Best Trucking Companies In Iowa – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Iowa is an excellent place to live, a fact that attracts many people here too. In fact, those looking to establish a career in the trucking industry are in for a treat. This is because, every year, Iowa is known for providing several opportunities to truckers. 

The trucking industry in the state is also expanding, which means that people with varying levels of experience and skills can easily apply for a job. So whether you are a driver, owner-operator, or corporate worker, rest assured that you can find a place to work in this industry.

This review discusses some of the most popular companies that exist within Iowa. These have been selected based on the benefits and job outlook they provide. The article also highlights all the other important information you need to start a career. 

How to Become a Truck Driver in Iowa

Before you can become a truck driver, there are a couple of requirements you need to fulfill. There are two main categories of people who we will discuss here; the ones who already live in America and the ones who are moving to the states to get a trucking job. 

For Americans

People already residing in Iowa or in nearby states will not have a hard time getting a trucking job in the city. They won’t have to apply for a separate visa or pass a language test. Different companies require a different level of requirements; however, on average, this is most of what you will need: 

  • The first step involves you meeting all the basic requirements. You need to be either 18 years of age or 21, based on the type of vehicle you have to drive. 

  • The experience you need also depends on the company you are working for. Some companies hire you as an entry-level driver, whereas others require you to have at least one year of experience or more depending on the job type.

  • To drive a commercial motor vehicle, you will also need a driver’s license. You can get this from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Some people also go to a truck driving school and prepare for their CDL exam from there. 

  • You also need a clean driving record. 

  • Adequate verbal and written communication and good customer relations skills are also necessary. 

For Non-Americans

People immigrating to America to work here will need a valid job offer from a registered truck company. These applicants, in addition to the things mentioned above, also need to pass a language test. This is to ensure they have adequate communication skills to converse with customers and their peers. You will also need to show a clean driving record to be eligible for a job. 

What Makes Iowa a Great Place to Start a Trucking Career? 

There is a reason why so many people are interested in working in Iowa. The state is one of the most popular ones in America and hence has a lot to offer, both in terms of a good career and good living conditions. Here is what you can expect from a job there:

Job Satisfaction

According to a recent survey, more than 50% of truck drivers are very satisfied with their salaries and living costs in the state. This is because drivers here tend to make around $60,000 to $80,000 every year. This cost looks more appealing when it is backed by a plethora of bonuses and paid leaves every year. Moreover, there are other incentives like good retirement and insurance plans that further adds to the appeal.

Job Demand

Statistics show that Iowa has a population of more than 3,155,070, a figure that is expected to reach around 3,474,647 in 2050. This figure is neither too large to increase housing prices nor too small to discourage large-scale companies from investing here. This hence makes Iowa the perfect place to start a career. The job demand is also high, which means people looking for driving as well as corporate jobs, will have a good time here. 

Health Care and Safety 

This is another thing that people look for when moving to a new state or when starting a new career. According to some reports, Iowa is one of the safest areas to live in. It has good racial diversity, which makes the communities more accepting of different people. Moreover, the health care system is good and affordable. 

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Iowa

This is by far the most important section of the article. It will highlight all the features of the top trucking companies in Iowa. Factors like reliability, good services, and a friendly work environment make them some of the best. So let’s look at the best companies in Iowa.

Best Trucking Company in Davenport, IA:Wenger Truck Line

  • Address: WTL, 1011 Floral Lane, Davenport, IA 52802
  • Phone Number: 888-997-2660
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Wenger Truck Line?

Wenger Truck Line has been around for a long time. The company was founded in 1946 and has been a household name since then. It is now an irregular and contract route carrier service that provides services to a large part of the country. Some of its most famous customers include Hormel and John Deere. This family-owned company also treats all its employees with kindness and respect.

It has a large fleet that includes more than 300 trailers and 100 large tractors. Moreover, it has many reefers, heated vans, and refrigerated vans that are properly maintained all year round.

Jobs Offered 

The best thing about this company is that it offers many part-time and full-time jobs. The people hired under the former category tend to enjoy more free time and flexible work hours. They also get to choose their own schedules. You can also work in a team and as a team driver. This will ensure you get good company on the road and that you don’t get too tired after a long and strenuous journey.

