Best Dump Truck Companies of 2022 – Ultimate Guide

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Becoming a part of one of the best dump truck companies is a dream for anyone pursuing a trucking career. However, finding one that best fits your desires can be a challenge.

Some exceptional dump truck companies in the United States offer ambitious individuals a bright future. Working in a professional environment will not only help you grow as an employee but also as an individual.

This guide will look at some of the best dump truck companies operating in the US.


What is Required to Become a Dump Truck Driver?

Dump truck drivers are probably one of the most in-demand jobs in the United States. However, becoming one requires you to pass a series of requirements as per government or state policies. The requirements are:

  1. Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License. You need either a Class A or Class B CDL for becoming a dump truck driver
  2. Getting a high school diploma or GED
  3. Having a violation-free track record as a driver
  4. A valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate
  5. Prior work experience while driving a standard dump truck
  6. Having knowledge about road-safety regulations, modern technology, and equipment
  7. Should be 18 years or older. However, the age limit can vary for different states

Moreover, driving specialized vehicles requires you to pass additional testing to become a dump truck driver. It is recommended to complete the Professional Truck Driver Training Certified Course for eligibility.

What Kind of CDL Do I Need to Drive a Dump Truck?

As per the law, a Class-B Commercial Driver’s License is needed to drive a dump truck. Possessing a Class-B license means that you can drive heavy trailers and trucks. Meanwhile, you can also tow trailers with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) less than 10,000 pounds.

As for tractor-trailer dump trucks, you will need to acquire a Class-A CDL for operating without objection. With a Class-A CDL, you can tow trailers with more than 10,000 pounds GVWR.

Review of the Best Dump Truck Companies

The trucking industry is one of the booming industries in the United States. Becoming a part of a successful dump truck company is a dream for many ambitious individuals. If you would like to pursue your trucking career at a prestigious dump truck company, the following are some of the best options available.

Best Dump Truck Company in GA:Atlanta Dump Truck Hauling

  • Address:  5323-5365 E Mountain St, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +1 404-665-3324
  • Email:

Who is Atlanta Dump Truck Hauling?

Atlanta Dump Truck Hauling was founded in 2009. It has been one of the most reliable dump trucking companies in Georgia for more than ten years. The trucking company is quite popular for its wide range of services that serves many people. With its large number of experts focused on delivering customer satisfaction, the organization maintains its high standard of services.

The company offers several services, including site grading, site demolition, excavation, dirt hauling, driveway installation, and land clearing. As a privately-run company, Atlanta Dump Truck Hauling has progressed rapidly and pledges to serve the commercial and residential sectors.

Jobs Offered

There is no uncertainty in saying that truck drivers lay the foundation of any dump truck company. Keeping this in view, Atlanta Dump Truck Hauling cares a lot about its expert staff and drivers who work tirelessly to serve the people. Subsequently, their hard work reflects in their adequate dumping services with utmost responsibility.

Atlanta Dump Truck Hauling offers a wide range of services. This is why it needs a diverse workforce that can serve different communities and purposes. With its expanding services, the company offers a large number of job positions. These include openings for an owner-operator, demo estimator, CDL driver, demolition foreman, and demo clean-up crew.

Salary and Benefits

Financial rewards act as a driving force for employees to perform better. Consequently, most companies utilize monetary compensation as a tool to improve employee performance. With the workforce performing better, the overall productivity of the company is increased. Atlanta Dump Truck Hauling is one of those companies that believe in a similar strategy.

Highly-performing employees are compensated through numerous financial rewards and compensations. According to a rough estimate, an average salary of a dump truck driver in Atlanta, GA, is $17.93 per hour, which is quite impressive. You can also benefit from some various incentives and other benefits. The most common benefits include bereavement leave, paid time off, life insurance, 401k, and more!

Best Dump Truck Company in Charlotte, NC:Blue Max Trucking

  • Address:  1015 East Westinghouse Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +1 704-588-8780

Who is Blue Max Trucking?

Blue Max Trucking is a trucking company that offers transportation services in the Southeastern United States. The company focuses on utilizing the highest quality machinery and equipment to provide exceptional service. Integrity, reliability, and excellence are some of the virtues that lay the foundation of Blue Max Trucking.

The company first came into being in 1984. Over time, its services and capabilities have expanded rapidly in the past few decades. Blue Max Trucking excels in providing flatbed services using modern machinery and equipment to meet its customers’ needs. Today, the company is the choice of many when it comes to reliable transportation services.

