Best Felony Friendly Trucking Companies of 2022 – Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

After having served their term, people who have come out of prisons find it hard to rebuild their life. 

If you are going through the same, you do not have to worry anymore. You can still have a smooth life if you choose the right path.

And trucking is one of the best jobs for felons. Let’s see how you can be a part of one of the best felony friendly trucking companies. 

How to Maximize Your Chances at Getting a Trucking Job With a Felony

To be honest, you will have a hard time securing a job even after years of misadventure. But, you can be sure of getting a job if you take care of some important factors. Here’s how you can maximize your chances of landing a job: 

Sort Your Priorities

You have to carefully analyze all the available options and see which one works the best for you. You have to take the location of the terminal and your residence into account. You have to be mindful of the work hours you can serve and the bonuses you will get. 

Be Honest

Honesty is literally the best policy when it comes to your job application and interview. You should not leave out any important information as it can be bad for you if your employers find out later on. 

Complete Your Training

Training matters a lot as it affects your work experience in the long run. You cannot afford to have even a single traffic ticket as it can get your CDL suspended. So, be alert during all phases of your training. 

Aim For Class a CDL

Although there are Class A, B, and C license options, you need to set your eyes on Class A CDL only. This way, you come off more efficiently to employers, and your range of expertise extends too. 

How Long After a Felony Can You Get Hired By a Trucking Company?

You cannot get hired by a trucking company immediately after stepping out of prison. You still have a long way to go. First of all, you have to regain your reputation and earn the trust of those around you. And, this will take you a while. 

Other than this, you have to wait for a period of five years to apply for a job. Most employers hire felons after five years of their misdemeanor. But, some companies have a lenient hiring policy, and they hire you after three years as well. So, all of the companies have their own rules regarding hiring, so their time limit preferences can vary. 

Review of the Best Felony Friendly Trucking Companies

With so many companies out there, it can be a little arduous to shortlist ones that hire felons. But, we have relieved you of this painstaking task by doing all the necessary research. Here is a review of the best felony friendly trucking companies to help you find a job easily.

1. Swift Transportation

  • Address:  2200 South 75th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85043
  • Phone Number: 866-437-3050
  • Website:

Who is Swift Transportation?

Swift Transportation began its journey by working for steel transportation on the ports. The company came about on October 10th, 1966, when Jerry Moyes bought some trucks. 

Later on, it was bought by the Swift Meat Packing owners and was named Swift Transportation. They have made 13 other carriers a part of their transportation business. Hence, they are always growing in magnitude; thus, they are looking out for more drivers. 

They offer many services, including shipping, logistics, and warehousing, so their work extends in several departments. This is why you can apply there for any job that you feel comfortable with.

Jobs Offered

Swift Transportation hires people in many work domains as they have a wide range of services. They actively recruit entry-level CDL truck drivers who do not have prior experience. 

The company needs mechanics to maintain the trucks in the fleet. Mechanics are required to take care of other equipment on board as well. Moreover, they need foremen to manage the activities going on in their terminals. 

Salary and Benefits

The company has an employee-friendly payment policy. You get paid for all the miles that you drive the truck for. This means the greater the number of miles you cover, the more bucks you can make. 

The average salary for a CDL truck driver is around $1200 a week. There are bonuses like paid vacations to look up to as well. As far as diesel mechanics are concerned, they make around $17 to $29 per hour. 

Foremen even enjoy a 401k retirement plan along with thorough medical insurance. The pay of $20 to $29 an hour is a great payment too, so it is an amazing place to start a career. 

2. TMC Transport

  • Address:  6115 SW Leland Ave Des Moines, IA 50321
  • Phone Number: 1-800-247-2862
  • Website:

Who is TMC Transport?

Harrold Annett initiated TMC Transport in 1972 and then made it employee-owned in October 2013. This means that eligible employees are, in part, the owners of this company. TMC Transport grew from a staff of two people and six power units. 

The company currently owns a 50-acre facility, which includes a training center for employees. TMC Transport runs on Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which means that the workers own the company. This ownership plan and the state-of-the-art equipment onboard are the key encouraging factors for new job applicants. 