Another area that might interest you is related to lease purchase. The plan is to help you kick start your own business. To avail of this opportunity, you will have to work as a company driver first for a total of 90 days. Once you are satisfied, you can choose from a variety of trucks for lease purchase. There are no hidden costs like trailer rental that might bother you. 

Salary and Benefits 

If you work as a regional driver in Iowa, the company guarantees that you won’t have to stay a single day away from home. Drivers will be required to stay in the upper Midwest area only. They can hence expect to come home within 36 to 48 hours. Another benefit is that most freight operations only involve a drop and hook, so drivers don’t have to even touch any of the equipment. 

You will also be pleased to know that empty, as well as loaded miles, are all paid for. This ensures drivers who work harder earn much more than anyone else. Moreover, after hiring, drivers are paid a good amount of $100 every day for three days. They are also provided with a scrumptious lunch every day.

Best Trucking Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa:Don Hummer Trucking Corp.

  • Address: Don Hummer Trucking Corp.505 33rd Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
  • Phone Number: 319-828-2100
  • Website:

Who is Don Hummer Trucking Corp?

It is almost impossible for a list discussing the best trucking companies in Iowa to not include Don Hummer Trucking Corp. This corporation was first established in 1975 and is hence in the industry for more than 40 years. Don Hummer, who spent all his life under his father’s guidance, wanted to continue his father’s legacy. His father used to haul livestock only, but he ensured that his ideology and ideas were deeply instilled in the entire family. 

Don Hummer Trucking was incorporated with four trucks in 1982. Now, the son, Chris Hummer, is the acting president of the corporation. His son, Andrew, is also part of the operations team now. The company has headquarters in Cedar Rapids. 

Jobs Offered

The company, in its bid to provide timely service, communicates with drivers through properly installed systems. This is why they hire both salesmen and technicians who can ensure the proper execution of different tasks. These people need to exhibit a good knowledge of technology, so they can professionally handle any issues. The position of a company driver is also very popular among applicants. Employees who work as company drivers are supposed to work for five consecutive nights. 

There are also positions for company drivers who have to spend 12 nights out and are paid more for their extra service. There are also office-based jobs available in the many offices the company has. These offices are situated in different parts of America.

Salary and Benefits 

The best thing about this company is that it offers 75% of the freight revenue to its employees. The fuel surcharge is included in all the loads and hence provided to the contractor completely. Moreover, contractors are lucky because all the fuel discounts are also provided to them at the actual cost. The company also pays fuel tax, and the contractors receive any balance due and refunds immediately. 

Another thing that Don Hummer boasts of is its exceptionally good equipment. All the trucks, reefers, and vans are of top quality and hence completely safe to drive. On top of that, drivers also make more than $65,000 annually.

Best Trucking Company in Des Moines, Iowa:TMC Transportation

  • Address: 6115 SW Leland Ave, Des Moines, IA 50321
  • Phone Number: 1-800-247-2460
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is TMC Transportation?

The company came into being when Harrold Annett purchased Mickow Corporation, a dormant company, in 1972. On March 6th, Wally Harrah, a driver, delivered TMC’s first load to Des Moines. This kick-started the company’s business, and it soon managed to gain a lot of popularity among the people of Iowa. 

Initially, TMC Transportation only had six power units, a small office, and a staff consisting of only two members. It is a true wonder that Harrold and his team of professionals managed to build TMC into one of the largest privately-owned flatbed carriers in America. In 2013, the owner established an employee stock ownership plan. This allowed TMC to become an employee-owned company. 

Jobs Offered

TMC Transportation, over the years, has managed to form a strategic network of carriers throughout both the USA and Canada. This allows the company to offer many jobs throughout the year. Drivers are hired to drive open-deck, van, refrigerated and specialized trailers. Moreover, dispatching jobs are offered to people who have the necessary training to execute this task. Contractor carriers also work alongside the company. They also get to have more control over the services they want to provide. 

There is also a logistics department that works day in and day out to ensure that customers’ transportation needs are accurately met. The carrier group, on the other hand, ensures timely and cost-efficient delivery of valuable products. 

Salary and Benefits 

Good and competitive pay is what most drivers look for in a company. TMC Transportation not only offers a good salary but also offers paid vacations to users. There is also excellent health insurance that includes an expansive network of hospitals and amazing doctors. On top of that, employees get dental and vision insurance that covers both you and your family.

