Best Trucking Companies in Florida – 2022 Reviews

| Last Updated: July 16, 2021

Looking to move your freight conveniently and reliably? Well, you can definitely rely on trucking companies located throughout the United States. However, if you are a local resident in Florida, your freight is in even better hands!

Seeking services from a renowned trucking company will almost always yield peace of mind. Not only will such a company deliver your equipment timely but will also eliminate the risk of damage and other inconveniences.

In this guide, we will be talking about some of the best trucking companies operating in Florida.


Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Florida

Florida hosts some of the most renowned trucking companies all over the United States. These are well-equipped and ready to deliver any task at hand without any hassle. They are not only reliable but also provide timely services without any inconvenience.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best Florida trucking companies:

  1. Sky Blue Trucking
  2. Inland Transport
  3. Trimac Transportation

Best Trucking Company in Tampa, FL:Sky Blue Trucking

  • Address: 5817 E. Broadway Ave, Tampa, FL 33619
  • Phone Number: 813-484-3669
  • Email:

Who is Sky Blue Trucking?Sky Blue Trucking is basically a family-owned company in Tampa, Florida. It first came into being in 2005. The company was formed on the basis of honesty, passion, and sheer dedication to serve the public. It successfully operates small customer service centers to large nationwide reach for interstate freight delivery.Sky Blue Trucking is renowned for delivering overweight and over-dimensional freight reliably and conveniently. The company hires trained professionals who ensure your gear is delivered safely and on time. It offers a number of services as well, which primarily includes delivering overweight freight and crane services.Jobs Offered Sky Blue Trucking is well-known for delivering quality services when it comes to freight delivery. They are a team of trained professionals, including professional drivers and management teams that ensure your equipment is delivered hassle-free. The company promises safe and timely services that have already won the hearts of many customers.Being a trucking company, Sky Blue Trucking is open to quite a few job opportunities. Most of the job opportunities include hiring truck drivers. Individuals are trained by professional staff to ensure your equipment reaches you safe and sound. The company now owns a number of professional truck drivers who are ready to deliver your gear as you desire.Salary and BenefitsThe salary and benefits offered by Sky Blue Trucking vary with your designation. On average, Blue Sky Trucking offers an $8.49 hourly wage for cashiers. The values incline to $21.21 hourly wage for truck drivers. Similarly, if you consider hourly wage for a delivery driver, it appears to be around $18.83 per hour.Considering the annual income of employees at Sky Blue Trucking, it ranges from $20,000 for a cashier to $87,180 annually for an Information Systems Manager. Keeping in view the above statistics, Sky Blue Trucking can be the first step towards your success. With decent salary packages, you can always think of a better future.

Best Trucking Company in Orlando, FL:Inland Transport

  • Address: 3210 Friendly Ave, Orlando, FL 32808
  • Phone Number: 407-858-3039
  • Email:

Who is Inland Transport?Inland Transport Inc. is a trucking and third-party freight services provider that operates throughout the United States. It is located in Orlando, Florida. The company itself is actually a family-owned business that has been providing quality services to its customers. It has been operating in the country for nearly 27 years while delivering maximum convenience and timely services.Inland Transport is responsible for delivering your equipment reliably and on time without the risk of any damage or delayed delivery. With their fleet of owned trucks and professional drivers, they ensure you get your package on time.Jobs Offered The company excels in delivering freight, warehousing, and even repairing trucks. With years of experience and professional staff, Inland Transport Inc. has become a trademark of quality. Their freight delivery, warehousing, and truck repair facilities are second to none. The high standards for equipment maintenance and employee recruitment ensure the complete satisfaction of its customers.Being a trucking company, most of the job opportunities here include truck drivers. However, there are other job opportunities as well since the company also maintains warehousing and truck repair facilities.All in all, Inland Transport Inc. is a perfect way to get your freight delivered with peace of mind.Salary and BenefitsWorking at Inland Transport Inc. can be a perfect way to kickstart your career. You would most probably be working with some of the most professional individuals in the trucking industry. You will be provided with all the necessary training and knowledge regarding your job role while being an employee.Talking about the salary and benefits, it may vary depending on your role and designation. However, the company’s motive and the entire system suggests handsome salary packages and benefits to its employees. A distribution manager at Inland Transport Inc. can have an income of as high as $115,000 to $125,000 annually.

