Best Trucking Companies In Hawaii – 2022 Round-up

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Hawaii is one of the most popular States in the US for tourists. The state thrives off visitors, which leads to an increase in demand for transportation and logistics businesses. 

Hotels and restaurants depend on truckers to keep up with the needs of all the tourists they host. Local businesses also need transportation services, which leads to a rise in the number of trucking businesses.

Considering this, we have reviewed some of the best trucking companies in Hawaii where you can apply for a job. 

How to Become a Truck Driver in Hawaii

Becoming a truck driver is quite easy in Hawaii if you have the right skills. You have to have a clear vision and a command of driving commercial vehicles. Here are all the requirements that you have to fulfill in order to become a truck driver in Hawaii:


  1. You have to be a citizen of Hawaii with proof of identity with a permanent Hawaiian residential address. 
  2. You need to be 21 years of age or above to be able to apply for a truck driver job here.
  3. The hiring companies and the government both require you to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in order to drive trucks and trailers.
  4. For CDL, you have to take MCQ-based written exams. There is a practical test in addition to the written exams to assess your driving skills. 
  5. You have to acquire compulsory training for driving heavy-duty vehicles too.

Are You Required to Go to Truck Driving School in Hawaii?

Yes, you are required to go to a truck driving school in Hawaii in order to learn the necessary skills and techniques. There are both written and practical exams that you need to pass in order to get a commercial driver’s license. And, you cannot do it without proper training under certified trainers. 

What Makes Hawaii a Great Place to Start a Trucking Career?

Hawaii is a great place to start a trucking career because of a lot of factors. The geographical position and the local economic conditions support this kind of business. This leads to the creation of better career prospects for people living in Hawaii. So, let’s have a look at what makes Hawaii a great place for trucking careers. 

Tourism Industry

One of the major contributions to the Hawaiian economy is made by the tourist industry each year. This is because tourists need their baggage to be transported. In addition, hotels accommodating these visitors need to have their goods transported as well. 

Flourishing Local Businesses

With an increase in online shopping and local businesses, there is a greater demand for transportation of goods. There are many new logistics businesses developing roots in Hawaii to help these businesses. So, going for a job in the trucking industry seems like a wise career choice. 

Busy Ports

The ports of Hawaii are always bustling with activity because of cargo loading and unloading. In order to run things smoothly, giant businesses need quick transportation of goods to and from the ports. And this is where the transportation industry enters the picture. 

Better Job Opportunities

There are better job opportunities in the trucking sector in Hawaii because there are various new and old trucking companies here. With so many new businesses entering the market, there are more job vacancies too. 

Review of the Best Trucking Companies In Hawaii

Best Trucking Company in Honolulu, Hawaii:Royal Hawaiian Movers

  • Address:  400 Hana Highway, Suite D Kahului, HI 96732
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 1.808.833.1611
  • Email:

Who is Royal Hawaiian Movers?

Royal Hawaiian Movers established its roots in 1982 when Richard L. DeWitt chose Hawaii for his next business venture. He began by channeling all of his experience and knowledge of the transportation industry in his work. Soon, his team caught up with him, and Royal Hawaiian Movers started growing rapidly. 

The company works on the mantra of providing quick, convenient, and affordable transportation. This has helped them gain the trust of the masses, helping the business to excel to a great extent. With consistent quality service provision for over 30 years, they know what the clients and workers expect of them. So, you can get a job there without any hesitation. 

Jobs Offered by Royal Hawaiian Movers

There are several job openings at Royal Hawaiian Movers at present. You can try your luck as an operations manager there if you have the right administrative skills. They are also looking for CDL drivers for moving their fleet. There are slots for non-CDL drivers as well, who can help with transportation on the dock. 

You can also apply for furniture moving or packing if you have the required arm strength. So, you can try your hand at many of the job opportunities here as long as you fit the criteria. 

Royal Hawaiian Movers Salary and Benefits

The company values the workers as its most prized asset, so it offers many benefits to employees. There is a 401k retirement plan, along with a handsome salary package. The coordinators and desk staff earn $14 to $15 per hour, while drivers make even more than this. 

In addition, there is vision insurance along with guardian and FSA benefits. There is paid time off on top of paid holidays. So, working here comes with many attractive benefits that you can look forward to. 

