Best Trucking Companies in Arizona – (2021 Review)

| Last Updated: October 27, 2020

The state of Arizona is the sixth largest state by the measure of area, which has an extremely well-developed trucking industry. 

Formerly, Arizona was known for its desert basins, Range Regions, and the Grand Canyon, but nowadays, it has become quite popular due to its trucking industry and its adaptation to such trends.


In this article, we will discuss the top trucking companies in Arizona, along with their achievements, highlights, and efforts put into each company. We hope this article is helpful for people in need of load transportation as well as any trucker looking for a job opportunity.

Quick Take – Best Trucking Companies in Arizona

Here’s a quick rundown of the best Arizona trucking companies:

  1. Mundall Trucking
  2. Eagle KMC Transportation
  3. JMJ Equipment Transport

Reviews of the Best Trucking Companies in Arizona

We have made a list of the best companies in Arizona that provide exceptional services and have attracted numerous customers. These are all well-trusted companies with great customer feedback, so keep reading more to find out all there is about Arizona’s trucking Industry.

Best Trucking Company in Phoenix, Arizona:Mundall Trucking

  • Address: 2102 W. Baseline RD, Phoenix, AZ 85041
  • Phone Number: 602-276-0633
  • Email:

Who is Mundall Trucking?Mundall Trucking is a family-owned and operated trucking company that started off in 1968. They started with two trucks back in the days, mostly serving the community with dairy services and hardworking farm men. With its growth over the period, the company has set dependability as a key attribute towards the business. Being flexible with the needs of others and striving to help them in any way possible is another key attribute.Moreover, the company also focuses greatly on safety and ensures that its drivers are professional and know their way around the truck quite well.Jobs Offered ​Mundall Trucking is a family business; however, they understand and welcome others to grow along with them. They have quite a number of jobs available that can help you in joining their team. They currently are accepting applications for mechanic and driver positions, which can either be full-time or part-time, ranging from 40 hours a week to 20-30 hours a week.The company understands flexibility and allows drivers and mechanics to discuss their shift hours with the HR manager to come to an agreed flexible work shift. The job, however, is for six days with Sundays being off. They also have rotating shift options, which allow more comfort and flexibility to drivers and mechanics.Salary and BenefitsBeing a part of the Mundall team comes with quite a few benefits that are offered to all full-time employees, which include health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and ESOP (Employee Shared Ownership Program). Along with such great benefits that start after a 90-day period with the company, they offer paid holidays on Memorial Day Labor Day and two days for Thanksgiving; in order to receive holiday pay, the employee must work the day before and after the holiday.The average salary of a truck driver at Mundall Trucking Inc. is $51,400. Add to this the bonuses that the company offers, and you get to have a pretty decent pay.

Best Trucking Company in Tucson, Arizona:Eagle KMC Transportation

  • Address: 856 W Silver lake Road Tucson, Arizona 85713
  • Phone Number:  888-574-4325 or 833-472-8801
  • Email:

Who is Eagle KMC Transportation?

Eagle KMC Transportation is an Arizona-based transportation company with terminals in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ. The company was formed in 2003. If you are looking for a premium over-the-road trucking and transportation company, this is the one.

Having an asset of great professional drivers, the company operates with exceptional equipment and various different types of trucks, including tanker trucks. It is a great company choice for customers and truck drivers.

Jobs Offered  

Eagle KMC has great opportunities for experienced drivers, from hauling fuel around Phoenix to the transportation of goods. The company has quite a few vacancies and posts you can apply for from helping you get a CDL through Eagle’s Employer-Sponsored Training Program to new CDL Graduate jobs.

The company also has a sister company named Hawk transportation, which makes for an additional job option for drivers with a minimum of two years of tractor-trailer driving experience.

Whether you want to be a regional driver, a 48-state driver, or a driver trainer, Eagle KMC is one of the best companies to apply to.

Salary and Benefits

The company has a well-managed web presence that allows drivers and customers to easily track all the information online. The website also has payroll information details and driver referral.

Eagle KMC offers quite a few benefits ranging from extensive training, medical insurance, and tech info to new graduates and those new to the trucking industry. After a 60-day period of service, you are eligible for all benefits provided by the company and can avail them. The average salary for a management trainee here is approximately $37,417/year, while a truck driver can make up to $69,933 per year.

