Best Trucking Companies in Colorado – 2022 Round-up

| Last Updated: October 19, 2020

Trucking is one of the most flourishing businesses in Colorado. This is why there is an increasing interest in job opportunities in trucking companies.

There are many trucking companies in Colorado that offer handsome salary packages and other amenities.


So, let’s have a look at some of the best ones and how they can be important to you.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in Colorado

Colorado is home to many successful trucking companies with an immense turnout. Each one of them has its own distinguishing features, which makes it suitable for different people. Keeping this in view, we have reviewed the best trucking companies for you here.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best Colorado trucking companies:

  1. Denver Intermodal Express
  2. Over Dimensional Freight Services, Inc.
  3. Preferred Cartage Services Inc

Best Trucking Company in Denver, CO:Denver Intermodal Express

  • Address: 10700 E. 40th Ave, Denver, CO 80239
  • Phone Number: 303-371-1500
  • Email:

Who is Denver Intermodal Express?Denver Intermodal Express is a leading name in the trucking business with its dedicated workers. The company came about in 1991, and there has been a consistent growth in the fleet and employees. They have grown from a small trucking business to a big company. They have a vast parking space with three additional yards.The employees and customers are quite pleased with the company policies and services. This is evident from the testimonials and reviews that DIE has got over the years. They value all of their employees and customers, which is the key to the trust they have earned since 1991.Jobs Offered Being a well-established business, Denver Intermodal Express has a need for more employees. They have many employment options as they offer a diverse range of services. They even provide warehousing and storage facilities for which they need guards and security personnel. They are actively looking for local CDL Class A drivers.They need people to work in refrigerated truck transportation as well as the usual pick and drop services. There are three slots for these drivers in order to meet the needs of the fleet. In addition, there are jobs for on-site workers as well who can take care of the DIE facility.Salary and Benefits The job as a local CDL Class A driver at Denver Intermodal Express can be very promising for skilled drivers. It offers $1,000.00 to $1,300.00 per week, along with many other benefits. Their major requirement is a three-year experience in CMV driving or one-year experience in intermodal driving.In addition to the salary, there is a dental and medical facility too. Furthermore, the employees get to enjoy a 401k plan and vision insurance. So, it is worth a shot if you want to develop a firm footing in the trucking business.

Best Trucking Company in Colorado Springs, CO:Over Dimensional Freight Services Inc.

  • Address:  2052 S Corona Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80905
  • Phone Number: 719-374-7883

Who is Over Dimensional Freight Services, Inc.?Over Dimensional Freight Services, Inc. is a small family-operated business. But, it has established itself as one of the most reliable trucking companies in Colorado over the years. It has a chain of happy customers who recommend them to everyone who has any small or large load to transport.Moreover, the company has transparent policies that limit any involvement in work politics. This way, the workers and the clients trust them more since things are out in the open.Jobs Offered Over Dimensional Freight Services, Inc. is now thinking of expanding the range of services. This is why they are looking for new employees who can share the workload. The immediate need is for drivers who can work with their fleet. They will be hiring drivers for both day and night shifts to cater to the needs of their worthy clients.There are job openings for accountants and security personnel as well. The requirements are not too strict, so anyone who knows the basics of trucking can apply.Salary and BenefitsAs the company primarily offers jobs for delivery people, the salary ranges from $800 to $1200. They also offer jobs on an hourly rate for those who want to take up trucking jobs part-time. This can be great for those who want to make extra bucks to support their family.The company covers the basic medical needs of the employees in addition to the salary. So, we suggest that you apply here for better work prospects.

Best Trucking Company in Greeley, CO:Preferred Cartage Services Inc

  • Address: 940 Greeley, CO 80632
  • Phone Number: 970-304-1454

Who is Preferred Cartage Services Inc.?Preferred Cartage Services Inc. came about in 1992 and has been serving people since then. They transport things of all sorts to places that you want them to. They have a high success rate, and most of their clients are happy with their work. The company specializes in long haul and freight brokerage. They also offer competitive shag services that other trucking businesses sometimes overlook.Another amazing thing about Preferred Cartage Services Inc. is that they even cater to customized demands. Thus, the company has definitely distinguished itself from the competition with its consideration of customer’s ease and comfort.Jobs Offered  There are multiple jobs at Preferred Cartage Services Inc., including both CDL and non-CDL. They are looking for a non-CDL yard spotter who will be dealing with minor transportation tasks. There are no license or experience requirements for this.Furthermore, they need a company dedicated regional driver who will be assigned major tasks. You need to present a verifiable one-year tractor experience to apply for this job. Other than these, there are slots for Class A local drivers as well. For this, you need a clean record with no more than three preventable or serious accidents in the last five years.Salary and BenefitsWith such a big name in the trucking business, Preferred Cartage Services Inc. cares for its employees. They are paid more than adequate salaries and many bonuses. For the non-CDL yard spotters, there will be medical and dental insurance after 60 days of employment. There is a paid vacation for a week every year.The salary ranges from $1300 to $1500 for different job descriptions. It depends on the experience of the workers as well. The company provides uniforms at its own expense, and the employees get holiday payment after 90 days of work.

