Top Fleet-Tracking Solutions

Are you looking for a new fleet management tool? We’ve brought you comprehensive reviews of three of the top fleet management solutions, including Verizon Connect, Azuga, and Samsara.

1. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is a highly rated fleet tracking solution. It provides fleet managers with 24/7 insight into their fleets, drivers, and assets. It uses dynamic analytic tools to generate actionable data. The fleet management suite is available via desktop and mobile app.

All this is proven to improve a fleet’s overall performance and safety. Many first-timers are happy to find that they can test out Verizon Connect without making any commitment.

GPS Tracking Capabilities

Verizon Connect provides fleet managers with a live map view of all of their assets. The maps are updated every 30 seconds. Plus, they include live traffic overlays. This enables dispatchers to track each vehicle’s progress and stay ahead of any issues. Fleet managers can also share information with customers to boost their overall visibility and cut down on daily check-ins.

While maps encompass all the vehicles in a fleet, users can easily zoom in on a single vehicle to get more specific information. This includes information on individual drivers’ on-the-road performances.


Geofencing enables fleet managers to set up virtual fences within the Verizon Connect software. These fences enable them to track the movement and behavior of their vehicles and assets that are stationed at job sites or parking lots. Geofencing helps fleet managers track and bill their crew. It also alerts them of potential after-hours or unauthorized asset usage.

Historic Track Points

Historic track points enable fleet managers to comb through previous fleet stop data to create the most efficient routes for future trips.

Real-Time Alerts

Real-time alerts help fleet managers find fast solutions to problems. ClearPathGPS lets them know if a vehicle requires maintenance or if it is being used inappropriately. Keep in mind that this service is only available as part of Verizon Connect’s premium monthly plans.

Driver Performance

Verizon Connect gives fleet managers in-depth insight into their drivers’ behaviors. Speeding, harsh braking, idling, and other reckless behaviors are automatically tracked and recorded.

Vehicle-linked data on stops, departures, and arrivals eliminates help you resolve driving disputes. The system even lets managers produce virtual timecards.

The optional hours of service (HOS) and electronic logging device (ELD) add-ons are compliant with FMCSA DOT mandates.

Trip Metrics

Verizon Connect uses a wide range of trip metrics to produce actionable reports. Dispatchers can see the length of the route, the number of stops made along that route, and any incidents that lead to a prolonged ETA or late arrival. These insights make it easy for fleet managers to make improvements and improve their bottom line.

Fleet managers receive live route optimization tips. This enables them to make money-saving changes at a moment’s notice.

Mobile App

Mobile Alerts enable drivers and customers to track metrics along with fleet managers. Metrics such as unauthorized usage, maintenance, speeding, and more are automatically updated within the app.

The interface includes live maps, reports, vehicle alerts, and driver alerts. The app is available for iPhones and Androids.

Dash Cams

Verizon Connect’s dash cams provide fleets with enhanced protection in the event of an accident or theft. The dash cams cost an additional $30 per vehicle. They can be bundled onto any plan.


Verizon Connect pairs well with most preexisting fleet management systems. In fact, it has an excessive open API. One of Verizon Connect’s strong suits is its ability to link with several partner services, including:

  • ServiceTitan
  • Route4Me
  • Fleetio


You’ll have to submit a customer inquiry in order to receive an accurate price quote.


Verizon Connect offers a range of vehicle-ready hardware, including plug & play devices, dual-powered asset trackers, solar-powered trackers, wired trackers, and vehicle dash cams. Most users find it easy to install and set up the devices. In most cases, installation takes just a few minutes. It’s easy to link multiple devices to a single fleet management suite.

Customer Support

Verizon Connect offers all its clients 24/7 US-based customer support. You can submit an inquiry online or call the company’s toll-free number. The fleet management company is based out of California.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a fleet management tool that provides you with a real-time view of your vehicles, assets, and drivers, then Verizon Connect is an excellent pick. The analytical tools are proven to increase fleets’ efficiencies. The tiered pricing enables you to add and drop features to better suit your budget and needs.

2. Azuga

Azuga is get another popular fleet tracking software with plenty of benefits. The perks of this software include the fact that it is both affordable and easy to use. Not to mention, it can be applied to a wide range of fleet types.

GPS Tracking Capabilities

Azuga’s GPS tracking capabilities make it easy for fleet managers to track drivers, vehicles, and assets. Its real-time reports produce actionable results. The trackers connect directly to a vehicle’s engine. They use GPS satellites and the internet to transmit important trip and driver metrics in real-time.


Users can set custom geofences within the Azuga software. This enables users to track their vehicles and assets within specific geographical parameters.