For more extensive detail on Eagle and its parent company, visit their website and put in your application. It is hands-down one of the best trucking companies in Arizona with great career growth and different services and diversity.

Best Trucking Company in Yuma, Arizona:JMJ Equipment Transport

  • Address: 2489 E County 14th St #9638, Yuma, AZ 85365, United States
  • Phone Number: 928-329-8504

Who is JMJ Equipment Transport?

JMJ was founded in 1997 by Jasen Jones as an owner-operated company with a single driver and truck. However, over the years and with some success, the company has wisely taken on opportunities and has grown to what it is today. With ups and downs in the trucking industry, the company continues to build fleet and staff and a customer base all over Arizona.

The company provides great hauling needs and is looking for great individuals looking forward to becoming a part of the JMJ team. They provide you with good salary packages and benefits that keep both customers and employees happy.

Jobs Offered 

JMJ Equipment Transport is always looking for qualified candidates to drive and work for them. However, the candidates must meet an extensive requirement by the company. There are driving jobs as well as maintenance jobs; however, currently, the positions for maintenance jobs seem to be unavailable.

The jobs provided to you by this company require extensive background research, but once selected, they have a good pay rate and are continuous. Working for JMJ allows you to have a good resume and makes it easier for you to advance in the field.

Salary and Benefits

The company provides drivers with a warm and comfortable environment and flexibility. Moreover, they try to make their drivers’ lives as comfortable as possible, and they do this by giving them easy schedules and flexible shift timings.

JMJ also provides drivers with many benefits and leaves based on their job positions. Having a prime location allows them to easily and quickly haul loads over borders as well.

The company also provides dental insurance, health insurance, and vision insurance to permanent employees, along with an average salary of $64,809, which is quite good compared to other trucking companies in Arizona.

Best Trucking Company in Kingman, Arizona:YRC Freight

  • Address: 2022 S 51st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85043, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 602-269-1421
  • Email:

Who is YRC Freight?YRC is amongst the original LTL experts and intends to regain its leadership position. It was founded in 1924 in Oklahoma City, and after the purchase of the subsequent merger with Roadways in 1930, the company became a leading transporter of industrial and commercial goods.The company has set some principles to guide them in pursuing their goals, which include safety, people satisfaction, integrity, and hard work. Being a leading transporter, YRC Freight specializes in providing solutions for businesses across North America through a full-service network and proactive services.Jobs Offered YRC Freight has many job opportunities provided to you. If you are looking for employment in the driver category, then you can choose to work as a driver, dock worker, road driver, and more. Furthermore, you can also go for accounting and finance, including Payroll Specialist II, W & R Coordinator I, and Intern.You can move onto sales and marketing, which is area sales director for division 1, 2, and 4. Alternatively, you can go for an internship in pricing, carrier sales, and business development representative. With so many career opportunities to choose from, you can easily go for the one that is most suited to your needs and experience.Salary and BenefitsThe salary at YRC Freight depends on your position; for example, a dock worker gets paid $16.31 per hour, whereas a truck driver gets paid $21.20 per hour. Moreover, a terminal manager gets paid $85,354 per year.Some common benefits provided by YRC include employee discount, dental insurance, life insurance, vision insurance, health insurance, and even 401K Plan. These benefits are very handy for beginners and are added to the salary packages.

Best Trucking Company in Mesa, Arizona:Heritage Trucking Inc.

  • Address: 535 E McKellips Road, Suite 117, Mesa, AZ 85203
  • Phone Number: 480-222-8100

Who is Heritage Trucking Inc.?

Heritage Trucking Company was founded in 1993 as a family-owned business. It has grown tremendously over the years and has become one of the largest trucking firms in the southwest.

They have grown immensely in the last five years with enhanced and expanded services in Heavy haul, power only, regional trucking, and other service areas. The Heritage team is dedicated to providing great customer service and creating significant value for their business partners, along with opportunities for employees and employers.

The company fleet includes super 18 and super 16 end dumps, side dumps, belly dumps, and rock tubs.

Jobs Offered 

Heritage Trucking offers a lot of job opportunities for those interested in the trucking industry. They are taking job applications for CDL drivers who meet the required criteria. Once you get through the initial stage of a background check, you get one step closer to working for Heritage. They provide you with a good salary package and benefits that make life comfortable.

