Best Trucking Companies in Kentucky – 2022 Round-up

| Last Updated: October 19, 2020

Working for trucking companies in Kentucky is a good experience for most, given their high pay and suitable perks. Because of the variety of options to choose from, it can get confusing for truck drivers to locate the most suitable company for themselves, which also pays a solid salary, given the nature of the job and extensive and flexible working hours. 


Because it is such a popular career option for people in Kentucky, it also serves as an opportunity for growth in the trucking industry. Establishing yourself as a successful truck driver can land you a lot of benefits, and you might even be able to open your own trucking company later down the years with a lot of experience. 

However, since truck driving is often perceived to be an easy job, the competition is tough, and employers are always on the hunt for the best skill set, so if you are looking for an employment opportunity, make sure you are offering your very best. 

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Kentucky

To help you make informed decisions regarding different trucking companies in Kentucky, their reputation in the industry, employment criteria, salary, and other benefits they offer to their employees, we have compiled some of the best ones and reviewed them for you below. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the best Kentucky trucking companies:

  1. J & J Transportation
  2. Raj Transport Inc
  3. TAZ Trucking Inc

Best Trucking Company in Louisville, KY:J & J Transportation

  • Address:  11400 Plantside Dr., Louisville, KY 40299
  • Phone Number: 1-800-548-7488 / 502-266-5176

Who is J & J Transportation?

J & J Transportation Inc. is a Louisville-based company, named after the founders’ wives. It has been around since 1987 and also operates in Indianapolis. This firm is committed to making personalized services to cater to your specific transportation needs. It does not matter if you have a single shipment or hundreds of them in one go, this company is sure to offer reliable services all throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. Options for warehousing and cross-docking are also available. 

Working as a shipping broker and having thousands of contract carrier service providers, they have you covered on all grounds. Because of their efficient work methods, you don’t have to go through the tiresome handling of break bulks. 

Another great thing is that most of their freight is on pallets, and shipments are known to always arrive on time and are offered at very competitive prices. 

Jobs Offered  

J & J Transportation offers jobs related to the management and trucking so you can apply as a truck driver or even an accountant. The primary services consist of managing the LTL & VOLUME LTL shipments, which are mostly targeted to deliveries in Texas and Florida. 

There is no lack of variety when it comes to equipment; vans, reefers, straight trucks, cargo vans, flatbeds, and drop decks, all are found here. So, you will find an opening for drivers familiar with such vehicles. Local deliveries are also available alongside distribution throughout their entire service area, so drivers applying for this position will be required to know local routes.  

The firm is also known for its warehouse and distribution services. Thus, there are also growth options for warehouse managers and workers.

Salary and Benefits 

On average, a truck driver hired by J & J Transportation gets paid a $17-19 hourly wage. Whether you are a shipper or a carrier, you will find this company super reliable to work with. Taking into account that consignees are contacted before the loading of the trailers, this is a pretty efficient company and knows its way out of their problems. 

They also have great payment policies and offer perks such as three-day sickness leave and bonus for additional working hours. They also help you make the best career choice with them through their counseling program. So if you are a beginner and are unsure what you want to go for, this is your cue.

Best Trucking Company in Lexington, KY:Raj Transport Inc

  • Address:  195 Lisle Industrial Ave, Lexington KY 40511
  • Phone Number: 859-288-0016
  • Email:

Who is Raj Transport Inc.?

Started ten years back by Raj Patel as an asset-based transportation company, Raj Transport is now fully dedicated to offering high-quality and unique solutions to its clientele. It also has an in-house logistics department that handles any complaints and satisfies any customer demands. Over the years, it has bought over 40 trucks. The company has four main objectives;

  • Operating by the standard safety measures. 
  • Ensuring a user-friendly business model.
  • Ensuring time and cost-efficient deliveries.
  • Providing solutions for unprecedented issues.

Jobs Offered  

Raj Transport is known to provide on-time services. It offers truckload services that are offered nationwide, in various capacities. It also has a dedicated fleet with personal distribution nodes. The expedited services offered are unmatched. They come with extra security and side benefits. Also offered are long haul services for a more personalized experience. 

If you are an experienced local driver, you can go for regional deliveries that are delivered in the minimum time possible. The company also offers warehouse job positions at multiple locations and covers almost any aspect sought by drivers. However, to work in such a position, you need to make sure that you are punctual and reliable so that you can be a great fit here. 

Salary and Benefits 

If you are someone who wants to break free from the conventional driving routine, this is the place to be. Here, you will feel like a part of a family because it is a small firm and everyone knows each other. 

Every driver is guaranteed $1000 per week. This is a good amount of money and is more than the minimum wage in the market. They also provide full health insurance, with 50% paid for by the company. Also offered is dental & vision insurance. This is a pretty sweet deal if you are a beginner and have no prior experience in the market.

