Best Trucking Companies in Massachusetts – 2022 Round-up

| Last Updated: October 19, 2020

Massachusetts is one of those states in America that is known for the wide range of opportunities that it has to offer. Given the vast amount of trucking companies, the job opportunities in the state are plenty. 


If you are looking to try your luck working at one of these trucking companies, we can help you out. We have gone through a great number of trucking companies in Massachusetts and picked out the best ones for you.

All you need to do now is go through them and pick one for yourself.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Massachusetts

Just an overview of trucking companies is not enough, is it? It is vital to know the company and its services in order to judge if you want to work there. This is why we have provided for you a detailed review of all these top-end trucking companies in Massachusetts so you can make a better decision for yourself.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best Massachusetts trucking companies:

  1. Rushco Services Inc
  2. The Trucking Company, Inc.
  3. First Call Trucking & Courier

Best Trucking Company in Oxford, MA:Rushco Services Inc.

  • Address: 196 Leicester Street, North Oxford, Massachusetts 01537
  • Phone Number: 800-255-7563
  • Email:

Who is Rushco Services Inc.?

Rushco Services is not a new name in the industry of transportation services. It has been around for 30 years. And in this time, it has managed to establish its name as the benchmark of quality services and reliability. Rushco is known to function with a keen sense of partnership with all of its employees and customers. The element of trust is very important to the company and ensures to maintain it over all other variables of the business.

With the perfect maintenance that Rushco ensures for all of its vehicles and equipment, it is able to provide transportation services for all types of equipment and ideal arrangements for specialized transportation.

Services Offered 

With the outstanding experience it has, Rushco has managed to extend its services beyond just transportation. The transportation that Rushco provides is extremely flexible and will be sure to fit any customer’s needs. They provide time-sensitive delivery as well as services for shipping across the border.

But that’s not all. Rushco also offers pier services throughout the United States. They have great import-export services that allow insured transportation and specialized deliveries with door-to-door services. They also offer inventory, rigging, and over-dimensional services. In short, any sort of transportation services that you need, be it by road, or a shipment, you can count on Rushco.

Salary and Benefits

While working with Rushco, the salary is the last thing you need to be worried about. While it may not offer a lot of bonuses to its workers, Rushco ensures that their wages are handsome and more than that offered by the standard market.

Drivers that work with Rushco are paid by mileage, which starts around $0.4 per mile, and only goes up based on various factors. The equipment experts and inspectors are also paid well, according to their skill and quality of the job. There are a lot more benefits of working with the company, such as a stress-free environment, flexible timings, and insurance.

Best Trucking Company in Framingham, MA:The Trucking Company Inc.

  • Address: 327 Union Avenue, Framingham, MA 01702
  • Phone Number: 774-291-6970
  • Email:

Who is the Trucking Company Inc.?The Trucking Company is a transportation service mainly for construction purposes, based in Massachusetts. It is owned by a group of construction experts who have more experience than a lot of people in the industry. Having worked in the construction industry for a considerable amount of time, these experts understand the basics of transportation required for the job. The Trucking Company has gathered an efficient team that promises its customers to get their equipment and load delivered at the right place at the right time and in the right budget. Utilizing complete planning and communication, The Trucking Company continues to serve its customers with top quality services, as promised.Services Offered  All the services that The Trucking Company offers can be divided into three. The first includes dump trailer services. The company provides dump trailers for various tasks like relocating dirt, salt, snow, or even concrete. These trailers are of top quality and can handle any sort of load.The second service that it provides is hauling. This includes doing the hard task of relocation for you instead of simply providing with the trailer. Their experienced drivers ensure the secure hauling of whatever load it is that needs to be relocated.The final services offered by The Trucking Company is equipment moving. The Trucking Company is geared with all the right vehicles and heavy-duty equipment. All these vehicles and equipment allow them to provide equipment moving services for all big and small equipment.Salary and BenefitsWorking with The Trucking Company is a bonus in itself, given all the credible experience one gets while working there. But the experience is not all that makes being an employee for the company desirable. The Trucking Company is known to be fair if not generous when it comes to salaries and benefits for its employees. They offer a handsome pay for all workers. The average pay for a clerk here starts at $15 per hour. The pay per hour only goes up, depending upon the quality of work. Company drivers are paid by mileage at the rate of $0.5 per mile for starters. These starting salaries are considerably more than what is offered on the standard market. But The Trucking Company offers more than just good wages. They ensure that the workers get sufficient rest on weekends along with paid vacations every year.