The company has been targeting sand and gravel hauling since the beginning, and if you have any experience in that, then you should apply here. They have a great reputation for on-time deliveries, real GPS Tracking, and great flexibility for on-the-fly changes.

Salary and Benefits

Heritage CDL drivers are provided a lot of benefits and perks, not including a great basic salary of $18-$20 per hour paid every week. The company also allows for paid time off and holidays, annual bonuses on good performance reviews, referral bonuses, and new model equipment. This provides you with the peace of mind you need, and you can enjoy your vacations and your job both.

The company also pays for $10,000 of coverage for life/AD&D for benefits-eligible employees. It also provides comprehensive and affordable benefits packages for employees, which they are eligible for after 60 days of employment.

6. NORTHLAND Trucking, Inc.

  • Address: Northland Trucking, Inc. 1515 S. 22nd Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85009
  • Phone Number: 800-214-5564

Who is Northland Trucking Inc.?Northland Trucking Inc. has been contributing to the transportation industry since its start in 1978 and has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Ever since then, it has expanded drastically and created a great customer base. Northland Trucking has a motto of providing its customers with great pricing and unmatched professional services.It excels in carrying general supplies and shipments for LTL eastwards to California. With a great satellite communication system that allows for instant tracking and immediate contact between the driver and dispatcher, it is a great company with a great fleet and experienced drivers.Jobs OfferedThe company has evolved immensely and has a lot of opportunities for drivers and maintenance officers. Northland Trucking takes great pride in its equipment and logistic vans but values its drivers as the number one asset. The company is continuously looking for talented individuals to fill out driving and operation positions.They take pride in being a fleet of highly trained drivers that meet all the FMCSA requirements along with giving them the training to make sure they fulfill all customer requirements and provide a professional service.Salary and BenefitsApart from an average annual salary of $62,206, the company also offers great medical and dental insurance along with vision insurance. They also provide great working benefits like paid leaves, holidays, and flexible working hours. They have a great communication system that allows drivers and dispatchers to have continuous contact, thus avoiding any misdirection.If you are looking to get yourself in the trucking industry, don’t forget to fill out the application form at Northland Trucking. Once you are done, they will do a thorough background check, and when you pass that, you will be good to go. They provide you with a good experience that makes it easy to score other jobs later on in life.

7. Central Arizona Freight

  • Address: Central Arizona Freight 1648 S 51st Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043
  • Phone Number: 602-278-3803
  • Email:

Who is Central Arizona Freight?

Central Arizona Freight is a company founded in 1925, which was a family-owned and operated company. Over the years, it has grown immensely, with over 390 employees, 250 tractors, and 450 trailers. They are premier regional providers that have been providing reliable trucking services.

They have recognized their responsibility in the industry and have been taking their business very seriously by focusing on long-term deliverables. Brown Transfer has been a partner with Arizona Fright, and since the inception of both companies, they have been providing great services with a number of satisfied customers.

Jobs Offered 

The company provides you two career options, non-driver and driver. They also have company driver programs, part-time dockworkers, which is a four-to-nine evening job and consists of loading and unloading. With this dock worker job, you will be lifting daily and loading and unloading all kinds of weight that weigh up to 100 lbs.

You can also go for driver check-in or shop manager or opt for a dock worker’s second shift. Other jobs include customer service associates and a Class A CDL driver. You can choose the job most suited to your needs and enjoy it.

Salary and Benefits

Central Arizona Freight salaries vary between the location and title. However, a truck driver working here earns around $20.98 per hour. They provide you with great benefits, including health, life, and dental insurance.

Moreover, they provide you with vision insurance and a 401K plan. These benefits and salaries make up a good salary and ensure future growth prospects too. 