Best Trucking Company in Grand Junction, CO:Estes Express Lines

  • Address: 3901 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23230
  • Phone Number: 804-353-1900

Who is Estes Express Lines?W.W. Estes set up Estes Express Lines in 1932 when he was looking for some extra means of income. He began by hiring a driver and soon had extended his project by 1937. Since then, Estes Express Lines has been dutifully easing the lives of people in the State.Now, they have more than 29,000 trailers and 7000 tractors. They currently have a workforce of 18,000 men and women. This makes them a big name in the transportation industry, which is loved by people across many states. This family-owned business has a strong foundation, which has helped them flourish for more than 90 years.Jobs Offered Estes Express Lines has nine jobs for people in Colorado at present. They want a dock worker who can help with loading and unloading of cargo from trucks. The dock worker should be able to carry around 70 lbs. easily. Moreover, the company is hiring a local delivery driver with over a year’s experience. The driver should have prior experience in pick and drop work.Along with these, they need a dock supervisor who can monitor the activities on the dock. He or she will be in charge of tracking the influx and outflux of the cargo. They need a mechanic trainee and a utility mechanic as well.Salary and BenefitsEstes Express Lines has over 18,000 satisfied workers because of the salary and bonuses it provides. The company offers $13 to $21 per hour to dock workers depending on experience and ability to lift heavy weights. On the other hand, the pay for a dock supervisor is $57,000.Mechanics will also get handsome salaries along with many other bonuses. The company has a 401k plan in place for all of the employees, along with basic health care coverage. Hence, applying for any of these jobs will work out in a favorable way for you.

5. Bill Clark Truck Line

  • Address:  4925 Niagara Street Denver, CO 80022
  • Phone Number: 303-288-1701
  • Email:

Who is Bill Clark Truck Line?Bill Clark Truck Line Inc. is one of the earliest trucking companies in Colorado. The founders set it up in 1921 when there was only rail freight for transportation of things. It used to take a lot of time, making deliveries late sometimes. So, the founders aimed to create a company that would transport things promptly.It has been almost a century that they have been transporting goods on time. The range of services has now extended beyond the primary pick and drop. The experience of all these decades has given a certain business insight to the company. So, they are now ahead of most other trucking companies in the region.Jobs OfferedThe company is continuously looking for ways to make transportation quicker and efficient. Because of this, they are always on the lookout for new drivers and delivery workers. They need line drivers to run systematic and other dedicated runs. Their work covers all of Colorado while there is a need for local city drivers too.They have to deliver services in the city only and are required to work on the terminal dock as well. Other than this, they need dock workers too who can meet the needs of the fleet and cargo.Salary and BenefitsEmployees get many benefits while working for Bill Clark Truck Line Inc. There are two consecutive days off for those who work on the weekends too. This way, there is a compensation for any extra work that the workers have to put in.The company covers medical insurance and other health care expenses of the workers as well. There are both night and day shifts which the workers can choose according to their ease. Hence, applying for a job here can be quite rewarding for you.

6. Aspen Distribution

  • Address: 21111 E 36th Dr. Aurora CO, 80011
  • Phone Number: 303-371-2511
  • Email:

Who is Aspen Distribution?Aspen Distribution came about in 1984 and has been a favorite of locals for the transportation of goods. They have been working in many dimensions for the last 30 years. Their services extend from transportation to warehousing and logistics. They have gained the approval of locals with their timely services and responsibility.They even take up projects with major work chains to transport their products. Moreover, the company specializes in distribution logistics, so that emerging businesses can get help from them too.Jobs Offered  Aspen Distribution has a major warehousing facility that can accommodate several goods. For this, they need specialized staff who can take care of the things on their own. There is a need for security guards for the warehousing facility. The company is also quite active in terms of transportation, so they need more drivers.Both the CDL and non-CDL drivers are welcome there as long as they have some experience in driving trucks. They are hiring people for the logistics team and accountants as well, who can deal with their international operations wing.Salary and BenefitsThe company gives due consideration to the satisfaction of people working for them. They give them ample salaries in addition to the bonuses and other benefits. The drivers get $15 to $25 per hour, and the dockworkers have a slightly lesser pay rate.The company pays for medical and dental insurance as well. Furthermore, there are attractive pay raises and bonuses based on the annual performance of the workers. So, you should consider working for them if you need a high paying job.

