Best Lease Purchase Trucking Companies

| Last Updated: June 27, 2021

Truck drivers prefer to have a greater say in their businesses now than they did before. This is why lease purchase programs are becoming extremely popular, especially in the USA. Some of the largest trucking companies have started providing people with access to these programs, but there is more to the story than that.

Most programs combine traditional rental agreements whilst also allowing drivers to buy the truck and trailers during the lease programs. This provides people ample time to gather resources to make the purchase.

In this article, we will touch upon the many job opportunities that you can access either as part of the lease program or separate from that. We will also review some of the best companies out there, so you know all your options before embarking on new business adventures. 

Review of the Best Lease Purchase Trucking Companies

Leasing a truck might be the biggest decision you make in your professional life, and we want it to be the best one too. With so many companies offering impressive programs, it can certainly be hard to pick one. But don’t worry, here is all you need to know about these corporations to make effective comparisons and make a wise choice.

1. Swift Transportation

  • Address: 2200 S. 75th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85043
  • Phone Number: 1-800-800-2200
  • Email:

Who is Swift Transportation?

The company that came into being in 1966 has gone through tons of ups and downs to reach here. It began its operations on 10th October by providing transportation for imported steel in Arizona. The founder had the can-do spirit when he started with this entrepreneurial work, and to this day, that value is deeply ingrained in the company’s functioning. 

Although it started as a small company, Swift Transportation is now one of the biggest corporations in the state, with over 800 trucks. It also generates a whopping $125 million each year. 

Another interesting thing to note is the recent merger between Swift and Knight Transportation, a move that strengthened the name and increased the shared revenue generation. This merger is considered as the largest one in the history of truckload companies. 

Jobs Offered

With its large terminal network, Swift Transportation is one of the only companies to offer jobs in all areas of transportation. Since the company operates in all major states of the US, you can find a plethora of offices to work in. 

Some of the jobs offered by the company include those in the driving department, warehousing department, and carrier services. You can also lease fleet trucks, trailers, and large, dry vans. Some of the popular items available on lease also include refrigerated trucks and trailers, spring and air ride suspension fleets, and large fleet trucks that provide amazing fuel efficiency. 

So for people who are seeking to make a name in the truck driving industry, Swift Transportation can provide all the access.

Salary and Benefits

Any person looking to get associated with Swift Transportation, either as a driver, a carrier, or as an office manager, will find a plethora of benefits at his disposal. The company not only trains and builds the personal reputation of the employees but also provides them with ample opportunities to enhance their prospects. 

The large size of the company provides you with a stable and consistent career that you can benefit from. Other benefits include things like a wonderful medical and dental plan, a good 401k retirement plan, and, most importantly, a sick leave program. 

Moreover, you can also access two supplementary programs; these are the employee assistance programs and the employee stock purchase programs. Their purpose is to provide opportunities for workers to advance in their careers and get better salaries in the future. On average, truck drivers tend to earn around $80, 000 annually.

2. J.B. Hunt Transport Services

  • Address: 615 JB Hunt Corp Dr. Lowell, AR
  • Phone Number: 1-877-791-9458
  • Email:

Who is J.B. Hunt?

With over 12,000 trucks, J.B. Hunt is certainly a force to be reckoned with. It is a transportation company that was founded by Johnie Bryant Hunt in 1961. Over the years, the company has flaunted amazing statistical growth and now stands at number 80th in all of the US. 

J.B. Hunt usually operates large or semi-trailer trucks and provides transportation services in Mexico, Canada, and the US. Now, the company has more than 24,000 employees, and its fleet of containers and trailers stand at an impressive 100,000. 

But stats are not all there is to the brand. J.B. Hunt also uses a unique load optimization software system. This not only decreases empty miles for its drivers but also improves the overall route efficiency. Moreover, the company reserves the right to many Tesla trucks, which is a huge boost. 

Jobs Offered  

J.B. Hunt is known for offering one of the best third-party lease purchase programs in the market. It not only allows drivers to make weekly payments but also keeps these payments within an affordable range. 

