Wisconsin CDL License Requirements – Driver’s Guide

Commercial trucking plays an integral role in the US economy. Americans depend on trucks to deliver most of the consumer goods they use daily. According to the Commodity Flow Survey, 71.6% of all goods shipped in the US in 2017 were by trucks. Trucking firms are always scouting for truck drivers, and the search doesn’t … Read more

Iowa CDL License Requirements – Your Complete Guide

After adopting the 1986 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Act (FMCSA), the state of Iowa expects all commercial vehicle drivers to obtain a commercial driving license (CDL). That includes those transporting hazardous materials, bulk products, passengers, and school-going kids. Overall, you must meet specific age, residential, medical, and physical requirements to obtain a CDL in … Read more

Kansas CDL License Requirements – What You Need to Know

Kansas state expects all commercial drivers to obtain a commercial driving license and renew it every four years. Yet, not many understand what it takes to get one. This guide explains everything you need to know to apply for a CDL in Kansas successfully. That includes the requirements, the fees, procedure, CDL license types, and … Read more

Michigan CDL License Requirements – Driver’s Guide

Commercial truck driving jobs are pretty lucrative in Michigan, but not everyone with a driving license can become a commercial truck driver. You need a commercial driving license to do so. After adopting the 1986 Federal Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Michigan now classifies and licenses commercial truck drivers to operate different commercial vehicles based … Read more

North Carolina CDL License Requirements – What You Need to Know

The law dictates that you must obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) before operating a commercial vehicle in North Carolina. Generally, you need the license to transport bulk or hazardous materials, operate large-capacity passenger vehicles, or drive a school bus.  We’ll share the basic requirements for obtaining the CDL, the fees, endorsements, and CDL classes … Read more

Arkansas CDL License Requirements – Driver’s Guide

The Office of Motor Vehicles of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration requires all CMV operators to have a valid Arkansas CDL before stepping on the roads. The regulatory body has a list of requirements that applicants must meet to obtain a CDL in Arkansas. This article discusses all CDL license requirements that apply … Read more

Missouri CDL License Requirements – Comprehensive Guide

In Missouri, a trucking career requires that all commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators obtain a CDL following the right channel. And, like every other state in the US, Missouri has a set of rules for each type of license and requirements to meet before you can obtain a CDL. The state also has strict penalties, … Read more

Illinois CDL License Requirements – Informational Guide

The demand for truck drivers remains at an all-time high, provided there is the willingness of consumers and the ability to buy. Starting a career in commercial trucking makes a lot of economic sense for those looking for stable employment and a higher earning potential within a short duration. However, a successful trucking career starts … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Get a CDL? – Complete Guide

As a new commercial driver looking to obtain your CDL, the time it will take you is a major concern. You want to get the license in the shortest time possible to enable you to start earning soon.  While it usually takes only a few weeks to obtain a CDL, the entire process might take … Read more

CDL Tanker Endorsement Overview – Easy Guide

As a commercial truck driver, jobs that require you to transport bulk liquids and gases pay well. The problem, however, is that your commercial driver’s license alone is not enough. You also need a Tanker endorsement.  The certification allows you to legally and safely transport high-volume liquids, and with it, you improve your chances of … Read more