2. Touchdown Trucking Inc.

  • Address:  4321 Lawehana, St Hon, Hi 96818
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (808) 423-8777
  • Email: 

Who is Touchdown Trucking Inc.?

Touchdown Trucking Inc. has become a household name in Hawaii with its extended network of services. Toshio Kawamura started the company in 1979 as he knew that tourism in Hawaii depended largely on transportation. The company began with baggage transportation services, and then increased its expertise and started working on other forms of transportation. 

There is a section dealing with Free Independent Travellers (FIT) as well. It caters to the transportation needs of foreign travelers. Tour guides are operating under Touchdown Trucking Inc. as well, who further help the tourist industry here. 

Jobs Offered by Touchdown Trucking Inc.

Touchdown Trucking Inc. hires people for both baggage transport and dock operations. They need CDL and non-CDL drivers to keep the visitors’ baggage moving on the roads. With such a huge influx of tourists each year, they need more drivers to keep up with visitors’ demands. 

They are also in need of personnel to manage the docks, which involves cleaning and maintenance. They need logistics managers, too, who can make sure that everything is going smoothly. They take customer care representatives on board as well since this industry thrives on customer services. 

Touchdown Trucking Inc. Salary and Benefits

Now coming to what you get out of working here at Touchdown Transporting Inc. There is a satisfactory salary for all workers according to their experience and services. The drivers make between $13 and $17 an hour. This, along with other benefits like health insurance and effective retirement plans, makes working there worth it. So, you can try your luck there too if you fulfill the requirements set in place by employers. 

3. Akana Trucking Inc.

  • Address:  91-236 Oihana Street Kapolei, HI 96707
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (808) 845-9825
  • Email: 

Who is Akana Trucking Inc.?

Akana Trucking Inc. has gained popularity in the transportation industry with its incredible fleet. The company came about in 1989 and has been delivering heavy-duty cargo for over 30 years. They have worked with some of the most eminent companies in Hawaii as they have the perfect trailers for heavy cargo. The fleet can easily accommodate over 85 tons of cargo, so there is no limitation for carrying stuff for the companies here. 

Another thing that distinguishes Akana Trucking Inc. from others is that there is due consideration given to all legalities. The company procures all the required permits and approvals from the government and law enforcement authorities for you. This, in turn, helps the company stay true to its promise of safe and timely delivery of cargo. 

Jobs Offered by Akana Trucking Inc.

Akana Trucking Inc. has an ever-busy dock, so they need people to work onboard. There are vacancies for managers and people who can track progress on the terminals. The company also needs CDL and non-CDL drivers for transporting cargo as well as for warehouse transportation. 

Moreover, there are openings for dock workers who can load and unload cargo. The company is also looking for people who can work in the security department.  

Akana Trucking Inc. Salary and Benefits

The administration at Akana Trucking Inc. gives due importance to human resources. This is why the salary and other benefits are liked by employees a lot. The drivers are paid based on their skills and experience. There are multiple benefits that workers enjoy, including a reliable working environment. Every one of the employees gets heard, which makes the workers feel valued. So, working here could be the right work experience that you need at present.

4. Aloha Trucking Inc.

  • Address:  91-1041 Midway St, Kapolei Hawaii 96707
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (808) 216-3286
  • Email: 

Who is Aloha Trucking Inc.?

Ivan Silva laid the foundation of Aloha Trucking Inc. over a decade ago. He had prior experience in the construction industry, which also relies on transport. So, the company benefited greatly from his business insights. The company has been thriving because of the efficiency of its services. 

The customers here are valued highly, and the customer care department promptly deals with all issues. This has helped Aloha Trucking Inc. gain the trust of all households in Oahu Island in Hawaii. The company works on the principles of determination, honesty, and hard work. And, the same is expected from every single employee there.

Jobs Offered by Aloha Trucking Inc.

Like all other logistics businesses, Aloha Trucking Inc. needs CDL drivers to help with transportation and shipping. In addition to CDL drivers, they welcome non-CDL drivers too who can carry out transportation within and between terminals. 

Moreover, the company is actively looking for a fuel tank driver who knows the basics of fuel safety. They need people to work on fuel loading and unloading as well. In addition to this, the company hires dock managers as well. 

