Crash Rate and Inspection Out of Service (OOS) Rates for Hazardous Materials Safety Permit (HMSP) Program

Revised Fixed Registration Rates

These static rates will remain in effect for future Registration Cycles until notified.

Current HMSP holders: do not need to renew their HMSP until their scheduled month for renewal, specified by the last digit of their DOT #.

Carriers with denied HSMPs: that are denied due to crash and / or OOS rates, are encouraged to submit an updated application in order to have their HMSP re-processed for determining eligibility for an HMSP.

The purpose of this page is to display rate information needed by users who are seeking to obtain or renew a Hazardous Materials Safety Permit (HMSP).
FMCSA compares the rates for a company with the rates on this page in order to determine the company’s eligibility.

More information, including guidance on how to calculate your company’s Hazardous Material
Safety Permit (HMSP) Crash and OOS Percentage Rates, is available in
HTML and PDF formats.

The following table shows the fixed National Motor Carrier Crash Rate calculated over an eight year period.


Type Carrier
Motor Carrier Crash Rate 0.136

The following table shows the National Inspection Out of Service (OOS) Percentage Rates calculated over an eight year period.

Inspection Out of Service (OOS):

Type Driver Vehicle Hazardous Materials
Inspection Out of Service % 9.68% 33.33% 6.82%

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