Best Trucking Company in Bowling Green, KY:TAZ Trucking Inc

  • Address:  6318 Taz Court, Bowling Green, KY 42104
  • Phone Number: +1-270-782 9093
  • Email:

Who is TAZ Trucking Inc.?

Starting out in 2004, TAZ Trucking has made a big name in the trucking industry. It has offered people the best of the best when it comes to trucking and transportation needs. It deals with transporting dry, hazardous, and non-hazardous goods throughout the United States. This company is very enthusiastic about its operations and is always up to date with the latest trucks and trailers. 

They keep them coming to their fleet so that their client gets the very best. They also hire only the best, well-qualified, and trained drivers who can ensure timely delivery and safety. Moreover, they also have a great customer representative team that is always looking out for your shipping needs. 

Jobs Offered  

This company is always up for a good hire. They are looking for an enthusiastic bunch of people who are willing to go beyond the conventional ways to provide their services. They have super affordable services, too, which means that you can ensure a good quality service without being ripped off. 

Some of their services include full Truckload services, 53ft Dry Vans that can handle up to 45000 lbs, and smaller freight Truckload service that can be divided into several smaller shipments. 

Services also include local, quick deliveries using local drivers who know the fastest ways around, Long-Haul to get your deliveries till the furthest end, and dropping and hooking of trailers at your yard for easy loading/unloading. If you have prior experience with any of these services, this is the place for you to be. 

Salary and Benefits 

TAZ has loads of benefits to offer, some of which include health, dental, and vision, along with short-term and long-term disability. Healthcare is very expensive in the US, which means that this is a great perk to have. 

The company also pays $25,000 life insurance and offers vacation, detention, and layover pays with a referral, sign-on, DOT Clean Inspection, and safety bonuses. The best part is that this company treats its employees just like family so you can expect to find a very home-like environment in the work-place. If you are someone who is cool with that, you are sure to like it here. 

Best Trucking Company in London, KY:Schneider National Inc

  • Address:  Florence, KY 41042
  • Phone Number: 800-558-6767
  • Email:

Who is Schneider National Inc.?

Schneider National is a firm that has invested more than 80 years into working out the best transportation solutions for you. Everyone in the team has worked super hard to make sure that all the promises are met, and the clients get the very best at the end of the day. This working attitude has reflected in its huge and loyal customer base today. 

The company also has the best research and development team because they have had a lot to experience throughout the years and have not gotten tired of dealing with any kind of an unprecedented situation. 

Jobs Offered 

Truck driving is not an easy job because even though it seems easy on the surface, there is so much that you are responsible for, such as the secure control, timely delivery of freight, and reliable service in the supply chain management. This methodology has reached worldwide, naming them the very best in coming up with unique ideas for training their expertise and purchasing equipment and services, which have helped them grow.  

Some of the services offered by them are dry van truckload, which offers smart capacity and personalized touches, super-efficient intermodal which pays dividends, LTL, temperature protection trucking services, and flatbeds. So, if you have prior experience with such services and are looking for a job, then you can find plenty of opportunities here. 

Salary and Benefits

According to Indeed, the average salary here ranges from about $28,724 annually for a material handler to $115,704 annually for a business development manager. The electric hourly, on the other hand, is about $8.50 per hour for a manager to $25.72 per hour for the toolmaker. These are estimates and come from third-party submissions. These figures are intended for general comparison and nothing beyond it. 

Some common benefits that you can avail of here include a 401K Plan, dental insurance, employee discounts, and health, life, and vision insurance. 

Best Trucking Company in Owensboro, KY:Stellar Express

  • Address:  1117 Ewing Rd, Owensboro, KY, 42301
  • Phone Number: 855-525-2855 / 270-689-0007

Who is Stellar Express?

Stellar Express was started in 1926 by Joe Pomprowitz as a very small trucking setup. It was back then in a very rural setting in Wisconsin. Now, after being passed down through generations, it is a family-owned business. It provides services only related to liquid kosher in the US and Canada. It also houses a lot of other liquid edibles, mostly liquid chocolate and oil. They do not carry any hazardous materials in their trucks. 

Recently, it has employed many technical methods to help grow the organization, and after having more than 80 years of experience, they are now ready to expand even further. The best thing about them is that they don’t let go of high-quality product care and basic customer needs.

Jobs Offered 

Stellar Express offers a multitude of jobs to beginners in the industry, including truck drivers, product developers, product sourcing experts, and factory agents. Being a Kosher carrier of liquid food-grade products, this company has marked its specialization in being the best in handling soybean oil. 

It is a subsidiary of P&S Investment Co., Inc. It handles the soybean and vegetable oil, biodiesel, and glycerin industries. People who are interested in agriculture and enjoy working in countryside regions find Stellar Express the best place to be. 