3. First Call Trucking & Courier

  • Address: 33 Tozer Rd, Beverly, MA, 01915
  • Phone Number: 978-969-3214
  • Email:

Who is First Call Trucking & Courier?Looking for the best commercial trucking service in Massachusetts? Or are you trying to find the right transportation and courier service in the state? Then first Call Trucking & Courier is what you are looking for. With their services expanding all over the nation, you can rely on it to get your package delivered safely and on time. Over the past few decades, during which First Call has been functioning, the company has managed to establish a clientele that trusts the company for its top-quality, reliable services. Keeping the satisfaction of its customers as its first priority has helped the company reach the position it is at today. Services Offered First Call Trucking & Courier has ensured to cover all sorts of transportation, courier, and freight handling services for its customers. From basic trucking and couriers to air and ocean freight, First Call expertizes in perfectly handling all sorts of loads.The company provides trucking services every day of the week. It also offers special logistic services that include lift-gate deliveries and two-man deliveries. All these special services ensure that your freight is relocated with the utmost care and is right on time. First Call’s trucks are specially equipped with a wide range of equipment that ranges from simple strappings to pallet jacks and freight bars so you can experience the best services.Salary and BenefitsFirst Call Trucking & Courier is indeed one of the best trucking companies in Massachusetts, but it is still not as big as other companies in the competition. Therefore, the salaries offered by them may not be as generous as those offered by other high-end trucking companies. But they are still on par with the standard market. Working with First Call will still not be a loss for you, given a lot of benefits and bonuses that they allow for their workers. They offer a number of weekly bonuses for their drivers that range from bonuses for extra miles to those for safe driving. It is how the company keeps its workers motivated to work hard and efficiently in order to keep up the quality of their services.

4. Regency Transportation Inc.

  • Address: 5 Kenwood Circle, Franklin, MA 02038
  • Phone Number: 508-520-3595
  • Email:

Who is Regency Transportation Inc.?Rick Giroux, the CEO of Regency Transportation Inc, started the company back in 1985. Back then, he had nothing but one tractor and trailer that he had borrowed from someone. But with the faith and passion that he had to succeed, he managed to turn this small initiative into a nationwide trucking business. According to him, all that took was consistent efforts and reliable delivery of services.The small company that Rick started now works with a huge team of professionals that strive their best to work on the same principles that allowed Rick to expand his business to what it is today. With their help, the company provides a number of transportation and freight handling services. Services Offered  Regency Transportation believes that its services are not just about what it does for its customers, but more about how they do them. And in that context, it offers a very wide range of services for its customers.It offers the best regional transportation services, with company drivers that reside in the area. This puts them at an advantage, allowing your packages and loads to be transported efficiently and safely through the best routes.But that is not where their services end. Other than transportation, the company also offers warehousing and distribution for its customers. With highly monitored warehouses, you can rest assured that your loads are safe with them.Salary and BenefitsIf you decide to work with Regency Transportation Inc and get hired, the company ensures that you get the best out of your time there, as long as you provide them with the best of your efforts. The company ensures not only to provide all its workers with a handsome pay that starts at an average of $16 per hour based on the quality of the job but also ensures that all of its diligent workers are rewarded with a due bonus. Wages are not the only aspect the company is considerate in. It also allows its workers to spend weekends at home, so the weekdays are more productive. Over-the-road drivers are given a sufficient resting period in between the long tasks. The owner-operators that work with the company also get to reap the benefits that the company offers. 

5. Itz-Ohlson Transport Inc.

  • Address: 160 Second Street, Chelsea, MA 02150
  • Phone Number: 617-387-1541
  • Email:

Who is Itz-Ohlson Transportation Inc.?Itz-Ohlson is a relatively new business in the transportation services industry. But it has rapidly gained a reputation for the top quality services that it provides. Functional for less than a decade, it has established itself to be just as professional and experienced as businesses that have been operating for a number of decades. The company is known to work with professionals and licensed workers that ensure the satisfaction of customers at all costs. It provides its services to a number of importers and exporters and works across various ports to keep its business up and thriving. Services Offered  Being the intermodal carrier that Itz-Ohlson is, it is known for its services provided to importers and exporters. It offers its trucking services in Eastern New England through the ports located in Boston and New York. These services are available throughout the week and all day long. Itz-Ohlson provides a mixed chassis that consists of air-ride, tri-axle, and 40’ goosenecks. They are also known to lease chassis from the chassis poor operators. This allows a better capacity whenever and wherever it is needed.Trucks at Itz-Ohlson are equipped with GPS systems that allow them to track your shipment for you whenever you want. Furthermore, they feature an enhanced dispatch technology that includes real-time signature capture and shipment status update.Salary and BenefitsItz-Ohlson keeps a very fair account when it comes to salaries. It makes sure to pay its workers according to the rates of the standard market and the job quality. Professionals with more experience are paid more than those with little to no experience. But this lower salary can be made up for by achieving bonuses that the company offers every now and then as a reward for efficiency and diligence. Workers can also benefit from a lot of on-site facilities and benefits. They enjoy sufficient time off work every week, along with flexible timings throughout the weekdays. Furthermore, the permanent employees of the company are also offered the benefits of insurance.