Jobs Offered

Blue Max Trucking focuses on attracting quality drivers who can promise responsibility and commitment that rests on their shoulders. Since truck drivers are the heartbeat of any trucking organization, the company actively seeks competent individuals. Successful candidates who meet the organizational requirements can be sure of a bright future.

Currently, Blue Max Trucking requires truck drivers to meet customers’ flatbed trucking needs. Drivers having prior driving experience, a clean track record, and a positive mindset are most suitable for such vacancies. If you are one of those, it’s time to cash in on this opportunity.

Salary and Benefits

Successful trucking organizations ensure their employees are motivated to maintain their standard of services. They do so by adequately rewarding their employees for their dedication to the company. It’s not just the monetary rewards but also various incentives and benefits that you can enjoy at Blue Max Trucking.

According to a survey, Blue Max Trucking keeps its employees well-compensated with a market-competitive salary. As an average truck driver, you can earn $15.50 per hour or $47,299 annually. Meanwhile, as a dump truck driver, you can earn an impressive $16.92 hourly. Moreover, benefits like medical insurance, dental insurance, paid time off, and 401k savings plans are also assured.

Best Dump Truck Company in Florida:Hrustic Brothers

  • Address:  6498 Fayal Dr S. Suite, 1 Jacksonville, FL 32258
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 904-448-5530
  • Email:

Who is Hrustic Brothers?

When it comes to trucking services, you can always rely on Hrustic Brothers for their diverse range of services. Hrustic Brothers Inc is an industry-leading dump truck service that has an unparalleled track record of delivering adequate and timely services. Their consistent and quality services have made it a leader in the trucking industry.

Hrustic Brothers is based in Jacksonville, Florida, that incorporates modern technology and professional staff to ensure a smooth hauling operation. The company specifically excels in providing services like dump trucks, fill material and aggregate supply, and concrete demolition and recycling.

Jobs Offered

Like any other trucking service, Hrustic Brothers heavily relies on its team of professional truck drivers. These drivers run company-owned dump trucks to ensure the standard of services is met. Whether it’s timely delivery or secure hauling, you can always count on Hrustic Brothers.

Drivers are one of the most important crews that you can acquire as a hauling service. To ensure customer value and satisfaction, the company seeks professional truck drivers with ample driving experience and knowledge. Hrustic Brothers are also open for non-driving positions extending from transportation and logistics to construction, finance, and marketing.

Salary and Benefits

The best trucking companies almost always ensure the satisfaction of their customers. However, they also make sure that their employees are satisfied with their jobs. As a reward for their commitment, Hrustic Brothers offers numerous monetary benefits for their performing employees. This includes not only a higher pay scale but also various short-term and long-term incentives.

A truck driver at Hrustic Brothers can earn $14.24 hourly. The company also promises several benefits for its employees. Benefits like vision, dental, and health insurance are also provided to employees. 

Best Dump Truck Company in NJ:TSanchez LTD

  • Address:  1685 Route 46 West, Ledgewood, NJ 07852
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 973-398-3398
  • Email:

Who is TSanchez LTD.?

TSanchez LTD. is a leader in the trucking industry. Established in 1975, the company is known for its reliable services for the past several decades. It excels in delivering sales and service of heavy equipment and hauling material used during construction. To ensure secure and convenient delivery of services, TSanchez LTD. uses tandems and tri-axle dump trucks to meet modern needs.

For the past four decades, the company has been expanding its operations into the trucking business. Using a team of professional staff members and state-of-the-art machinery, TSanchez LTD provides the ultimate solution to customers’ trucking needs.

Jobs Offered

Truck drivers are the backbone of any trucking company. Whether it’s hauling equipment safely or ensuring timely delivery of services, truck drivers play a crucial role in this business. TSanchez LTD. owns a team of professional drivers who are fully equipped to meet modern customers’ demands. This is why they are considered one of the best transportation services available.

However, it’s not just the drivers that are responsible for a safe and secure hauling operation. The management staff is equally responsible for ensuring a smooth service. Maintenance of the equipment and machinery is necessary to meet the every-day needs of the customer. Therefore, the company actively searches for experienced mechanics and welders throughout the year.

Salary and Benefits

TSanchez LTD. sets an example in safety and compliance when it comes to hauling services. Its dependable trucking operations reflect the sheer dedication and commitment of its staff members. Consequently, to maintain its standard of service, the company fully compensates its employees. The compensation is offered as market-competitive salaries and numerous other benefits.

Whether you are a truck driver or working as a management staff, you can reap multiple benefits, including higher pay scales. Benefits like life insurance policies, retirement plans, and paid vacations are offered at TSanchez LTD.

