Best Trucking Companies in California – 2022 Review

| Last Updated: July 16, 2021

The moving and trucking industry is one of those areas not completely shut down by the current pandemic. If you are thinking about entering the driving profession in this field, there are a lot of options available for you.

California is full of small and big companies that are constantly growing their fleet and hiring more competent drivers. 


So, if you have a license and some experience, then read through the article to find the best match for you.

Review of the Best Trucking Companies in California

Narrowing down for a vast stack of trucking companies in the California area, we have selected the top best ones according to their history, working environment, and salary benefits. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the best California trucking companies:

  1. W.S. Emerian Trucking, Inc.
  2. Premium Movers
  3. Sun Express

Best Trucking Company in Fresno, CA:W.S. Emerian Trucking Inc.

  • Address: 2693 South Chestnut Avenue Fresno, CA. 93725 (East side of Chestnut just south of Jensen Ave.)
  • Phone Number: 559-485-9520

Who is W.S. Emerian Trucking Inc?Emerian Trucking started its family-owned business in 1997. They operate only in the California area with more focus on cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. Their current fleet consists of more than 70 flatbeds.They take pride in the fact that every driver and shop they use is a part of the company or their employee and not some third-party vendor. This helps them ensure the quality of service they provide.The company has also gotten a CARB certification for complying with state regulations regarding trucking. Services Offered  The services they offer include full truckload (FTL), low truckload (LTL), and flatbeds. The material they haul is mostly construction material like steel, rebar, glass, etc. They also offer a drop-trailer service, which entails dropping off the trailer to the customer in advance so they can load their material. They will then pick it up from them and deliver it to the required location. Salary and BenefitsThe company pays its employees by the hour, whether they are shop personnel or drivers. But the line drivers that are responsible for delivering services statewide get paid by loaded & unloaded miles, pick-up & delivery, and to tarp & untarp. These drivers also get paid breaks.Everyone works five days a week out of Fresno, California. The employees enjoy paid vacation days, bonuses, health care, dependent care, 401k, and options for dental and vision plans. They make sure that their employees get the weekend off and are back home every night, so no one gets overworked.

Best Trucking Company in Sacramento, CA:Premium Movers

  • Address: 2020 29th St #210, Sacramento, CA 95817, United States
  • Phone Number: 1-877-220-6683
  • Email:

Who is Premium Movers?Premium Movers is a family-owned and operated company that provides all types of moving services, be it residential, office move, piano, or safe moving. They fulfill all your moving needs, including packing services done by experienced professionals. Moreover, all the services are done by quality trained staff. Residential, commercial, office and industrial moving services are provided on a range of distances. The areas they cover include moving from The Greater Sacramento Area, Napa Valley, the East Bay, and Southern California. They boast of a professional crew that has been working together for a very long time that has led to a definitive role for each member of the crew, so they complete their tasks in a much more organized manner.Services Offered  For office relocation services, they facilitate their customers by working with them on each and everything, including floor plan layout design to final delivery and installation. Their experienced sales staff, office, and library carts ensure simplified file relocation. Disassembling and reassembling of cubicles/workstations/partitions is done along with packing and crating service. Their transportation trucks are equipped with lift gates and are able to move safes of up to 16,000lbs. With respect to their piano moving services, they promise to prevent damage to not only the piano but also to your house. For the protection of flooring of the house, special floor protection is used. Trucks come with floor runners, and only piano dollies with non-marring casters are used. Their safe moving services are not restricted to any one type of safe. They are equipped to move different types, including a basic home safe to high-security jewelry store one. While moving safes, the security of the customer and their possessions are kept in mind; hence it’s done very discreetly. Salary and BenefitsPremium Movers provide furniture moving services instead of construction material hauling. Movers make somewhere from $23k to $26k a year. Since they also handle sensitive material like safes that contain precious material, the pay and incentives increase accordingly.

