and hoist the shipments from one place to another, their salaries are higher than the average market rate. They also provide standard benefits such as medical insurance, paid vacation leaves, and overtime pay.

Best Trucking Company in Long Island, NY:Shea Trucking

  • Address: 174 Cabot Street, West Babylon, New York, 11704
  • Phone Number: 631-756-7150
  • Email:

Who is Shea Trucking?Shea Trucking is an ocean and air freight company that specializes in premier air and ocean cargo services. They have been in the business for about 48 years and have ample experience in transportation and freight deliveries. Shea is an affordable brand that is also super-efficient and professional. They have trucks in all the major industrial areas in Long Island and are known to make impossible situations possible.The company has been growing ever since it started, and this is because they listen to customers and keep their employees trained on possible customer needs. They are highly productive and very reliable.Services Offered Shea Trucking offers next day deliveries to any customer in over 250 locations on New Jersey, Queens, or Long Island. They also provide services in the major ports of New Jersey, and air freight transportation to the four major airports in New York.The fleet includes large vehicles that can fit in any size shipment as well as ocean containers. The straight trucks at Shea are equipped with lift gates to make the most difficult pickup or delivers easy and safe. Ride pickups and deliveries are also available for heavy machinery or electronic items, and all items that need to be handled with care.Salary and BenefitsThis trucking company cares about its employees and makes sure that they are well taken care of. Along with market-competitive salaries of about $52,000 per annum, Shea Trucking also has fixed waiting times for the drivers at airport terminals. The customer is also not allowed to keep a driver longer than the required time without offering them some sort of compensation.They offer paid vacations and holidays with special care taken of overtime work. They are also given health insurance and sick leaves and work in a positive and stress-free atmosphere.

6. ATC Trucking

  • Address: 184-60 Jamaica Ave, Hollis, NY 11423, New York
  • Phone Number: 718-454-6310
  • Email:

Who is ATC Trucking?ATC Trucking was founded in 1999 and is known to be one of the largest JIT (Just-in-Time) service providers nationwide. They always use the right vehicle for the right job and will deliver your goods to you on time. The staff at ATC is professional and highly trained to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.Building on a strong foundation, ATC has grown to be a competitive transportation company that aims to provide all sorts of unique services to its customers. From standard transporting to customized services, ATC really does do it all. It is always striving to be the best transportation company.Services Offered  ATC is committed to delivering quality services to all its customers at reasonable costs. They also take pride in delivering items and shipments safely on time. From overnight deliveries to next day deliveries, it strives to make the impossible possible.The services that ATC provides include air freight, small to large package deliveries, pre-scheduled and rushed deliveries, moving vans and storage facilities, bio transportation and medical/healthcare deliveries, and car carrier transportation. They also provide local and long-distance tracking so the customer can know exactly where their shipment is and when it will arrive.Salary and BenefitsThe employees at ATC are well taken care of, and they work 12 hours a day, with weekends being free. If they are needed for overtime work, then they are paid for every extra minute that they spend on the job.Overall, the salary is market competitive and ranges between $45,000 and $52000 per annum, with attractive compensation and benefits offered to the employees as well. The drivers get medical insurances, paid vacation and sick leaves, and job security throughout their tenure. The culture at ATC is also very positive and friendly, so there is no work stress amongst employees.

7. New York Heavy Trucking

  • Address: Wantagh, NY, 11793
  • Phone Number: 516-557-6077
  • Email:

Who is New York Heavy Trucking?New York Heavy Trucking, as the name suggests, is a transportation company that specializes in delivering and dealing with overweight or heavy cargo. They have more than 50 years of experience in the field and are able to tackle any logistical or transportation issues with professionalism.The staff is highly trained and super-skilled in what they do, ensuring that the customers don’t have any complaints. Their main goal is to make sure that they handle the heavy cargo with care and deliver it to the respective destinations on time. They can cargo any sort of shipment at any time, anywhere nationwide.Services Offered  The company owns several different types of vehicles for all types of cargo. Specialized equipment such as low bed trailers is used to deliver fragile and heavy parcels safely and on time. They offer different tracking and hauling services, which are customized according to the client’s needs.If you are moving houses and need a trucking company to handle your furniture or other equipment, New York Heavy Trucking is a great option. It is also a great option for air freight and ocean cargos. They are also great for car hauling and other heavy-duty tasks.Salary and BenefitsThe average salary for a heavy truck driver in New York ranges from $41,781 to $69,192, depending on the experience of the employee and their progress at the job. They are also given bonuses and paid vacation leaves.NYHT workers have a tough job as they have to hoist heavy shipments from one place to another every day, which is why the company offers them good benefits in addition to a competitive salary.Moreover, they are also tipped by the different suppliers and customers where the shipment is delivered, which helps them earn a good commission. They are also given a tailored 401K plan by the company.