6. J & S Transport

  • Address: 12 Washington Street, Lynn, MA
  • Phone Number: 781-599-6660

Who is J & S Transport?John and Sharon Hamel had years of experience in the transportation industry before they decided to start their own trucking company. They started small but ended up with a trucking company that extends its services through multiple states. With the prior experience that they had, they were able to take flight right from the start.With fourteen tractors and thirteen tank trailers, the business that this couple started is thriving. With all the services that they provide, they ensure the safety of their workers and the loads above all. With thorough routine inspections and a team of dedicated experts, John and Sharon have been able to keep their business growing and turn it into one of the best in the state. Services OfferedStarting from nothing, J & S has now turned itself into one of the biggest trucking companies in the state. It is known to offer a very wide range of services that are all safer than those provided by any other trucking company.J & S offers regional transportation for light and heavy loads. With the great fleet of tractors and trailers that they have gathered, no trucking job is too big for them. Working with a number of owner-operators, they also offer interstate transportation services as well. J & S is known for prioritizing the safety of its employees, vehicle, and loads above all. So if you hire J & S for its transportation services, you can rest assured that your delivery will reach on time and safely.Salary and BenefitsSince J & S transport hires only experienced individuals and professionals, it ensures that the pay rate is also up to the mark for the professional skills that they are provided with. They provide the market with good competition in terms of pay for the workers. Employees at J & S are paid well above the bare minimum and are offered more benefits than any other standard trucking company has to offer. From flexible work timings to a friendly working environment, all the benefits of working here ensure you a good time while you work at the company.

7. Severance Trucking

  • Address: 49 McGrath Road, Dracut, MA 01826
  • Phone Number: 800-225-1111

Who is Severance Trucking?Severance Trucking has been in the transportation service business longer than most of the present transportation companies in Massachusetts. It has been up and running since 1901, and in the time it has been operational, it has managed to raise its quality of services and working standards higher and higher. Severance Trucking is a family-owned business that provides its customers with reliable freight handling and efficiency that is guaranteed to be better than the standard market quality. It ensures that customer satisfaction remains its top priority. Services Offered Interested in what services Severance Trucking has to offer? There is a lot. From same-day deliveries of small packages to scheduled dispatched and trans-border services, it offers any and every transportation service that one can possibly need. The simple trucking service that the company offers itself has a lot to offer for customers. Their services include overnight delivery, special pickup and delivery services, distribution, internet services, protection from freezing services, flat-bed services, inside delivery, and ramp services. When it comes to bigger transportation tasks, Severance has the upper hand in the industry. It features the U.S Custom Bond Authority that allows it to handle bonded shipment that goes in or out of the US. This allows for easy transportation for all your packages and loads.Salary and BenefitsThe employers at Severance Trucking know what it is like to be on the other side, which is why they pay their workers generously for their skills and never exploit them. The company provides very flexible working hours and sufficient rest in between for drivers in order to maintain the highest efficiency as well as their safety. The salary at the Severance Trucking Company is also an incentive. They offer handsome wages for the great skills that they demand. Working here allows employees not only to secure a generous wage but also earn a number of bonuses just by working hard and efficiently.

8. O.B. Hill Trucking & Rigging Co

  • Address: 197 West Central Street, Natick, MA 01760
  • Phone Number: 508-653-2071

Who is O.B Hill Trucking & Rigging Co?O.B Hill is one of the few family-owned trucking companies in Massachusetts that started from nothing and rose to be the best in the industry. It has been working for the past sixty years, providing uncompromising and reliable freight handling services for its customers. With complete licensing and insurance, O.B Hill is now known and recognized as the premier transportation service provider for a number of leading hospitals and manufacturers in New England. Based in Massachusetts and Boston, O.B Hill works with a team of professionals that provides customers with the safe delivery of all their equipment and load, on time, and safely. Services Offered ​O.B Hill started out with nothing but regional trucking services to order. But today, it offers a lot more than that. It has expanded its services to reach far beyond trucking. The transportation services that it provides are still known to be one of the best. With safe and on-time deliveries, O.B Hill has gained the trust of a great number of customers.But there is more that the company can do for you. It also offers rigging and project management services. If there is ever a rigging job that needs to be done, or equipment handling that is too tricky for you, O.B Hill is the one you need to turn to. Salary and BenefitsO.B Hill doesn’t just hire professionals; it appreciates them too. It does so by providing them with a comfortable working environment, flexible work timings, sufficient breaks, and a number of other benefits. From health insurance to paid vacations, the company ensures that its workers are treated the best. But those are the extra benefits. The company ensures that all the hired employees are paid well above the standard market rate since the services they provide are well above the standard as well. Drivers are paid a minimum of $0.6 per mile, and the rate goes with the quality of the job. Therefore, the earning opportunity here is just splendid. 