Best Trucking Company in Fontana, CA:Sun Express

  • Address: 13866 Slover Ave., Fontana, CA 92337
  • Phone Number: 1-800-221-1480
  • Email:

Who is Sun Express?Sun Express was founded by Hank Bachar in 1954. The company has since then been passed on to the new generations of the Bachar family. Their business covers the California, Nevada, and Arizona areas.Their fleet is currently made up of 50 trucks and 150 trailers. Their slogan is “Going the extra mile” for their customers. They promise to take a load of logistics off the customers’ shoulders and handle everything for them.Their business mission statement follows the same theme of being the go-to transportation service in the area for businesses that require efficiency, reliability, and competitive pricing.Services Offered Their main area of service is providing transportation for companies that require it. They own both inter and intra state contracts so they can easily transport to the California, Arizona, and Nevada areas.The services include crates, LTL loads, truckloads, cargo insured, and lift gate services. Liftgate trucks make loading and unloading of goods easier. The material is placed on the truck, and the mechanical device pulls it up. The COD bond or collect-on-delivery bond is a means of ensuring each party delivers on its end even in case of any damage to the goods.Salary and BenefitsSun Express provides construction work services and C.O.D bonded services. They offer the average pay of any CDL driver in the US (40 cents per mile). They also employ dedicated workers for dispatch work.The average pay for that in the US is $44k a year with little experience and can grow as high as $59k a year.

Best Trucking Company in Bakersfield, CA:Smooth Move USA

  • Address: 3101 Gilmore Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93308
  • Phone Number: 661-247-0768
  • Email:

Who is Smooth Move USA?The company was founded as a moving company by JR March in 2006 and eventually sold to Jesse Lovan and Chris Shipp, who has been running the business since. Both of these people worked in the sales industry and eventually decided to start their own business.The company’s mission is to employ the best, most honest, and skilled workers, so their company has a good and trustworthy standing in the community. Their area of work is furniture moving, whether it is commercial or residential.Services Offered  Smooth Move offers seven different services, namely local moving, long-distance, commercial movies, hotel installation, storage, senior moving, and packing. If the move is within the confines of Santa Rosa or Bakersfield, then it comes under the local moving service. For long-distance moves, they offer 26’ or 53’ trucks that can deliver in 48 states across the US. Commercial moves are for office shifting.They also offer installation and storage of furniture for hotels, special packages for seniors, and vaults for storage. The storage vaults are monitored 24/7 and have dedicated staff for maintenance.Other services include furniture assembly and disassembly, removal of boxes and packing items, and floor, carpet, and wall protection.Salary and BenefitsTheir jobs include furniture installation, storage, and moving. If you are working as a furniture installer, the average hourly pay for that in the US is around $17. For a long haul truck driver, it is $0.44 per mile, and for a warehouse worker, it is $14 per hour. All these figures are an average that you should expect from them as they offer industry-standard salaries and these are for those with little to no experience. As you spend more time in the field, your pay and benefits will improve.

Best Trucking Company in Stockton, CA:California Materials Inc.

  • Address: 3736 S. Hwy 99 Stockton, CA
  • Phone Number: 209-472-7422

Who is California Materials Inc?California Materials Inc. was founded by EJ Rogers in 2008. They started off as a company that did aggregate trucking and residential and commercial hauling. Now, as the business has developed and the market has changed, they do federal interstate highway construction projects, overlay, interchange, and expansion projects.So their business is based solely on construction work and hauling. Other than California Materials Inc. that focuses on trucking, the company also owns a business called Clean Planet Inc. This sub-division focuses on recycling construction material. Their fleet consists of bottom dumps, transfer end dumps, and super dumps. The company also participates in various fundraising events and safety and training seminars.Services Offered  The company’s sole area of focus is construction. They claim to be the only trucking company in the Central Valley that provides Hard Body Super Tags.Their services are available 24 hours a day, and they maintain a complete tracking and contact system with their trucks. They specialize in working in compact construction areas where normal trucks will not be able to enter. They also provide materials for construction that undergo screening and pre-qualification testing. These materials include ¾-inch crushed rock, pea gravel, base rock, asphalt grinding, and river rock. You can also avail of their recycling plant services for disposing of broken concrete and asphalt.Salary and BenefitsThe company not only provides its employees with several benefits but also gives them training sessions. The benefits include a competitive salary, 401k, dental, vision, and paid leaves. They give opportunities to new and inexperienced drivers as well by teaching and training them. They strive to provide a safe and friendly learning environment where the workers can grow in their field.