8. System Transport

  • Address: Headquarters 7405 S. Hayford Rd Cheney, WA 99004
  • Phone Number: 509-623-4000

Who is System Transport?System Transport is the largest flatbed carrier service based on the West Coast. It started way back in 1972 with just one truck, and today, it has a fleet of at least 800 trucks. They have expanded operations and have continued investing in drivers and staff, and work to improve their operations with cutting-edge technology for greater supply chain efficiency.The company has made hauling a flatbed a very easy and comfortable job thanks to its team of professionals and gives flatbedders the respect and value they deserve. If you are new to the trucking industry and are looking for a firm to grow and prosper in, System Transport Is just the place for you.Jobs Offered ​Due to its expanded business, System Transport has quite a few vacancies for flatbed drivers, driver orientations, new CDL graduates, and even in the supply chain. Whether you’re an owner-operator or want to be a part of the team, System Transport makes sure you get above-average pay, comfortable working hours, and the respect you deserve.The job vacancies are also available for those new to the trucking industry and are looking forward to learning all there is about the trucking service. Whether you are experienced or a fresh graduate, your journey with System Transport will make you a part of their family.Salary and BenefitsSystem Transport is one of the few firms that value flatbed experiences. It is a safe and trusted carrier option that provides drivers with great additional benefits, along with a basic transition salary of $1600. It also provides a $300 quarterly safety bonus, pick and drop pay, tarp pay, hourly pay, over-dimensional pay, and much more.The company also provides fuel discount programs and referral programs that can help you earn up to $1500. Once you join the team, after a 60-day period, you are eligible for medical and dental insurances, which are a must. Not only are the benefits great, but they are a great company to start hauling for too.

9. May Trucking

  • Address: 2501W Durango St, Phoenix, AZ 85009, United States
  • Phone Number: 503-393-7030

Who is May Trucking?

May Trucking is one of the most dedicated teams of professional and highly skilled drivers. They have the stability of over 75 years in the business, and their drivers are their most valued assets. They claim that the reason for their success and growth is their workers, which makes them value them more.

Their dry freight division operates in up to 11 western states, whereas their refrigerated division works on longer routes throughout 48 contiguous states. They allow you to choose your own division and provide you the job that fits your lifestyle.

Jobs Offered 

Apart from a driving job, May Trucking provides you with plenty of job opportunities. They allow you to choose between company driver, long haul driver, driver trainer, truck driver, and driver manager. Moreover, you can work as an over-the-road truck driver, parts manager, owner-operator driver, recruiter, professional driver, and tractor-trailer driver.

You can choose the job you qualify for the most and then go forward from that. So many options allow you to apply at May Trucking and find your dream job.

Salary and Benefits

Every job present at May Trucking has different salaries. For instance, a technician salary is $14.94, a tire technician earns $17.26, a truck driver gets $24.68, a driver manager makes $17.27, and an over-the-road truck driver gets $15.93 per hour.

Furthermore, a transportation specialist earns $54,774 per year. The employees at May Trucking also get other benefits, which include health and dental insurance. Also, you get life insurance, vision insurance, employee discount, and a 401K plan. With so many benefits and such a good salary, your future is in good hands.

10. Stratford Transportation Services, Inc.

  • Address: 2935 W. Clarendon Ave., Suite B Phoenix, AZ 85017
  • Phone Number: 602-442-5400
  • Email:

Who is Stratford Transportation Services Inc.?Stratford Transportation Services Inc. is a team of professional drivers and support staff and customer representatives who are dedicated to providing each of their clients with high-quality service. They have a state-of-the-art computerized system that allows them to keep track of the dispatching of each load.Their 24-hour emergency and dispatch contact provides their clients with unparalleled service. Stratford Transportation is a completely licensed and insured freight broker that serves throughout the United States and provides clients with LTL, Over Dimensional, Truckload, Specialty Trucking, and Expedited services.Jobs Offered ​Stratford Trucking Service provides you with many different job opportunities to choose from. These include CDL Class A Driver, Construction worker, Local CDL-A Truck driver job, transportation driver, and more. All of these jobs have a good salary and ensure that you get good benefits as well.Some other options include Transfer driver and route driver. Based on your qualifications, you can choose the one you deem fit. Salary and benefitsThis company provides you with plenty of health benefits, which include dental, health, vision, and life insurance, and even an employee discount. They also give you a 401K plan and provide you with paid leave and vacations as well.Stratford Transportation Service makes it possible for you to earn $1000 per week. Their salaries and benefits keep you satisfied and allow you to work without any issue. Their insurance plans also keep you covered, and your family looked after.


With the above information, you can choose the trucking company that suits your needs the most. You can also find the job opportunity that you like and the salary that you are satisfied with. We hope that this article helps you out with your future endeavors and assists you in finding the best job for yourself.

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