Aloha Trucking Inc. Salary and Benefits

Now, the salary and benefits offered by Aloha Trucking Inc. are particularly attractive. The drivers are offered salaries based on the services they deliver. The hourly rate is usually between $12 and $20, depending on seniority and skills. A maintenance technician earns about $21 to $23 an hour. There are some incredible benefits for the workers along with these amazing salary points too. 

Workers enjoy safe and stimulating working conditions, which do not make work feel monotonous. They also enjoy a better work-life balance with great working hours and time off. So, you can apply here to enjoy better career prospects. 

5. Pacific Transfer LLC

  • Address:  664 Kakoi St., Honolulu, HI 96819
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (808) 836-3871
  • Email:

Who is Pacific Transfer?

Pacific Transfer is a family-owned transportation business that was established in 1978. The company is locally operated, so the administration is aware of local transport challenges in Hawaii. This has helped them become one of the most trusted names in the transportation sector of Hawaii. 

The company has over a hundred trucks and trailers, which covers the entire state of Hawaii quite effectively. It offers a diverse range of services in distribution, movement, and freight management. The company is also involved in the advancement of transport technology, so working here could be great.  

Jobs Offered by Pacific Transfer

The work here at Pacific Transfer is dealt with quite professionally. This is why the company needs some analysts and actuaries to help them develop better policies. A pension specialist actuary is required to look into the costs and benefits of pension plans. 

The company also needs analysis specialists to track the progress of the business and to help improve it further. They also need a wire transfer specialist to deal with wire bank transfers. Moreover, there are vacancies for truck drivers who can transfer the shipping load. 

Pacific Transfer Salary and Benefits

The company pays quite well, considering market trends. The average salary of a driver here begins from $960 per week. It increases based on the amount of work done and the skillset of the driver. Actuaries are paid between $24 and $29 per hour, which is quite amazing considering the work they have to put in. 

There is health insurance along with a 401k retirement plan. Moreover, workers enjoy paid time off and vacations as well. All of this surely makes Pacific Transfer great for people who need a job in Hawaii’s transportation industry.

6. International Express Inc.

  • Address:  1081 Makepono Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 808-836.4474
  • Email: 

Who is International Express Inc.?

Masao Mitsui purchased International Express Inc. in 1988 when it comprised merely a handful of trucks. He soon transformed this small business venture into a fleet of over 70 trucks and trailers. It also has an air freight wing, which helps in international shipping. 

They work on the motto of “Customer – Crew – Company,” which helps them stand out on the market. The company prides itself on customer care services and the growth opportunities that employees enjoy here. So, if you want to have a better career and growth opportunities, International Express Inc. is a great option for you. 

Jobs Offered by International Express Inc.

International Express Inc. has an extensive network of cargo carriers, so there is always a need for more drivers. They hire both CDL and non-CDL drivers to keep up with the needs of customers. The company also deals with cold storage and shipping, so they need experts who can deal with refrigerated stuff. 

Moreover, air cargo needs people for loading and unloading as well. People are required for on-site maintenance and regulation of ports. So, all in all, there is a wide range of jobs that are available in International Express Inc. 

International Express Inc. Salary and Benefits

International Express Inc. has earned the trust and loyalty of its employees over the years. They offer to market competitive salaries that workers find satisfactory. There are reliable retirement plans in addition to health insurance. 

The employees can lodge complaints about any inconvenience they feel at work. Their issues are resolved timely, which makes International Express Inc. a great place to work at. 

7. Five Star Transportation

  • Address:  1930 Auiki St. Honolulu, HI 96819
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (808) 838-7827
  • Email: 

Who is Five Star Transportation?

Five Star Transportation came about in 2005 and has continuously grown ever since. The company has rapidly gained the approval of a large number of customers who recommend them wholeheartedly. 

The people at Five Star Transportation are categorized into many departments based on their services. The company specializes in warehousing, logistics, and effective distribution. So, many prominent businesses in Hawaii approach Five Star Transportation for transporting their stuff. 

Jobs Offered by Five Star Transportation

There are many job openings at Five Star Transportation at present. You can apply for a driver’s job there if you have a commercial driver’s license. They also hire people to organize and monitor the cargo on terminals. 