Best Trucking Company in Los Angeles, CA:Sterling Transportation

  • Address: 5353 W. Imperial Hwy. Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90045
  • Phone Number: 310-338-9333

Who is Sterling Transportation?Sterling Transportation, founded by Kieth Davis, started work about 25 years ago in Los Angeles and since then has expanded to Miami as well. They work with all kinds of items, big and small.Their LA facility is a container freight station, and they also give warehouse services. Their goal is to provide fair and competitive pricing to their customers and to avoid unnecessary layoffs of employees.They are affiliated with the Air Forward Association, Air & Expedited Motor Carrier Association, Los Angeles Air Cargo Association, Transportation Intermediaries Association, and Florida Custom Brokers and Forwarders Association.Services Offered  Among their services are three express services that deal with delivering goods at a faster rate. These include LAX to Florida (three-day), Texas to Florida (two-day), and Westcoast.Their container freight station in LAX and Miami is US custom bonded as they deliver to local and international airports in the area. They do drayage (moving over a short distance), de-van (unloading cargo), 7512 processing (determining the nature of goods), palletize (stacking and transporting goods on a pallet), transload (transferring load from one vehicle to another), local delivery, storage, sort & segregate, and truck brokerage. Salary and BenefitsSterling Transportation does not only short and long haul trucking but also warehousing and customs checking for inbound goods. For a driver, the pay is $50-65k a year and can increase as your experience grows. In the US, a warehouse worker makes about $15 an hour with little to no experience. So, if you opt for this job, then that is what you should expect as they offer competitive salaries.

Best Trucking Company in Modesto, CA:Tiger Lines

  • Address: 927 Black Diamond Way Lodi, CA 95242
  • Phone Number: 800-967-8443

Who is Tiger Lines?Tiger Lines is a company of brothers Don and Denis Altnow founded in 1981. Starting from California, the company is now big enough to provide services through the US. The company’s roots actually go back to 1935 when Arthur Atlnow started transporting crops. This foundation expanded to dry freight and intermodal shipments across California. It focuses on expediting the needs of its customers through a team of logistical geniuses. They started with palletized feed then expanded to wine tankers, flatbeds, and high cube double vans for transporting light equipment. They currently have offices in Lodi, Woodland, and Modesto. Services Offered  Over a period of many years, they have achieved significant expansion in their freight and dedicated fleet services division. In addition to that, they have been able to expand into solid-waste and forest-by-products divisions. Their agricultural division provides not only the required flexibility in equipment but also the experience to transport most of the raw products processed in California. Through its forest by-product and landscape division, Tiger Lines provides the facility of transporting a range of products. These include sawmill residual, decorative landscape products, and feed commodities using their belt and live floor trailers. For the purpose of carrying truckload freight, their 53-foot dry vans are used. Moreover, they convey municipal solid waste, recyclables, green waste, and wet or dry food processing waste with the help of their self-unloading and high cube possum belly trainers.Salary and BenefitsTiger Lines offers its CDL drivers $1,412 per week salary. Even if you don’t have much experience in the field, they promise to give you four days of paid training sessions. All their drivers are made sure to get home every night and have a balanced life.They offer competitive salaries, constant training, and learning opportunities, benefits, and a friendly environment. They are currently on the look for AG drivers.

Best Trucking Company in Long Beach, CA:LAN Logistics Inc.

  • Address: 1520 W. 11th Street Long Beach, CA 90813.
  • Phone Number: 562-590-7551
  • Email:

Who is LAN Logistics Inc.?LAN Logistics Inc., since its foundation in 2003 in Long Beach, California, has become a leading provider in oversized-handling services. It has since then expanded significantly by expanding the range of services it provides (imports, exports, oversized-handling, and storage). It has also set up offices in multiple locations in order to better facilitate Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports. LAN Logistics prides itself in the versatility of services it provides for its customers and in the expertise of its employeesThe three core principles that brought LAN Logistics to its success will continue to be its guiding principles in the future. Services Offered  LAN Logistics specializes in transferring unique consignments from the Long Beach and Los Angeles terminals to their warehouse facilities, which are situated on the Pacific Coast within one of its largest port complexes.They have also prioritized investing in unique, specialized handling and trucking equipment, allowing safe transport. They ensure safe handling of cargo for their export and import services by using modern materials, handling equipment, and packing techniques. Using cloud-based warehouses, they keep a systemized management system. They also provide crating and boxing, heat/shrink wrapping, vapor barrier-proof packaging. For harbor drayage and trucking, they use high-capacity tractors and trailers, and they also provide pick up and delivery of OOG and overweight cargo. Domestic cargo comes in a range of shapes and sizes. Their warehouses are located near the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. This location permits them to provide indoor and outdoor storage options, whether the cargo is unbonded or bonded. To provide unparalleled transparency to warehouse management systems, LAN Logistics uses cloud-based warehouse management systems. The inventory levels are made accessible for customers at any given time and place through customer accounts.Salary and BenefitsAs a truck driver in this company, you are likely to get a per mile based salary, which, for a truck driver, is $.40 on average. That makes it more than $50k a year.Since they also offer export packing, they will hire dedicated staff for that as well, and that job on an average pays $14 per hour in the US.

Best Trucking Company in San Jose, CA: Lucky Star Auto Transport

  • Address: 5973 Shawcroft Drive, San Jose, CA 95123
  • Phone Number: 833-855-4200 
  • Email:

Who is Lucky Star Auto Transport?Lucky Star Auto Transport is a family-run business founded in 2012 by Zoltan Zaska with its focus on vehicle transportation. Zolton has nineteen years of prior experience in driving internationally. Eight years among them were spent working for Golden Key Express and PRS Trucking.The company gives value to the customer’s satisfaction. In order to meet the customer’s requirement and satisfaction, they have provided communication lines that are available 24/7 and constantly keep the customer updated from dispatch to delivery about the status of their vehicle. Because of their punctuality, the customer never has to wait for an unnecessary period of time for their vehicle to be delivered. Lucky Star Auto Transport owns ten car carriers of 80 feet each. Lucky Star Auto Transport keeps the billing process completely transparent and does not try to dodge its customers with hidden fees. The Bill of Lading does not contain overtly high charges. Their rates are inclusive of insurance coverage.Services Offered Lucky Star’s business model revolves around transporting cars across all of the US. This is done in an open-air car transport truck that does both pickups and deliveries. The customer can keep in constant contact with the driver throughout the journey.It is a door-to-door service and promises to go from the client’s home or office with as little inconvenience to them as possible.Salary and BenefitsLucky Star offers competitive industry salaries to its drivers. The average truck driver’s salary in the US is $0.40 to $0.64 per mile, and the company offers nothing less. You might also get a constant salary per week instead of being paid by milage. The drivers that do long haul trucking get paid more, and since Lucky Star Auto Transport transports vehicles all across the country that is the main job that they will hire for.

Best Trucking Company in Oakland, CA: S&S Trucking

  • Address: 477 Roland Way Oakland, CA 94621-2014
  • Phone Number: 510-383-3556
  • Email:

Who is S&S Trucking?S&S Trucking is a locally owned trucking business founded in 1978 in the Northern California Bay Area. They employ professional staff and drivers to meet all their requirements and successful completion of the customer’s venture. Keeping customer’s satisfaction above all, they work towards making a lasting professional relationship with their customers.Their services are available throughout the day. They successfully complete the task by keeping safety as a priority.S&S Trucking cares about the environment and tries to keep the whole process environment friendly and knows where to effectively dispose of unwanted material. Owing to its twenty years of experience, S&S Trucking knows where to find low-cost material without compromising quality. Services Offered  The company offers five main services that include three-axle 10-wheelers, five-axle ends & bottoms, super dumps, transfer & flats, and high sides.All of these trucks are used for hauling and dumping of construction material like cement, steel, bricks, etc.. Depending on the prices of fuel at the time, the rates of all services may vary.They provide a minimum of four hours of work a day. They are certified to transport hazardous material and several other certifications that allow them to carry out their work safely, keeping their and their clients’ assets protected.Salary and BenefitsA CDL driver for S&S Trucking makes about $700 to $1000 a week, depending on our experience and how much work you put in. Instead of overworking the employees, they allow the weekends off, so they visit their homes and have a good work-life balance.


The trucking industry includes a wide range of jobs, from logistics experts to dispatchers and drivers. Even in the driving field, you can diversify a lot. Depending on what your past experience and field knowledge is, you have many options to choose from. 

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