8. Norman’s Air Freight

  • Address: 147-65 Farmers Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11434
  • Phone Number: 718-244-7600
  • Email:

Who is Norman’s Air Freight?Norman’s Air Freight is a transportation company that was launched in 1947. It was the first of all companies to introduce refrigerated distribution, and with the help of great sportsmanship and teamwork, the staff at Norman has been in a booming business for quite some time.As a trusted brand for customers for over 65 years, Norman is the go-to distributor of fresh seafood to wholesale markets and for foreign shippers as well. The team here is exclusively chosen with great attention given to attitude and professionalism. They are also very skilled in handling fresh seafood and making sure that it reaches the markets on time.Services Offered  Norman offers a wide range of services to its customers, with the main one being refrigerated deliveries. They deliver fresh seafood to the US Markets in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut, and Boston. They also have daily airport pickup services in five different airports.Other services offered by Norman include freight consolidation, cross-docking, tuna grading, shuttle services, bilingual office staff, short-term refrigerator storage, quality control and checks, distribution and inventory services, fresh flake ice distribution for re-icing the fish, and trade consultants. They are also available on call for overnight delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Salary and BenefitsThe average salary package for an Air Freight truck driver is about $31,543 per annum. The type of drivers that Norman hires fall into three categories: Class A, B, and C. It depends on the type of class you fall into that determine your salary and benefits package.However, all employees get a certain benefits package that includes a market-competitive salary, medical insurance, paid sick days and paid vacations, incentives, and much more. Norman hires professional and hard-working truck drivers and gives them an attractive package so that they can live comfortable lives.

9. F & I Trucking

  • Address: F&I Trucking Corp., 1623 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11213
  • Phone Number: 800-385-9194 or 718-778-5787
  • Email:

Who is F & I Trucking?F&I is a commercial trucking company that offers numerous services for transportation to its clients, and they have been operating for about 40 years. They function in New York, the metropolitan area, and even beyond that. They have a huge fleet of trucks available that can pick up deliveries and drop them off at any time.The staff is highly qualified and is trained to be polite, courteous, and kind to the customers. They are also very skilled and efficient and ensure that all the deliveries arrive at your doorstep at the right time. They also provide storage and other distribution services in New York!Services Offered  With nearly 40 years in the transportation industry, F&I is experienced in prompt pick-up and delivery of shipments. They have professional and friendly staff ready to serve you and make sure that you are fully satisfied. In order to understand what services you need, the staff is also available to guide you through.The services offered by F&I include pick-up and delivery of shipments, leasing of trucks with a driver (either short or long-term), local and long-distance trucking, hospital equipment moving, metal and plastic partitions, displays, construction material shipments, and receiving, storage, and other distribution services.Salary and BenefitsF&I Trucking is known to be mindful of their employees’ health and wellbeing. In addition to making sure that their customers are satisfied, F & I also ensures that its employees are happy and motivated to do their jobs. This is why they offer an attractive salary bundle, which includes impressive benefits as well.The average Class A truck driver is paid about $56,000 per annum, with medical insurance and paid vacations included. They also earn commissions based on the success of their job and the level of satisfaction their customers have.

10. The Trinity Group NYC Inc.

  • Address: 2016 Linden Blvd, Elmont, NY, 11003
  • Phone Number: 516-252-9633
  • Email:

Who is The Trinity Group NYC Inc.?Trinity Group is a company that was formed 40 years ago for the purpose of transportation and freight forwarding services. Their mission is to develop an advanced service throughout the country with the help of technological breakthroughs in transportation and delivery. They have experienced staff and trucks that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure prompt and speedy delivery.The company offers several services and has a huge customer base that relies on them for freight deliveries and cargo shipments. Moreover, they have the best rates and attractive offers that reel in clients and make them loyal partners to the company.Services Offered  Trinity Group offers several services, including nationwide trucking, security handling, white-glove services, and high-value transportation of goods. With the help of their technology and their computerized systems, they are able to make prompt and accurate deliveries each time.They have electronic proof of payment systems, GPS monitoring, Track, and trace system online, and a customer compliance staff that provides constant communication with customers and truck drivers to ensure precise deliveries. They have also developed a new Quote and Track system to maintain the best services in the transportation industry. With the help of their technology, they have become fast and efficient.Salary and BenefitsTrinity Group is a very technologically advanced company, and they have always strived to do better every year. With their technological breakthroughs, they also make sure that their employees are determined and motivated to work harder. This is why they offer drivers very good salaries and an attractive benefits package, which makes the job more rewarding.The benefits include health insurance, a customized 401K plan for each truck driver, paid holiday leaves (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.), life insurance, and bonuses based on employee performance. Overall, the company offers superb packages, and any truck driver would be lucky to work for Trinity Group.


There are several different transportation and delivery companies in New York, but the ones we have mentioned are the top ones in the market. Hopefully, this article was helpful in deciding which trucking company to work for and provides you with a basic overview of each company’s main duties. Good luck!

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