Jobs Offered

Like all other trucking companies, TMC Transport relies on truck drivers to carry out their work. This is why they need as many drivers on board as they can get. So, they have vacancies for Class A CDL drivers who can handle the commercial vehicles well. 

There is a job opening for transportation sales representatives as well. He or she has to be good at communication to keep up with the reputation of the company.

Salary and Benefits

The best thing about TMC Transport is that their drivers get the true worth of their service. They get paid for the number of miles they cover while driving. Most of the drivers there can earn between $49,000 and $113,000, depending on their skills and miles covered. 

In addition to this, they get to enjoy their share in the overall profit that the company makes. Furthermore, sales representatives can make around $40,633 a year. 

The company offers dental, health, and life insurance to employees along with 401k retirement. There is also a paid off time for workers to have a break and maximize their productivity. 

3. Boyd Brothers

  • Address:  3900 ACIPCO Industrial Dr. Birmingham, AL 35214
  • Phone Number: 334-775-1400
  • Website:

Who is Boyd Brothers?

Boyd Brothers Transportation was established by Dempsey Boyd and his brothers in 1956. The company went public in 1994 and had major restructuring in its ownership and administration board. The business has undergone several fluctuations over the years, but it stands strong at present. 

With over 850 workers under its banner, it has become a major name in the trucking industry. They extend their network across most states, so they are on the lookout for more workers. Thus, you can have a great time working here if you want to restart working after probation. 

Jobs Offered

Boyd Brothers have grown rapidly, despite the initial turmoil; thus, they have frequent job openings. They hire CDL drivers who can ship the products entrusted to them to their destination. They also offer valuable training to inexperienced drivers at the Boyd Brothers Academy. So, if you feel that your skills need sharpening, this could be the right place for you. 

Moreover, they need people in the sales and maintenance departments. They look for people to be a part of the logistics team, which means there are many options for you.

Salary and Benefits

The salary here is exceptional, as all driving and non-driving workers get handsome packages. CDL-A drivers enjoy a weekly minimum of $1000, which is quite amazing. There is a monthly performance bonus, too, which helps you stand out to the administration. This helps you become more trustworthy to your company as well. 

Another great thing about working here is that 95% of the workers have off days during the weekend. So, the working situations here are quite impressive. 

4. J.B. Hunt

  • Address:  J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. 615 J.B. Hunt Corporate Drive Lowell, AR 72745-9142
  • Phone Number: 1-800-4JBHUNT
  • Email:
  • Website:

Who is J.B. Hunt?

J.B. Hunt is one of the leading names in the trucking business, with its expertise surpassing many of its competitors. It was founded by Johnnie Bryan and Johnelle Hunt in 1961. The company soon grew to be the 80th largest trucking business in the USA by 1983. 

They have a worker-friendly policy for running the terminals and fleet units. They specialize in flatbed cargo services, refrigerated delivery, and intermodal shipping. So, you get to experience a diversity of work here. 

Jobs Offered

There is a multitude of job offerings at J.B. Hunt with its ever-increasing network. They are currently hiring driving staff as well as non-driving personnel.

In addition to CDL A drivers, they need people for their last-mile services. This refers to people who can unload the equipment at its destination. People who have experience in handling and assembling furniture are preferred for this. They need managers for trainees and for the overall fleet management as well. 

Salary and Benefits

While working at J.B. Hunt, you can be sure of getting an excellent salary and bonuses. A fleet manager can earn about $52,227 per year, while truck drivers can make between $39,000 and 49,000 annually. Software engineers there earn quite well, too, at an average of over $90,000 per year. 

There is a gym on-site which helps workers enhance their physical strength and health. There is a reliable retirement option, too, which includes a 401k program, making their jobs even more fruitful. 

5. Melton Truck Lines

  • Address:  808 N. 161st E. Ave, Tulsa, OK 74116
  • Phone Number: 866-715-8563
  • Website:

Who is Melton Truck Lines?

Melton Truck Lines began as a small delivery company in Arkansas in 1954. Founders Bert and Gladys Melton bought a small operating land along with a few trucks to initiate the business. This was then purchased by William Duncan McRae, whose son then transferred ownership to Bob Peterson. He then joined two of his businesses to form a larger and much more advanced logistics business. 