Salary and Benefits 

SE has a lot to offer to experienced truck drivers. It has 15 truck fleets that require operating on both a local and regional level. There are also some long haul opportunities for the most loyal and experienced drivers. 

If you decide to work here, you can expect an average income of about $48,000 to $57,000 per year. This comes with an out and back freight, you get to be home most nights, and you get dedicated customers. They also give you a $2000 sign-on bonus with an off for two weekends every month, along with paid orientation. 

Best Trucking Company in Paducah, KY:M.A. Garrison Trucking

  • Address:  M.A. Garrison Trucking, LLC 9765 Blandville Rd, West Paducah, KY 42086
  • Phone Number: 270.519.6249
  • Email:

Who is M.A Garrison Trucking?

M.A Garrison Trucking started out in 2002, and ever since, it has been busy catering to the transportation and logistics needs of people all over Kentucky to the rest of the US. They have a loyal client base in foreign countries, which is an added gem to their construction equipment surrender. 

With time, they have also expanded their local fertilizer, lime, and grain business. Alongside this, several trucks have been added to haul liquid tankers. There are also 12 sleeper trucks to aid with the bulk liquid tankers. Their truck tanks are Hydrachem-equipped, which comes with air compressors.

Jobs Offered 

If you are someone who is into farming, this will serve both your needs. You can do what you love while feeling at ease. They have also employed all the latest model equipment to guarantee customer priority in the business model. If you are looking for a local or regional transportation service, this is the way to go. 

It is a completely reliable logistics provider with about 18 trucks in its fleet currently. It mainly deals with agriculture transport, construction transport, and bulk liquid transport. Even though management and factory work is not what they pride themselves for, you can find jobs related to these at M.A Garrison. 

Salary and Benefits 

M.A Garrison offers its employees guaranteed freight, dedicated lanes, orientation pay, weekly pay, health, vision, dental and life insurance, and a 401K plan. Also, you also get a performance bonus, pet policy, $2500 Referral Bonus for company teams, and a $10,000 seniority bonus after five years. 

If you are an owner-operator, you get to avail a $5,000 sign-on bonus and a year-round freight, which ensures employment despite the weather changes along with a 75% of line haul. You also get 100% of Fuel Surcharge and weekly Settlements along with fuel, maintenance, and tire discounts. If this does not hold your interest, you cannot turn down a company that offers a $2500 referral bonus!  

7. Carnes Trucking Co. Inc.

  • Address:  351 Terry Blvd. Louisville, KY 40229
  • Phone Number: 800-828-0963
  • Email:

Who is Carnes Trucking Co. Inc.?

Carnes Trucking was founded in 1978 by Gary and Donna Carnes. They had a very down-to-earth philosophy when they started their company with a single cargo van making local deliveries. Ever since then, they have grown humbly into a trucking service giant with services spreading over the country. 

Their main aim has been offering maximum customer satisfaction at a very affordable rate. This ideology has attracted many people to their business model and has also served as inspiration for the new companies that are just sprouting in Kentucky now. 

Jobs Offered  

Their aim has been to cater to their clientele in the most effective manner, taking into account all the unprecedented issues regarding finance and performance. This means that they only hire people who are ready to deal with anything head-on and be efficient and reliable. In turn, the drivers must be able to provide expedited deliveries for which they should be well versed and know the shortest ways around. Also, job openings for refrigerated truck services for products that require a cooler temperature and dry van services are also available here.

Furthermore, they aim to provide as much comfort to their drivers as possible, so their hydraulic retractable roller floor systems make loading and unloading super easy. They also have a bonded carrier that ensures fully bonded, worry-free transportation, making your job very simple and worry-free. 

Salary and Benefits 

Carnes Trucking is known to have a super friendly work environment. They consider everyone nothing less than family members, and this reflects in their business model, which is designed to give equal opportunity to everyone. If you prioritize a workplace that gives a lot of respect to their employees, this is the place. They believe that good drivers are the wheels behind this business and so you can never deter. 

As one of the leading trucking companies, they offer multiple benefits. According to a Glassdoor review, you can expect to earn $4000 monthly as a Carnes truck driver. You get the choice of all destinations and distances so you can go wherever you like, given no one else has taken that spot. Their drivers get two to three times at home per week. 

8. Maximum Transportation Inc

  • Address:  314 Kitty Hawk Drive, Elizabethtown, KY 42701
  • Phone Number: 270-769-2979

Who is Maximum Transportation Inc.?

Maximum Transportation Inc. is a family-owned operated trucking company located in Elizabethtown of Kentucky. Its owners are Angela Roberts and Nick Davis. Even though this is a relatively newer trucking company, it has quickly established its roots. It is one of the best in moving dry van freight to other localities throughout the United States. 

The company considers it its goal to offer unique services and well-built customer relationships in relation to their partners in trucking and brokerage. Gaining experience over the years, they have set very high standards in ensuring the best services for their clientele. 