Best Trucking Company in Pensacola, FL:Trimac Transportation

  • Address: Gateway II, Suite 800 15333 John F Kennedy Boulevard
  • Phone Number: 281-985-0000

Who is Trimac Transportation?Trimac Transportation has been in business since 1945. It has been providing services like bulk transportation, logistics, and other related transportation. Trimac has been the go-to option for many North Americans as they deliver value to their customers. The company itself is fully prepared and equipped to meet all sorts of transportation needs of North American people.They have various operation centers that are located in Canada and the United States. In addition, the company also holds strategic partnerships in Mexico, which makes it fully reliable for inter-country transportation. With more than 100 branches spread across North America, bulk transportation is not a hefty task anymore.Jobs OfferedLike all other trucking companies, Trimac also offers various job opportunities for individuals. Primarily, it includes professional truck drivers and other related job roles. Since Trimac also delivers commercial services, there are additional job opportunities for competitive mechanics and technicians.The company itself is responsible for providing quality training and imparting the necessary knowledge to their employees. As a result, they deliver any task with utmost efficiency and reliability. Trimac has been operating in North America for quite some time. They have gained significant experience and are exclusively qualified to ensure safe and timely logistic operations.Salary and BenefitsGetting a job in one of the most prestigious trucking companies is a dream for many individuals. You are not only able to learn and grow as an individual but also have a chance to earn some good money. The same is the case with Trimac Transportation. They provide a market-competitive salary which attracts individuals from all across the country.If we talk about salary and wage rate at Trimac, it ranges from nearly $13 per hour for drivers to $29 for Lead Mechanics. Similarly, if we consider the average annual income, it ranges from $40,000 annually for a Loader to $193,898 for an Owner Operator Driver.

Best Trucking Company in Lakeland, FL:Knight Transportation

  • Address: 4045 Old Tampa Highway, Lakeland, Florida 33811
  • Phone Number: 800-734-8169
  • Email:

Who is Knight Transportation?Knight Transportation was initially a family-owned business which later converted into a publicly recognized organization. It was founded in 1990 by four cousins; Randy, Gary, Kevin, and Keith Knight. Initially, the company owned only a handful of trucks and a single service center in Phoenix, AZ. But with the passage of time, it grew to become one of the leading truck companies.Knight Transportation now owns more than 4000 tractors and 8800 trailers with ever-growing revenues each year. They are known for providing multiple truckload transportation services to single customers. They also provide a number of other services like dry van truckload, port and rail services, intermodal services, and much more.Jobs Offered Knight Transportation offers a wide range of services to its customers. It not only brings versatility but also creates a relationship of trust among its customers. A wide spectrum of services means that the company owns a number of employees. But that is good news for you!The company deals with a variety of multiple truckload transportation services. Consequently, you now have a better chance to get hired with a number of possible job openings. Basically, Knight Transportation is almost always open for professional truck drivers.However, there are other job opportunities for individuals who have considerable experience and knowledge as mechanics, technicians, or even managers.Salary and BenefitsBeing one of the best trucking companies, Knight Transportation has now achieved new heights in success and revenues. Built on financial strength and the ability to deliver each task effectively is what makes this company unique and trustworthy. Financial reports for the past few years suggest a huge upscale in revenues for Knight Transportation.You can expect an attractive salary and benefits if you get a chance to become an employee at this trucking company. Typically, the salary ranges from $30,000 annually for a Mechanic to $85,000 for a Fleet Mechanic. Meanwhile, the hourly wage rate ranges from $10 for Over the Road Truck Driver to $21.06 for a mechanic.

Best Trucking Company in Miami, FL:US 1 Van Lines

  • Address: 650 NW 105th Street. Miami, FL 33150
  • Phone Number: 800-734-7600 

Who is US 1 Van Lines?The US 1 Van Lines is highly reputable in the moving industry. Operating in the moving business for more than 20 years, it offers quality assurance and maximum satisfaction to its customers. The company was founded in 1992 with a small crew but now has grown as one of the leading trucking companies.US 1 Van Lines consists of a team of professional individuals who are dedicated to providing hassle-free relocation services. They ensure that all your valuables are delivered safely and soundly to their final destination. Whether your items are big, small, or fragile, US 1 Van Lines promises a safe and secure way of moving your equipment.Jobs Offered The company is mainly responsible for relocation services. These include packing and unpacking, assembling and disassembling of furniture, loading and unloading, and much more. The company also maintains a quality assurance department for quick response to your queries during transit. There is a team of professional individuals in the sales department that have ample experience to ensure safe delivery.All in all, US 1 Van Lines is one of the most trustworthy movers throughout the United States. Talking about job prospects, there are various openings as truck drivers, customer care, and experienced sales staff.Salary and BenefitsA well-known and reputable trucking company like US 1 Van Lines has great future growth prospects. That being said, the company is quite stable financially as well as in terms of professional employees. Most prestigious companies pay their employees handsomely to ensure their dedication reflects in their hard work.The same is the case with US 1 Van Lines. According to a survey, the salary ranges from $30,000 annually for a Mover to $70,000 for a Driver. This just shows how well the staff is being paid for their professional services. These figures might rise even higher for managerial positions.