They also need managers for ports who can keep the work smooth and quick to avoid overcrowding. The company has slots for people to deal with refrigeration and refrigerated product transport. 

Five Star Transportation Salary and Benefits

Workers at Five Star Transportation get to have multiple amenities on top of a well-paying salary. There is an incredible retirement plan to help retired employees have a comfortable living. 

There are also proper health and vision insurance policies to help workers through difficult times. The working hours also support a good work-life balance, so applying for a job here will be great for you. 

8. Hawaii Transfer Company Ltd.

  • Address:  Hawaii Transfer Co Ltd. 94-1420 Moaniani St, Waipahu, HI 96797-4632
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (808) 677-3111 
  • Email: 

Who is Hawaii Transfer Company Ltd.?

Hawaii Transfer Company Ltd. Is one of the oldest logistics businesses in Oahu. Raymond Okumura laid its basis in 1931 with a major focus on quality service provision and customer satisfaction. It is still a family-owned business that adheres to the initial philosophy of its founder. 

The company has grown amazingly over all these years to hold true to the founder’s vision. The administration brings in all the necessary changes to adapt to the environmental changes as well. This has been another major factor contributing to their success. 

Jobs Offered by Hawaii Transfer Company Ltd.

Hawaii Transfer Company Ltd. hires people in many departments, ranging from drivers to maintenance staff. They look for CDL drivers to carry their cargo. Along with this, they need CDL driver apprentices who are training for a commercial driver’s license. 

The company also recruits dispatcher supervisors who can monitor dispatches from terminals. They are also in need of a full-time warehouse worker and a warehouse supervisor. 

Hawaii Transfer Company Ltd. Salary and Benefits

The company offers incredible benefits and salaries to workers on board. Drivers are paid between $12 and $16, and they enjoy many benefits as well. There is a well-thought-out health and vision insurance program designed for the ease of employees. 

Hawaii Transfer Company Ltd. has a transparent retirement policy, which is why retired workers are so happy with the administration. The company considers all the plights of workers and resolves all the issues timely. This has helped them win the loyalties of their workers all this time.  

9. Matson

  • Address:  1411 Sand Island Parkway, Honolulu, HI 96819
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: (800-462-8766)
  • Email: 

Who is Matson?

Captain William Matson developed the routes of Matson in Hawaii in 1882. He sailed here with his ships and decided that his next big project would be establishing quality transportation here. The company has actively served the United States during wartime and has many functional terminals in Hawaii. 

Even the headquarters are located in Honolulu, Hawaii. They cover many domestic and international railroads, serving thousands of customers each year. They have built their reputation in the state of Hawaii over decades, and workers take pride in their association with the company as well. 

Jobs Offered by Matson

Being a large-scale business, Matson is on the lookout for professional CDL drivers. They take non-CDL drivers on board, too, for transport between different Matson units. They need people to overlook and maintain warehouses, as well. 

Matson also has job openings for logistics analysts. They have to go through all the logistics activities and then provide a report to the administration. You can also apply here for a managerial or desk job if you have an understanding of the basic monitoring tasks. 

Matson Salary and Benefits

The workers at Matson are sure to get some of the best salary rates on the market. They are offered life insurance, along with many medical, dental, and vision insurance facilities. The employees have insurance for a long-term disability as well. They also enjoy a parking and transportation reimbursement program. 

There is a proper training program for potential workers as well. Lastly, you get to have vacations and paid time off, which you will love about working there. 

10. B.B Trucking

  • Address:  200 Waiehu Beach Rd, Wailuku, HI 96793
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +1 (808) 877-3966 
  • Email: 

Who is B.B. Trucking?

B.B. Trucking & Storage Inc. has been around since 1991. The founder, Brent Benson, laid its foundation with the aim of providing transport services to Maui hotels where he worked then. Its areas of specialization broadened, and it covered the whole state of Hawaii in terms of transportation and storage of goods. 

Now, the company has become one of the most sought-after logistics businesses on Maui and Oahu islands. The fleet keeps on increasing to keep up with the needs of locals. So, if you want to get a job here, you can.  