Best Dump Truck Company in Jacksonville, FL:D & D Dirtin

  • Address:  4450 Lola Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32210
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 904-771-2032
  • Email: 

Who is D & D Dirtin?

When it comes to hauling services in Jacksonville, Florida, there is only one name that comes to mind; D & D Dirtin. D & D Dirtin is a reliable trucking service that serves both residential and commercial sectors. Its team of trained and highly-skilled professionals ensures your hauling demands are met efficiently and effectively.

The company specifically offers construction services like land clearing, rubbish removal, aggregate delivery, and dirt delivery. All of these services are provided using modern technology and equipment to deliver customer value and satisfaction. 

Jobs Offered

D & D Dirtin heavily relies on its team of experienced truck drivers and management staff for adequate hauling operations. The truck drivers act as the heart and soul of the trucking company. This is why the company is always seeking talented and experienced individuals who have prior driving experience. Whether it’s dump truck drivers, owner-operators, or any other; if you have the skills and experience, don’t forget to apply!

Moreover, the company seeks qualified management staff who can manage the trucking operations efficiently. There is no doubt that effective communication and customer service contribute to great success. D & D Dirtin is open for office jobs, including customer support representatives, to maintain the quality of its services.

Salary and Benefits

There is no denying the fact that without professional skills and a positive mindset, achieving success is possible. As a trucking company, D & D Dirtin focuses on recruiting the most competent individuals. Meanwhile, the company practices a reward system to ensure their workforce is well-compensated.

Such rewards are reflected in the higher pay scales and salaries of its employees. As a dump truck driver, you can earn an attractive $14.64 per hour. You can also enjoy numerous benefits that the company promises its employees. These include a 401k retirement plan, life insurance, health insurance, and paid time off.

Best Dump Truck Company in Houston, TX:Dump Truck International

  • Address:  1209 1st Street East Suite D Humble, Texas, 7738
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 713-723-8000

Who is Dump Truck International?

Dump Truck International is a family-owned trucking company that started its operations in September 2003. The company was formed on the idea of providing exceptional services at reasonable prices in the dump truck industry. Initially, the organization had limited resources, but its services have expanded to become recognizable in Houston and surrounding areas over time.

Whether it’s hauling, excavation, or dozer services, Dump Truck International is the way forward. It uses tandem, tri-axle, and end-dump trailers to serve its customers based on their needs and requirements. The company currently serves contractors, residential and commercial customers who seek a dependable trucking service.

Jobs Offered

As a trucking company, timely delivery of services is of extreme importance. This can only be achieved with the help of competent drivers who are committed to serving the community. That’s why Dump Truck International is always open for professional drivers for effective hauling operations.

However, it’s not just the drivers who are responsible for the smooth and reliable trucking service. The management staff equally strives to deliver customer satisfaction using effective communication. So, you can become a part of Dump Truck International if you have skills other than driving. These include office jobs, maintenance opportunities, and more!

Salary and Benefits

Unlike traditional trucking companies, Dump Truck International introduces financial rewards for its high-performing and dedicated employees. Such rewards are promised to those who are devoted and have a great track record throughout their time here. Competitive salaries and pay scales are some of the benefits of working at this trucking company.

As a dump truck driver, your future is in safe hands if you are a part of Dump Truck International. You can not only earn a decent $15 an hour but also benefit from various other incentives, including health insurance, dental insurance, 401k, paid vacations, etc.

Best Dump Truck Company in Alabama:P&M Trucking

  • Address:  3991 OLD BIRMINGHAM HIGHWAY JASPER, AL. 35501
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 205-221-0991

Who is P&M Trucking?

P&M Trucking is a well-renowned trucking service that operates in Alabama, United States. The company has been serving its customers for quite a while and has grown rapidly in terms of quality services. The professional team of employees has enabled it to emerge as one of the leading dump truck companies.

P&M Trucking offers an ultimate solution when it comes to dozier work, driveways, fill dirt, or land clearing. Their devoted staff is ready to meet your demands safely and securely. Moreover, the organization claims to be one of the fastest trucking services available in the region.

Jobs Offered

Trucking companies almost always welcome experienced and professional truck drivers to join their organization. If you’re a professional truck driver with a great track record and prior experience, P&M Trucking is the right place for you. Its qualified staff is dedicated to achieving excellence by effectively training their truck drivers.

As a hauling service provider, P&M Trucking also requires a professional and skilled management staff to ensure seamless hauling operations. This is why it offers non-driving job opportunities to suitable candidates. If you have skills other than driving, you can become a part of the management team. Vacancies are available in multiple departments, including customer support, maintenance, and finance.