Best Trucking Company in South Florida:Nationwide Transport Services

  • Address: 2937 W Cypress Creek Rd Ste 101, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309  
  • Phone Number:1-877-278-3135

Who is Nationwide Transport Services?Nationwide Transport Services is one of the leading freight shipping services in the United States. It provides comprehensive, reliable, efficient, and timely services right at your doorstep. The company believes in going the extra mile and providing the best services possible. Their drivers are professional and competent to ensure your package reaches the final destination safely.What differentiates Nationwide Transport Services from the rest is the use of unique techniques. These techniques include the usage of modern technology like GPS tracking for all their fleet. Consequently, you can easily monitor and get updates regarding your equipment location during transit.Jobs Offered Nationwide Transport Services primarily moves various freight and promises efficient logistic operations. To ensure the company’s services are competent, it hires professional drivers to achieve your satisfaction. After all, it is the driver who loads, unloads, and delivers your cargo safely and securely.Most of the jobs in this industry involve professional truck driving skills. If you are a good truck driver, you have a high chance of getting a job here. Nationwide Transport Services believe that it is the driver that makes the difference between a satisfied or dissatisfied customer.All in all, it’s a great freight shipping service at your disposal.Salary and BenefitsEvery successful organization strives to deliver the best for everyone. Whether it is the customer or the employees, it makes sure everyone is satisfied at the end. Nationwide Transport Services is an example of such an organization. Their staff is paid well to keep them motivated and put in the extra effort for efficient services.Having competent employees almost always yields favorable results. This freight shipping service strongly believes in a professional attitude and the competency of the driver. Therefore, being a truck driver here at Nationwide Transport Services, you can earn several thousand dollars annually.

Best Trucking Company in Jacksonville, FL:Bulkmatic Transport

  • Address: 11005 Blasius Road, Jacksonville, FL 32226
  • Phone Number: 800-535-8505

Who is Bulkmatic Transport?Operating since the 1970s, Bulkmatic Transport is considered one of the most reliable dry bulk transport companies. The company itself is privately owned; however, it excels in all regards when compared to other similar services. It strives to develop itself as one of the most feasible and comfortable workplaces. As a result, the company has established new milestones when it comes to sanitization, employee training, and safety alongside responsiveness.A large number of food and plastic manufacturing companies consider Bulkmatic Transport for their timely services. This is because of the wide network of transloading facilities and warehouses that the company operates throughout the country.Jobs Offered A successful company is always backed by its efficient and professional employees. Well, Bulkmatic Transport believes and relies on the sheer dedication, professionalism, and hard work of its employees. They strive to create an environment that is suitable and highly rewarding for hardworking employees.The company promotes various job opportunities for ambitious individuals. The job prospects include drivers as well as general employment opportunities based on your skills and qualifications. However, the company promises more than just being a regular employee. It allows you to operate various equipment and create positive customer relationships, which helps you grow as a team member.Salary and BenefitsBulkmatic Transport believes in rewarding its employees in all ways possible. It provides a healthy work environment for its employees to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. To reward full-time employees, the company offers various benefits. These motivate employees to work even harder and dedicate their services to the organization.The company offers a high salary and other benefits that make employees highly motivated. These benefits include paid vacations, medical insurance, dental insurance, and various others. In addition, the company also takes full responsibility for providing vision insurance alongside life insurance and other benefits.