There is also a legal service plan that helps you and your family fight any legal battles that might come your way. Reimbursement accounts also allow you to save on taxes. Lastly, their drivers and other workers are offered a 401k insurance plan for long-term stability.  

4. Turquoise Trucking

  • Address: 3330 Southgate Ct SW Ste 222, Cedar Rapids IA 52404
  • Phone Number: 844-205-7353
  • Website:

Who is Turquoise Trucking?

The company hasn’t been around for a long time, but that hasn’t stopped it from gaining popularity. It was established 20 years ago, and to this date, it has provided excellent services to a large part of the USA. It is situated in the heart of the Midwest, and its name represents the color of gems, the color of the water that surrounds the Caribbean Islands.

But the name of the company is not the only surprising thing about it. Since it was established, the company has also managed to create a loyal consumer base. Customers love the service and hence choose Turquoise Trucking for all their logistical needs. 

Jobs Offered

With such a large fleet, it is essential that the company hires many drivers all year round. The difference is mainly in the kind of expertise applicants need to possess to be considered. Applicants who want to drive reefers need to possess relatively less experience as compared to those hired for dry van trailers. The company also makes exceptions if they find an applicant worthy of their attention. 

Moreover, the company hires people for the sales department. These are required to handle customers and put up a good image of the company. They are also responsible for good PR. Moreover, opportunities for technicians and mechanics are also available.

Salary and Benefits 

One of the first benefits that you get is an excellent sign-on bonus. You get an instant payment of $1500 when you are hired. You also get paid leaves and long vacations, so the work doesn’t feel like a burden. This money, along with any bonuses that you receive, is deposited directly into your banks.

There is also a driver referral program that allows current workers to earn revenue while also ensuring that they recommend jobs to their friends and family. Veterans are also paid extra money in the company’s bid to encourage and appreciate them.

5. Heartland Express

  • Address: 901 N Kansas Ave, North Liberty, IA
  • Phone Number: 800-451-4621 
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Heartland Express?

Heartland Express is led by none other than Michael Gerdin. He started his career in 1983 when he was a mere teenager. From 1998 to 2001, Mike served as the president of A&M Express, which was a subsidiary of Heartland Express. In 2006, he was finally appointed as the president of this large company.

Heartland Express hires a large number of drivers every year and hence provides services to a large number of people. These include logistical, storage, and transport services. Moreover, the company is known for its excellent location. This centralized location enhances reachability and ensures better time efficiency.  

Jobs Offered

Any trucking company that wants to succeed has to offer a plethora of trucking jobs. But drivers alone cannot execute all the functions. This is where employees in other departments come in handy. Heartland Express hires people in business technology, operations management, sales, and marketing. It also has an account and finance department that hires people to take care of financial matters.  

People hired in all these departments come together and ensure that everything, from pickup to delivery, happens very smoothly. On top of this, there is also an HR department that takes care of all employees’ needs. Moreover, the people hired in the administration are required to have some level of experience. 

Salary and Benefits 

The kind of money drivers and office workers make depend mostly on their experience and the kind of vans and trucks they drive. Over-the-road drivers start at a good rate of 54.5 cents per mile. Regional drivers who don’t have to stay away from their homes for longer durations make 52.5 cents on every mile. Local and regional drivers are also offered a good base salary every week. This is deposited directly into their banks. 

You will also enjoy many other amazing perks when you start working here. This includes more flexible work hours, a good office environment, and the chance of getting promoted easily.

6. Crawford Trucking Inc.

  • Address: 1530 E Fleming Ave, Des Moines, IA 50313, United States
  • Phone Number: 1-515-266-1158
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Crawford Trucking Inc.?

Crawford Trucking is a world-class company that provides truckload carrier services. It is based in Des Moines, a city known for offering a high salary to truckers. It was founded very recently in 1990 and has a good fleet of 55 trucks. Moreover, the company is home to 135 dry van trailers. One of the things Crawford Trucking takes pride in is its ability to provide products on time. It is also home to some of the most professional drivers in the world.

Moreover, Crawford Trucking provides services to both large and small-scale businesses. It is also proficient when there is a time-sensitive load. This excellent dedication and commitment have hence allowed Crawford Trucking to become one of the most revered companies in all of Iowa.