Driver Performance

Azuga’s GPS monitors and dash cams make it easy for fleet managers to reprimand, coach, and reward their drivers for their on-the-road performances. The Azuga Fleet Mobile app rewards drivers for safe-driving scores and completed trips. It’s is easy to see how employees at all levels can value this incentive-rich interface.

Managers can also add TimeCard to their FleetMobile dashboard. This way, drivers can submit accurate digital punch cards from their phones. The app also enables drivers to track a vehicle’s maintenance needs and parked location.

Fleet managers are also alerted to a vehicle’s maintenance issues, including check engine lights and diagnostic codes. Such actionable alerts and data sets are sure to improve the safety of your fleet.

Trip Metrics

Azuga’s FleetMobile app enables drivers to log the details of their trips. They can even log and tag trips by category. This makes it easier for fleet managers to distinguish between drivers’ personal and professional movements.

Mobile App

Azuga offers several different mobile apps. Their Fleet Management app provides actionable reports. It can be found in both the Apple and Google app stores. When dispatchers engage the app DriveSafe feature, drivers cannot text, call, or use apps when their vehicle is in motion.

Dash Cams

Azuga’s dash cams help produce actionable evidence in the event of a theft or collision. Video footage is easy to access and review. The available cameras are dual-facing, meaning they offer a view of both the cab and the road events. When bundled with Azuga’s AI Driver Monitoring, they offer an incomparable picture of your vehicle’s trips. In more cases than not, this information can be used to exonerate your drivers.


Azuga claims to offer the most hassle-free demo experience in the fleet management industry. You can schedule a demo without making any initial commitments. Like most other fleet management tools, Azuga required you to enter a few details before they provide you with a quote. You can read more about their pricing here.

Keep in mind that Azuga prices start as low as $22 per vehicle per month for basic route optimization features. This makes Azuga one of the most competitively priced fleet management suites on the market. ELD compliance, dash cams, and other add-ons will cost you extra. Like many other fleet management systems, Azuga claims that their services essentially pay for themselves.

Azuga offers tiered plans that vary by price. BasicFleet is their cheapest plan. It includes GPS tracking, driver scoring, geofencing, reports, and driver awards. SafetyFleet includes all the BasicFleet features plus safety features and efficiency-boosting tools. CompleteFleet includes all the SafeFleet features plus tailored fleet management. You can read more about the individual plans and pricing here.

Azuga requires customers to commit to lengthy contracts. While you’d be hardpressed to find a reason not to like this fleet management service, the 36-month commitment period can still feel a bit daunting.

Hardware Setup

Azuga utilities OBD-II devices that connect directly to vehicles’ onboard diagnostic systems. These trackers are super easy to install. The entire process takes just seconds. After which, the trackers can be synced to Azuga’s desktop software or mobile app.

All of the required installation information is available online. Plus, all Azuga customers are entitled to 24/7 customer support. To request help, you can submit an online support ticket or call Azuga’s 24/7 hotline.

In Conclusion

Azuga is an excellent fleet management tool for everything from small businesses to corporations. It’s priced low compared to most of the competition. The fleet management tools are highly efficient and produce actionable reports. Plus, its driver reward program helps fleet managers provide their employees with meaningful performance rewards.

3. Samsara

Samsara is a comprehensive fleet-management platform that includes a wide range of vehicle trackers and dash cams.

GPS Tracking Capabilities

Samsara uses live GPS tracking to provide dispatchers and customers with the most accurate real-time image of a fleet. Reported data includes driver safety scores, route ETAs, geofencing alerts, and much more.


Samsara’s geofencing feature helps managers prevent unauthorized vehicle use and theft within preset parameters, such as parking lots.

Historic Track Points

Historic event replay enables you to build more efficient routes and investigate damage claims or accidents. All data is automatically uploaded to the cloud. As such, you can easily see your vehicles’ movements during specific dates and routes. You can also highlight and explore specific events, including speeding, stops, and so forth.

ETA Alerts

Anyone who’s ever worked in routing and dispatch understands the importance of ETA alerts. Samara enables you to track a vehicle’s progress in real-time. Route information is graphed out in an easy-to-read layout. The information includes the assigned drivers, route numbers, scheduled starts, route timelines, and projected ETAs.

The system also enables fleet managers to share a vehicle’s route progress and expected ETA. Automatic sharing keeps customers in the loop while preventing time-consuming inquiries. This sort of sharing can improve your company’s customer service rating.

Driver Performance

Samsara’s Driver Safety Reports include driver safety scores and driving trends. These reports combine a variety of data points in order to generate the most comprehensive and actionable reports. Managers can use these reports to coach their drivers and improve their fleet’s performance.