Best Trucking Company in Central Florida:Hard Fork Transportation

  • Address: 12390 Alder Branch Loop, Orlando, FL 32824
  • Phone Number:1-407-908-7100 
  • Email:

Who is Hard Fork Transportation?Hard Fork Transportation is a family-owned company that has truckload transport operations in various states. The mission of the company is to provide you with the utmost level of satisfaction and reliability with timely services. The company strongly believes in the ‘customer first’ motto while delivering their services quite efficiently.If you are looking for a reliable truckload transportation service, Hard Fork Transportation is the way forward. It is a team of dedicated and professional employees that have years of experience in the moving industry. As a result, you can expect superb transportation services without any hassle or inconvenience.Jobs Offered A majority of the transportation services heavily rely on their drivers. It is the drivers that make or break the deal in the moving industry. Every successful trucking company owns some of the best and professional truck drivers that deliver the load efficiently and effectively. Hard Fork Transportation is one of those companies that are always looking for skilled truck drivers to ensure a satisfied customer.Currently, Hard Fork Transportation is looking for Class A truck drivers and Owner Operators. If you have the required skillset and qualifications, you have a chance to become a part of the team.Salary and BenefitsOrganizations that value their customers and employees always take steps to ensure their satisfaction. Hard Fork Transportation is one of those who value their employees. It tries its best to accommodate its employees for their services. These include monetary and various other benefits that motivate their employees to do even better.At this organization, drivers are out for three weeks while they are home for the fourth. The average pay of these drivers can be more than $2000 per week. In a nutshell, it is a great opportunity to earn some good money.

Best Trucking Company in Ocala, FL:ABCO Transportation

  • Address: 1300 SW 38th Ave, Ocala, FL 34474
  • Phone Number: 800-664-4410
  • Email:

Who is ABCO Transportation?ABCO Transportation has been in the moving industry since 1993. Initially, it was responsible for moving floral stock and other various products. The company was also involved in shipping routine items. With the passage of time, ABCO Transportation emerged as one of the leading trucking companies, thanks to its team of dedicated employees who take pride in helping customers.The use of the latest technology also paved its path to success. Customers have an option of GPS mobile communication if needed. Now, you can always connect to the truck driver for updates and other details regarding the shipment.Jobs OfferedProfessional and skilled drivers are in high demand when it comes to the moving industry. All trucking companies that have a high reputation claim to have the best drivers. Well, it is quite obvious that it’s the truck driver that ensures safe and timely delivery. He or she is also responsible for loading, unloading, and delivering the equipment to its final destination.ABCO Transportation is almost always open for professional truck drivers. In order to maintain their standard, they have set certain parameters before you get hired at ABCO. If your qualifications and experience meet the requirements, it’s a golden opportunity to be a part of the team.Salary and BenefitsA successful organization such as ABCO Transportation values its employees as well as its customers. In order to provide maximum satisfaction to the customer, it ensures that its employees are taken care of. Therefore, ABCO has taken certain measures that promise great rewards to their dedicated employees.ABCO Transportation promises a number of perks for its drivers to make them highly motivated. It provides exclusive driver resorts to their drivers where they can enjoy a peaceful time. In addition, the company also promises high pay scales and customized home timings for their services. There are also medical, dental, vision, and life insurance facilities alongside career development programs.

Best Trucking Company in Winter Haven, FL:Guaranteed Transport Service

  • Address: 7400 FL-544, Winter Haven, FL 33881
  • Phone Number: (833)-487-8265
  • Email:

Who is Guaranteed Transport Service?Looking to move liquid food-grade products from one place to another? Well, Guaranteed Transport Service is your best bet. It provides transportation services for various liquid food-grade products to meet customer expectations. The company offers a reliable transportation service that makes sure the products are delivered safely and timely.Guaranteed Transport Service uses high-quality equipment to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. It owns a modern fleet of vehicles for reliable transportation of products. The company also guarantees the safe and reliable delivery of products without any hassle.In short, it is one of the best trucking companies operating in the United States.Jobs Offered Like any other transportation service, Guaranteed Transport Service heavily relies on its professional truck drivers. There is no doubt that drivers are the foundation in the moving industry. With this organization, you have a chance to get enrolled as a truck driver if you fulfill all the requirements of a professional truck driver.However, being a truck driver at Guaranteed Transport Service is quite unique and different as compared to other similar companies. You are exposed to the use of the latest technology that allows you to meet the modern demands of your customers.Salary and BenefitsMonetary rewards are very motivating for employees who dedicate themselves to the company’s cause. This is the mantra that enables most organizations to reward their employees. Drivers are the backbone of the transportation industry. Therefore, it is necessary to reward them to boost their motivation and dedication levels.Guaranteed Transport Services offers a handsome salary and benefits to its truck drivers. According to several reports, you can earn up to $1000 per week as a truck driver. There are also other benefits available that further enhance their motivation and efforts.


Moving freight from one place to another can be a hefty task unless you contact a reliable trucking company. To eliminate the possibility of any damages or other inconveniences, a trustworthy transportation service is required. It not only delivers the task timely and effectively, but it also ensures a satisfied customer.

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