Jobs Offered

Like all other companies, Crawford Trucking also offers a wide range of career opportunities. However, some of the most amazing jobs are for people interested in driving trucks. Company drivers are the ones who have long-term contracts with the company and work full time for Crawford Trucking. These people either work as solo drivers or in pairs in case of a long journey. The other category is lease-purchase drivers. Anyone who wants to become a lease-purchase will need to invest a small amount of money for the lease.

Moreover, if you don’t want to work directly for the company and want to enjoy perks like more flexible hours and more control over your orders, you can also become an owner-operator. People hired as an owner-operator can either use a plate issued through the company or get one entirely by themselves. 

Salary and Benefits 

When people start jobs, they often don’t look at the base salary but at the prospect of moving up the hierarchy. This is made possible when people get promotions as a reward for their hard work. Crawford Trucking has strict policies against discrimination, which ensures that no eligible worker is devoid of promotions or respect based on his ethnicity, race, or religion.

This also makes Crawford Trucking a great place to kick start your driving career. The environment is both friendly and hospitable and hence allows you to grow and prosper. On top of that, drivers, after getting more experience, get to enjoy a salary of up to $70,000 annually.

7. Schuster Co.

  • Address: 2605 Lincoln Ave. SW, Le Mars, Iowa 51031
  • Phone Number: 800-831-4832
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Schuster Co.?

Schuster Co. is mostly known for providing excellent refrigerated trucking services to people in Iowa and nearby states. It has been around for more than 60 years and is situated in Sioux City. It was founded by Orville Schuster in 1956 and has, over the years, transformed into a large corporation. It is also one of the most reliable family-owned companies in the state.

The initial name of the company was Schuster. Soon after the formation of the company, Orville incorporated refrigerated and dry van services into the brand. To reflect this transition and expansion of the services, the owner changed the name to Schuster Co.

Jobs Offered

There are three kinds of jobs that this company offers. The first is an office job that includes positions for managers, accountants, and salesmen. Anyone hired under this category needs to possess good communication skills. Moreover, these people are supposed to ensure steady day-to-day operations of the company. The second category includes all driving jobs. The company keeps an excellent fleet that is only driven by the most professional drivers. 

The last category is shop jobs. These, as the name suggests, include all the jobs that require you to work in a shop. Jobs for mechanics, technicians, and cleaning staff are all a part of this category. They are mainly responsible for maintaining the condition of all the fleet.

Salary and Benefits 

Some of the top benefits at Schuster Co. have nothing to do with salary. When you are hired as an employee here, whether you are doing a driving job or a corporate job, you will get access to a good insurance plan. This will cover all three areas: health, dental, and vision. This ensures that all your major expenses are either reduced or taken care of entirely.

Drivers especially get access to a monthly safety and performance bonus that is enough to boost their confidence. There is also a wellness program and a driver referral program that will allow you to make more money in the long run. Another less popular but equally helpful is the yearly longevity bonus and the fuel mileage incentive.

8. Simon’s Trucking Inc.

  • Address: 920 Simon Drive, Farley, IA 52046
  • Phone Number: 1-800-373-2580
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is Simon’s Trucking Inc.?

This is one of the most popular trucking companies in the state. It is a family-owned business that was first established in 1946, and it operates throughout Iowa and in many tri-states. Throughout the years, Simon Trucking has managed to grow from a regional company to a large corporation. It now transports goods to 48 states of the USA and provides refrigerated and van services.

It operates 115 tractors and more than 300 trailers that provide a range of services to people needing logistical support. So if you are looking for a reliable company with an excellent reputation, here is a good one for you.

Jobs Offered

Some of the most popular jobs available here are those for CDL-A drivers. People with experience are given more preference for these jobs. You can also become a fleet manager and will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. There are also jobs available for accountants. These people will be required to provide a wide variety of expertise in accounting practices. People applying for this job must also possess adequate qualifications and should have some level of experience.

Jobs for mechanics and technicians are also available all year round. As the name suggests, these people are responsible for the proper management of the fleet. On the other hand, detailers are supposed to take care of the equipment used by the company. There are also positions for assistant accountants that you may find interesting.