7. North Park Transportation Co.

  • Address: 5150 Columbine St. Denver, Co. 80216
  • Phone Number: 303-295-0300

Who is North Park Transportation Company?North Park Transportation Co. was founded in 1944 with the aim of delivering excellent transportation services. They have continued to satisfy their customers with the best services for the last 66 years. This service of more than half of a century has helped them understand the needs of the local community better.They have been one of the pioneers in modern freight transportation. That’s why they have generations of faithful customers as they always get satisfactory work. So, choosing North Park Transportation Co. can do you a lot of good in transportation.Jobs OfferedOne of the most popular services by North Park Transportation Co. is the overnight delivery. For this, they need more efficient drivers who can make the deadline easily. So, there are vacancies for local and regional drivers who can cover the state completely.They have jobs for people who can drive well whether they have a commercial driver’s license or not. This is why it can be great for you to apply here as you can get more experience and a steady job.Salary and BenefitsThe salary description is quite competitive, considering the market rates. They pay their drivers on hourly and weekly rates so that there is due payment for any extra work. They have special offers for those who can transport bulk cargo. The company covers holidays and medical expenses of workers in addition to their salaries.There is also a quick solution and review of any problems or complaints that workers might have. So, there is hardly any plight of workers that go unnoticed. Keeping all this in view, it can be an amazing work experience if you are in for a secure job.

8. Voyager Express Inc.

  • Address: 1280 W 64th Ave, Denver, CO 80221
  • Phone Number: 303-412-1700

Who is Voyager Express Inc.?Voyager Express Inc. is an incredible trucking company that has been working for 12 years. In such a short span of time, they have developed their network in 48 states. They even deliver to their international customers and that too at fairly low rates. They have a reputation for timely delivery and impressive customer care service.Their customer care unit has helped them gain more customers all the while. The pricing policy is a favorite of customers, too, which is why they keep coming back to Voyager Express Inc. for their deliveries. They are working with third-party workers to enhance their business as well.Jobs Offered  Being a big name in the trucking industry, they need more drivers to join them. They already have more than 200 employees, but they are now looking for more workers. The basic demand is for drivers who can transport things safely and on time. They prefer people who have prior experience in transportation to avoid any hassle for the clients and themselves.They need IT operators as well who can take orders and communicate with their field employees. They need people to keep track of the activities going on the fleet stations as well. So, if you fulfill the criteria for any of these jobs, you can leave an application.Salary and BenefitsThe salary offered to workers is as good as the pricing policy for the customers. Voyager Express Inc. values the workers as they are the backbone of the company. This is why they offer more than enough payment to their employees. There are competitive rates for drivers ranging between $18 and $30 per hour.Moreover, there are basic health and insurance facilities that the workers love. There is an annual paid vacation along with bonuses, depending on the performance of the employees throughout the year.

9. Pacific Shipping & Trucking

  • Address: 1805 Shea Center Drive Suite 130 Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
  • Phone Number: 877-482- 892 
  • Email:

Who is Pacific Shipping and Trucking?Keith Robertson developed Pacific Shipping and Trucking in 1984 to facilitate the shipping of bi-products. But, soon, they developed into a full-fledged transportation business with an extensive range of services.They work on the policy of owning tractors that are 48 months old at the most. This helps them maintain the quality of service that they began with. The company has strict policies in place to analyze logistics. This also enables them to stay loyal to their customers as they actively resolve all issues which emerge on screening.Jobs OfferedPacific Shipping and Trucking needs more drivers on board to deal with all their clients effectively. They are open to only licensed drivers with class A CDL. The company is very particular about the job requirements because they have a reputation to live up to.They strongly discourage a past record of accidents, especially preventable ones. They need drivers to pass the physical test and the D.O.T. drug screen. However, they do not require a HAZMAT from the applicants. The applicants with good and verifiable work experience are given more preference.Salary and BenefitsThe drivers earn within the range of $70,000.00 to $90,000.00 per year. The salary varies with experience and dedication to work. The employees even get a $5,000 bonus for the effective delivery of cargo. There is a safety and compliance bonus for workers as well.Another benefit that the drivers here enjoy is the paid holidays so that they get some time to relax too.

10. Westroc Oilfield Services

  • Address: 23000 CO-257, Milliken, CO 80543
  • Phone Number: 970-295-4800
  • Email:

Who is Westroc Oilfield Services?Westroc Oilfield Services appeared in the transportation business half a century ago. They have been working diligently in Colorado and Utah to keep winning more customers. They take customized work orders to help local businesses achieve their goals with speedy delivery. They have designed their hierarchy in a way that operational customized orders do not hinder the usual work.They deliver cargo related to the oil and gas field industry. The company has had its share of work with people who work in weed control and fencing as well. So, this diversity of work has given the company greater exposure and growth opportunities.Jobs Offered Westroc Oilfield Services has most of the work based on the oil and gas field sector. They transport even huge rigs and other crucial equipment. So, they need people for both on-site and off-site work.They need drivers who can tackle heavy loads while driving their trucks. They also need employees who can lift heavy equipment for loading and unloading trucks. Their work extends to the infrastructure and mining industry too, so they have vacancies there as well.Salary and BenefitsThe company has some amazing salary packages for its employees. The employees have hourly and weekly payments based on the kind of work they do. There are many worker benefits, like dental and medical insurance.The employees enjoy bonuses on quarterly and yearly levels, based on their dedication and commitment. So, Westroc Oilfield Services can be a great place to work if you are looking for better payment and security of the job.


Trucking companies are always looking for more workers as their work keeps expanding. With so many new businesses that need their products shipped quickly, they need to have more drivers. So, if you want to work as a driver or even as a dock worker in Colorado, you have many opportunities.

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