Dispatchers can also use Samsara to communicate with drivers. Driers will receive messages via the Samsara Driver app. They can respond to re-routes and other requests in real-time.

Trip Metrics

Samsara enables fleet managers to improve their efficiency. The software analyzes data and generates actionable reports, such as the Planned vs. Actual Report and Time Site Report. These reports can be used to coach drivers or improve returns on investments.

Mobile App

Samsara’s mobile app enables users to track their fleets from anywhere in the world. Their mobile app enables drivers to track their driving metrics and relay real-time messages.

Dash Cams

According to Samsara, dash cams enable managers to better understand accidents and collisions. First off, dash cam use is closely associated with a decrease in collisions. Not to mention, dash cam footage helps fleet managers to better understand their drivers’ roles in accidents.

Samsara’s dash cams utilize AI software to provide fleet managers with real-time metrics. These cameras track risky driving behaviors, including harsh braking, speeding, and collisions. Managers can use this information to carefully review and coach drivers.

Samsara currently offers a wide range of dash cams, including:

  • Forward-facing
  • Dual-facing
  • Exterior
  • Interior

Forward-facing dash cams are designed to capture collisions. Dual-facing dash cams capture the cab and road ahead. Rear-mounted cameras capture the road alongside a vehicle. Finally, interior cameras monitor the inside of a cabin or trailer.

Samara offers some of the most extensive dash cam options on the market. Plus, customers can choose from a full menu of camera add-ons, including artificial intelligence, internet connectivity, harsh event detection, audio monitoring, night vision, and more.

According to Samsara, 50% of their dash cam customers have been able to exonerate a driver in the past year. Moreover, 90% of their dash cam customers say that the devices have improved the safety of fleets.


For accurate pricing, you’ll need to answer a few prompts on Samsara’s webpage. You’ll be asked about the type and number of assets in your fleet plus the type of features you’re looking for. They’ve created several bundled fleet management solutions for various types of transportation companies, including truck fleets, student transportation, food and beverage fleets, construction, and so forth. You can learn more about them here.


Samsara offers a complete lineup of asset-connected GPS trackers. Their hardware is user-friendly and easy to install.

Samsara’s Vehicle Gateway is a cellular GPS and CAN bus interface that connects directly to a fleet vehicle. Meanwhile, their AG26 Advanced Powered Asset Gateway is a cellular tracker for trailers, refers, and heavy equipment. Another of their offerings is the AG46 Unpowered Asset Gateway. This tracker is suitable for a fleet’s least costly assets. The AG46P is Samsara’s mobile asset tracker.

Samsara also offers a wide range of dash cams and wireless environmental monitors. These devices provide fleet managers with an even more comprehensive view of their fleets, drivers, and assets.

Software Integration

Samsara enables users to utilize an extensive range of GPS fleet management tools. Including ELD route planning, dash cams, and dispatch. The open API makes it super easy for fleet managers to combine metrics from route planning and TMS providers.

In Conclusion

Samsara offers a clean, modern, and efficient interface. Their fleet management tools are right on pace with the competition. GPS, ELD, dash cams, maintenance, and routing features make it easy for managers to improve the efficiency of their fleets. We love that you can add a variety of dash cams to your fleet. Pricing is fair. We found very few issues with the Samsara fleet management suite.

How Do They Compare

Verizon Connect, Samsara, and Azuga are all excellent fleet management suites. Naturally, each has its own strong suit. We appreciate the fact that Verizon Connect lists the price of each of its tiered fleet management packages online. They also offer first-time users the opportunity to try their product for free for 30 days. They are also one of only a handful of fleet management software companies that do not require a subscription. Azuga is also priced low but does require a subscription. Samsara is the priciest of the three options, and a subscription is required. Still, all three fleet management suites manage to offer comprehensive services for less than $30 per vehicle per month.

Verizon Connect, Samsara, and Azuga all offer a comprehensive lineup of tools that are guaranteed to increase your fleet’s efficiency and safety. Of the three, Azuga seems to be the most driver safety-focused. Whereas, ClearPathGPS and Samsara provide a more comprehensive look at fleets’ overall trip metrics.

All three fleet management suites also include mobile app access and optional dash cam add-ons. When choosing between the three, you must think about your fleet’s specific requirements. All three services offer hours of service tracking. However, DOT compliance comes at a higher price rate.

There’s no doubt that all three services are feature-rich and easy to use. You’re fleet is sure to be in good hands no matter what fleet management service you opt to install in your vehicles.