Drivers can also own large vehicles like a truck, trailer, or even a tractor. You can lease these either based on your driver’s license or your carrier license. There are also several different programs available that allow you to choose your down payment mechanisms with ease. 

With multiple compensation plans, drivers can also maximize their profits whilst also achieving their goal of becoming independent operators. There are usually two ways in which you can make use of these plans. There is a percentage-based plan and a mileage-based plan.

Salary and Benefits

Job benefits are immense when you look at the company’s policies, but what’s even better is that the company doesn’t require you to work for them. Instead, it allows you to lease a vehicle and work on your terms and be your boss. You can keep doing this and still make use of the many benefits that full-time employees enjoy at J.B. Hunt. 

There will be access to several health programs and insurance packages. Drivers and carriers can earn up to $1500 weekly and will also get discounts on tires and service work that is performed at designated centers. There are also other added discounts provided on fuel, diesel, and carrier services. But most importantly, you can get all the latest trailers at an affordable rate.

3. Schneider

  • Address: 3101 Packerland Drive Green Bay, WI 54313 United States
  • Phone Number: 800-588-6767
  • Email:

Who is Schneider?

For companies to break shackles and emerge out of their bubbles victorious, they must take a leap of faith. And that is exactly what Schneider did in 1935 when he sold his family’s car to invest in a truck. This was the decision that changed his life and that of his family. 

The sons of Al Schneider saw a great many opportunities in the trucking sector and continued to chase after their father’s dream. They not only added more vehicles to the company but also diversified the workforce. 

Moreover, Schneider was also built on the principles of safety, excellence, and respect, and it has promised to always do right by its customers. This is why the company has invested in industry-leading technology that not only improves cargo security but also limits fuel consumption.

Jobs Offered  

It takes a huge amount of diversity for a company to deserve a place on this list. Schneider has been a game-changer in the industry because, unlike many large corporations, it doesn’t just limit its job opportunities to drivers and carriers. 

It also provides ample jobs in the storing and technical sectors. You can work at a storage facility where you will have to seek through equipment and safely package them for delivery. You can also choose to work in the technology sector where you will be responsible for maintaining and fixing vehicles for the company. 

But if all that is too tiresome, you can opt for an office career where you will be required to deal with the day-to-day operations of the company.

Salary and Benefits

The lease program that the company offers is in line with its other services and is hence both affordable and very efficient. The applicants are given several choices to choose from and hence have their complete say in how their businesses need to be run. 

All vehicles are well-maintained and cleaned frequently. Moreover, people seeking jobs, either permanently or part-time, will be glad to know of the amazing insurance plans the company provides. 

Other superb packages cover medical and dental bills as well as provide paid sick and vacation leaves. On average, the employees working in the driving sector will earn about $45000 annually.

4. PGT Trucking

  • Address: 4200 Industrial Blvd. | Aliquippa PA 15001
  • Phone Number: 412-302-5457
  • Email:

Who is PGT Trucking?

PGT has been a household name for quite some time now, and it’s no surprise. The company has taken several calculated risks in its initial days to reach the position it has today. 

PGT is one of the only trucking corporations to have an equal national and international reputation. The countries currently benefiting from its services include Mexico, Canada, and the US. With its centralized service and dispatch system, PGT can transfer all your goods in no time. 

Moreover, the company is known for being very environmentally conscious. Most of its policies are in hand in hand with international environmental protection laws. This, along with its homely environment, makes it a reliable brand in the US.

Jobs Offered  

PGT offers a great many jobs in both the commercial and residential sectors. These include posts of mechanics, truck and trailer drivers, flatbed drivers and business operators, and managers. 

You will also find a plethora of jobs in more office-based settings. You will get opportunities to work in clerical, technical, and professional fields with a team that is dedicated to providing fast and efficient services to all its employees. 

Moreover, you will also be pleased to know that the lease program by PGT Is one of the most easily accessible ones in the market right now. You can choose your vehicle from a range of options. Moreover, since the repayment plan is affordable, you can take as much time as you want to pay back the company.

Salary and Benefits

People love working at PGT, and one main reason is the amazing salary and incentive program that the enterprise offers to all its employees. 