At present, they have over 1350 drivers and numerous other non-driving professionals. So, this company has a promising future, and felons could find a better start at a career here. 

Jobs Offered

Melton Truck Lines offers many jobs to felons as well as usual people. They are nowadays looking for a billing associate who knows his way through Transflo. 

In addition to the billing associate, they need a permit and payroll associate as well. There are vacancies for drivers and driver managers who can keep all the drivers on one page. The driver manager will be required to put all the driver-related company policies to use too. Slots are free for accounts manager and logistics trainees in the company as well. 

Salary and Benefits

The company has different kinds of drivers, so their payments differ according to their services. OTR truck and flatbed drivers make an average of $60,400 a year. However, the usual class A CDL drivers are paid about $50,700 annually. 

The people in logistics coordination have an average salary of $40,300 per year too. So, there are great growth prospects in the company for both driving and non-driving employees.

6. TransAm Trucking

  • Address:  15910 S. Highway 169 Olathe, KS 66062
  • Phone Number: 913.324.7110
  • Website:

Who is TransAm Trucking?

TransAm Trucking began as a Kansas trucking company with 70 tractors and 100 trailers in 1987. It soon outgrew its network and extended to other parts of the USA. Currently, they have a fleet of beyond 1,000 tractors and 1,900 trailers, which all serve the company well. 

Their headquarters are at Olathe, Kansas, but there are terminals and operating units in other states as well. The administration looks into all the workers’ problems personally, so they feel at ease working there. 

Jobs Offered

Being a logistics business offering jobs to felons, TransAm Trucking needs more CDL drivers. But, in addition to this, they are in need of many non-driving workers as well. They need planning management trainees who can plan out all aspects of load transportation. They have to take all the safety and traffic situation considerations into account too. 

Other than this, TransAm Trucking hires customer account administrators. They welcome independent contractors to join their shipping chain as well.

Salary and Benefits

The stipends offered at TransAm Trucking are quite impressive as class A drivers make from $41,000 to $55,000 a year. They enjoy many amenities like health insurance and a 401k. Other employees, like management planners, can earn between $28,000 and $61,000 based on their experience and work efficiency.

7. Shaffer Trucking

  • Address:  6800 Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
  • Phone Number: 1-800-669-0322
  • Website:

Who is Shaffer Trucking?

Shaffer Trucking originated in New Kingstown, Pennsylvania, in 1937. They have been a consistently reliable logistics company in the United States for decades. They began with the delivery of confectionery products, which needed quick delivery. Soon, they developed into an all-out refrigerated trucking facility, which supplies perishable goods to sellers on the market. 

They are a wing of Crete Carrier, which primarily deals with the transportation of refrigerated items. So, they need highly skilled drivers who can make it to the destination in the shortest possible time. These products are often delicate, too, so they demand extra care from drivers. 

Jobs Offered

Since Shaffer Trucking mostly deals with refrigerated shipping, they need expert drivers. They hire class A CDL drivers who have not been involved in any major trucking accidents. The company requires biweekly drivers and 12-day refrigerated driving professionals too. 

Along with temperature control driving experts, they need site managers and operations in-charges as well. See if you fulfill their criteria and apply here as there is a growth-friendly working environment.

Salary and Benefits

As far as the earned income at Shaffer Trucking is concerned, you have nothing to worry about. The drivers are paid on a CPM based policy. This means that their salary depends on the miles they travel off to. This way, even if some routes take longer than expected, you can be sure of getting the payment for all the extra miles. 

Their dental and vision insurance policies are great, so you can enjoy multiple benefits while working for them.

8. Dick Lavy Trucking

  • Address:  8848 State Route 121 Bradford, Ohio 45308
  • Phone Number: 1-937-448-2104
  • Email:
  • Website: 

Who is Dick Lavy Trucking?

Dick Lavy started this company in 1978 with a single ten-year-old truck. He had a vision of entering the league of giant names of the industry. And his untiring efforts, along with the loyalty of his employees, helped him reach there. 

The owner knows all the employees by name, and the company gives second chances to felons by hiring them too. So, if you want more of a personal touch to your career, then working here will be great for you.