9. Gloria’s Trucking Company

  • Address: 127 Smith Place Cambridge, MA 02138
  • Phone Number: 978-248-9555
  • Email:

Who is Gloria’s Trucking Company?Founded in 1985, Gloria’s Trucking Company started out as a small local transportation service. With just a couple of trucks and trailers, the owners had not much to depend upon. But with time, they managed to grow their business into one of the biggest trucking companies in Massachusetts. Today, it is known to provide freight handling services all over the country. From furniture to heavy-duty equipment, the company can transport all sorts of load safely and efficiently with its team of experts and professionals. Over the years, it has earned the trust of its customers, which, in turn, has helped the company expand its business. Services Offered Gloria Trucking Company is a reliable transportation service that provides the perfect solution for all the day-to-day delivery needs of your business. It offers a number of basic and heavy transportation services that allow your business to run seamlessly.It offers furniture delivery and assembly, making it perfect for those who are moving. Its courier services are all prescheduled, so every courier that you send is always received on time. Deliveries are all made through customized delivery routes, so the customers do not need to worry about the safety of their packages. But that’s not where it ends. Gloria Trucking Company further extends its services to warehousing and freight delivery. It provides full-service inside delivery and safe warehousing for incoming and outgoing shipments. So, no matter what it is that you need to transport, GTC has your back!Salary and BenefitsEver since Gloria Trucking Company took flight in its business, it has been known to give its competitors tough competition. This applies not only in terms of service but also in terms of the wages that it offers. From a pay rate that reaches well above the standard rate and additional bonuses, working at Gloria Trucking Company is a financial plus. But that’s not all that you get while working with the company. They offer a bunch of other benefits too. These include insurance for permanent workers, a healthy working environment, paid vacations, flexible work timings, and a number of on-site facilities that the workers can benefit from, any time they want. 

10. M&M Transport

  • Address: 43 Manley St, West Bridgewater, MA 02379, United States
  • Phone Number: 508-521-6201

Who is M&M Transport?In 1990 Mark R. Warsofsky laid the foundation of a trucking company in Massachusetts, which is now known as M&M Transport. It steadily rose to fame as it spread its services from Massachusetts to all across the nation. Today, M&M Transport takes great pride in being amongst Massachusetts’ biggest and best transportation services. With the consistent quality of services that M&M ensures, very few other trucking companies have been able to serve its clients like this company. It has prepared a fleet of trailers and tractors that add up to about 2000 in number. These vehicles, along with high tech equipment, allows the companies to provide efficient transportation and freight services. Services Offered With its dedicated team of professionals, M&M extends its transportation services beyond simply regional trucking. It has prepared a fleet of dedicated vehicles and high-end equipment that allows efficient transportation and freight handling services. M&M has 53ft dry vans that work to move loads all over the state as well as between states. These vans allow reliable and safe freight handling. They also have special vehicles to provide customers with yard services for a wide range of applications.The company also provides contract maintenance that helps to keep all the equipment for its businesses running seamlessly. Using the latest technology, M&M also provides satellite tracking for all services, so you know exactly where your load is and how much longer it’ll take to reach you.Salary and BenefitsM&M Transport justifies its place in the business with the quality of services it provides and with the fair treatment of its employees. Once hired at M&M Transport, the company offers its employees handsome wages along with frequent bonuses that keep their spirits high and keeps them motivated for working harder. Drivers are paid bonuses for their extra miles, and clerks are paid for extra hours. But that comes after the standard wage that is well above the market rate. Workers may have to work a little extra during the weekdays, but they are allowed to spend weekends at home to get sufficient rest. They are also provided with annual paid leaves so they can get the rest they deserve.


Above is the list of just some of the many trucking companies in Massachusetts. While many may have already found the trucking company they want to work with, many of you still may be looking. There are a lot of other companies out there that you can find. You just need to look for one that is compatible with your qualifications and experience. 

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