Salary and Benefits 

The best thing about the company is that it knows how to keep all its employees happy and content with their jobs. On average, drivers tend to make up to $60,000 within their first year at the company. Not just that, but drivers get a steady pay increase on an annual basis. There is also a detention payment and a weekly pay system that makes life easy. 

Moreover, as a driver, you will be paid for both empty and loaded miles. The driver referral program is also put in place to ensure drivers can make some extra money just by referring someone. For every person they refer to, the drivers will get a whopping $1500.

9. Gray Transportation

  • Address: 2459 GT Drive, Waterloo, IA 50703
  • Phone Number: 800-234-3930
  • Website:

Who is Gray Transportation?

Gray Transportation was first founded in 1984 in Waterloo, Iowa. LeRoy had only one truck at his disposal when he first started the company. However, he had 30 years of experience that helped him set up a good basis for his brand. Soon after its formation, the company expanded and tried to cover more ground. It also added loads of trailers and vans to its fleet. The number of experienced employees also increased.

With over 175 employees, the company now delivers freight to 48 states of America. It has connections with many regional transportation partners. This has allowed Gray Transportation to meet every need of their customers. 

Jobs Offered

Gray Transportation offers a range of driving careers with various pay grades. If you are good at driving and have valid experience in the field, then you should definitely look at jobs here. Most people are hired as freight managers. Drivers can enjoy various perks, depending on the miles they drive, their experience in the field, and many other factors.

Some of the subdivisions include the OTR division, where drivers are paid for both empty and loaded miles. There is a local division where drivers hired can go back to their homes every day.  

Salary and Benefits 

Getting paid weekly is much better than getting paid on a monthly basis. This is because money is directly deposited in the bank, and this allows you to keep better checks and balances on your expenses. There are paid vacations that you can enjoy every once in a while. Moreover, you get to enjoy an excellent insurance plan that covers your medical, dental, and vision cost.

But the thing we love the most about Gray Transportation is that it offers long-term stability. Drivers, as well as other employees, tend to enjoy long and steady contracts. There is also an additional 401k insurance plan provided to employees.

10. TanTara Transportation Corp.

  • Address: 2420 Stewart Road, Muscatine, IA 52761
  • Phone Number: 800-650-0292
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is TanTara Transportation?

In the late 1970s, Mike Riggan opened a grain and feed business in his hometown of Lone Tree. He grew up within a family with 18 children, so he knew the importance of hard work and independence. Before he served as president of the company, the owner also served in the USA army and is a proud Vietnam War veteran. He then further moved his company to Muscatine. Soon after, he was promoted to the position of general manager.

He changed the company name to TanTara Transportation Corp in 1987. The name holds special meaning for the owner. This is because the names are a combination of the names of his two daughters, Tara and Tanya. 

Jobs Offered

Apart from the usual driving jobs, the company also offers a range of jobs in the management sector. These are mostly corporate jobs that require good communication skills. The position of independent contractors allows you to run your own base plates. You can also purchase this through TanTara and pay a small percentage of money on a weekly basis.  

There are also part-time and full-time driving positions that you can be part of. Moreover, TanTara Transportation provides jobs for owner-operators. These people get to enjoy more flexibility in their business hours.

Salary and Benefits 

Good salaries and an excellent work environment are the two things commonly associated with TanTara Transportation. Independent contractors receive a competitive percentage-based pay that is directly dependent on the gross revenue. They also receive 100% of the fuel surcharge to ensure they can enjoy additional perks. Drivers are also offered performance and safety bonuses that further add to the company’s appeal. 

Additionally, all the empty, as well as loaded miles, are paid for. Moreover, drivers get paid holidays and paid vacations as well as a very attractive 401k insurance plan. All the money is directly deposited into the bank to ensure ease. While working for TanTara Transportation, you will also get to use only the safest and most well-maintained trucks and trailers

Job Outlook and Salary For Truck Drivers in Iowa

People don’t usually enter the truck driving industry because of their passion. The main reason is that the job pays well and allows for greater satisfaction and stability in the long run. If you are looking to work in Iowa, here are some things that you should know. 

Job Outlook

According to, the most famous jobs in Iowa are that of an owner-operator. These people are allowed to bring their own vehicles to the job. There are more than 20,000 companies that offer this job. Around 101,000 companies hire OTR drivers. Moreover, the third place is the job for freight operators. There are also a plethora of corporate jobs available throughout the year. 