Jobs Offered by B.B. Trucking

Since the customer base keeps growing for B.B. Trucking & Storage Inc., they need more people on board to satisfy all customers. For this, they hire drivers who have a commercial driver’s license. They also recruit people for management and analysis of reports. 

The primary growth factor for B.B. Trucking & Storage Inc. is keeping an eye on market trends. And they want more competitive people to do it for the company. So, if you are good at data organization and interpretation, go ahead and apply here. 

B.B. Trucking Salary and Benefits

B.B. Trucking & Storage Inc. realize that workers are their key to excelling. This is why they pay their employees well. On average, drivers here earn $14 to $17 an hour. The managerial staff also gets market-competitive salaries. 

In addition to this, there are several benefits of working for B.B. Trucking & Storage Inc. You get to have a 401k retirement plan and proper health insurance. So, what else is there to ask for a job in a trucking company? 

Job Outlook and Salary for Truck Driving in Hawaii

Truck driving is one of the most promising careers in Hawaii. The salary and benefits that drivers get to enjoy here play a significant role in making it such a sought-after profession. Here are the detailed job outlook and salary rating of truck driving in Hawaii.

Job Outlook

Considering the job outlook, a career in the trucking industry in Hawaii holds promise. There are several attempts by the government to improve domestic and international tourism in Hawaii. This is sure to bring in a greater number of visitors who will need to hire logistic services to ship their equipment. 

Online shopping is also increasing rapidly, so a rise in demand for logistics professionals is expected. Keeping all this in view, you can go for a new career in this field without any worries about further growth opportunities. 



On average, the drivers are paid $46,480 per year. The salaries are primarily based on an hourly rate, which ranges between $12 and $16 an hour. If we divide the salaries into beginner, intermediate, and expert driving levels, then the annual salary is $32,500, $46,500, and $66,600, respectively.

What is the Typical Trucking Job Pay In Honolulu, Hawaii?

Truck drivers in Honolulu, Hawaii, make a mean of $46,500 a year. They are usually paid for hourly services or the number of miles they cover. This is why the pay scales can differ from driver to driver, as everyone has a different schedule.  

Hawaii Cities with Highest Average Trucking Salaries

Hawaii has high paying trucking jobs because of the intense competition in the trucking industry here. With the increase in the number of companies, there has been an increase in competitive salary rates as well. Here is a list of the cities in Hawaii that have the highest average trucking salaries

Ewa Beach

Ewa Beach is one of the best places for the trucking industry. Multiple companies are operating from here that pay excellent salaries to their workers. Their average annual salary is $55,366, which is pretty great, considering other states. 

Pearl City

Another high paying city in Hawaii is Pearl City. It has many small businesses that rely on transportation and logistics companies. With an average yearly salary of $55,366, Pearl City is a great place to start your trucking career.


Next up on our list of cities with the highest paying trucking jobs in Waipahu, with $55,341 as the mean annual salary. 


Anahola is also a high paying town in Hawaii with an annual salary of $54,992. There are multiple warehouses and operation terminals of trucking companies here. So, there are amazing job opportunities and salary ratings here. 


To wrap it all up, trucking is one of the most rapidly flourishing industries of Hawaii. There is a surge in transportation companies here with the increase in tourism and online shopping trends. So, you can easily land a trucking job in Hawaii if you have the right set of skills and licensure. 


People Also Ask

Trucking is a successful field in Hawaii, and people want to get into the field due to all the benefits that are offered here. But, they have some reservations too as there can be a lack of awareness of opportunities sometimes. Thus, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to clear their confusion.

Are There Truck Driving Jobs in Hawaii?

Yes, there are several trucking jobs in Hawaii, as there is a considerable number of both new and old transportation businesses. There are both small-scale logistics businesses as well as international-level freight managers. So, it will be quite easy for you to find a truck driving job in Hawaii. 

Do Any Trucking Companies in Hawaii Allow You To Bring a Family Member Along?

No, trucking companies in Hawaii do not allow you to bring a family member along. You have to find a secure residence for your family members on your own. 

Which Trucking Companies in Hawaii Hire New Drivers?

Trucking companies generally prefer experienced divers. If you have a CDL and can take on the responsibility well, you can find some companies that hire beginner-level drivers. B.B. Trucking and Matson hire new drivers, so you can apply there as well.

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