PGT is known for offering one of the most promising lease purchase programs in the market, and it offers flexible financing to anyone wishing to lease a large truck or trailer. Moreover, there are a variety of programs that you can choose from regarding the down payment and monthly fee. You will also be pleased to know that all lease operators will be assigned a separate fleet manager that assists them in their selection and processing of trailers. 

Additional benefits, such as discounted tires and parts, are also given to associates. There are also accounting as well as operational services available, that too, at a relatively lower price. The salary for an owner operator is also worth considering because it stands at a whopping $130,000 annually. On the other hand, a local driver will earn about $70,000 annually.

5. KSM Carrier Group

  • Address: 2011 Griffith Blvd STE BGriffith, IN 46319, USA
  • Phone Number: 1 (708) 232 6868
  • Email:

Who is KSM?

KSM carrier group completely revolutionized the trucking business when it entered the market. This asset-based company is owned by a small family, and the services cover all 48 states of the US. There are loads of warehouses and offices available in all states that you can access and get help from. 

Values like integrity and discipline are at the heart of KSM, making it one of the largest and most trustworthy corporations in all of America. KSM is also a huge supporter of a lot of green initiative programs. This gives the enterprise a good reputation and makes it a brand everyone wants to be associated with.

Jobs Offered  

KSM offers one of the best truck lease programs in all of the USA. The emphasis is mainly placed on empowering people who want to start their own operating business but who don’t have enough resources to own a truck or trailer. The timings for payment as well as possession are both diverse and flexible to assist employees to the maximum degree. 

Moreover, if you are not interested in leasing a truck, you can also get a permanent or part-time job at KSM. There are jobs available in the trucking sector where you can become a driver or a carrier. You will need a license and some years of experience for both. There are jobs available in the offices as well. You can become a business operator or manager; that too on your terms.

Salary and Benefits

A good office environment is key to employee satisfaction, and that is exactly what KSM provides in all its facilities. You won’t be just another truck number. Instead, you will be treated with both dignity and respect, but that’s not the only incentive to work at KSM. 

Incentives like no credit check, no trailer fees, and longevity bonuses are included in the package. You also get things like weekly payments, insurance, and retirement plans when you are associated with the company. 

But what attracts people to KSM’s lease program is the assigned dispatches and the absence of any forced dispatches. This, along with a direct deposit and a 3000 miles weekly average, makes KSM an impressive company to work for.


Leasing a truck is an important decision and one that can open a lot of avenues for you. This is why we suggest you don’t make any rash decisions and contemplate on all your choices. This article not only saves your time but also helps put things in perspective.

The list includes some of the best trucking companies that offer impressive programs. Information regarding these programs, as well as other job opportunities, are highlighted in detail. 

Moreover, we have also taken the trouble of discussing salaries and benefits provided by each of these corporations. You can compare these brands and decide the best one for yourself. But no matter the choice, a bright and colorful future is definitely on the cards for you.

People Also Ask

Most truck drivers and operators are excited to make this transition and finally fulfill their lifelong dream of owning a truck. Leasing a truck is the initial step of the process, but there is a catch. We have tried to answer all your queries to help you weigh your options better.


How Much Does a Lease Purchase Truck Driver Make?

On average, a lease-purchase driver will make around $80,000 annually. The amount might go up to $110,000 if you are an experienced driver or if you work overtime slightly. But money is not the only benefit of working in the sector. Apart from earning, you will also be able to make enough savings to finally buy the vehicle.

Is Lease Purchase Trucking a Good Idea?

If you are tired of working for another company your whole life, and you want to have your startup, then leasing a truck is an excellent idea. This decision does not prove to be more economical, but it also gives you ample time to weigh your decisions before finally deciding the operations of your company. Moreover, leasing a truck also provides you with flexible payment rates.

How Much Do Lease Owner Operators Make?

Lease owner-operators also earn almost the same amount as lease truck drivers. The only difference is the sort of insurance and medical plans that they get. On average, a lease owner-operator will be able to earn around $1500-$200 weekly. The amount increases with time as the experience of the operator increases.

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