Salary and Benefits

To maximize the quality of services, successful trucking companies ensure their employee needs are catered properly. They promise not only attractive salary packages but also frequent bonuses and other incentives. Employees can enjoy numerous allowances and discounts that drive the employees in the right direction. As a result, the productivity and effectiveness of the hauling operations are enhanced.

P&M Trucking also promises such rewards and benefits to its employees who are committed to the cause. They enjoy higher pay scales and benefits like 401k retirement plans, insurance policies, and paid vacations.

8. Friar Enterprises

  • Address:  4025 Lower Huntington Rd Fort Wayne, IN 46809-9710
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 260-409-9801
  • Email:

Who is Friar Enterprises?

Friar Enterprises is a dependable dump truck company that offers a wide range of services to its customers. Established in 1985, the company was formed with the motto of providing incomparable hauling services. It offers to haul landscaping materials like rock, sand, and gravel in Fort Wayne, IN. Since its existence, the organization strives to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through reliable services and competitive pricing.

There is a diverse range of services that Friar Enterprises promises its customers when it comes to hauling operations. These include dump truck delivery, bobcat service, lawn and landscape maintenance, fertilization, weed control, snow removal, and ice control.

Jobs Offered

We won’t be wrong if we say that dump truck drivers move these trucking companies. As a truck driver, delivering services on time safely and securely is necessary. This is why trucking services seek to hire the most suitable individuals for such a responsibility. Having experience as a truck driver and a positive attitude can improve your chances of becoming a part of Friar Enterprises.

Currently, Friar Enterprises needs expert dump truck drivers for numerous hauling operations. The organization specifically demands Class A and Class B CDL drivers who can fulfill the task effectively.

Salary and Benefits

Most successful trucking organizations consider their employees as an asset to the company. To obtain optimal results, organizations ensure their employees are compensated to ensure a high level of productivity. This is why Friar Enterprises invests in its employees by providing good salary packages and many benefits.

Insurance allowances and high salaries are the most common benefits offered by Friar Enterprises. As a dump truck driver, you can earn from $30,000 to $47,000 annually. These figures increase with experience and responsibilities. Compensations other than salary are medical insurance, retirement plan, and paid holidays.

9. W. R. Beach Inc.

  • Address:  820 W Sumner Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46217
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 317-787-1591

Who is W. R. Beach Inc.?

W. R. Beach Inc. is a family-owned hauling service operating in Indiana since 1960. With more than 50 years of experience, the organization is considered a top-tier demolition company. Amazingly, it also offers a reliable tri-axle hauling service. The family-owned business is not only licensed but also bonded and insured.

Safety has always been the utmost priority of W. R. Beach Inc. The organization strives to meet customer expectations while serving industrial, residential, and commercial sectors. Some of the key services offered by the trucking service include controlled demolition, excavation, site cleanup service, and selective tear-downs.

Jobs Offered

There is no doubt that dump truck drivers make or break a hauling service. Therefore, most trucking services wish to acquire the best truck drivers for the job. Individuals having prior work experience are welcome at W. R. Beach Inc. Here, drivers with great driving skills with a positive mindset are high in demand.

W. R. Beach Inc. requires dump truck drivers who can take care of customer consignments effectively. Managing and running modern equipment and machinery require strong skills. Hence, the organization actively seeks individuals with ample knowledge and experience.

Salary and Benefits

Monetary compensations are very motivating for employees working at a trucking company. To maximize their productivity, dump truck companies also follow the strategy of introducing financial rewards. Employees who perform better are rewarded with higher salaries and benefits. As a result, an environment of competition is created within the organization, and overall operational effectiveness is enhanced.

Such compensations increase with time and experience, and the same is the case here. Employees at W. R. Beach can earn a decent income annually while also enjoying several benefits. Benefits like casual work atmosphere, paid holidays, healthcare insurance, and retirement plans are offered.

10. Ulyat Trucking

  • Address:  6676 US 24 W P.O. Box 319 Remington, IN 47977
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 219-261-3595

Who is Ulyat Trucking?

Founded in 1975, Ulyat Trucking is a quality transportation service provider in the region. The organization focuses on providing reliable, timely, and convenient services to its customers. Their team of professionals works tirelessly to meet customer expectations and demand. The company strives continuously to provide a high standard of service by offering a diverse range of products.

Ulyat Trucking deals with hauling aggregates, food products, ice cream, and numerous other products like recycling, agricultural, and palletized goods. As the transportation service expands, it ensures its quality of services is maintained within the region.