Jobs Offered

Dick Lavy Trucking has expanded its range of services, and they need people to provide those services. They recruit class A CDL drivers, including committed felons. But, they require a period of over five years of lawful living after the felony. 

They have serious restrictions for OTR drivers with over two moving violations. So, if you are a good driver and have passed five years out of prison, then apply for a job here.

Salary and Benefits

The company pays 49 to 53 CPM (cost per mile) to their drivers. This leads to a hefty income if you cover the required amount of 2500 to 3000 miles per week. The truckers get to go home every weekend or every alternate weekend. This way, you do not have to stay away from your family for unbearably long durations. There are paid vacations too, so working here will be quite wholesome for you.

9. PGT Trucking

  • Address:  4200 Industrial Blvd. | Aliquippa PA 15001
  • Phone Number: 1-800-837-7748
  • Email:
  • Website: 

Who is PGT Trucking?1981 was the year Patrick A. Gallagher put his thoughts of starting a logistics company into action. He began his set-up with only two employees and a single truck. But, his initial years in the field taught him that he would do better if he developed friendly terms with his workers. He soon started the practice of training drivers and then recruiting the best ones from among the trainees. This helped him have a team of highly specialized drivers who know what they are doing. The founder’s smart growth strategies paid off well, and PGT Trucking is a huge name on the market now. Jobs OfferedPGT Trucking needs new CDL A drivers to take on the workload brought about by increased demand for online businesses. They also hire data analysts who can gather, organize, and evaluate data. Data analysts are also required to develop and compare the performance metrics of all the employees. The company is also on the lookout for a help desk technician and a fleet manager. So, if you find yourself suitable for any of these jobs, go ahead and apply. You have chances of employment here, even with the tag of a felon on your resume. Salary and BenefitsThe drivers at PGT Trucking make as much as drivers in most other trucking companies. The payment is between $35,000 and $55,000, and it depends on the expertise of the drivers and their licenses. The interns on board can make around $13-$14 an hour, whereas the annual income for an operations manager is $42,000 to $46,000 here.

10. deBoer Transportation Inc.

  • Address:  deBoer Transportation, Inc. PO Box 145 Blenker, WI 54415
  • Phone Number: 715-652-2911
  • Website:  

Who is deBoer Transportation Inc.?

deBoer Transportation Inc. had a humble beginning in 1967 in Blenker, Wisconsin. They started out as a cattle hauling company that helped people migrate from one pace to another with all of their belongings. But, they purchased an intrastate carrier in 1993 and laid the foundation of a successful trucking business. 

Now, they have their terminals and workstations all over the US and Mexico. They have excellent customer service, and there is due consideration of the comfort of employees here. So, this is an amazing place for you to land a secure trucking career. 

Jobs Offered

deBoer Transportation Inc. is open to appointing more CDL-A drivers along with many other professionals too. They need driver performance managers who have an in-depth knowledge of professional driving. There are slots for front desk people who can divulge basic information about the company’s services. There are vacancies for recruitment managers as well.

Salary and Benefits

The workers get all the worth of their services in terms of salary and other benefits that deBoer Transportation Inc. promises. The drivers here make around $39,000 to $42,000 per year. The administrative assistants enjoy an hourly rate of $15 to $16. There are great working hours and performance-based bonuses too. So, working here can be great for you in the long run. 

Pros and Cons of Felony Friendly Trucking Companies

Felony friendly companies get a tax credit from the government for recruiting felons. So, they encourage you to apply and work with them. However, they don’t come without their drawbacks. Let’s have a look at both aspects. 


Here are some of the major perks of applying at felony friendly trucking companies.

Non-Academic Work

The best thing about them is that they demand little educational achievement. They value your skills more than your educational background. So, even if you don’t have a degree, you can apply there with high hopes of being hired. 

Ample Salary

Well, the starting salary for truckers is quite high even if they have been charged with some felony. So, you can be sure of getting a stable job with a reliable income once you choose to work there. 

Melton Truck Lines

High Demand For Drivers

Now, everyone knows that trucking is a physically taxing job, so there is a high turnout rate. This means there is lesser competition for you when you apply for a job there. So, take advantage of the increased demand for truckers in these companies.