Jobs Offered  

Maximum Transportation Inc. offers unmatched services. It has a maximum of 20 semi-trucks, one straight truck, 53′ dry van trailers, and vans for small freight loads. The company offers a full-service repair and maintenance shop, providing truck mechanics a place at their firm.

All their trucks use a GPS tracking device, so in order to work here, you must know your way around a GPS. It offers many services, most of which include full truckload services, long-haul, and dropping and hooking of trailers. 

If you do not have much experience with truck driving, you can send your resume here because they provide basic services that do not require many technicalities. 

Salary and Benefits 

There are multiple benefits which you can avail from this one. You get paid sick leaves, and they pay higher on average as compared to other trucking companies in Kentucky. The state-side drivers in this firm are paid about $0.39 cents a mile and given extra for their performance and seniority bonus about $0.45 per mile.  

Moreover, the drivers get paid every Friday via Direct Deposit. They get to be at their home on weekends and also on some weeknights. Dedicated, regional, west coast; all three lanes are available. Drivers also get six paid holidays. 

9. Merdzic Transportation Services Inc.

  • Address:  3100 Industrial Dr Bowling Green, KY, 42101
  • Phone Number: 270-205-4555
  • Email:

Who is Merdzic Transportation Services Inc.?

Merdzic Transportation Services Inc. is a family-operated business that started in 2015 with just a single truck and trailer. Just in a short span, they have seen unprecedented growth of 40 trucks & 50 trailers. They are still growing so that they can fulfill their client expectations. 

They also realize the importance of steadfast equipment and specialized drivers for on-time freight delivery. Their HR team only hires the most qualified and highly trained individuals.

Jobs Offered  

Since they specialize in the transportation of dry, non-hazardous freight, they are very diverse in the agriculture industry. They also operate in other areas. They are always renewing their trailers to make sure none of them is older than five years. Merdzic Transportation ensures that there are good communication skills with their employee so that the supply chain runs promptly and keeps running smoothly. 

The LTL service is there to offer complete, real-time shipment visibility from origin to destination for transparency in the process, and they do a thorough background check before hiring LTL drivers and employees. Their drop & hook service and expedited services are known for no delays or service failures, and so they hire punctual and vigilant drivers with strong problem-solving skills. If you are an experienced truck driver who is familiar with the services mentioned above, Merdzic is the place for you to be. 

Salary and Benefits 

In this firm, the workers are constantly awarded, which acts as motivation for them to work even harder. If you want to grow fast and make money quickly, this is the place to be. You can easily apply to this firm, and if you have enough experience, you can start working on the same day. 

As a driver, you can expect to make an average of $70,000 in the first year. Then the team drivers make an average of $150,000 annually. The best part is the $20,000 safety bonuses, along with $1,000 referral bonuses. If you would like to stick with the company, you have loyalty bonuses; aka raises coming your way every 12 months. They also have pet and rider policies, detention, and layover pay.

10. Downey Trucking Inc.

  • Address:  1346 West Main St. Auburn, KY 42206
  • Phone Number: 270-542-8211 / 270-542-8215

Who is Downey Trucking Inc.?

Leland Downey created this company in 1959. It is now the result of dedication towards the traditional ways of dealing in business. This company is still family-owned, which is an honor is considering the mass capitalist nature of businesses these days. 

They believe in a user-centric approach to business, which works in their favor because the area they operate in is community-based, and people only go for services that they have tried and tested. Since it has been operating for a long time now, almost everyone in Kentucky is aware of their reputation and prefers them for their trucking needs. 

Jobs Offered 

Downey Trucking offers transportation services using conventional tractors and 53 ft. air ride vans. They provide different kinds of jobs, such as truck driver, commercial truck driver, class B truck driver, and plant worker. They also have brokerage services for you to apply for. However, their job requirement includes a thorough background check, but once you clear that, you’ll be good to work here. 

In their trucking operation, the fleet consists of 20 conventional road tractors and 32 53-feet air ride van trailers that their employees use. 

Salary and Benefits 

If you are looking for a lot of financial incentives, you will be interested in working for this one. The average income of a driver in this firm is $18 per hour. They also offer an annual safety bonus, which is worth extra 1¢-3¢ per mile. Their employees also get an annual wage increase along with a paid vacation. 

They use 2018-2020 Freightliner, International, and Kenworth Trucks, all of which are of good quality, so you will not have to worry about maintenance or repair. They also offer healthcare and life insurance with the 401(k) retirement package.


To conclude, truck driving is a well-sought career in Kentucky because it pays decently, and most firms offer annual wage increments along with other financial incentives. If you are looking for employment as a truck driver in Kentucky, you need to take some factors into account, such as the proximity, wage rate, work hours, and the financial incentives and then choose the best firm.

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