Jobs Offered

Job opportunities at a transportation company reflect the type of services being offered. Since Ulyat trucking is a transportation service, the bulk of its operations are related to logistics and similar procedures. Therefore, truck drivers having considerable experience are welcome at this organization.

Ulyat Trucking realizes that its truck drivers are a huge asset to the company. They are always looking to expand their team of qualified truck drivers who can perform whenever required. Currently, there are numerous job vacancies for truck drivers and owner-operators.

Salary and Benefits

Trucking companies realize that their employees are their main asset and investment. To exceed customer expectations and meet modern demands, it’s necessary to have a dedicated staff. For this, Ulyat Trucking offers various rewards and incentives that are directed towards its highly-performing employees.

Employees with a better track record are offered financial and non-financial benefits, including pay scale increments. According to an estimate, a truck driver’s average salary in Indiana is an incredible $46,498 per year. 

Moreover, the company promises desirable working conditions and a work-life balance to its employees. Employee stock ownership plan, referral program, fuel discount, 401k, and paid time off are various perks that you can avail of.

Job Outlook and Salary for Dump Truck Drivers

Dump truck drivers have a promising future, considering the present state of their demand. Most transportation services, including dump truck companies, actively hire competent truck drivers to join their team of professionals. With the advent of modern technology, there’s been an abrupt rise in the construction and manufacturing of various products and buildings. As a result, the demand for truck drivers is on the rise.

The job outlook of dump truck drivers is quite promising for the upcoming decade. Similarly, truck drivers are paid handsome salary packages due to high demand. According to a survey, heavy trucks and tractor-trailer truck drivers’ average annual wage was $45,570 in 2018. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that truck driver jobs would grow by as much as five percent from 2018 to 2028.

How Much Do Dump Truck Drivers Make a Week?

As of November 2019, a published report suggested that an average dump truck driver earns between $13 and $24 per hour. Meanwhile, these truck drivers’ annual salary, including profit sharing and bonuses, was recorded between $28,617 and $56,213. A weekly salary for an average truck driver ranges between $700 and $1000.

States with Highest Average Salaries For Dump Truck Drivers

Dump truck drivers earn quite a lot of money throughout the United States. Since it’s a job that demands high responsibility, employers ensure that their workforce is well-compensated. Although the average salary might differ based on rank and position, it also depends on the state you are working in. 

Here are some of the states that offer the highest average salaries for dump truck drivers in the United States.

South Dakota

South Dakota is the highest paying state when it comes to dump truck drivers. According to an estimate, the average annual salary for a dump truck driver is about $46,750.

North Dakota

North Dakota is second in the list of most paying states for dump truck drivers. Here, you can earn a whopping $47,887 per year.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island seems to be quite promising if you are looking for a perfect kickstart to your trucking career. The average annual salary for a truck driver can go as high as $55,265 yearly.


Wyoming also offers a bright future for dump truck drivers who are dedicated and committed to their profession. As a truck driver, you can earn about $46,378 per year quite easily.


Pennsylvania is the last in our list of the highest paying states for truck drivers. Here, you can earn a handsome $46,546 per annum.


Starting a trucking career at a dump truck career is quite promising in the United States. However, if you get a chance to join a top-tier company, you can almost assure a bright future. Our list of the best dump truck companies will pave your road towards success in becoming a competent individual. What are you waiting for? Apply now!

People Also Ask

People are quite curious about which dump truck companies to join and what they hold for a bright future. To ensure you become a part of a prestigious organization, we have listed some commonly asked queries. These questions will help you decide better about your future with dump truck companies.

What Dump Truck Driving Companies Will Hire Inexperienced Drivers? 

Dump truck driving companies consider professional drivers as an asset to the company. This is why they always seek drivers who are experienced. However, several truck driving companies do provide training to inexperienced drivers to ensure they become a part of their team. Millis Transfer Inc, Prime Inc, and Roehl Transport are some of the best trucking companies that promise a bright future for inexperienced drivers.

Which Companies Provide Dump Truck Training? 

Dump truck companies are one of the most highly profitable and in-demand industries in the United States. They hire some of the best individuals who are competent in the trucking business. However, to maintain a standard of services, these candidates are trained adequately. Some companies that offer dump truck training include Southern Haulers LLC, R&J Trucking Inc., and TIG Trucking LLC.

Are Dump Truck Drivers in High Demand?

With the increase in demand for construction and modern equipment, truck driving opportunities have been on the rise. According to an estimate, this demand will increase by up to five percent between 2018 and 2028 in the United States. Since large businesses heavily rely on trucking companies, the demand for truck drivers is growing with the increase in businesses.

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