Another perk of working for a felony friendly trucking company is that you have to drive the trucks alone. So, you just have to take your truck and get to the completion of the task at hand. This gives you the freedom to work without having someone constantly throwing orders at you.


With so many perks come some drawbacks to working for these companies. These include:

Long Work Hours

Shipping requires constant driving for long hours, which can get very exhausting. You get tired of constantly staring at the roads too, so it can be tiresome. 

Constant Scrutiny

Well, you do not have someone with you all the time, but you have this constant need to prove yourself. This is somewhat justified as you have to earn your employers’ trust after passing all the scrutiny. 

Requirements For Driving a Truck With a Felony

After having been released from prison, you have to wait for a few years to get a job. Many companies hire you after four to five years of a felony, so you have to look up their specific criteria. However, here are the general requirements that you have to fulfill to apply for the job. 

Written Exam

You need to study up the facts and techniques involved in trucking to pass the written exam. The exam carries multiple-choice questions, and there are no essay questions. Once you pass it, you are eligible for a practical CDL test.

Professional Training

You need to have professional training to get permission to drive commercial-grade trucks. Many schools and companies offer trucking training to felons, too, so you do not have to worry about it. 


You need to get a Commercial Driver’s License to be able to drive a commercial truck. For this, you have to pass a written test and a practical one. 

Drug Test

You have to clear a drug test to ensure that you do not have any drug issues. This is particularly important for felons as they have more to prove to recruiters. 


Considering all this, you do not have to lose hope if you have committed a crime and served imprisonment. You still have a chance at life and a consistent job in the trucking industry if you have the right skills. So, choose a company from the list above that goes best with your needs and apply there. We wish you all the best in your driving career. 

People Also Ask

Felons do get hired, but after serving imprisonment, they are quite hesitant to apply anywhere. Many questions in their mind hold them back from applying. So, here are answers to the most frequent questions to help them land a secure job. 

Do Trucking Companies Do Background Checks?

Yes, these companies run many background checks on their potential employees. Even though some of them are willing to hire felons, they need to know that they can trust them. This is why there is a complete background screening before employment. It is advisable not to hide any important information while you apply for a job. It can leave a very bad impression on the recruiters when they find out that you withheld information or lied while applying. 

What Disqualifies You From Being a Truck Driver?

Well, most minor felonies will not lead to your disqualification from getting a CDL. There are some major crimes like treason, arson, kidnapping, and smuggling, leading to disqualification. There are strict laws in place to prevent employment immediately after such misfortune events.

Do All Trucking Companies Report to DAC?

No, not all of these companies report to DAC as they cannot be responsible for every worker’s actions. Yes, they do make sure to prevent any kind of ill-behavior from their employees. But, they do not like the idea of being accountable for their actions. As a consequence, many of them do not like the idea of a DAC report.

How Far Back Does a DAC Report Go?

A DAC report can be really exhaustive as it focuses on a lot of aspects associated with a driver. It usually goes back to a driver’s history of the past seven years. It includes information about the equipment driven by the driver, along with the scores in training school.

Can a Felon Get a Hazmat CDL?

Yes, a felon can get a Hazmat CDL, but it depends on the kind of crime that they were imprisoned for. There are particular criteria that they have to meet to secure a Hazmat CDL for themselves. If you have been a part of major crimes, like sedition and treason, you will not be able to get it. 

Are There Grants For Felons to Get a CDL?

Yes, there are companies offering grants to their felon trainees for CDL. But, they are quite a few in number. You have to research and analyze your options closely to see if you meet the grant’s requirements. However, you should not feel discouraged or hesitant to apply for a grant. You never know when things will turn out to be in your favor. 

How Do Companies Benefit From Hiring Felons?

Companies benefit from hiring felons in many ways. The foremost of them is the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) that the US government provides them. In addition, these companies know that felons are trying to rebuild their reputation, so they will work harder. So, this way, get a tax credit from the government as well as undeclared loyalty from their workers.  

Will Trucking Companies Train Felons?

Yes, trucking companies train felons as they need employees with the highest possible level of skills. Some companies even pay their trainees, so you do not have to worry about it. Just make sure to apply to a company that offers you the best amenities and training.

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