The exact figure that a person working in the industry makes depends on the company. However, on average, truck drivers make up to $65,950 every year. This figure goes as high as $80,000 for people with slightly more experience. Moreover, applicants with no prior experience may be hired as entry-level drivers by some companies in Iowa. On top of a good salary, drivers and non-drivers working in the trucking industry also get good bonuses.

Other Incentives

Contrary to what many people believe, a good salary is not the only thing people look out for when applying for a job. There are other incentives that are sometimes more important. Most companies in Iowa offer long-term contracts, thus ensuring better job security. Moreover, there are employee stock ownership and driver referral programs that benefit employees. Drivers also get paid time off and a fuel discount that adds to the appeal.

On top of that, most companies also offer a 401k insurance plan or provide medical and dental insurance. 

Iowa Cities With Highest Average Trucking Salaries 

While the salary for truckers is good across the state of Iowa, some cities pay higher than the others. Cities in Iowa with the highest average salaries for truckers include:

Des Moines

This is undoubtedly one of the most recognized cities in not just Iowa but also all over the USA. It offers average housing prices that are 20% less than the ones offered by most other cities. Moreover, the cost of transportation is less. So this comes as a surprise that Des Moines pays its drivers more than $70,000 annually.

Cedar Rapids

This is a great place to work and live in, and residents agree. The communities are extremely family-friendly, and the diversity here allows immigrants to also settle in easily. There are also good health care facilities that come in handy from time to time. The average money that a driver makes here is around $69,000.

Sioux City

If you want to live with your family, then Sioux City is a great place to settle in. It not only offers affordable housing, but the cost of schooling is also not very high. Moreover, you get access to a range of public schools that reduce your overall expenditures. Drivers are hence more than happy to make up to $69,000 here.


This city is ranked number ten on the very special Kiplinger’s Personal Finance list of ten great places to live. That is clear proof of the beauty and appeal of the city. The magazine also appreciates the city’s effort to transform itself in a very short time.

This shows a lot of potentials. Another reason why you would want to work here would be an excellent salary provided. Drivers make more than $68,000 every year here.

Cedar Falls

Drivers working in this city make up to $67,500 every year. This is a remarkable figure, considering what drivers make in many other states. This figure is often topped with a range of bonuses and paid leaves, thus further adding the city’s appeal. 


Having a trucking career is not only about good pay, and that much will be clear once you enter the market. You will realize that things like a good work environment and access to modern and safe technology also accounts for your satisfaction. With that in mind, we have included many companies that may not pay very highly but give ample opportunities for promotions and steady work.

When evaluating these trucking companies, make sure you read about the history associated with the place. This will give you a good overview of what to expect. So if you are looking to make a name in the trucking industry, you now know how to get started.

People Also Ask

There are two kinds of people who often have a lot of questions in mind. There are the ones who are already a part of the industry, and then there are recent graduates who are looking to start a business there. If you’re also unsure of starting your driving career in Iowa, here are answers to some common questions. 

How Long Are Truck Driving Community Colleges in Iowa?

There are a lot of trucks driving community colleges in Iowa, and most of them provide lectures for only six weeks. During this time period, students are provided with classroom experience as well as practical knowledge regarding their subject.

Moreover, students are taught about the main routes and conditions of highways, interstate, and rural-urban settings. At the end of the course, students are prepared for the CDL exam.


What Are Some Good Flatbed Trucking Companies in Iowa?

There are a number of trucking companies that provide flatbed trucking. Some of the best companies in the state include TanTara Transportation Corp, Flatbed Services, and TMC Transportation. 

Which Companies Offer Truck Driving Jobs in Iowa With No Experience?

Most companies in Iowa require some kind of experience before they hire an applicant. This is to ensure greater safety for both the equipment and the driver. However, there are some companies like TMC Corporation that don’t require any experience. They hire drivers at an entry-level without either of these things.

Which Companies Offer Entry Level OTR Trucking Jobs in Iowa?

There are a few companies that offer entry-level jobs in Iowa. These include Western Express that provides jobs for entry-level CDL-A truck drivers in Marshalltown and Des Moines. TMC Corporation also offers many entry-level jobs to drivers.  

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